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  1. Starbucks Jig:
  3. 1.) Head over to https://customerservice.starbucks.com/app/contact/ask/
  5. Step 2: Click “In our Stores”
  7. Step 3: Click “The beverage I ordered at a store”
  9. Step 4: In the message, say something along the lines of how you “go to Starbucks
  10. almost everyday and really enjoy the service and experience”. Say you and 2 co- workers were going for your daily cup of coffee but when you tasted the coffee, it tasted awful and was kind of cold. Say you guys didn’t want to say anything to the barista because you didn’t want to leave a bad impression on here considering the fact that you guys go to that starbucks almost everyday. Say it kinda the ruined in the beginning of your day as well.
  12. Step 5: Fill in the rest of the info legitimately (use a starbucks address that you live by, etc).
  14. Step 6: You will get an email back from Starbucks with an apology and a gift card (most likely it will be around $10). They may ask you for some more experience. Just respond accordingly. Enjoy your free Starbucks!
  16. UPDATE TO JIG: So starbucks can either send you a gift card to your address or they can load a balance to your card. If they load a balance you do not need to give them your address. If you want to keep trying to get them to reload your card, then simply use different names, emails, ip, etc. If you get the same rep he/ she may catch on and ban your cards though. Don't get too greedy!
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