Alp Adventures - Chapter 12

May 21st, 2015
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  1. My friend and I stand side by side, both with faces wracked in deep thought. In front of us lies the forest that we had camped in that fateful night that feels like an eternity ago. Behind us are the closed gates to the succubus matriarchy ruled monster girl kingdom. Okay, so after having been conscious upon our departure it seemed more like just a small, walled city. On the up side, we got our old gear back, complete with some modifications for my current form, as well as a few new provisions. Most noteworthy, or rather most useless, are the three outfits that queen insisted on giving me. So if any point in the coming months I find myself in need of looking like a maid, a magician, or a shrine maiden, I'm gold. Luckily I was able to ditch the plastic daggers, some wooden box thing, and some stick with strings of paper attached to the end. She also mentioned something about not being too stingy with my bombs, whatever the hell that means. The only seemingly important thing she said was her reasons behind releasing us. Aaaaaand cue flashback:
  2. "Since you're new to the whole succubus thing I've decided that you need to experience the world from your new perspective. I'm not so mean as to send you out without reliable source of food, so you get to take your buddy along with you! Plus you two look so lovey-dovey and cute together I wouldn't be able to sleep at nights if I separated you two. Especially when you two were going at it like cute, sexy bunnies! Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge." She winks a few times and elbows us both in the sides. I let out a groan at the queens antics and look up to my friend, expecting a similar response. Instead I see him blushing profusely and looking away in an almost stereotypical show of shyness. Seeing him act that way makes my own cheeks start to feel hot. "Wh-what the hell are you acting all flustered for?! Are you an idiot or something?!" I cross my arms and look away from him while the queen starts to applaud for some reason. "Oooooo I give that at least an 8 on the tsuntsun meter! I think even your tail is starting to blush at the end!" I scramble to grab my madly swinging tail and hide it in my arms, only realizing too late that my succubus tail is nearly obsidian and wouldn't be able to turn red. "Hee hee. Gotcha." I shoot an angry glare at the queen who replies to it simply with a smug as hell look. "Now, now. No need to get all mad. How about I give you a nice bag of gold to help you out on your journey?" Of course the petty prospect of monetary gain doesn't interest me in the slightest. "Oooo! Money! Gimme!" My advance is halted by wagging finger in front of my nose. "But first, since I've had my main course, I need some dessert. Hoooowww abooooouut... you give your buddy a nice kiss. And not some cheap little peck on the cheek. I wanna hear some squelching going on between those puckers. A little bit of tongue action, too." In my mind a war begins to rage. In an instant, however, the victor is clear as a 'Ka-ching!' sound goes off in my mind. I turn a piercing glare to my friend who holds his hands up defensively. "C'mon. It's not like we haven't dealt without having a lot of money on hand. Besides, it's probly just a tri-!!" His words are stopped abruptly by my sudden pounce and war cry. "You gun git kissed!!" The sounds of a wet kiss fill the room alongside the pathetic whining of my friend as he goes on about not being able to get married anymore or some shit. Fuckin' pansy.
  3. Aaaaaand flashback over. Time to get my phat lewts! "Ooooyy! Gatekeep! Where's my bag of gold!" A few moments pass before a sack gets tossed over the gate at me. I stare at the obviously gold spray painted burlap sack a second and pick it up. Pushing aside my dread I open the sack and retreive a fancily written note. "Due to the current economic climate of the kingdom, we regret to inform you that the previously agreed upon bag of gold cannot be provided. In lieu of this, please accept this designer gold bag made by our kingdoms finest arachne artisans and have a wonderful journey!" My arms fall limply to my sides as both the note and sack slip from my grasp. Taking deep breath, I look to the sky. There's a lovely breeze blowing, carrying with it the calls of various birds. I feel the pleasant warmth of the sun on my skin, only broken occasionally by a passing cloud here and there. "Y'know, I tried to tell you it was most likely -". "I swear by every god above and below that if you finish that sentence I will rip your pancreas out from your ass and then shove it so far down your throat I'll be putting it back in place." Once again the area is silent except for the blissful sounds of nature as I take a few more moments to reflect. "Let's... let's just go. In the general direction of away." I start walking away from the gate at a brisk pace. I hear the sounds of my friend jogging lightly to catch up. "About that. Where exactly are you expecting us to go? I mean, most towns aren't going to be too welcoming to a demon of lust. Even a half assed one." Without breaking my stride we start making our way into the forest. "Don't know. As long as it's away."
  4. The conversation once again stops between us, the only sounds being that of the breeze against the leaves of the trees and the snap of twigs on the ground being broken by our steps. Roughly an hour passes by in silence as I reflect upon recent events. It's then that terrible realization begins to dawn upon me. Its implications send a chill throughout my body as if I had been doused in ice cold water and I stop dead in my tracks. The past few weeks start to become points in my mind. All leading to a single, utterly terrifying, conclusion. "Woah! Shit, man. Don't just stop after being quiet for so long. I almost walked right into you....uhhh you alright there?" I hear my friends voice but don't consciously register the words, so wrapped in the sudden feeling of dread. I drop to my knees weakly and sit on my ankles as I try to deny the direction events are taking my life. Being captured by succubi, turning into an incubus and then into a succubus, the sexual tension between me and my friend, and now this journey with him. They all point to my life, my story, becoming.....a fucking romantic comedy! Fuck! All that's left is to have some overly cute mascot character! But... but that's just crazy. I mean, no weird, overly cute, wild animal would just come up to us like it's a fucking pet. Just as I finish the thought, the underbrush off to the side rustles and out jumps some animal that looks like a cross between a rabbit and a cat. It hops over to me and jumps into my lap, nuzzling at my limp hands. "Awwww well isn't that a cute little critter. Looks like he likes you." For the next minute every particle of air within my lungs escapes as a scream. And for years to come from this moment, unbeknownst to me, this forest will be home to the urban legend of the wailing succubus.
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