Dadonequus Discord Part 162

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  1. >You both pass by the manager of the building. He was busy on a typewriter. He was a grey, oldish looking pony with a balding mane. He paid the both of you no mind as you both very carefully slipped through the final door. The door to Mrs.Rich's office.
  2. >The office itself. Well, every expense was made on it it seemed. The walls we're nice and made of high quality wood. It had a small chandelier. A red carpet leading to the gold rimmed desk. A couch at the side. Exotic potted plants. And a large window to survey the rest of the city. And right in the front of the window was Mrs. Rich herself; furiously typing away at her typewriter.
  3. >Despite her focus and wuick movements. Not a single part of her purple mane was out of place. She didn't look up, nor did she address either of you.
  4. >Should you sit? Should you say something? should you get angry?....hrn.
  5. >You look to Discord to see what he was doing. But he wasn't beside you anymore.
  6. >Oh..god..he was right behind Mrs.Rich, eyeing her work.
  7. >Well, this was already going to go swimmingly.
  8. >Though, Mrs.Rich was just typing away. She hadn't even noticed Discord at all.
  9. >"You know, If I be a robber. I could have taken everything fom this room before you even noticed. I even think I could snatch you and you'd still be pounding away at that typewriter of yers. Yer an odd old hag, aren'tcha?" Discord said, commenting right behind her.
  10. >Mrs.Rich stopped right there, right then. But didn't turn her head. Didn't get startled. But her face twisted a little. You don't think she liked that comment very much.
  12. >"I don't remember an appointment for two. But you're already on the way to a declined deal. If you could please compose yourself and walk into my view"
  13. >Her eyes never left the paper she was typing on. She was reviewing it with her eyes as she spoke to Discord.
  14. >Discord smirked and stepped to the front of the desk, beckoning you to his side with a gesture of his hoof. "Hello there missy, how are you this fine day?"
  15. >Mrs.Rich finally looks up at the both of you. She is definitely not pleased. She eyes you for a moment, but doesn't seem to recognize you. No, instead she takes notice of other things. "Where are your papers? Please don't tell me my staff let you through without some sort of presentation ready. How did you even get allowed up here without a look over?"
  16. >"I can't help that my charisma is a wee higher than most. As for a presentation, I actually got more of a proposal for ya"
  17. >"A proposal?..." Mrs.Rich looks down at you, then back at Discord "And let me guess, you plan to use this colt to try to sway my heart"
  18. >"Aye, you have a good eye. That is mostly the plan."
  19. >Mrs.Rich goes back to typing. "You both can leave. I don't have time for charities or proposals based on manipulating the weak of heart."
  20. >fuck...nope. Time for you to say something.
  21. "We're not leaving until you hear what I have to say."
  22. >She stops again, and looks at you directly. Now her annoyance was becoming apparent.
  23. >"I don't think Anypony gave you permission to speak." She then looks to Discord " should learn to control your colt. I'm not in the mood for this. MY train ride here was appalling and I will not tolerate insolence from a child"
  24. >Discord's voice starts to change to it's normal self, but in a menacing tone "Oh, I'm so sorry. But unfortunately for you, he's the one who has some business with you. I'm merely the observer and guard."
  25. >"Excuse me?"
  27. >Discord warps and twists into his original form as he floats up and lays belly down in mid air as he rests his head on his arms and kicks his feet. "Helllllllllloooooo! I'm Discord, Spirit of chaos. I Don't believe we've had the pleasure of a personal meeting"
  28. >Mrs.Rich looked up at him with disgust "I should have known. What's the meaning of this?"
  29. >You could feel your mane pull and change. Whatever disguise Discord donned on you must have vanished. Not that you cared at this moment.
  30. >Discord pointed down to you "Ask him. He's the one who dragged me here"
  31. >Mrs.Rich scoffed in disgust as press her intercom "Security!....."
  32. >No answer
  33. >"Oh....nonono. We're not having that. See, we're not even in Equestria at the moment. If you'd take a look behind you please"
  34. >Spoiled Rich slowly turns her head to look out the window. For that moment, she could feel a sense of fear in her heart. You all were in the chaos dimension. The whole room had been placed in a interdimensional pocket.
  35. >Spoiled Rich did her best to remain composed,calm, and professional. She looked back at Discord. Then at you. She had no idea who you were, it actually took her a moment to remmeber who you actually were. ".....I remember you now."
  36. >Discord slides a stepping stool in front of you, closer to her desk. You consciously step up on it to meet Mrs.Rich right in the eye.
  37. "Good, then this is going to make things a lot easier"
  39. >"So, are you here for revenge? Because I hurt your insignificant feelings? Do you realize you're bringing business's to a halt with your petty vengeance plan? No, of course not. You're too simple minded to realize the consequences of your actions." She then looks up at Discord "And you are a terrible parent. I demand that you take care of your son right now, you foul creature."
  40. >Discord grins at her "Flattery will get you nowhere my dear, besides, my son is calling the shots at the moment. I'm just waiting for the word to send you spiraling through that window behind you"
  41. >Mrs.Rich narrowed her eyes at him "You wouldn't..."
  42. >You speak up again to shift the conversation towards you.
  43. "He would, and it's funny you call him a terrible parent. That's actually why I'm here"
  44. >"What do you mean?" She looks back at you. Genuinely confused by your words.
  45. "What do you think? You're a terrible parent"
  46. >Mrs.Rich loses her cool just a smidge, enough for her voice to be noticeably agitated. " better be careful with your words. You do realize your old orphanage is somewhere in Fillydelphia, don't you? Do you know what I can do if you cross me. Because I already know you both won't throw me threw that window. Not unless your father wishes to be a garden ornament while you are put in a juvenile detention center for, and I assure you, for the rest of life"
  47. "Hmm Fine then, I know you're a pony of business. So let me get straight to the point."
  48. >"Please do so this waste of time can be over and done with"
  49. "Ok then..."
  50. >You pause, and look her right in the eyes.
  51. "You're a terrible mother, and most of your daughter's suffering is all your fault"
  53. >Now she's set off. She leans forward over her Desk, slamming her forelegs onto it. "How DARE you! HOW DARE YOU! WHERE DO YOU GET OFF?! WHERE DO YOU, AN ORPHAN BRAT, GET OFF TELLING ME I'M A TERRIBLE MOTHER! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE THE ONES WHO RUINED HER!"
  54. "And how's that? By actually being her friends? By actually making her happy by NOT having to fake our emotions just because she's loaded with money?"
  55. >"She doesn't answer. Instead, she takes a few breaths. And tries to calm down. But there is still noticeable disdain in her tone. "You're not her friend. You're a poor delinquent adopted by a criminal who managed to spirit her away from what's really important"
  56. >You raise an eyebrow, feeling insulted by those words.
  57. "And that is?"
  58. >"continuing the family lineage of course. Learning to become a dignified and first class mare such as myself. She's now confused because of all of you. She doesn't know what friends she should actually be keeping and it's bringing her down. Of course she'd be miserable, but you're already pinning the blame on me. You're so naive, so stupid, I'm surprised you can even walk."
  59. > you felt some of your own anger bubbling up. A little from her insults, but mostly from her arrogance and ignorance.
  60. "You're an idiot. Have you even talked to your daughter since it happened? I know she's sent you letters"
  61. >"She has, and the moment I see that it's about that incident I immediately discard it. To reply would just fan the flames. She needs to realize her choice is wrong on her own and then apologize."
  62. > were trying so hard not to curse her out.
  64. "..No...She doesn't. Did you even talk to her at all after what happened?"
  65. >"Of course not, she was being emotional. She was not thinking straight. Nothing I said would have gone through."
  66. "..Well, I have spoken to her. She's a mess. She's happy with what she has now, but there's something that she lost that's crushing her deep inside. Do you know what that is?"
  67. >She looked at you with curious disdain. "No, what is it?"
  68. "It's you. Her mother. She's afraid that you hate her, she hates that you can't see that the choices she's making for herself is what makes her happy. That's why I'm here. That's why I don't want to fight. I'm trying to fix things for her. She misses you, and that tells me that somewhere...there was an actual mother inside you. I personally can't see it, but I think it exists."
  69. >But it wasn't enough. She wasn't moved at all by your words. "And whose fault is that? Children are naive, even my own daughter. That's why it's a parent's job to guide them. I did my part, as did my husband. I never thought in a million years that some fillies and a criminal colt would ruin all that. But she'll realize her mistake soon enough. From your words. It seems she's already coming to that conclusion. See, you can't hold back my blood. Eventually we always head back in the right direction...that's why we're successful...and you're not."
  71. >.......suddenly that window would look better if it had a hole in it. had to be patient. You had to find a chink in that armor.
  72. "You're so full of yourself. Hell, you're more arrogant than he is. And I used to think that was impossible"
  73. >You point to Discord, who was sitting on a floating chair. He was eating popcorn, seemingly enjoying the show. "Booo, you're breaking the fourth wall"
  74. >"You're confusing arrogance with insanity when it comes to him. As for me, it's simply fact. We all know it. I didn't make this fortune by being an emotional wreck or a dirty troublemaker. I made it through hard work and perseverance. And I'll let myself be thrown into Tartarus before I bend to the likes of you"
  75. "....What does Filthy see in you?"
  76. >"That's Mr.Rich to you....and as for what he sees in me, it's the same thing I see in him. We work good together, and despite what you may think. I love him, just like I love my daughter. But I also love this business. Everything has to fall into place, like cogs to a machine, and're the monkey wrench who's trying to clog everything up. Why are you still bothering? I'm sure I've taught you enough with this little meeting that my life is important and separate from yours. Giving you no right to interfere. I'll even overlook all of this, if you stay away from my daughter. She doesn't need an influence like you"
  77. >.....what..a fucking..bitch. She was geared to fuck you and Discord over now. You can't falter. YOU CAN'T....there's gotta be a way.
  78. "Look..."
  79. >...maybe..if you leveled with her a little..maybe if you bent..just a bit.
  80. "...look, I don't want to fight you. I really don't. What if you at least showed her some motherly affection? You know, take a day off to see her. Give her a hug. Let her know you still love her? If you did that, I'd back about that?"
  82. >Mrs.Rich chuckles a low chuckle "How quaint, You think you know how to make a deal. No..that's not how it works. I already gave you an offer that's MORE than fair. It'll cover this transgression and the threats made towards me."
  83. >You tried, you really did...but you couldn't hold it in anymore.
  85. >Mrs.Rich was utterly disgusted with your behavior, but couldn't help but smirk that she managed to win out in the end. Even thinking herself to be a hero for having a "just" reason of having Discord sealed. "I'll humor you...what exactly is going to happen to me?"
  86. >You we're breathing hard. You don't even care if what you were about to say was going to end up true or not. You just wanted her to emotionally suffer in some way.
  87. "You're going to die alone.....nopony is going to care about you, and you'll end up old, alone, and depressed for the rest of your life...and....a-and.."
  88. >the room slowly began to change around you and MRs.Rich. The both of you ended up in some kind of white walled entrance hall. And what's worse, Discord was no where in sight.
  89. >...what the fuck just happened?
  90. >"What is the meaning of this? Where are we? Ohhhhh....the deal is off now. I will not suffer this kind of indignity!"
  91. >Mrs. Rich wasn't used to this. For all she knew, she was teleported to some sort of prison. You were just silent, trying to figure out what was going on. You look up, and saw a mare behind a desk. She looked pretty bored.
  92. >You walked up to her and whispered
  93. "Discord..what the fuck is going on?"
  94. >No answer, she didn't even glance at you.
  96. >"You there, what are you doing? Tell me where I am. I demand to know, THIS INSTANT!"
  97. >You look back, She was yelling at a nurse pony who was pushing around an old senile cook of a stallion. Where were you? And old folks home?
  98. > you looked around...there were old ponies everywhere. And lots of nurses.
  99. >.....holy we're in a old folks home. But nobody wwas able to see or hear you, nor we're they able to see or hear Mrs.Rich
  101. >Your ears droop as you slide backwards from her getting closer. Shit, you had no idea what was going on.
  102. "I didn't do this! I don't know where we are..."
  104. >Sheesh, she was pissed. Did Discord make due on his threat?...if he did. You didn't think being thrown into the dimension would end you up in a place like this...
  105. >Wait...
  106. >.....A place like this
  107. >And old folks home
  108. >....Discord did do this. But, you couldn't be absolutly sure why. But...there was only one reason he would stick you both in a place like this...well actually there could be a thousand reasons. But..if he was being a partner, like has been...then you hoped you knew what you were doing. Because this was going to be one hell of a shot in the dark. You could only hope it came to the cartoon conclusion you were thinking of.
  110. >You stand up and brush yourself off. And give her a dark yet confident look. a Look of patience and understanding for one who is damned.
  111. "Nevermind, I know where we are."
  112. >" get us out. Now..."
  113. "Alright...but to get out, we have to meet somepony first. Follow me.." You turn and head towards a hallway full of doors. with elderly stepping in and out of rooms.
  114. >"Follow you? Into doom? Do you think I'm that stupid?" She refused to move.
  115. "....I don't care too much. You can stay here if you want. I just want to meet a certain pony here before I go."
  116. >You continue your trek.
  117. >Spoiled Rich just sits there, but she starts to grow worried as she looks around. So many Elderly, drooling, sneezing, grumbling, it was making her nervous.
  118. >"Hold on....I'll come with you. I realize progress can't be made if I just sit there...but this better take us back. Or else I'll make things even worse than what I said before"
  119. >You...didn't even know how that was possible...but whatever.
  120. >You stopped at a door, and took a breath. This could all be for nothing. Or, there would be a pony in there that she would be sure to listen to. It was a randomly chosen door yes, but you were sure...if you we're right...then it didn't actually matter what door you chose.
  122. >Behind the door was a gloomy and lonely looking room. with a single bed, dresser, lamp, and a desk. There was a large window on the opposite end of the room. Sitting there was a elderly pony. She was sitting right in front of the window. looking through it. sitting on a wheel chair.
  123. > felt a calm in your heart. You really had to thank Discord after this. He set the stage for this final play. You just had to follow through.
  124. >Mrs.Rich peers into the room, eyeing the back of the old pony. "Is that the pony we're here to meet? You can't be serious. She's a relic. This is just an illusion...isn't it? Why would we have to meet a pony when it was your father that sent us here. He did..didn't he?"
  125. >you sigh and shake your head as you step inside
  126. "It's more than that Mrs.Rich...look, I just want you to meet this pony and keep your thoughts to yourself"
  127. >"Hmph..."
  128. >She didn't say anything. But she was sure something was off. But she also wanted out. So she'd comply until it became apparent to her you were fucking with her.
  129. >She stepped close to the old pony, and spoke with a more respectful tone "Excuse me, I am told you know where the exit to this place is. Is that true?"
  130. >The old pony doesn't answer. She had a coat color that matched Spoiled's. But her mane was pure white, and very nappy.
  131. >"Excuse me..." She speaks louder
  132. >But nothing. The old pony just continues to look out the window with hope in her eyes. "...any day now, my Diamond will come visit me...such a sweet girl..."
  133. >"Diamond?" Spoiled found that a bit queer. "What is she talking about? What does she mean by "my Diamond"?"
  135. >Spoiled got familiar..and haunting vibes from this old mare. Enough of a vibe to subconsciously think that she was connected to her daughter...but why? how?
  136. "She knows her. They are related after all"
  137. >Mrs.Rich was confused and felt insulted. "What? This old mare isn't related to me. I've never seen her before. And a Rich would NEVER find themselves in a dump like this"
  138. "Probably not..."
  139. >You we're going to ride this naturally. everything seemed to fall in place as you spoke,
  140. >You started to sift through the drawers. and pull out an envelope. Before speaking, you took a look at it to see what'd you need to say. This envelope came from Diamond Tiara...and it was for her mother. Well of course it would be. That was the entire point of this illusion.
  141. "At least..not in this day and age"
  142. >"...what do you mean by that?" She looked at you, wanting a clearer answer.
  143. "Have a read"
  144. >You hold the envelope towards her.
  145. >She quickly swipes the envelope from you. It was already open. She slips the paper out, not even reading who it was from or who it was for. "This better be good"
  146. >You hoped so too.
  148. >The letter read as follows "Dear mommy, I'm sorry for making you mad at me. I didn't want you to be mad. I just wanted you to see that I found my own way, and that it made me happy. I didn't want you to think I hated you for it or that I was throwing away everything. I just wanted to have real friends, and be happy. And I want you to be in my life too. Please, please answer. please don't be mad. I want to be a family again. I want you to be happy too, not just with me, I just want you to be happy. You're never happy anymore. Love, Diamond Tiara."
  149. > Mrs.Rich still wouldn't budge. But her anger subsided into worry. "...Why would this old mare have this letter? It says it's from my daughter. But that can't be. There's no reason to send the letters here. Who is this old mare? Tell me!!"
  150. >Before you can speak. A nurse steps in. "Mrs.Rich?"
  151. >"Finally, somepony who actually can hear me. Yes, I'm her. Would you care to take"
  152. >The nurse walks past her, ignoring her. "Mrs.Rich, it's time for lunch. we have some veggie casserole today."
  153. >The old mare responded with disdain "I hate vegie Casserole..."
  154. >"I know..but it's good for you" The nurse pony was a unicorn, she used her magic to turn the wheelchair and started wheeling it towards the door.
  155. >"Who's commoner least I know I'll my Diamond will be here today"
  156. >The nurse shook her head, in disbelief of those words. but agreed with her anyway "I'm sure she will. I'm sure this will be the day for sure"
  157. >"Of course it is, or my name isn't Spoiled Rich. Head of the Rich estat-"
  158. >the old mare started coughing, heaving, and nearly fell off the chair. falling unconscious as the nurse catches her and gently puts her back on the wheelchair.
  159. >"...She's really losing it. I can't believe she still thinks her daughter is going to show up. She hasn't been here in years. Doubt she even cares anymore." The nurse mutters as she rolls her out of the room.
  161. >Mrs.Rich was stunned. There was no way.
  162. >"...what was all that? Why did she call that dried up husk "Spoiled Rich"?" "
  163. >Finally, it was all coming together.
  164. "Because, that's Spoiled Rich.....that's the future."
  165. >"The Future? That's impossible. I wouldn't be caught dead in such a place in ANY year. I would never willingly submit myself to this."
  166. "You're right. You wouldn't. Your daughter put you here when you started going senile.You became unfit to continue heading the Rich family empire."
  167. >"...S-she wouldn't dare. She'd never subject me to such humiliating conditions" Finally, Mrs.Rich was finally on the defending end.
  168. "She would if she felt she had to. As for this place, it was probably the cheapest place to stick you. It's not like she should have a reason to care at this point in her life. What, with her father gone and all"
  169. >that was bullshit. But in this dimension. It might as well be true.
  170. >"B-but I'm her mother! Look at this letter! She clearly cares! I-it just looks like I may have been...a little too stubborn. But not enough to keep her away"
  171. >she holds the letter and envelope towards you, you take it, and take a look. Oh was dated from way way way back.
  172. "........Mrs.Rich, this is from years ago...when she was a filly"
  173. >She gulped "No.."
  174. >You hold the envelope up to her
  175. "Yeah, see? it has a date"
  176. >And when she noticed. She started to turn white. "...t-this is a c-can't tell me this is real..."
  177. "It is, I don't have control over this. Dad sent us here for a reason. I guess he just wanted to get you back for what you said. I'd never imagined he would be so petty as to show you your future. Man, it's pretty sad...pathetic really."
  179. >Spoiled rich's ears drooped, she just sat there on the floor. silently. she slowly began to shake. "......this can't be my future...I...I've done everything right. I have a family, a successful business, I'm renown across Equestria..."
  180. "I guess...But what do I know, I'm a future criminal. "
  181. >You just shrug.
  182. >".....I don't understand. I tried to put her in the right path through life. Why would she leave me here to suffer?"
  183. >You roll your eyes
  184. "Wow...really? even after seeing your future self. You still are making this about you? No wonder you're called Spoiled Rich. Whatever, you can do what you want. The exit should be here somewhere. At least I tried. I'd ask if you'd at least let me say goodbye to my aunt....but don't care, do you?"
  185. >But she didn't reply.
  186. >"She really hates me...."
  187. >Mrs.Rich finally broke, little streams of tears started to form on her eyes.
  188. >"...Why? I just wanted her to be the best pony she was capable of....why?"
  189. >You don't answer, you just observe. Damn..Discord outdid himself this time. This was amazing.
  190. >"Why would she feel that I hated her? I am doing this FOR her...."
  191. "Yeah, I wonder why you're daughter, Who is pleading to you through her letters to show her motherly love ,affection,forgiveness, and understanding would eventually grow to resent you. It's almost as if you we're more of a controlling monster instead of a mother. know. I'm an orphan. I could be wrong"
  192. >She didn't reply. She instead laid on her side. On the dirty ground. She didn't care. The thoughts of her daughter hating her now flooded her mind.
  193. >"I drove her away,,,,I made her hate me. I didn't know...I didn't know she was in so much pain. I didn't abandon her, I just..."
  194. >"....oh Celestia....I did. I did hurt her...I did it on purpose..I wanted her to see how wrong she was. I didn't know it'd make her hate me. I didn't know she was suffering that much. I thought it was a rebellious phase.."
  196. >And hit her.
  197. >"I was wrong...I was wrong about everything..."
  198. >She started crying, bawling even. Shaking on the floor like a scared child.
  199. >"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...My Diamond Tiara..I'm so sorry...I..I wish I could make it up to you..It's too late."
  200. >....oh man...oh fucking happened.
  201. >Mrs.Rich cries, still rolled in a ball as she pathetically calls for you. "..P-please..please don't tell me this is my future...I want to change..I want to fix things. I don't want my daughter to think she's alone...I..I don't want to be alone.."
  202. "I don't know...can you really change?"
  203. >"I can! I can! I promise I can! Please...please give me another chance..please tell me this isn't my future..I'm sorry!"
  204. ", this is only the future of what could be, not what will be. You...might still have a chance."
  205. >might?! hearing that, Spoiled rich crawled up to you, and groveled at your hooves. "Please no..please..let me have a chance to make things right..I don't want her to suffer...please"
  206. >ok...ooook.
  207. >You pull your hoof away gently, she was getting tears all ove rit. Tears and snot.
  208. "Ok, yeesh. You'll have another chance. What you do with it is your responsibility though."
  209. >"I promise...I promise I'll change..."
  210. >She begs desperately.
  211. >With that, you look upwards towards the ceiling.
  212. "Ok Dad, we're done. pull us back to the present"
  213. >And with that. everything began to glow white. Both you and Mrs.Rich got enveloped in a bright white light.
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