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The honored Saiyan

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  1. -Byond Key: Max Jets
  3. -In Game Name: Aspartagus
  5. -Discord Name: ViralX
  7. -Race: Saiyan
  9. - Age: 7
  11. -rank/tech/item: N/A
  13. Roleplay: 3rd person pov
  15. (Backstory)
  17. We begin our story with a young Saiyan, he would look upon the dried up landscape with his father beside him. They sat together on a distant mountain far away from their home where Aspartagus's mother would await their arrival. They would spend days and days training focusing on the word honor, honor not such a light word taken throughout their lineage. Honor meant, courage, hope, and most certainly respect.
  19. 27 nights was spent on this mountain, honor was such a important word to his father, that he had to install within Aspartagus's code of ethics.  Nothing meant more to this family, honor was their way of life. On the horizon of the 28th day had arrived, as the father would wake Aspartagus at the crack of dawn.
  21. "Come now, child we must train and prepare for our return to the outskirts of Salada." The father's deep tone would escape out of his mouth in his deepened tone.
  23. The family live on the outskirts of the inner palace of Salada, where the king and queen lived. They were kicked out to the outskirts because of their, rowdy life style and the annoyance of, explaining the way of honor and why it should be in everyone's code of ethics. But that wasn't the only reason they were kicked out, there was a deeper burden between the elites and the "honor family." The ancestors of Aspartagus's family were also elites.
  25. His ancestors were a family so close to the king and queen of that era they referred to them as family, just as they weren't nearly as strong as them. But one day a rogue elite awakened out of Aspartagus's lineage. As he what, was to be known as a known noble elite, turned rogue. Any elite family would reference him as the rogue elite but the family and the descendents referred to him as the Honored elite.
  27. This elite rose up in the ranks, beating all his fellow elites in skirmishes. Skirmishes were events for Elite Saiyans to participate in to prove their strength and why they are the best, bringing pride to their name.
  29.  The ancestor of Aspartagus, would one day meet an elder Saiyan of a village he was on a skirmish to. The elder was the first person to speak up to him, the elder spoke in a very quiet tone with his heart trembling in fear.
  31. The elder saiyan stood up to the rowdy Elite Saiyan, the only person in the village that didn't hide amongst their pride.
  33. "Foolish boy, the only reason you elites care so much for pride if the simple fact is you can't cope without it. With honor comes respect, a code of life everyone should follow for the greater good, a new way of life. Pride is made with superiority, corruptness, toxicity. A blind selfish act of an injured ego is a way to make the weaker bow to your command. Please look at your life in a different view, change to a new way."
  35. The elite gritted his teeth and he pointed his finger at the old man. Then a beam was shot through the old man's chest, as he would drop dead no one would rebel against the elites authority. That would be the day the elite would regret his fatal mistake, and have a change of heart, no one had ever spoken up to the highest elite. The words rumbled through his head for days until he would be the one to repent for his actions.
  37. The father would explain this story everyday to Aspartagus to tell him the greater good of honor and why pride is just a mere fake replica of it. Just one word was a mere rule to the family the father explained to the child.
  39. "Without honor you are no family of mine." He would yell upon Aspartagus waking him up from a deep slumber, the circles remained in the child's eyes as he would stare up to his father in a weary appearance. It would take them three days to venture down the mountain and make it back in time for the annule skirmishes that would happen every two full moons.
  41. They would rush quickly to their village making it in time for an elite that would arrive. The elite known as Spinat, he was a hot head elite. Known as for being ranked fifth in the elite ranks. He would land upon the village's, dusty ground as he would speak.
  43. "I now own this property you will represent me and my name for this skirmish, and for rest your life." He would grin, lighting up a fingertip shooting it through one of the Low class Saiyan's chest. That was a show of dominance, at the tip of his fingers he could murder his own kind with no regret, Aspartagus's father would set a blast up to the Elite Saiyan.
  45. As his father would rush forward at Spinat as they would begin to battle as everyone else looked helpless as the elite would strike a foul blow in between his chest. Everyone's eyes would look up to see a flashing white light start to rumble out of his chest then blood would begin to dispurst out of his chest along with the beam. As his father's body would drop onto the ground. Spinat spoke up...
  47. "So, it is time to meet all of your ends!" As spinats palms would begin to emit energy, as a purple ball started to intense and swell upon his palms.
  49. As his power level shot straight up every Saiyan within a 50 mile radius could feel a surge of power start to overwhelm over the village's center. As he began to float up in the air sparks of ki would appear all over his body with a static sound.
  51. As Aspartagus's father eyes begin to die out, his body would succumb to a weak urge, he would gather up enough strength to speak. To his son bleeding out upon his arms as the blood began to leak upon his rags.
  53. "F--fig--h-t for honor." As his word started to stammer, Aspartagus's mother would cover over the father hugging him. As she spoke
  55. "Love you."
  57. The crowd of 1,000 Saiyans would begin to scream in terror as Aspartagus would rise up over the crowd getting in the center of an incoming beam, as he would click his hands together and separate his hands as he then extends them forward. as a white beam closed in his hands,then power started to surge and leak out his body spilling out an aura as the beam emitted a flashing light. As he would shoot straight up, trying to hit the Elite fast trying to prevent him from realising that much power upon the village.
  59. Aspartagus would screech as he would shoot out his strongest beam. "FOR HONOR!"
  61. As the Elites' words rumbled throughout the village.
  63. "GALICK GUN FIRE!" The purple beam would shoot straight out, ferociously colliding with Aspartagus's beam for a split second. All Aspartagus can see is a purple wave overcome his puny beam. As the beam crashed into the ground shaking the surface of the 50 mile radius as a purple light would, show a mushroom cloud of smoke, no sign of a live body.
  65. Spinat took pride within this event as his power would surge and he would shoot off to another village. Under the piles of rubbage and walls of smoke. Aspartagus would begin to cough, with tears strolling down his face as they dried up from the heated area. He would start to shake, and grasp upon enough will power to push the walls and bricks off of him. He lucked out, some of the people from the village had try to cover him as the rest were trying to escape a pending doom.
  67. Aspartagus would begin to, trout away and retreat in despair with a swell of anger clouding his heart. He would begin to limp on a leg for three days to make it back to the deserted mountain. As he would stay there for three years before returning to the city of Salada.
  69. (3 years later)
  71. Aspartagus would begin to descend the mountain running down it at full speed. As he would make it down the mountain in 12 hours the speed and strength he gathered from the years of training was significant, so efficient that he was able to make what was a three day journey twelve hours. His training routines consisted of stamina, strength, and resilience Each time he would be up the mountain he would trial himself to run down the mountain faster than before. He would begin to bolt down the mountain, for the last time before he headed to the city. As he was running down the mountain he looked to the left, seeing the distant city emitt with energy as they were preparing to celebrate the second full moon. He would repeat in his head.
  73. "Another skirmish."
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