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  1. slumberingOccultist [SO] began trolling glassVeil [GV]
  3. SO: g]o[]o[d evening huklep! :) i have the b]o[nes and ]o[ld glasses ready and packed up f]o[r y]o[u!
  4. SO: just name a set ]o[f c]o[]o[rdinates and i'll get them t]o[ y]o[u! ]o[r i can give y]o[u mine, if that's easier!
  5. SO: ]o[h, h]o[w have y]o[u been, by the way? :)
  6. GV: (O) Uhh..i've been...uhh...okay. (X)
  7. SO: ha ha, i guess ]o[kay is better than miserable! :)
  8. GV: (O) I..guess? I'm not really sure...how i am right now. So...okay seems to be..er..best. (X)
  9. SO: is anything tr]o[ubling y]o[u, huklep? is it y]o[ur lusus again?
  10. SO: did y]o[u try talking t]o[ him? :) i'm sure he w]o[uld listen!
  11. GV: (O) ...i..tried..talking to..him. (X)
  12. SO: he didn't hurt y]o[u, i h]o[pe!
  13. GV: (O) ...NO...that...did not...happen...at all..really. (X)
  14. SO: ]o[h, that's g]o[]o[d! then he agreed t]o[ let y]o[u w]o[rk ]o[n y]o[ur hands? :) anything i can d]o[ t]o[ help there?
  15. GV: (O) ...he...did not..agree..to anything.. (X)
  16. GV: (O) In fact...he kind of...did...the opposite...of agree. (X)
  17. SO: but he didn't hurt y]o[u, y]o[u said! is everything ]o[kay, huklep?
  18. GV: (O) ..well..uh.. (X)
  19. GV: (O) There is some..good news...and bad news...after we spoke. (X)
  20. GV: (O) Which one...do you want first? (X)
  21. SO: i'm a bit c]o[nfused and, h]o[nestly, a bit w]o[rried n]o[w! are y]o[u sure y]o[u're ]o[kay?
  22. GV: (O) I'm...perfectly fine. (X)
  23. GV: (O) ..uh..vulturedad...not so much. (X)
  24. SO: y]o[u're n]o[t in danger? and why, what happened t]o[ him?
  25. SO: he didn't leave, did he?
  26. GV: (O) ...WELL...I'm not in danger..any more. (X)
  27. GV: (O) And..in a way...he left..but...i kind of...made him? (X)
  28. SO: oh.
  29. SO: oh, you mean
  30. GV: (O) uhh...i think..you..er..get it. (X)
  31. SO: ha ha, y]o[u d]o[n't mean, like, leave, as in, like, leave the state ]o[f living?
  32. SO: i really h]o[pe i'm wr]o[ng.
  33. GV: (O) Ahaha...uh...er.. (X)
  34. GV: (O) Yeah...he...is kind of...dead...and stuff. (X)
  35. SO: fuck
  36. GV: (O) I...uhm.. (X)
  37. GV: (O) there is...some..good news though? (X)
  38. SO: is there anything i can do to make it up to you?
  39. GV: (O) No! No...you...didn't mean...to..uh...cause it. (X)
  40. GV: (O) It isn't...your...fault..really. (X)
  41. SO: shit i am the biggest asshole ever and even if i didn't mean to i shouldn't have said anything, i didn't even know your whole situation, or your lusus personally, and here i was, sticking my stubs where they don't belong and being an absolute.
  42. GV: (O) No..really..it's okay. (X)
  43. SO: ikl be back in a lirrle bit, huklep. i'm so soeey, my glasses are a mess and i cany see sjit.
  44. GV: (Q) I...i'm...i didn't...uhmm...i'm..sorry. (X)
  45. SO: ha ha. please, d]o[n't ap]o[l]o[gize, huklep. i'm the ]o[ne wh]o[ gave such shitty advice, then threw a ]o[ne-pers]o[n sad-face party f]o[r herself. really, y]o[u're the ]o[ne wh]o[ needs it m]o[st!
  46. GV: (Q) It's really fine...it's my fault..for..uh...shooting him. (X)
  47. GV: (Q) But...on the happy side.. (X)
  48. GV: (Q) i...finished your glasses? (X)
  49. SO: i'm happy that, despite it, y]o[u're ]o[kay. is there n]o[thing i can d]o[ f]o[r y]o[u n]o[w?
  50. SO: oh.
  51. SO: um...ha ha, thank you. i'm a bit surprised you did them, after...
  52. SO: yeah.
  53. GV: (Q) It's...really just..uh.. (X)
  54. GV: (Q) i wanted..to..get them done..since i said i was going to? (X)
  55. SO: even c]o[nsidering, that's really nice ]o[f y]o[u. :) i appreciate it.
  56. GV: (Q) It's..not a problem. (X)
  57. SO: i, um, ha ha, i have the b]o[x t]o[gether ]o[f what i c]o[uld find. b]o[nes, w]o[]o[fbeast ribs i think, and an ]o[ld pair ]o[f glasses fr]o[m the ruined lawnrings.
  58. GV: (Q) That's..very good! I can...make some...things from those. (X)
  59. SO: i...kn]o[w it isn't a l]o[t, but it's s]o[mething, ha ha. especially after, ha ha...
  60. SO: um. is there anything i can d]o[? aside fr]o[m that?
  61. GV: (Q) Uhh...well...i mean.. (X)
  62. GV: (Q) Not that..i can think of... (X)
  63. SO: maybe m]o[thm]o[m can c]o[me and watch ]o[ver f]o[r y]o[u a little bit. she's a nag and a w]o[rryw]o[rt, but she's alm]o[st the same as...
  64. GV: (Q) Yeah. It's okay...uh...my only...question now is.. (X)
  65. GV: (Q) how do i make...my hands...stop shaking. (X)
  66. SO: i'm so sorry. huklep, i'm really, really sorry. i keep typing that, ha ha, but it doesn't fix anything. and it doesn't help.
  67. GV: (Q) No..no please it's really fine. (X)
  68. GV: (Q) You were..doing what..you thought was best. (X)
  69. GV: (Q) And...hey! At least...i can...leave my hive..for 5 minutes..and not get...clawed at. (X)
  70. SO: yeah, and that's the w]o[rst part! where d]o[ i get ]o[ff thinking that i kn]o[w best ab]o[ut a stranger's situati]o[n!
  71. SO: i w]o[uld hate me if i were y]o[u. :)
  72. GV: (Q) Oh..no...it's so...okay. I don't...uh..hate very well. (X)
  73. GV: (Q) I usually..jsut...get really..scared. (X)
  74. SO: thank y]o[u. f]o[r n]o[t hating me, that is. i just h]o[pe that d]o[esn't mean y]o[u're scared n]o[w.
  75. SO: ha ha, i mean, as l]o[ng as y]o[u d]o[n't listen t]o[ any ]o[f my shitty advice, n]o[ reas]o[n t]o[ be scared. ha ha.
  76. GV: (Q) No...no...not scared at all. I'm just...kind of..uh...emotional. (X)
  77. GV: (Q) And..your advice...was..not bad at all. (X)
  78. SO: there's n]o[thing wr]o[ng with being em]o[ti]o[nal. it just means that y]o[u base y]o[ur decisi]o[ns ]o[n the right thing, y]o[ur feelings...
  79. SO: argh, i'm d]o[ing it again. i'm s]o[rry! i turned this all int]o[ an]o[ther self-pitying fest when, really, i sh]o[uld be trying t]o[ make it up t]o[ y]o[u!
  80. SO: ]o[r c]o[mf]o[rt y]o[u. y]o[u need it m]o[re than i d]o[. :)
  81. GV: (Q) It's...uh..okay. I mean..how can you..help me..if you're down in the dumps as well? (X)
  82. GV: (Q) I figure...helping you out..would be better. (X)
  83. SO: ha ha, that feels parasitic. i think we sh]o[uld help each ]o[ther ]o[ut at the same time...
  84. SO: if y]o[u'd like.
  85. SO: if y]o[u're ]o[kay with it.
  86. SO: maybe i can help y]o[u with y]o[ur hands. :)
  87. GV: (Q) That would..be nice. (X)
  88. GV: (Q) And uh...i can..get you better glasses. (X)
  89. GV: (Q) Well..i mean...i already do..but..uhh.. (X)
  90. GV: (Q) Yeah. (X)
  91. SO: thanks. :)
  92. SO: f]o[r n]o[t hating me, i mean. and f]o[r a l]o[t ]o[f stuff. especially the glasses.
  93. SO: and, um...]o[kay. s]o[ i guess we sh]o[uld start by figuring ]o[ut when y]o[ur hands started shaking! ]o[r were they always like that?
  94. GV: (Q) Well..uh..they were pretty good..when i started making glasses...i think. (X)
  95. GV: (Q) Well..there is...sort of...a story...but.. (X)
  96. GV: (Q) it's...kind of...embarrassing. (X)
  97. SO: ah. ha ha, well, if y]o[u want t]o[ share, it's ]o[kay. i w]o[n't laugh.
  98. SO: at the same time, y]o[u d]o[n't have t]o[. :)
  99. SO: n]o[ pressure, either way.
  100. SO: this is ab]o[ut helping y]o[u, n]o[t making things w]o[rse! and embarrassing y]o[u right n]o[w w]o[uld pr]o[bably be the latter.
  101. SO: we can just say that there was an unc]o[mf]o[rtable incident that left y]o[ur hands shaky. d]o[es that s]o[und ab]o[ut right? :)
  102. GV: (Q) Yeah..that would..be best. (X)
  103. GV: (Q) That option...please. (X)
  104. SO: ]o[f c]o[urse! s]o[ that is the issue, then? s]o[me unres]o[lved feelings relating t]o[ that embarrassment?
  105. SO: shit, bef]o[re i ask any further, i sh]o[uld pr]o[bably ask s]o[mething else: d]o[ y]o[u have a m]o[irail? i d]o[n't want t]o[ feel like i'm stepping ]o[n s]o[me]o[ne's t]o[es ]o[r that i'm causing s]o[me s]o[rt-]o[f diam]o[nd infidelity, because that w]o[uld just be an]o[ther assh]o[le thing i've d]o[ne this perigee.
  106. GV: (Q) No..i have...no quads filled. (X)
  107. GV: (Q) So..no toes..are being..stepped on. (X)
  108. SO: ]o[kay then. :) that's...g]o[]o[d t]o[ hear, ha ha.
  109. SO: anyway!
  110. GV: (Q) Anyway...uh.. (X)
  111. GV: (Q) The problem..kind of..rose from..the..event. (X)
  112. SO: s]o[ the mem]o[ry ]o[f that is making y]o[u anxi]o[us, fr]o[m the s]o[unds ]o[f it, and it makes y]o[ur hands shake while y]o[u w]o[rk.
  113. GV: (Q) Well..not exactly.. (X)
  114. GV: (Q) See..after that...i'm always afriad..of..breaking the glass...or...breaking something... (X)
  115. GV: (Q) i hardly ever...messed up before that.. (X)
  116. GV: (Q) and when i did...vulturedad...started..uh...hitting me whenever i messed up. (X)
  117. SO: y]o[u didn't break any glass bef]o[re the incident, did y]o[u?
  118. GV: (Q) ...never. (X)
  119. SO: :( that certainly w]o[uldn't help y]o[ur anxiety, the peckings and such.
  120. SO: well, ha ha, um...maybe with him g]o[ne, it will be easier t]o[ relax.
  121. GV: (Q) Yeah..uh..maybe with him...er...gone... (X)
  122. GV: (Q) i can...work more..uh...efficiently. (X)
  123. SO: i w]o[uldn't w]o[rry ab]o[ut w]o[rking efficiently. that just puts pressure ]o[n y]o[urself. :)
  124. SO: i think y]o[u sh]o[uld try w]o[rking t]o[ enj]o[y the craft. if y]o[u like making glasses, ]o[f c]o[urse, and it isn't just s]o[mething y]o[u were f]o[rced t]o[ d]o[! but i g]o[t the sense that y]o[u did genuinely like it. c]o[rrect me if i'm mistaken th]o[ugh!
  125. GV: (Q) But...if i don't do it...perfectly..someone...is going to...dissapointed. (X)
  126. GV: (Q) I...really...really love it. (X)
  127. SO: were y]o[u w]o[rried ab]o[ut disapp]o[inting me?
  128. GV: (Q) I was..very...worried about that. (X)
  129. GV: (Q) I thought...you might feel bad..about...my lusus being dead..so.. (X)
  130. SO: i'll let y]o[u in ]o[n a little secret, huklep: y]o[u can't disapp]o[int me. :)
  131. GV: (Q) Uh...anyone..can really..say that. (X)
  132. GV: (Q) But...then..when i do..they will be..really disapointed. (X)
  133. SO: they sh]o[uldn't be disapp]o[inted. really, if they are, that's their pr]o[blem. they sh]o[uld just be appreciative ]o[f a w]o[nderful gift they're getting.
  134. SO: i'm n]o[t disapp]o[inted because a friend is making me a w]o[nderful gift. :)
  135. GV: (Q) Oh..uh...well...uhh.. (X)
  136. SO: s]o[ maybe try thinking ab]o[ut that, next time y]o[u make s]o[me]o[ne glasses. n]o[t ab]o[ut perfecti]o[n ]o[r disapp]o[inting them.
  137. SO: but try imagining their happiness when they receive them. :)
  138. GV: (Q) Oh...i should...try that. (X)
  139. GV: (Q) See..your advice...is good! (X)
  140. SO: i h]o[pe it helps, huklep. i really h]o[pe it d]o[es. :)
  141. SO: ha ha, maybe. but there's always that saying, ha ha, even a blind nutbeast will find a seedp]o[d s]o[metimes.
  142. GV: (Q) Thank you...Epirra. OuX (X)
  143. SO: y]o[u're welc]o[me huklep. :) and, f]o[r what it's w]o[rth, even th]o[ugh i keep typing it, ha ha, i'm really s]o[rry ab]o[ut vulturedad.
  144. GV: (Q) Please. It's..really fine. (X)
  145. GV: (Q) I know..you didn't mean it...so...it's okay. (X)
  146. GV: (Q) I probably...should not have..you know..uh..tried so hard.. (X)
  147. GV: (Q) i was...kind of yelling at him. (X)
  148. SO: it means a l]o[t t]o[ hear that. thank y]o[u f]o[r n]o[t being angry. ]o[r hating me.
  149. SO: ]o[h.
  150. GV: (Q) I...would not..hate someone...for this. (X)
  151. GV: (Q) Or..really..be angry. (X)
  152. SO: i was h]o[ping it w]o[uld have been a calm, reas]o[nable talk. but i was assuming vulturedad was like my lusus. and i'm s]o[rry that the assumpti]o[n lead t]o[ that.
  153. GV: (Q) Please..don't..say sorry.. (X)
  154. GV: (Q) You could not know...how he would act.. (X)
  155. GV: (Q) If anything...it's my fault..for not telling you more about him.. (X)
  156. SO: ]o[kay. i'll try t]o[ st]o[p. :) it's pr]o[bably really painful f]o[r...
  157. SO: n]o[, n]o[, it's n]o[t y]o[ur fault at all!
  158. SO: please d]o[n't think it's y]o[ur fault!
  159. SO: ha ha, h]o[w ab]o[ut we c]o[me t]o[ a truce ab]o[ut this. :)
  160. GV: (Q) Hahah..yeah..we should. (X)
  161. SO: it's n]o[ ]o[ne's fault.
  162. GV: (Q) That seems...very...good. (X)
  163. GV: (Q) It's...no ones fault! Yaay. (X)
  164. SO: and it's g]o[]o[d t]o[ see y]o[u laugh. :)
  165. GV: (Q) Uh...sorry that was silly. (X)
  166. SO: it's ]o[kay! y]o[u can be silly all y]o[u want!
  167. SO: it's actually really c]o[mf]o[rting t]o[ see, actually! :)
  168. GV: (Q) Oh, okay then..uhh.. (X)
  169. GV: (Q) Haah..hahah...hah. (X)
  170. SO: when y]o[u d]o[ that, i feel that y]o[u'll be ]o[kay. and i just feel s]o[ happy.
  171. GV: (O) Oh..uh...I'm glad then. (X)
  172. GV: (O) Heehee..hahah...ho ho..hah. (X)
  173. GV: (O) Okay i feel really silly now. (X)
  174. SO: ha ha, well, a l]o[t ]o[f laughter is a bit silly. but it's ]o[kay!
  175. SO: as l]o[ng as y]o[u feel silly, y]o[u aren't feeling miserable! which is a big impr]o[vement!
  176. GV: (O) Yeah..i guess. (X)
  177. GV: (O) Being miserable...is not as good..as being silly. (X)
  178. SO: definitely agreed. :) being miserable is the w]o[rst thing ever.
  179. GV: (O) Yeah...i was...always sort of miserable..with my Lusus...but.. (X)
  180. GV: (O) i figure...that will change...now.. (X)
  181. SO: i'm glad that s]o[me g]o[]o[d c]o[uld c]o[me ]o[ut ]o[f this then. :)
  182. GV: (O) Yeah! See...your..advice..really did help..a lot.. (X)
  183. SO: in the w]o[rst p]o[ssible way, i guess. ha ha.
  184. GV: (O) Hahah..yeah. But...it still helps...somehow. So..it isn't..bad.. (X)
  185. GV: (O) Anyway..uh...his body...sort of...is starting to smell. (X)
  186. SO: and y]o[u can always b]o[rr]o[w m]o[thm]o[m, if y]o[u want a lusus f]o[r a few nights. ]o[r perigees.
  187. GV: (O) Hahah...i'll..remember that. (X)
  188. SO: ]o[h. um...maybe y]o[u c]o[uld use his b]o[nes f]o[r new glasses.
  189. GV: (O) ...that's... (X)
  190. GV: (O) ....uh...maybe. (X)
  191. SO: ha ha, that w]o[uld be kinda weird th]o[ugh, i guess.
  192. GV: (O) ..Maybe. (X)
  193. SO: what d]o[ y]o[u think y]o[u'll d]o[ with him?
  194. GV: (O) Anyway...i think..i'm going to..go. (X)
  195. GV: (O) I should put him...outside...or something. (X)
  196. SO: ]o[h, wait! bef]o[re y]o[u d]o[.
  197. GV: (O) Oh, uh, yes? (X)
  198. SO: um, y]o[ur c]o[]o[rdinates, s]o[, um, i can bring y]o[u these b]o[nes. and the ]o[ld glasses.
  199. SO: ]o[r, um, any place y]o[u might want me t]o[ dr]o[p them ]o[ff.
  200. SO: s]o[ y]o[u can get them s]o[me ]o[ther time. if, um, meeting me w]o[uld be weird!
  201. GV: (O) Oh..okay. I'll ust..give you..the ones...to my hive.. (X)
  202. GV: (O) They're uh..here.. (X)
  203. SO: ha ha, this sh]o[uld be fun! l]o[]o[ks like it's pretty far away!
  204. GV: (O) Yeah..hahah..uh.. (X)
  205. GV: (O) Right..so..i'll just...you know..uh.. (X)
  206. GV: (O) move...his body..somewhere. (X)
  207. SO: that's all right, i'll head ]o[ut t]o[m]o[rr]o[w night, right at sund]o[wn.
  208. SO: and right. d]o[ what y]o[u need t]o[ d]o[, huklep. :)
  209. SO: i'll see y]o[u s]o[]o[n!
  210. GV: (O) Right..uh..goodbye! (X)
  212. glassVeil [GV] ceased trolling slumberingOccultist [SO]
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