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  1. Admin panel to control all the bot functionalities.
  3. View total sales, comissions,balances of customer
  5. View all registered users
  7. Send notifications of new products added in the telegram bot
  9. Unique purchase id for each  item
  11. A form where the seller can login and upload his items also set price for the items
  13. A btc wallet feature. Where the users need to topup their wallet to purchase items.
  15. An invite system where only people wih a code can access it.
  17. Universal help bot - if the customer need to chat  with support/admin (me)
  19. Able to create groups. Like Products 1-5 in catoegry A. products 5-9 catogery B  basiocally like how amazon works grouping products under a particular section. (user wil be able to select which catogery he wants to browse)
  21. When  a user purchases the item worth lets say 100$. The seller need to receive 80% of 100$ and the rest 20% to the admin (me)
  23. When a product is purchased the user  should be given time to check products. Exampole
  25. User buys a good from seller. Seller alots 10 mins of time to check the goods. When the timer runs out the user has no option for replacement.
  27. Replacement buttin should be present when user buys the item. If the priduct is incorrect he can hit the replacement button and a new chat is created in between user and seller where they resolve the issue.
  29. This will be a standalone feature where the user 123 (example)  will fill some data and then hits send. The data need to be sent to the seller abc. Seller abc will have 2 options. Accept the offer or decline the offer.
  30. When seller abc says accept the offer he will need to fill in some data where once he fills the data and hits send, the data seller typed should go back to user 123. Thus the user wallet is charged certain amount of btc.
  31. Example
  32. When seller abc says accept order user wallet will automatically get charged certain amount.
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