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  1. # PremiumVanish v2.0.14 - Messages
  2. #
  3. # Information:
  4. # <..> means that .. is required; [..] means that .. is optional and can be left out; | INSIDE [] or <> stands for 'OR'
  5. # You can use the & character for color codes. Example: '&cThe color of this text would be red!'
  6. # You can use %p% to get the player's name. Example: '&4&l%p%, you aren't allowed to execute this command!'
  7. # You can use %other% to get the name of the target or cause
  8. # You can use %d% to get the player's display name. If you use Essentials then the display name contains the prefix too
  9. # You can use %tab% to get the player's name in the player list (TAB)
  10. # You can use %prefix% to get the player's prefix (Requires Vault)
  11. # You can use %suffix% to get the player's suffix (Requires Vault)
  12. # You can use %group% to get the player's group (Requires Vault)
  13. # You can use %nick% to get the player's nickname (Requires Essentials)
  14. # You can use %special{<text>|<hoverMessage>|[clickCommand]|[run|suggest]}% to create a clickable/hoverable
  15. #  message part for any message (only one per message possible)
  16. # You can use %time{<format>}% to get the current time (Uses the server's timezone)
  17. #  Replace <format> with the date format of your choice. Example: %time{hh:mma | yyyy/MM/dd}%
  18. #  More info:
  19. # Some messages allow different, unique variables too
  20. #
  21. # NOTE: You can get WAY more placeholders by installing PlaceholderAPI or MVdWPlaceholderAPI
  22. #
  23. # You can also make any message dependent on a player's group by adding 'PerGroup' in front of the message:
  24. # PerGroupNoPermission:
  25. #   Admin: '&c&lHiba! Ehhez nincs jogosultságod.'
  26. #   Player: '&c&lHiba! Ehhez nincs jogosultságod.'
  27. #   Silence: ''
  28. #   Default: '&c&lHiba! Ehhez nincs jogosultságod.'
  30. # Empty messages will not be sent.
  31. # Using \n starts a new line.
  32. #
  33. # Important:
  34. # You must double single quotes if you want to use them inside a message.
  35. # You must NOT use any tab characters inside this file (indent key) otherwise YAML will spam your console with errors!
  36. # !! If there are errors in the console after editing this file paste it into an online YAML parser to see if
  37. # there are any YAML syntax errors !!
  38. Messages:
  39.   NoPermission: '&c&lHiba! &cEhhez nincs jogosultságod.'
  40.   InvalidUsage: '&cInvalid usage, you can use %special{&6''/pv help''|&6Click here for help!|/pv help|run}% &cfor help.'
  41.   VanishMessage: '&8[&c✖&8] &7%p%'
  42.   ReappearMessage: '&8[&a✔&8] &7%p%'
  43.   VanishMessageWithPermission: '&9Láthatatlanság &8&l» &7%p% &fláthatatlanná vált. &7(%time{hh:mm a}%)'
  44.   ReappearMessageWithPermission: '&9Láthatatlanság &8&l» &7%p% &fújra látható lett. &7(%time{hh:mm a}%)'
  45.   OnVanish: '&9Láthatatlanság &8&l» &fMostantól láthatatlan vagy. &7(%time{hh:mm a}%)'
  46.   OnReappear: '&9Láthatatlanság &8&l» &fÚjra láthatóvá váltál a többi játékos számára. &7(%time{hh:mm a}%)'
  47.   OnVanishCausedByOtherPlayer: '&a%other% hid you, you are now invisible!'
  48.   OnReappearCausedByOtherPlayer: '&a%other% showed you, you are now visible!'
  49.   AlreadyVanishedError: '&cYou are already invisible!'
  50.   NotVanishedError: '&cYou are not invisible!'
  51.   SilentJoinMessageForAdmins: '&a[PV] %p% joined silently.'
  52.   SilentQuitMessageForAdmins: '&a[PV] %p% left silently.'
  53.   RemindingMessage: '&aYou are still invisible!'
  54.   ListMessagePrefix: '&aInvisible Players:&f '
  55.   ActionBarMessage: '&9&lVANISH &8&l» &fJelenleg láthatatlan vagy.'
  56.   HideOtherMessage: '&aPlayer &e%other%&a is now invisible!'
  57.   ShowOtherMessage: '&aPlayer &e%other%&a is now visible!'
  58.   CannotHideOtherPlayer: '&cYou''re not allowed to change %other%''s visibility!'
  59.   AlreadyInvisibleMessage: '&cPlayer &e%other%&c is already invisible!'
  60.   AlreadyVisibleMessage: '&cPlayer &e%other%&c is already visible!'
  61.   PluginReloaded: '&aSuccessfully reloaded PremiumVanish (%time%ms)!'
  62.   InvalidSender: '&cYou must be a player to execute this command!'
  63.   PlayerNotOnline: '&cThat player is not online!'
  64.   PlayerNonExistent: '&cThat player doesn''t exist!'
  65.   TeleportationFailed: '&cYour teleportation failed because another plugin disallowed it.'
  66.   ToggledPickingUpItemsOn: '&ePicking up items is now turned &aON&e.'
  67.   ToggledPickingUpItemsOff: '&ePicking up items is now turned &cOFF&e.'
  68.   UpdateWarning: '&cWarning! Recreating %updates% resets %changes%. Please use &e/pv recreatefiles confirm&c if you''d like to continue.'
  69.   RecreatedConfig: '&aSuccessfully recreated %updates%! Please check %changes%.'
  70.   NoConfigUpdateAvailable: '&eYour PremiumVanish-files are up to date!'
  71.   RecreationRequiredMsg: '&c[PV] Your PremiumVanish-files are not up to date, you can use &e/pv recreatefiles&c to recreate them
  72.   or click %special{&6here|&6Click here to dismiss this message!|/pv recreatefiles dismiss|run}% &cto dismiss this message.
  73.   Recreating PremiumVanish''s files gives you access to newer settings and features of the plugin.'
  74.   DismissedRecreationWarning: '&eYou are no longer receiving notifications about this recreation.'
  75.   UndismissedRecreationWarning: '&eYou are now receiving notifications about this recreation.'
  76.   MustBeVanished: '&cYou must be invisible to use this command!'
  77.   ScoreboardDisabled: '&cThe scoreboard has been disabled in the configuration.'
  78.   NoTarget: '&cYou don''t have any target at the moment!'
  79.   NoLockedTarget: '&cYou don''t have any locked target at the moment!'
  80.   UnlockedPlayer: '&6Successfully unlocked your target!'
  81.   TargetedPlayer: '&eSuccessfully targeted the player ''&a%other%&e''!'
  82.   ScoreboardLockedTarget: '&e[L]'
  83.   ScoreboardNoTarget: 'None'
  84.   PrintedStacktrace: '&eSuccessfully created a stacktrace, see console!'
  85.   ChatMessageWarning: '&fÍrj egy &9%char% &fjelet az üzenet mögé az elküldéshez.'
  86.   ChatMessageWarning2: '&fVagy %special{&9kattints ide|&8[&9Üzenet elküldése&8]|%message%/|run}%&f az üzenet elküldéséhez!'
  87.   ChatMessageDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t send messages in vanish! %special{&6[Reappear]|&eClick here to reappear!|/pv off|run}%'
  88.   CommandAccessDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t use this command in vanish!'
  89.   CreativeItemDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t cheat items in vanish!'
  90.   SpectatorTeleportDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t teleport using the spectator menu in vanish!'
  91.   EntityHitDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t hit players or mobs in vanish!'
  92.   BlockInteractDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t interact with this block in vanish!'
  93.   BlockUseDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t use this block in vanish!'
  94.   BlockPlaceDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t place blocks in vanish!'
  95.   BlockBreakDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t break blocks in vanish!'
  96.   InventoryModifyDenied: '&c[PV] You can''t edit this inventory in vanish!'
  97.   MessageFailedAntiSpam: '&c[PV] Please slow down and wait at least %time% before running this command again.'
  98.   SwitchedGameMode: '&a[PV] Switched gamemode (Double-Shift)'
  99.   PluginOutdated: '&c[PV] Your current version of PremiumVanish is outdated. New version: ''%new%''; Currently: ''%current%'''
  100.   NoDatabaseConnection: '&c[PV] Error: Failed to connect to the database, more info in console.'
  101.   DynmapFakeJoin: '%d% joined'
  102.   DynmapFakeQuit: '%d% quit'
  103.   HelpHeader: '&e<&f---------------&6PremiumVanish-Help&f-----------------&e>'
  104.   HelpHint: '&7You can hover over a command to show more information about it and click on a command to
  105.   insert it into your chat.'
  106.   HelpCommands: '&eCommands:'
  107.   HelpCommandFormat: '%special{&a- &c%usage% &b%shortdesc%|&a%usage%\n&f%longdesc%\n&4Permission:&e
  108.   %permission%\n&2Console:&e %console%|%usage%|suggest}%'
  109.   HelpCustomCommandShortDescriptions:
  110. #    '/pv help': 'Custom short description; Keep the indentation, only remove the hashtag!'
  111.   HelpCustomCommandLongDescriptions:
  112. #    '/pv target <player>': 'Custom long description'
  113.   HelpConsoleYes: 'Yes'
  114.   HelpConsoleNo: 'No'
  115.   HelpOtherPermissions: '%special{&e> Other permissions <|&aOther permissions%permissions%}%'
  116.   HelpOtherPermissionsPermissionsFormat: '\n&c%permission% &e> &f%description%'
  117.   HelpFooter: '&e<&f------------------------------------------------&e>'
  118. MessagesVersion: 2.0.14
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