Message to all my Cyber Friends

Dec 14th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Some people are fooling around and lying to the audience and they are happy to read it even though it is a lie to rejoice I can't believe what is happening and how things are changing, just 2 years difference, The good friends left in the past with their faces, today they are completely different people don't even know if the time is getting worse? Am I to blame for not having changed? I probably wouldn't want to be in this scene after this article, Not because I can't, because we didn't have that friendship anymore.
  3. -They lie and you fulfill and make it a reality
  5. This message is to all my cyber friends, you get it one time, make the most of it, after that it never comes back. All the memories goes down with 2010-2014 I have been in the place for 6 years 2014-2020
  7. This message is for having really good friendship and conversation with!
  8. - vaceFF1337
  9. - VirusLeet
  10. - Unname1337
  11. - NautilusHaxorius
  12. - Meho1337
  13. - SpyNeT
  14. - Thief!
  15. - Anti Valve
  16. - kZ-Den4ik
  17. - tv!x
  18. - Force
  19. - Sma Inka
  20. - Serious NND
  21. - Morrocan Haxor
  22. - J4r a.k.a Conor8
  23. - Kuroi'SH
  24. - Many more from the scene (This message will be remembered around the internet forever)
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