HM:StH Any% Bluebird Notes

Jan 6th, 2018
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Any% Bluebird Notes
  3. [Updated 13 Mar 2020]
  5. NOTES
  6. - Louis gift schedule:
  7. > Sun: Outside his lab from 7am
  8. > Mon: Outside his lab from 7am
  9. > Tue: Outside his lab from 7am
  10. > Wed: Carpenter's area
  11. > Thu: Skip
  12. > Fri: Outside his lab from 7am
  13. > Sat: In Ronald's garden
  14. - For each cutscene, Louis requires:
  15. > CS1: 20
  16. > CS2: 60
  17. > CS3: 120
  18. > CS4: 180
  19. - Louis gets +3 for CS1, +5 for CS2, and +3 for CS3 and CS4.
  22. - Goddess Questions: POSITIVE
  23. - Sleep the first day. On Wed Spring 3, forage at the Carpenter's and intro+gift Louis.
  24. - Save most foraging for the two days you will trigger Louis's relevant cutscenes. Thus, only grab 2 items on the first forage.
  25. - He eventually needs 16 gifts, so forage accordingly (VBs, BBs, Med/Herbs)
  26. - Only leave house on Wed/Sat, sleeping through rain. Always talk before gifting.
  27. - On Sat Spring 6, forage as much as possible around the Lake and Goddess Pond area (Villa if necessary, although you lose time for each loading zone). Wait outside the Lake area until 2pm, then enter to trigger the flute cutscene.
  28. - Once you reach 115AP, on the next non-rainy Saturday (same day if you reach 115 on Saturday), forage the remaining items, and wait for Louis outside the Lake area again. Enter at 2pm, and this time, after skipping the cutscene, exit and enter again to trigger the Lyla cutscene.
  29. - Continue gifting Louis until 180AP, but on the last day, just talk (no gift). When he arrives at the farm to invite you to play flute with him, accept and complete the minigame.
  30. - Upon the final Bluebird cutscene, sleep for at least a week, then head to the Lake on the first fair day to finish the ending.
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