One Night [SoL, Starlight, Fluttershy]

Nov 16th, 2017
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  1. One night
  3. Starlight Glimmer watched Fluttershy circle far above her, a sole speck of color in the dimming evening sky. The sun had just dipped below the horizon but still lit the pegasus above her as she herded a lost bullfinch towards its nest. Starlight glanced over to the horizon and the ominous dark clouds rolling towards her. She hoped the pair above would make it back onto the ground in time. A sudden breeze blew past her, shuffling the frost-speckled leaves at her hooves and finding its way below her coat, sending a shiver through her. The barren and leafless trees around her swayed in the wind. Some branches groaned against one another somewhere deeper in the forest and the leaves swirling in the wind created dancing shadows at the corners of her eyes as the evening slowly grew darker still.
  4. She considered using her magic to go up there herself to help Fluttershy but a voice of reason, which sounded just like Twilight, told her that she'd just make a mess of it like she often did when she tried to magic problems away. The sun no longer lit the pegasus above her and she could no longer tell where she and the bird had gone. She felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up as the wind suddenly picked up and made the skeletal branches near her sway and groan. A rustle came from behind her but there was nothing to be seen but the ever shifting shapes the dark twigs made against the fading glow of dusk as she looked around.
  5. Thump. She nearly leaped off her hooves because of the sound from behind, her heart skipping a beat.
  6. “Starlight?”
  7. A wave of relief passed through her as Fluttershy's soft voice reached her.
  8. “I'm sorry it took so long but Mr. Birdy is safe and back home.”
  9. There was a twitchy smile on Starlight's face and her movements were jerky as she turned around to look at the pegasus who'd just landed next to her.
  10. “Oh. Great.”
  11. Her voice was high-pitched and shrill as she tried to calm herself down.
  12. “I totally wasn't getting spooked by the dark forest or the creepy groaning of trees or anything. Hehe.”
  13. She tried to smile but only managed to grin.
  14. “Oh, I know. It can get so scary in here when it's dark and the timberwolves howl at the moon.”
  15. Fluttershy's eyes shot from Starlight to the surrounding trees as she took half a step backwards and lifted a hoof to cover her chest.
  16. “Eep. L-let's just head back now and I'll treat you some tea and cookies.”
  18. The cold wind blew from behind and carried the first hints of snow with it as the pair reached Fluttershy's front yard. Starlight stopped momentarily and glanced longingly at the lights of Ponyville as they crossed the bridge over the partially frozen stream. She let out a sigh, which turned into a streak of silvery mist in the wind, and trotted up the incline towards the promise of warmth and light that was Fluttershy's home.
  20. “I'll get you the tea as soon as I get a fire going, you can sit back and relax.”
  21. The pegasus disappeared into her kitchen as soon as Starlight had pushed the door shut. Some clinks and clangs of pots and pans hitting each other followed. Starlight examined the neat and tidy room she was in, letting her eyes wander from the birdhouses hanging from the ceiling to the mouse holes in the walls. She shivered. The wind had sapped far more heat from her than she'd thought, and the fireplace on one wall already had a log in it. She closed her eyes and focused her mind, weaving together a simple spell. Her efforts were rewarded with a whooshing sound and she opened her eyes to see bright yellow flames licking the wood of the log. The wooden floor creaked quietly as she padded towards the fire and planted her rump as close as she dared. The stone of the fireplace hadn't had time to warm up, but the hum of the flames and the meager heat it radiated made her feel at ease. She heard some movement from behind and glanced backwards to see Fluttershy peeking from the kitchen.
  22. “Oh, I see you got the fire lit. Thank you.”
  23. Her heartfelt thanks warmed Starlight in a way the fire never could. It was like the kind words were a hot drink that heated her from the inside. She turned her head to look at the pegasus again, but she was already gone. The sound of water being poured into a metal container coming from the kitchen suggested that she would be back soon.
  25. Fluttershy let go of the sloshing teapot she carried when Starlight made it glow with her magic. Her eyes followed it as it floated across the room and hung itself on a hook over the fire, its blackened copper surface distorting and dimming the flames as they reflected off it.
  26. “What kind of tea would you like? I got green, and white, and black, all kinds of flavors.”
  27. Something about her quiet yet clear voice made Starlight hesitate requesting anything, making her feel like she should get up and fetch the tea herself.
  28. “Just plain green for me. No need to bring sugar or anything.”
  29. Maybe she could... No, she would not cast a spell to make the tea come to her.
  30. The spoons clattered slightly in their mugs when Fluttershy placed the tray on the floor next to Starlight and the fireplace. It had two mugs, a red one and a blue one, spoons, a small pile of cookies and a sugar bowl on it.
  31. “There you go, the red mug is yours.”
  32. The fireplace spread soothing warmth into the room and the steady hum of flames was the only sound to be heard. Starlight had to scoot a bit further away from it to make some room as Fluttershy sat down next to it and her.
  33. “It really has been a while since I last had tea like this.”
  34. She watched the fire reach up towards the pot, never quite reaching it, and felt like she began to understand why Twilight had sent her here. A soft giggle broke her train of thought.
  35. “You must be awfully busy if you can't. Isn't it nice to just sit and relax?”
  36. She had to admit it was.
  38. Starlight, sitting in a comfortable recliner, sipped her tea and enjoyed the bitterness of it while watching Fluttershy brush Angel's fur. The little bunny was lying on the floor close to the fire, his eyes closed, as the pegasus worked the brush with soft and slow strokes. The log had turned into a few smoldering pieces of charcoal and the chilliness was nothing but a distant memory.
  39. “Would you mind if I stayed the night?”
  40. Starlight looked out of a window as she asked her question, seeing nothing but a tunnel of white snowflakes swirling in the wind before fading into darkness.
  41. “No, not at all. You may have to share a room with me because Harry is hibernating, though.”
  42. Fluttershy did not pause her brushing, only glancing at her for a second and swiping her mane off her face.
  43. “Sorry to be a bother, but I'd really rather not go out in this weather.”
  44. A sudden gust howled around the cottage as if to emphasize her words, making a ghastly wail.
  45. “You're no trouble at all. If it's going to be like this all night I'd really prefer not being alone.”
  47. A feather tickled her back as she turned around in the bed she ended up sharing with Fluttershy. She levitated it out from below the covers and set it on the floor next to the bed.
  48. “Good night Angel and Starlight.”
  49. The room went dark with a click. She felt Fluttershy shift around for a bit, then everything was still. Even the wind had quieted down. She listened to her friend's steady breathing for a moment before drifting to sleep.
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