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  1. V2
  2. Author-Wes(Azurda_X)
  4. Name: BattleMage
  6. Weapon: Book of Lore (Spellbook)
  8. Role: Mage/Fighter
  10. Pros and Cons:
  11.     Pros:
  12.         Can keep opponents out. Or ranged classes too close to be useful.
  13.         High base walkspeed.
  14.     Cons:
  15.         Squishy if an enemy gets past skills.
  16.         Doomed when having no mana.
  18. Overview:
  20. Base Stats:
  22. Health Capacity: 950 (-50)
  23. Health Regeneration: 4 HP per second (-1hp/s)
  24. Barrier Capacity: 100 (-40%)
  25. Stun Capacity: 100 (+0)
  26. Stun Recovery: 2 per second (-1/s)
  27. Stun Resist: 90% (-10%)
  28. Stun Output: 80% (-20%)
  29. Mana Capacity: 100 (+0)
  30. Mana Recovery: 2 mana per second (-1/s)
  31. Starting Mana: 35
  32. Defense: 95% (-5%)
  33. Damage: 90% (-10%)
  34. Walkspeed: 100% (+0%)
  35. Weight: 70% (-30%) Lighter*
  37. Basic combo:
  38.  One: BattleMage summons a magical sword and swipes left to right.
  39.  Two: BattleMage swipes diagonal right to left, this move has less starting lag when used right after One.
  40.  Three: BattleMage Creates a reverse shockwave, pulling those in a 20* angle around it closer. Designed to pull close for Four.
  41.  Four: BattleMage creates a 5 hit low damage sphere that explodes after the first hit. Sending BattleMage backwards and opponents a little bit father from BattleMage.
  44. Passive: Counter Magic: When Battlemage is hit by a ranged attack during E Z X or C, it'll gain mana half of the damage it took.
  46. E-(Sword Mine):
  47. BattleMage opens his book and quickly summons forth with a magical sword. then spins it and stabs it into the ground. creating a mine that lines 15s. Explodes when enemies are within its range.
  48. Mana Usage: 35
  49. CoolDown: 10s
  50. Special Effects/Other: AoE Mine, Damage: Low-Mid
  52. Z-(Magic Missile):
  53. BattleMage opens their book and holds their hand out. Gathering power for bolts stacking up to 4. Pressing z will release the bolts early. But waiting until 4 bolts will store them until Z is used again. The bolts will fly forward and lock onto targets. However, do half damage to barriers. It takes 4s to summon all 4 bolts. Bolts will automatically target the lowest enemy in range with hp. Bolts will lock onto allies to buff them via innate passive if NO enemies are nearby.
  54. Range: 50-100ish units
  55. Mana Usage: 3 mana to summon a bolt. (2 x #bolts) of mana used on release of bolts.
  56. CoolDown: 10s
  57. Special Effects/Other: Ranged attack. Damage: Low
  59. X-(Arcane Shatter):
  60. BattleMage opens his book kneels and creates a 10x10 explosion in front of him and three more a few units part. Can be aimed akin to frigosts old icicle. Pushes enemies away from the explosions themselves, not away from BattleMage. Does moderate Damage.
  61. Mana Usage: 25
  62. CoolDown: 15s
  63. Special Effects/Other: Ranged attack. Damage: Mid
  65. C-(Back off):
  66. BattleMage opens his book and quickly stabs forward with a magical sword. if an enemy is hit by the quick stab. They will be suppressed, raised up a little and the sword will explode, pushing BattleMage and the enemy back away from each other.
  67. Mana Usage: 35
  68. CoolDown: 25s
  69. Special Effects/Other: Grab. Damage: Mid
  71. V-(Arcane Beam):
  72. BattleMage holds their book out in front of them, pages facing away. as they charge for 3s, fully able to change their direction of the upcoming attack. After they finish they will fire out a constantly beam of arcane magic that will rapidly hit enemies and deal double damage to barriers, even if the damage of they beam itself is low. The beam lasts 4s and does low damage every .5-1s (depending on how this sounds idk). Whilst the beam is active, BattleMage is locked to a 30* horizontal and 20* vertical turning ratio from the position it decided on when the move finished charging. Changing the angle follows the players mouse within the allotted angle ratio slowly. Has a lot of endlag after use.
  73. Mana Usage: 65
  74. CoolDown: 60s
  75. Special Effects/Other: Barrier destroyer, Ranged attack. Ultimate. Damage: Low-Mid
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