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  1. Craig was a normal boy with a normal life. He had friends, he had a sister, two parents, and a boyfriend. As well as his favorite member of his family, his guinea pig. Today was another normal day in this life, a boring Tuesday, in which he would have to get ready for school.
  3. It was early in the day, light shining through his curtains and onto the blankets of his bed where he slept. It was spring, and break had ended just a few weeks ago, meaning the school was back in session. Of course, as most other kids were as well, he wasn’t very thrilled about it.
  5. The young man exhaled, the breath that had just so recently filled his lungs spilling out back into the air as it was released. There was a bit of hesitance in wanting to get up out of bed, before he finally sat up, groggily moving his hand up to rub at his face. It was a strange sensation touching his face after so long of staying dormant through the night. An empty and dreamless sleep, keeping his sensations locked away until just now, as they sparked alive.
  7. There was something crusted in his eyelashes, which he carefully attempted to pick out with his fingernails, but to no avail as the slight pain of tugging on such a sensitive area made him recede. He was going to have to wash his face before he left. That is, if he didn’t have the time to take a shower first.
  9. Craig pushed his comforter off of him, the warmth that had been locked in by it replaced by the cold air of his house. He turned his body, letting his legs hang off of his bed before standing up entirely and walking over towards his dresser.
  11. He pulled open his top drawer- Which, was the wrong one, so he closed it and promptly opened the second one down instead. But, he paused, suddenly interrupted by an urge that couldn’t be helped. He knew he should be paying attention to getting ready, but he couldn’t help but indulge a little bit as the time came.
  13. His hand twitched, knowing where it was going to go soon just enough. Craig let go of his grip on the wooden handle of his dresser drawer, and it carefully lead itself back up to his face, where it had been just moments ago when he was still comfortably curled up in his bed and hadn’t quite been ready to get out.
  15. It went it, past his hips, his torso, his neck, chin, lips, and eventually up to where it wanted to be. Or, near it, at least. using his pointer finger, the digit carefully and slowly moved towards his nose, before it finally made contact.
  17. Right by the side of his nostril, and his finger didn’t move for a second. He had to take a second to breathe in, and he could the suction of air right on the skin of his hand, and then soon the warmer air that came blowing back out, as well as a slight sprinkling of wetness. It was only apparent as it became cold in certain spots.
  19. Eventually, his finger moved, curling into his face, into his skin, and he felt the satisfying feeling of his nail carefully scraping against the side of his nose, calming the itch that had been there moments before. It felt amazing.
  21. “Craig, are you up? You have to be at the bus stop in 15 minutes, get out of bed!”
  23. And all too soon, it was interrupted, his hand shot down to his side as the calling of his mom from downstairs startled him.
  25. But still, there lingered an ache, one that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy again until later.
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