Trump caused 9/11, details inside

Jul 21st, 2017
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  1. College, a supposed new start for everyone. For Trevor it felt more of the same. Sitting in front of a computer screen in his downtime. As usual the common room was filled with people, the noise sometimes drowning out his own thoughts. After some debate with himself he left, packing his laptop and leaving to grab food from a local fast food chain.
  3. Trevor groaned to himself, "Kinda hungry."
  5. After some internal debate Trevor stood up, packing up his laptop before heading out to grab an early dinner from the local fast food burger joint. When Trevor came back he found something amiss, someone had taken his spot. Sitting there, with all but the top of her head obscured by a laptop screen sat a danuki. Her black hair was tied back making her small round ears poke seem bigger than they were.
  7. "Hey," Trevor said standing in front of her. "You're in my spot."
  9. The danuki let out a startled noise as she bolted upright.
  11. She looked up at Trevor, eyes still wide. "I didn't hear you sneak up,' she said.
  13. "Sorry," Trevor said doing a poor job of hiding the massive shit eating grin on his face. "It's a really nasty habit of mine."
  15. Trevor unpacked his laptop, plugging it into the socket between the two of them before settling down. As his laptop woke itself he turned his attention back towards the girl.
  17. "Again sorry 'bout that." He said, "this is the only place in the lounge with an outlet NOT blocked or constantly in use."
  19. "It's fine, you just scared me is all." She said before returning her attention to her own laptop.
  21. Trevor had one last chuckle before returning to his own business. Opening the burger bag he brought with him and digging out it's contents.
  23. "Ahh you have food?" The girl asked
  25. "Yeah," Trevor said. "Stuck here all day might as well eat."
  27. The danuki sighed, "I forgot to bring a lunch today."
  29. "Then buy something from C building or the cafeteria."
  31. "I don't have any money."
  33. "That really sucks," Trevor said taking a bite one of the burgers.
  35. The two became silent again as the girl returned to her own world. Trevor sat there in silence only interrupted by the ticking of keys on the laptops. His eyes went back to the two other burgers as he ate. On one hand he felt bad that the girl next to him had no food, but at the same time he felt that it was her fault.
  37. Trevor grabbed one of the other burgers, thrusting it in front of the girl's face. "You really need something to eat and the last thing I want to hear is you constantly complaining about being hungry, he said.
  39. "Are you sure?" The danuki asked as she looked from Trevor back to the wrapped burger
  41. "Yeah, I'm sure. Just take it will you?"
  43. The girl's face lit up as she took the burger from Trevor, unwrapping it before digging into it with one great bite. Trevor smiled as he went back to his own meal, his chest fluttering.
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