Milysae (FE RPCE)

May 19th, 2019
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  1. Halfbreed Human-Taguel
  3. Milysae - 4, 39 stat points to start with. (71 Class)
  4. HP 20%,Str 15%,Mag 0%,Skl 20%,Spd 20%,Lck 0%,Def 15%,Res 10%
  5. HP + 10, Str + 8 Spd + 4, Skill + 5, Def + 6, Res + 5, Luck + 1
  6. Boon - Robust, Bane - Dull
  7. Skill - Fury: Sacrifice 3 HP for 2 ATK/2 DEF/2 SPD (3 Max)
  9. (Public Backstory)
  11. Mily, a halfbreed born on the edge of Valshia near the boarder of Gremina. She was taken in by her Human mother while her Tiger Taguel father returned to his own country. Her Taguel heritage was kept a secret to her by her Human family. Things seem peaceful since they lived far away from the aggressive Fujori, though this is changed when her village was attacked by an unknown beast, the trauma causing her to lose major details of the incident. Now Mily lives on realizing just how dangerous the world may be, her family may still be safe, but for how long?
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