fucking on the map (twix(you), lewd, try at comedy)

Oct 10th, 2018
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  1. >>Would you want to have sex in Twilight's castle?
  2. >>On the map table?
  4. >her butt starts vibrating as you fuck
  5. "holy shit babe, that a new spell? Keep goin--"
  6. >"Ah~! You said no toys this time!"
  7. "Wait that's not you doing that--oh shit your flank is glowing!"
  8. >"Wait what--"
  9. >a loud blonk fills the room, followed by hurried hoofsteps coming from the entry corridor
  10. "OH SHIT!"
  11. >"OH BUCK!"
  12. >in the blink of an eye, your dick is pulled out and your pants are magically teleported back around your waists
  13. >the sounds are getting closer and closer
  14. >you help your mare off the table and you contemplate trying to make a run for it, but there's no time
  15. >in the couple seconds you have left, you try your best at looking presentable
  16. >there's still sweat shining over your forehead and neck, you're missing your left shoe and you know for a fact your must have big red biting marks all over your skin
  17. >your mare is in a worse state though, her mane is completely frazzled, her coat has lost its natural shine due to all the sweat and other fluids tainting it, and she has a hard time calming her body down, her still fluttering wings and barely audibles squelches coming from her backside followed by the drops falling onto the cold crystal floor being the telltale of her frustration
  18. >she was close
  20. >before you can do anything about it though, the door slams open and a happy as ever Penka rushes in, followed by Dash and rarara
  21. >rarara stops dead in her tracks not a second after entering the room though, and you discern her nostrils flaring
  22. >once
  23. >twice
  24. >you gulp, realizing that the whole room must smell like a barn by now
  25. >maybe doing it here wasn't a good idea--
  26. >OUCH
  27. >looking down you find out that the pain came from your wife's hoof hitting your thigh, and another glance up let's you recognize her 'I TOLD YOU' glare
  28. >"What's that smell?"
  29. >even dash somehow found out about it
  30. >quick, find an excuse!
  31. "I-it's, huh, a..."
  32. >you and your princess' gaze meet as you both fumble with words
  33. >"Yes it's, a.. a new... floor shine!"
  34. "Yes! Floor shine!"
  36. >"What? But the floor is made of crystals, how--"
  37. >"Darlings, please, we are all adults here, you don't need to find excuses, you're still a young couple and this is your home after all--"
  38. >"Oooh, what's that?"
  39. >the four of you turn around to see the pink one dabbling at something on the table using her right hoof
  40. >something white and of viscous composition
  41. >you and the purple dork share yet another glance, both your eyes wide as saucers upon realizing what's happening
  42. >"Is that frosting?"
  43. >"Pinkie don't!"
  44. >"Oh dear,"
  45. >ignoring any warnings as always, she brings it to her mouth and a long, slow slurp later, it's gone
  46. >you're not even sure how to react, there's some obvious embarrassment in there but also arousal
  47. >"Nope, it's cum! I didn't know your cum was salty nonny, Twilight's one lucky gal!"
  48. >"I-i-it's not! It's--"
  49. >"Cum? Why would there be cum on the table--OH! Were you two fucking?!"
  50. >"Rainbow Dash! Language!"
  51. >rolling her eyes and ignoring the posh pony, she dives towards you with a big grin on her face and gives you a high five
  52. >which you feel kinda obliged to respond to
  53. >"Ooooh, there's some more over there! Whew, you guys must've been at it for a while!"
  54. >a bounce later and she ends up on the other side of the map
  55. >"Pinkie Pie! Could you stop licking that table?!"
  56. >your mare is red as an apple by now, eyes wide and fleeting everywhere, obviously trying to find some kind of solution to fix this mess or find an excuse or something
  57. >anything
  58. >a part of you ponders about using this scene to tease her to hell and back but you still feel kinda bad about the situation
  59. >it's your fault too, you're the one that forced her hoof and decided to do it here of all places, even though she kept saying you two 'really shouldn't'
  60. >you have to save your princess
  61. "Soooooo! About that map!"
  62. >you call that a save you fucking moron
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