HM:StH Speedrunning Tool Notes

Mar 16th, 2018
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Speedrunning Tool Notes
  4. for Laclica
  7. - Track AP of all chars with the push of a button
  8. > Each character listed with an array of buttons to their right, reading "+1", "+2"[...]"+8".
  9. > Perhaps an independent "intro" button that would add the necessary amount for a first interaction with a char--both with and without a gift
  10. > Depending on the action taken in-game (conversation, gift, cutscene, etc.), the player can enumerate these boosts
  11. > A text file would be provided for runners showing all the relevant data for what boost each action causes (would require some memorization)
  12. - Three buttons at the top relating to Goddess Questions, reading "POS", "MIX", "NEG"--these would automatically give +15 to the relevant chars
  13. - The ability to collapse the table to only the chars relevant for the ending the player is currently running, so as to save space.
  14. - A "reset" button to clear all values
  17. - Cutscene buttons--if we could come up with general community names for each cutscene, a separate window could contain a button for each that, when pressed, would raise/lower AP accordingly. This is not necessary in the short term because most AP boosts in speedruns are irrelevant, and those that aren't are small, routed in advanced, and easily trackable through the simpler methods listed above. It would also be difficult because some AP boosts depend on the players response to a dialogue--the tool might become cluttered including this.
  18. - Inventory tracking, with an additional window containing small icons of common gifts (e.g. Very Berry, Moondrop Flower, Herb, etc.) with "+" and "-" buttons next to them. Ideally the user could increment/decrement the value or input it directly into the box by typing.
  19. - Money tracking; not strictly necessary since these kinds of numbers would basically be worked out before the run anyway.
  20. - Calendar support, although this would be pretty much only graphical and could be accomplished by a simple spreadsheet
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