The Royal Treatment 1

May 15th, 2013
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  1. The Royal Treatment
  2. Part 1
  3. *This is a shameless Fetish story, leave now if you don't want that*
  5. *Contains: Massive Preg, belly expansion, stuffing, broodmare*
  7. *Experimental and not entirely sure what I am doing*
  9. >Be adviser Skitter of a lost hive.
  10. >What most hives have become after that lovesplosion in Canterlot
  11. >Everyone was scattered.
  12. >You weren't even sure many survived.
  13. >Luckily for you and a few others the explosion caused a few of you to land together.
  14. >Fortune smiled twice when you found a very nice location to start a hive, with a pony village at just the right distance away.
  15. >Begin process of siphoning love off of them after the basic tunnels and rooms were dug out.
  16. >Initial results were promising to say the least, enough ponies that a few 'travelers' could come and go unnoticed.
  17. >Enough 'travelers' to feed what small numbers you had at least.
  18. >In fact many of them returned a little overfed.
  19. >First few times it happened you chastised them for taking too much, leaving ponies drained and their presence known.
  20. >They always swore that these ponies are just very loving.
  21. >Started to believe them when they actually complained about the taste of love.
  22. >Either way, you ordered them to leech their excess love into a jelly vat so they could turn it into ambrosia for storage in case of a famine.
  24. >For six months this went on.
  25. >Your changelings began drawing straws for who 'had' to go get overstuffed by these ponies and come back lethargic and weighed down by a five gallon drum of love in their gut.
  26. >You had to order many more storage dens built to house all the ambrosia you had in reserve now, and it showed no signs of slowing.
  27. >You had built many other rooms as well, thinking early on that you might need to kidnap ponies and place them in eternal dreams to leech their moods from happy sleep.
  28. >They sat empty.
  29. >One large enough that you may as well turn it into another place for vat storage, even if it did have a perfectly good array of netting in it for a bed fit for a fertile queen.
  30. >Then it hit you.
  31. >Or a fertile broodmare.
  33. >Gather your hive, if you can call your small number even that.
  34. >Broodmare.
  35. >Even if you were an advisor, and they were your underlings, without Queen Chrysalis around they would get rowdy at any sort of change.
  36. >Not to mention kidnapping a member of pony society and potentially holding out against would be heroes who came to the rescue would be a challenge for your small force.
  37. >The uproar was getting intolerable as they seemed to have grown used to their low risk lifestyle.
  38. >You could swear a few even managed to put on weight.
  39. >You didn't even know changelings could get fat.
  40. Enough.
  41. >Silence, if at least for a moment, as you shout over them.
  42. If Chrysalis returns she will not want a deep hole in the ground that is filled with food that she cannot move, and changelings that cannot fight.
  43. She will want discipline.
  44. She will want revenge.
  45. She will want an army to rise at her command!
  46. >If your shouting did nothing else it seemed to have calmed them.
  47. And for that we will need a broodmare.
  49. >Planning began.
  50. >You only had one drone, Molt, the only type of changeling able to kickstart a mare into becoming a broodmare.
  51. >Worse then that you weren't even sure he was still virile, despite his testament to the contrary, drones were strong and good at keeping trouble away so you kept him at the hive ever since you first arrived.
  52. >Harder then making use of your possible dud was going to be finding a mare capable of becoming a broodmare, it couldn't be just any mare.
  53. >It had to be a mare who's body would be willing to change, one that wouldn't be resistant to the properties of the magic her body would be ingesting.
  54. >They would have to systematically enter a drone into an intimate relationship with a mare, one by one, until his seed would take to the right one.
  55. >One of your underlings actually suggested something rather intelligent, have the rest of them go through the town as 'needy mares' and keep as many stallions preoccupied as possible.
  56. >Make the mares of the town feel under cared for.
  57. >Not fool-proof but it might help get a few into the drone's clutches.
  58. >Even with all this going for them the fact you had only one drone meant this was going to take a while.
  60. >A month passes, drone only manages to bag two, neither suitable.
  61. >Another month passes.
  62. >One
  63. >Are you serious Molt?
  64. >Says he's just off his game, been close to a year since he's done this.
  65. >He suggests being given a wingpony.
  66. A what?
  67. >Help
  68. Fine take another, just improve your quantity.
  70. >End of next month.
  71. >Four.
  72. >Not bad you just hope he keeps it up.
  73. >Next month, several.
  74. What? Molt how?
  75. >Underling sent with him had an idea.
  76. >Try and get more than one mare up for mating.
  77. >Trade disguises when Molt finishes with one to try again with the other.
  78. >Ask him if he thinks he'll be able to handle a few more underlings under his command.
  80. >Waiting for Molt to come back from his most recent scheduled mating session.
  81. >All of his subordinates have returned, each saying they couldn't drag out their 'dates' long enough to wait for him.
  82. >All of them were extremely bloated when they dropped their disguises.
  83. >Send them to the vats to store their loads.
  84. >You are now waiting alone at the entrance of the hive.
  85. >Something lands outside, rather harshly.
  86. >You can hear its gait loudly clacking against the hive's walls.
  87. >It sounds off, too heavy.
  88. >Get ready for anything, disappear up a wall and into a prebuilt ambush alcove high above
  89. >Pony comes around the corner, pegasus, one of Molt's usual disguises.
  90. >Well at least he's back, but he's limping.
  91. Great what went wrong now.
  92. >Wait a minute he's not limping, he's wobbling.
  93. >And there was something slung over his back.
  94. >Jackpot.
  96. >Hop down out of hiding.
  97. Molt is that her?
  98. >Affirms you, with a rather lazy nod of his head.
  99. >He chuckles as well, and you can smell some of that pony cider on his breath
  100. >Does he even realize how that stuff effects changelings?
  101. >No matter, you had to get the broodmare to her chambers.
  102. >Begin leading Molt there, howl down the halls of the hive for some workers to get on bringing some ambrosia up from the lower chambers, she was going to need a lot soon.
  103. >As you trot on he begins talking, and if he's as inebriated as you think he is you know he isn't going to stop.
  105. Hey, hey, hey, you wanna know how we drones can tella broodmare from a mare?
  106. Go on, guess, guess.
  108. >Roll your eyes, let him continue his rambling.
  110. Because they're the only ones that can make my ol' buddy Shaft really let loose and pump'em full of the good stuff.
  112. >Joy, like you really needed to know that.
  113. >All you care is that he was within his senses enough to remember and cast a daze spell when he kidnapped her after the fact.
  115. Oh geez, and did she ever run me dry.
  116. I haven’t been ridden like that in years.
  118. >More wonderful information that you didn't really care to know.
  119. >Slowly though it starts to sink in.
  120. >A drone who'd been out of the game for years just spent three months having sex with no release.
  121. >He just came back, with his inhibitions and training practically nullified, with the first mare to make him release his seed after all this time.
  122. >The broodmare on his back was filled, to the brim, with who knows how much drone spunk.
  123. >When they are supposed to only receive a mild spray of it.
  125. >Shit
  127. >Whirl around and take a better look at the mare slung over Molt's back.
  128. >Her stomach is bulged to capacity, its already gurgling and making minute noises as her insides are churning and changing.
  129. >Some of his leftover spunk is still dripping off her hindquarters.
  130. >Not sure but she may have been swelling a little bit as well.
  132. We have to get to her chambers.
  133. >Molt just looks at you hazily.
  134. >You really want to just fry him alive on the spot but you can't at the moment.
  135. NOW!
  136. >At least he's sober enough to tell when you're pissed.
  137. >Takes off down the hall to her chambers.
  138. >You go off deeper into the hive to see where the hell those workers are with your needed delivery.
  139. >If that broodmare didn't get some of that concentrated love jelly soon to offset the needs that the egg's overabundance of growth was going to place on her body it was going to kill her.
  141. >Rush into the closest vat room.
  142. >Nobody.
  143. >Resist your urge to kill every single one of those idiotic workers for not taking the obvious choice.
  144. >Rush over to the pool and start swallowing globs of jelly.
  145. >Love, lust, and every other positive emotion made incarnate overwhelms you which each gulp.
  146. >It sends a warm feeling into you, starting in your stomach where its collecting and slowly moving out through your body.
  147. >Keep sucking it in until you feel sick and full of wobbling liquid.
  148. >You can only hope its enough as you take off back toward the broodmare's chamber.
  149. >Trying to hold in all the sloshing jelly all the while.
  151. >Get to the chambers.
  152. >No workers anywhere in sight.
  153. >Ignore your rising urge to kill them as you at least see that Molt is there and he has already set her down on the soft netting in the center of the room.
  154. >For now all it would do is act like a bed, but soon enough it would wrap her in a safe cocoon as her body went through the more extreme changes.
  155. >Make your way over to it, past Molt, and begin stepping through the netting to the center where she lay.
  156. >Her belly was decidedly bigger than it was before, and was getting louder with every passing moment.
  157. >When you finally got next to her face you could see under the fur that she was pale, and a little colder than she should be.
  159. >Don't waste any more time.
  160. >Cast a minor dispel to remove a few layers of drowsiness, enough so that you could at least feed her without her being completely aware.
  161. >She stirs slightly, and you are rather surprised to hear her moan quietly.
  162. >Her lethargic hooves travel down to her belly and are stroking it openly.
  163. >You figure that Molt had dazed her during intercourse and she was in the middle of some wet dream.
  164. >Whatever the case you hold your face over hers, and begin to coax up a glob of jelly out of your stomach.
  165. >The jelly is solid enough to at least hold a shape if you're careful enough with it.
  166. >You get a nice sized piece in your mouth and hold it just above her lips.
  167. >Even at this stage she should be attracted to it like any other changeling.
  169. >Her nostrils flare
  170. >>Yes.
  171. >She leans forward a bit.
  172. >>Yes, Yes.
  173. >Her mouth is opening.
  174. >>Just take it already!
  176. >Suddenly she wraps her lips over yours, and you get dragged down into the netting with her as she wraps her hooves around your back.
  177. >You can feel her suction on your mouth as your body is involuntarily regurgitating more of the jelly out of your stomach.
  178. >The warm goo constantly flooding through your mouth and into hers.
  179. >You can't believe how much is pumping up your throat as the warm feeling returns.
  180. >And its getting stronger.
  181. >Suddenly you notice the warm needy breath on the side of your face as she pants hungrily through her nose between immense gulps of jelly.
  182. >The warmth of her body is bathing over you, as you can feel your body rising in kind.
  183. >Every noisy slurp is traveling down her throat and into her stomach, where it causes her belly to gurgle and swoon.
  184. >She moans into your mouth as her womb bulges higher, the hearty throb you feel in her body matching your own as the mass jiggles and shakes with every beat.
  185. >Slowly the little bloated midriff rises, every surge of ambrosia you pump into her sends it higher, and higher.
  186. >You feel hypnotized by its motions, slowly dragged into the recesses of your mind as another calls out to you.
  188. ()()()()()
  190. >All she knows is a wonderful sensation.
  191. >She had felt wonderful earlier, and now she felt even more so.
  192. >Somepony was doing wonderful things in her mouth as a warm feeling was constantly being pumped into her gut.
  193. >Making it bigger, and bigger.
  194. >She wanted to be huge, she wanted to be bigger than anything before.
  196. >More of that wonderful goo was slogged into her gut, and the gargle rumbling through her stomach sent shivers through her.
  197. >She needed more of this.
  198. >She pulled the mysterious being closer and pulled on him hard.
  199. >Without warning an immense load of warmth gushed down her throat and charged into her stomach.
  200. >The liquid bloated her strained stomach even further, and she could feel a slight twinge of pain as it settled.
  201. >Even emptied that strange thing was still there, toying with her.
  202. >Her gut swooned with pleasure as she continued to play with him, and suddenly the muscles in her belly constricted around something firm that was swelling inside her.
  203. >She popped off the stranger and openly moaned as her womb bloated inside her.
  204. >Her heart thundering time and again with every moment, rattling her flesh with waves of motion and heat.
  205. >Its growth sent sensations through her body, twitches and spasms in her belly's burgeoning form sent shudders down her spine.
  206. >The titillating sensations centered in the heavy mass growing beneath her, and without warning a contraction made her grunt as her body pushed the womb higher to the point where she could no longer lay on her back comfortably.
  207. >She allowed its gravidness to pull her over to one side, the heavy flesh slapping against a lavish bed of some sort.
  208. >All the while she could feel something inside her, firm little weights in her body that seemed to wriggle about in her warm belly.
  209. >The wetness she had felt throughout only became more so as she soaked herself anew from the jostling that it caused inside her.
  210. >Slowly she felt herself coaxed back into sleep, the strange half-dream slowly becoming full again as she drifted there with her lovely cargo.
  212. ()()()()()
  214. >What the hell was that?
  215. >Shake yourself out of it one last time to make sure it is gone.
  216. >Double check that you're yourself.
  217. >Thankfully you are.
  218. >Weirdest experience you ever had.
  219. >Even after she popped off of you it was like you were both still connected.
  220. >You had enough presence of self to at least put her back to sleep, but it was still a strange trance of being in two bodies at once for a little while.
  221. >She looked so nice like that though, softly breathing as the beginning stages of the womb sprawled out before her.
  222. >She was so... so...
  224. >You stop dwelling on it as the last of the strange warmth fades from your body.
  225. >Suddenly can't believe you had put your mouth against a disgusting pony mouth.
  226. >Can't believe you actually felt that soft fur brush up against your chitin.
  227. >Disgusted with yourself for staring at her for so long, hoping you never have to do that again.
  229. >Back away and turn around.
  230. >The workers are standing there, guts only mildly filled with jelly as they stare at you.
  231. >Suddenly all those old homicidal feelings return.
  232. >Ignore their excuses as you make them regurgitate their loads in the nearby smaller vat chambers for the broodmare's personal supply.
  233. >Can't believe they thought you wanted them to get the newest supply that was in the deepest caverns.
  234. >Tonight, they're going to wish they had never been given stomachs.
  235. >Especially with all the jelly that had to be stored closer to her chambers now that she was set on the path.
  237. >See Molt passed out in the corner as you harass the workers into high gear and out of the broodmare's chambers.
  238. >So drunk he passed out in his disguise.
  239. >You know exactly what to do with him in the morning to make up for this.
  241. End Part 1
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