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Jan 25th, 2016
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  1. T0:00-Administered. Stings a little
  2. T0:30-Feeling distant, a nice cozy sinking feeling like i am drifting underwater. The drawings on my wall look 3d
  3. T0:40-Feeling a dissociative warmth. Smallest patterns of red and blue closed eye visuals come on. numbness beginning
  4. T0:50-feeling warm and very very calm. Mental dissociative buzzing. I am glued to my bed.
  5. T1:00-Double vision setting in. Feeling very distant and dissociated. Lower half of my body feels like its unreeling. It feels like i am being slid apart
  6. T1:05-I am buzzing and vibrating. the world feels like its bending around me. I feel buzzing moving up and down my body. I A vibrating to numbness.
  7. T1:10-this is a very dizzy chemical i am having a hard time standing up
  8. T1:20-Weed administered
  10. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooCEv's exteely colorful im fading center is my face
  11. wow myhandsa rent here
  12. im big
  13. hole hole hoe
  14. my face is cold andnumbfeeelslike brain is shoooting zlassers
  15. deep inh oe
  16. retro
  17. lots og omving
  18. grinfing
  19. red and green
  20. eahvy dussication
  21. can control myself if i need to butrelalllly fcke
  24. saw a ,amtos
  25. i wamma be hamted
  26. visua;s are
  28. p[emomgb ppl
  31. [report every 15-30 minutes, at least until/through peak (if possible)]
  33. Overview:
  34. (effects taken from
  35. -Rating on shulgin scale at different times
  36. -Physical effects
  37. -body load, measured heartrate, etc
  38. -Cognitive effects
  39. -stimulating or sedating?
  40. -managable or overwhelming?
  41. -constant or in waves?
  42. -Visual effects
  43. (best measured in terms of intensity, featured distortions/enhancements, & binary descriptors of drifting + CEV and OEV geometric effects)
  44. Drifting descriptors:
  45. Intricate/simplistic
  46. slow/fast
  47. smooth/jittery
  48. static/fleeting
  49. surreal/unreal
  50. Geomex;offcliff
  51. rows red amd reemstri opf human
  52. strip of human
  53. bugs
  54. bugslots f amts
  55. fllsk mxe closed eye visual world
  56. itnense
  57. imageso f trees images of mushroms images of meat isopod everything isbending to fit my form
  58. big blue stingray
  59. ,ilipede
  60. brown
  61. red
  62. white
  63. tirquose
  64. i fel like n ant anta ant antant wo
  65. everything isbeing wiped and pulled d i cantt el whcin hand is hwich forg fingesr spidersky i am storm ai maein overomce i have googles on
  66. woooood woop iddzzyleft anright whatare tehy
  67. jftivkk
  68. fjfjffijgers ar enot fingers are not inther ih place
  69. i am virbating so arjd
  70. fkfkfbizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  71. hooooooooooooooooooooooowa
  72. hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa
  73. all feels strestched
  74. plants magic
  75. bugs baskets
  76. eyelght
  77. zoooooopi holebric k hole yooo jfjfjfjfi am the mother k kele i keep losing track of my hands they alll fell like one hand my feet are bein hguged bh n nothing
  78. visuals are cute
  79. diamonds
  80. stretch
  81. stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  82. hi huh huh dome do,e o a, adp,eo a, dp,eo a, dpe,a adp,edp,e dp,eteeth sfhit
  83. teeth shfit
  84. teeth sfhit
  85. kiss hoomy face iss trapped down
  86. my face is strapped dwon with wind and water
  87. intrusive buzzing numbbbeasaa
  88. can kinda hear voices like TV
  89. bgs diamonds diamonds diamonds
  90. hell i a am diamonds hooo what did I do todau
  91. surreal
  92. i am a beetle
  93. geting its mind sandwiched
  94. between endles gooo
  95. deep patterns
  96. i am what
  97. what how
  98. spike felur de lis
  99. get really strong aferimage afer closing eyes
  100. my hands are phantoms
  101. i can halllucniate them wit my eyes closed
  102. i see a wavy version of me
  103. it teh wavy colorful MXE visuals
  104. blobby
  105. ive captured tou
  106. like a mciroscope slide
  107. cpeme back
  108. the curtian is rare ad timid
  109. fields f gloss
  110. all jadnds ly hands cat tell which diection handa re sinking feling
  111. down
  112. down
  113. down
  114. jlwi wo k sj s buidking
  115. i cant erocgnize my hands
  116. until start to move them
  117. building xenon
  118. legs are irrelevant'wraped up in striratied thigns
  119. concetric human
  120. jijj jij jij jij;fafd cfjv he zoooo;j
  122. guillotine
  124. qhy am i so sad can it find me here
  125. this is my cozy lace
  126. beteween tbe blocks
  127. where it wont find me
  128. puzzle puzzl puzzle toss up
  129. woohood
  130. fknfkfknfres feelt angled
  131. fubgers feel tabgked
  132. fingers feel tangled
  133. strap hexagons arena
  134. circtuit wriever
  135. k can her voices
  136. bran feels eajvu
  137. gheere is the rainbow clown fframe
  138. lace and colors and pretty
  139. this world knows i spy on it now
  140. jooo haaa
  141. hoooo
  142. what did Ido ysterday
  143. im so cold
  144. bengs plit aparrt being split into tiny wheels
  145. sinking sinking sbimig
  146. im nota dcotor
  147. rocks lots ofrocks
  148. trees
  149. i am on a street in stouh philadelphia a truc is driing by
  150. no way
  151. still walin eheayv stone
  152. turn ern turn tern turn tern tomoror i s today
  153. giiio giio um crazt
  154. gekp me
  155. jajajahanda feels upside down
  156. woop
  157. cajt mveo
  158. cant mpve
  159. cant move
  160. woo
  161. OEVS are just things being dizzy, colorful, CEV's are colorful, entire worls taht consume me
  162. everyhthing is strobing with red
  163. its like the world is trying to close my eyes
  164. i feel like o a pn a boat holding to the rails clinging tryng not to let tje sea drag e poout
  165. fjdfd tjeres big keys
  166. jo jo wdk
  167. afall asleep forever
  168. forever
  169. im so stoned
  170. likea beetle al curled up
  171. les
  172. legs
  173. wow
  174. cloids
  175. im in a hammokcnin hte jungle
  176. jingle village
  177. rocks
  178. water
  179. treees
  180. beaty
  181. wo
  182. greeen
  183. je jeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi cant feel my meouth
  184. it feels like soething fuzzy is between alll of our fingers
  185. existence has tracers
  186. hallucaned entire dream scnario forgot it tho :(
  187. hallucinated a woman in r olly chair spilling ric e eehwyere
  188. sinking
  189. sinking
  190. weoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  191. a,nszi
  192. Kjszi
  193. amnesia
  194. who ae hooo'jalucnagte contstruction in front of my house brght white lights
  196. the DXE hole is shaped like a triangle there are a lot of manic flailing colorful cfreatuers around the rim
  197. i srhink into a tiny polyhedron
  198. surrounded by great ones
  199. gold and black
  200. all visuals point and converge on me
  202. T2:30-starting to come down
  203. it feels like there is some medium between all parts of my body
  205. moving is super hard, even if i want to
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