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Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn

RandomGuy32 May 6th, 2014 142 Never
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  1. Verily, old chap
  2. Thy birthday hath come
  3. A mere four hundred fifty
  4. Art thou not young?
  6. Though admittedly, my friend
  7. I loathe all thy work
  8. It would be inappropriate
  9. To now be a jerk
  11. Actually, old sport
  12. Thou have long been dead
  13. If I were to malign thee
  14. What'd be there to regret?
  16. Thy dramas are garbage
  17. Thy comedies bad
  18. A read of thy writings
  19. Is hurting my head
  21. Stop with the puns
  22. And the poor innuendos
  23. Whom doſt thou write for?
  24. This child on thy windows?
  26. But where are my manners?
  27. This be thy day of honor
  28. If admirers find out
  29. I will be a goner
  31. So long then, my fellow
  32. Thou ſurely art miſsed
  33. I ſend thee diſpleaſure
  34. Sealed with a kiſs
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