Razorback Fortress

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  6. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  7. WEATHER CONDITIONS: late fall. The Fortress is protected by a weather shield, with the average temperature around 70 degrees, slight humidity often present in the Everfree, and often raining at night.
  9. -Anfang & Gryphon Vale have an average 4' of snow currently present in both cities.
  11. -Canterlot is cool during the day with moderate sunshine, and has sparse nighttime rains.
  13. -The Empire is cold during the day with low sunshine, and freezing at night.
  15. -The Hive remains in a perpetual state of 60-70 degree temperatures, with roughly 10 hours of rain interspersed through the day and night.
  17. -Las Pegasus: unknown.
  19. -The Moors is perpetually 95 degrees with 90% humidity year round.
  21. -Stalliongrad is currently in the midst of an unnaturally powerful blizzard, and is reportedly frozen over, making access almost impossible.
  23. -Tartarus Isle is in a sub-tropical belt, experiencing 80 to 90 degrees during the day with uncommon tropic rainfalls, and an average night time temperature of 40 degrees. Rarely, tropical storms will hit.
  25. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  26. Razorback Fortress is situated an hour in by train from the northern plains inside an overgrown tunnel framework, located in a large clearing. An isolated, mostly untainted section of the Everfree Forest, it is almost impossible to locate the Fortress the air, having been carved out amongst trees much larger than sequoias from most of the Operator's home worlds, and all buildings have been neatly camouflaged, rendered virtually the same as the surroundings against aerial or even ground-based inspection. It hosts a relatively small, easy area to defend, being nearly impassable without great knowledge of that particular area, although for obvious reasons this is a negative of it's own. Fortunately, most of the furniture was built with the Operators in mind, except for the Pony Barracks. All beds, couches, and chairs have been replaced with exceedingly comfortable and plush versions, along with decorated lantern gem hang nearly everywhere.
  28. Spiral's ultimate achievement has been accomplished here: the complete restructuring of the Fortress as a demi-sentient entity. The direct link to it allowed him, then Tipper, and finally relinquished to Hodch however, to hear and see all goings on, except for in the pony and Operator barracks, the clinic, the Pegasi Tower, the Nest, and Spiral's lab if they're not in it. There's also a very large sign in front of the gates that reads: "KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING AND ANNOUNCE YOURSELVES! -Marquis du Spiral". There are several words scratched out after 'yourselves', the exclamation mark being carved in as an afterthought.
  30. There are incidents that occur in the deeper portions of the Everfree, yet this location is no exception to that rule: strange, seemingly random collections of flora and fauna, events and occurrences that have little rhyme or reason when compared to the outside world. The local flora and fauna are mostly harmless, with berries, vegetables, and the occasional fruit or nut tree in places farther south. Hostile creatures, wandering monsters, barely sentient carnivorous plants, and ancients ruins dot the Everfree.
  33. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  35. -Shield Strength: 200 Shielding, 0DR.
  36. -Wall Strength: 1,000 Armor, 10DR.
  39. -Arcane Devotion: the demi-sentient cannot be convinced to harm an Operator or ally, and will instantly interdict if negative actions take place. As Spiral is gone, Tipper (and sometimes Hodch) now command the Fortress. OFFLINE.
  41. -Arcane Glyph: grants a [1d6+8] <Arcane Awareness ability that automatically notifies Tipper and Hodch of events taking place in the Fortress and clearing, excepting the Nest, any of the Barracks, the Pegasi Tower, and Spiral's lab if they're not in it. OFFLINE.
  43. -Arcane Disruption: the demi-sentient will disrupt any attempts at Arcane Awareness, direct psionic intrusion, and most other methods of spying except for direct line of sight. ONLINE.
  45. -Arcane Identification: a sound-stone installed by Spiral prevents access from intruders attempting to enter through the translocation stone, and immediately identifies those attempting to enter by name, species, and origin. The sound-stone is capable of detaching most any being or form piggybacking another during transit, supposedly an excruciating process. Currently, only those that are considered allies or acceptable are allowed to enter, while all others must be given permission or will be returned immediately to the translocation stone utilized. OFFLINE.
  47. -Arcane Protection: a standard, large scale area shield that provides cover against ranged attacks, able to regenerate via a [1d200] <Fortress Shield Regen ability each turn. The demi-sentient also self-repairs the walls and buildings by 200 Strength per night when damaged. OFFLINE.
  49. -Arcane Vigilance: immediately warns all inhabitants of all living or non-living physical beings, as well as incorporeal entities entering the clearing or from the pagoda's teleport stone. Immediately notifies of letters or packages received, their origin, as well as the intended recipient if known. OFFLINE.
  51. -Revolving Crossbows: roughly 600 mechanical revolving crossbows built and installed into killslots dotting the lower walls of the Fortress, able to fire 6' long spring-tungsten headed bolts at selected targets en masse or singly. Allows a [1d6+X] <Revolving Crossbow ability with Armor Pierce 2 (ignores 2DR), where X is the number of crossbows utilized times ten, though it is rare that more than 10 can focus onto a single target, unless said target is QUITE large. OFFLINE.
  53. -Scorched Ground: formerly, only an Operator or a known ally could remember where the Fortress is located due to a similar form of Anti, hosted within the soil of the surrounding clearing, the walls, and the buildings themselves. While it has deteriorated somewhat over the past year, particularly from Spiral leaving the Fortress, it is still passively functional, ensuring that, at the least, some hostile sentients are unable to remember the Operator's home base, or what actions they have taken there. Upon enemies entering the clearing, a [1d6] is rolled, the result*10 being the total number of hostile beings, whether living, Otherworldly, and some Planar, are incapable of recalling information and their actions near the Fortress, also becoming Stunned for 3 turns. OFFLINE.
  56. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  57. >THE WALLS: four 1,200M long, near perfectly camouflaged walls of an unknown composite creation, one of Bren's closely guarded trade secrets, and heavily reinforced by hundreds of sets of Watch Guard armor. Due to Spiral's machinations, the entire Fortress region is semi-sentient, capable of deploying hundreds of lethal traps and weapons to enemies in the air, on the ground, or merely attempting to pass by from most angle, some of which must be, carefully, activated. Excruciatingly hardened, even the most devout of siege forces will find it impossible to break through without first destroying the protective sigil, made all the harder by an intensely focused composite shield, activated upon an intruder entering the clearing, preventing most entities from attempting to enter. A pair of towering, warded gates on the west side allow access to the train 40M away, only activating and opening when an Operator or known ally comes close enough. Set at the ends of each of the rest of the walls are 6 disguised entrances, allowing easy access in and out for flanking maneuvers, or for simply going on a stroll, functioning the same as the main gate. There are 10 one-way viewing windows on each of the North, West, and South walls, with 6 on the East, made of a composite much harder than diamond, though nowhere near as strong as diamondine.
  59. Those in command and control of the Fortress can, if they care to, hear or see most all goings on, excepting the five barracks, Zoo's cavern, the Nest, the Tower, or Spiral's lab if he's not in it. Aerial access is limited by the demi-sentient's shield, forcing would-be fliers to be rerouted to the main gate. During a massive overhaul of nearly the entire Fortress, the demi-sentient was directed to extend the walls an additional 400M towards the northeast, allowing more than enough room for it's inhabitants to utilize for additional buildings, or whatever else one chooses to add. The four corners of the walls have been shaped into castellan guard towers, Bren choosing to create square towers with triangular roofs and a moderate overhang, providing plenty of security and height for any Guard members, or mercenaries, on duty to overlook the clearing.
  62. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  63. >BULLETIN BOARD: a V-shaped roof covering a large bulletin board, right outside the command center on the west side, was put in place by Bren for the Operators and their allies to use, letting them keep up to date on current events and posting information for those in the Fortress to see.
  65. -MERCENARY ACTIONS POSTING BOARD: a smaller board to the right for 'jobs wanted done' and 'requests for items/information' to be acquired was recently added by Bren, as Captain Shanis has authorized the Arcane Blades and Tartarus Air Corps. the authority to take on such for Razorback. Depending on whether or not Sweet, Commander Zigri, or Captain Shanis goes with, the estimated length of time, local dangers, weather conditions, terrain difficulties, and logistics, will be calculated into a suitable price or some other arrangement, the contract will attempt to be fulfilled as quickly as possible.
  67. -MERCENARY ACTION COSTS: hiring Zigri adds +5% to base cost and an additional 10k Bits, Shanis formerly added +10% to base cost and an additional 20k Bits but can no longer be hired, while hiring Sweet adds an additional 50k Bits with no base cost. Mercenary Action rolls are listed as follows: Offense, Defense, Leadership, Weather, Traps (if applicable), Time (in hours, days, or etc.), Flora, Fauna, Injuries, and a single [1dX] roll to determine whether or not the specified item is recovered, depending on items of similar descriptions. When determining the rolls for pure combat Mercenary Actions, Zigri adds +1 and Sweet adds +3. For pure stealth Mercenary Actions, Zigri adds +2. For diplomacy Mercenary Actions, Sweet and Shanis add +1, while Zigri adds +2. For all other Mercenary Actions, Zigri and Sweet each add +1 to all rolls.
  70. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  71. >BEHEMOTH: a massive, older armored VIP train, formerly belonging to Princess Cadence. Seems to be sentient, though it speaks in a hard to understand dialect. An Engineer's cabin with a small sitting room in the back, tiny bar and kitchen also doubling as sleeping quarters for the Engineer up front, a coal-fed steam engine in the center, and six large linked power crystals provide lighting, heat, and cooling for the cars. A 40' long flatbed with a swinging ramp for the Wild Ride is second, while a storage locker cabin for individuals, with six self-contained lockers, 6'x5', makes up the third car. Fourth is a refit, for humans, styled sleeping car with twelve 4-man sleeping cabins, though slightly cramped, and 2 moderately sized showers in the center. A full service dining car with a bar counter and 2 large heatstones facing a wide window is fifth, allowing the head chef and apprentice a great deal of room. There's enough seating for 40 Operators at any time, including a breakfast bar, a 4-person bar, six booths, or around four luxurious couches with a table sandwiched between each pair. There are 2 pony sized high backed couches in the center under large bay windows, with a small table in front. 10 decent sized rooms for ponies and their companions for the sixth car, each one containing a warmly covered bed, a small table and backed couch, an armoire and dresser built in. 2 large storage cars for food and supplies make up the last two cars, only now they have wall and floor locks to prevent unwanted entrances. Two small translocation matrices have been incorporated into each of the storage cars for additional support or on-the-tracks resupply. A set of tracks leading around the clearing allow the armored VIP train access in and out, with a small, cozy shack set up for the Engineer, the head chef, cook apprentice/waiter, and the repairpony, all unicorns, facing the Fortress. Behemoth is constantly in use now, sent all around Equestria to return weapons, armor, and historical relics stolen by the Canterlot Enforcers. During the renovation of Razorback Fortress, Hollow, accompanied by Roust, Mist Dancer, and Malyne, painted Behemoth a bright, shiny red. He didn't seem to mind one bit, although Denra swears the train is somehow /faster/ now.
  74. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  75. >OPERATOR BARRACKS: three end on end barracks with human styled furniture. Expanded during a month long overhaul of the Fortress by Bren's team, they now measure 120M long and 40M wide. Each room contains a roughly king sized bed, a heavy steel locker, dresser, and armoire are on the right side, with a large two-level chest in front of the bed. A table and two couches are off to the left of the entrance, able to seat 2 on each side easily. 12 rooms split in half along the sides of the building, interspersed by the hallway and a large, comfortable den in the center with seating for 20 on pony styled, human sized couches, with four shower stalls occupying the corners of the den. Very well lit and fairly cozy overall. Completely soundproofed from the inside of the room, though those inside can hear events occurring outside easily. Access is denied to those that aren't Companions or Operators.
  77. *****
  78. >PONY HOUSING: a 160M long, 60M wide building at the northwestern end of the Fortress, the east end's entrance facing the rear of the mess hall. 12 large rooms with a wide, very comfortable den containing several tables and long couches on the outside, while 2 tables and a large chest on either side of the den for any commonly used or donated items are included. There are also 4 large shower/bathtub rooms on the four corners of the den, specifically made for ponies and the like. A very comfortable, larger than king size bed with a chest in front of it is featured in each room under a wide bay window, with a short dresser and armoire on the right side close to the door. On the left side of each room is a large steel locker facing towards the bed, as well as a desk and mirror to the immediate left of the entrance. 2 pony couches and a short table, seating for 3 on either side, make up the space between the bed and the locker. Kept somewhat warmer than the other buildings, though not as well lit as most ponies have good night vision. Utterly soundproofed. Access is denied to those that aren't Companions or Operators. Currently living here: Pella & Naliyna.
  80. -One room in the pony barracks was improved by adding a large, custom made granite and steel fireplace, built by Bren and the unicorn twins, placed where the dresser would normally be in the center of the wall. The dresser has been shoved against the wall to compensate for the fireplace's size.
  83. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  84. >PONY BARRACKS: a 160M long and 40M wide housing building for non-Companion ponies, or other Tallus natives, living in the Fortress, with a decent amount of space to accommodate most. Each of the twelve rooms contain a queen sized bed, a dresser, closet, and armoire on the right side, two comfortable couches and a table on the right. A counter, cooling and freezing chests, a storage locker, a cookstove, and a heatstone on a side table are located on the left side. Occupants control the temperature and lighting.
  86. -Currently living here: Denra, Hodch, Krinza & Lann, Auitante, Helping Hoof, (sometimes) Mercy, and Sunny.
  89. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  90. >THE (BAT) CAVE!: a cozy, hardened three story ironwood, carved stone, and steel reinforced house, 50M long by 80M wide, south of and slightly west from the Pegasi Tower, also having a larger underground level made from the same composite as the Walls. The roof consists of a covered landing pad with a wide open roof, a single diving hatch providing access to the top floor. The top floor itself is, in essence, a lounge: two cushioned pony sized beds and a large, comfortable queen sized mattress, one cabinet for medical supplies, and a cooler for alcohol.. which is typically filled with mangoes and other fruits instead. The main level features two entrances, the northern door leading directly into a comfortable, moderately dim den with two couches, a table, a steel and marble fireplace, and numerous hanging bars on the ceiling. The second entrance leads to a full sized kitchen with two freezing and cooling cabinets, a steel and granite woodstove, a heatstone counter, and a large half-circle dining table. On the south of the main level is a large master bedroom, featuring a highly plush king sized bed at the south, with a dresser, armoire, and desk on the right side, and two loveseats with an ironwood table on the left. The underground level is a storage room for Jeff's weaponry and equipment, with a full fledged Armory locker and two desks for maintenance, one pony styled, the other human sized, the rest of the room taken up by a large training mat for working out and exercising. Admittance is restricted to Jeff, but others can be added as requested.
  93. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  94. >THE PEGASI TOWER: owned by Twisted Wing. A 50' tall, vastly strengthened ironwood and internally steel armored tower, with a wide covered roof and a square landing platform underneath, the platform itself 40' from the ground, and was completely rebuilt by the construction crew. Bren placed a full body length heatstone for the large General on the south side, usually covered in sweet hay, and three smaller ones, one on the west for Mercy, the north and east sides often occupied by Guard during the day, or mercenary pegasi at night. The platform was left wide open, making it easy for pegasi and batponies to land on, with unlimited view range into the courtyard and the clearing. A ramp leading up to an 8'x10' sliding door is the primary entrance for Clemency's sleeping quarters, the inside having the same furnishings as in the Barracks, though are slightly cramped in comparison. A sturdy set of wooden rungs leads up to a swinging trapdoor in the center, and is accessible next to the main post on the platform, allowing access from above or below by both Twisted and Clemency. The tower is unlit except in the room itself, and has a single wide ladder on the north side with a fall cage recently added, just in case, allowing anyone that isn't Clemency to climb up and speak to Twisted. Access is only granted by either Twisted Wing or Clemency.
  96. -Clemency's Trophies: Bellepheron's Crystallized Head.
  98. -Twisted's Trophies: Cloth Fragments (from numerous Zombies), Vitriole Drake skull, Stalliongard Watch Guard Skull, Alpha Dredger's Head.
  101. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  102. >THE NEST: an entrance tunnel located next to the Pegasi Tower, running 70' to the north and 30' underground, leading into a 9' tall widened dome, nearly 24' around. It was constructed and warded to only allow Hollow and Roust entrance, as well as any they wish to include. The walls were heavily compressed and enchanted to make them nearly invulnerable by Bren. The room underneath has 4 large, green lantern gems illuminating an etched glass image of the Old Hive onto the middle of the carapace bed in the center. Having shed her old armor and used the pieces to construct a cocoon, Roust covered the walls in small, shed armor fragments and glowing green ichor nodes that seem to be alive, but non-sentient, providing enough light to read by without stressing the eyes. It's quite warm in the Nest itself, although the tunnel is usually cold from it's lack of insulation. Roust has planted numerous red, blue, and green mushrooms across the dome at convenient, for her, eating heights. Having planted too many, she's been attempting to keep up with the sheer number of ripening hallucinogenic mushrooms, which often leads her to sell extras every month to Shanis. A square room for Hollow's gear and storage was recently added, with a chest, long table, an actual backed chair, and several hanging racks inside to the south of the Nest itself, directly under the Tower. A growing room was completed to the north, larger than the Nest itself, covered in large, extended round bowls fit for planting, relieving Roust of having to constantly tend the hybrid Hive mushrooms and edible shelf fungi. A moderately sized storage room for Hollow's equipment was created by Bren south section of the Nest, with a large, comfortably backed lounge chair and a table with numerous shelves and cubbies for maintenance, also storing cases of ammunition for the M134 and boxes of mortar shells. Currently accepted for admittance: Tipper.
  104. >The Fish Bowl: a 10-gallon, thick walled clear glass tank suspended in the center of the Nest and lit by the Old Hive etching, though Roust will usually snicker and call it a fish bowl whenever asked. Contained within are a pair of small, sunken ship replicas given to Hollow by Denra, a large amount of sand donated by Shanis from Tartarus Isle, a scattering of random sticks, and the numerous tiny shrimp, crabs, and other much smaller fish that it's denizen requires. The tank is home to a crested sand perch, one of many varieties of surf-loving flat perch with unique beard-like fins. Except for having a remarkable adaptation to hunting in murky water close to inlets such as the one leading into the Enclave, or in secluded rocky coves, they are shockingly normal for a Tallus native species. As such, even the youngest of pegasi fishermares express great disappointment upon catching one as they seem to only enjoy regaling and hearing tales of monstrous, dangerous, dangerously monstrous, or monstrously dangerous sea creatures they've caught.
  107. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  108. >THE SMOKEHOUSE: located 200M west of the library is a moderately sized cabin, 40M long and 30M wide, consisting of 2 sections. Much like a historical Longhouse, the front 30 meters is open as a barn would be, and is divided into work areas for herbalism, alchemy, research, and easy access to a fenced in area that seems to be the beginnings of an herb garden. The workshop portions of the cabin are swept down to bare dirt floors, and although there is little insulation, the workspace manages to stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer by virtue of skylights and a decently sized brick firepit in the center of the space. Hung along the walls are considerable numbers of pegs, tanning animal skins, and shelves upon shelves for storage. Ladder access to the roof, through the skylight, leads out to a balcony that provides shade on the west side. The back 10M of the longhouse are walled off into a small personal cabin for Joe that is relatively spartan, containing only a cot, a nicely carved rocking chair and ottoman, and a fireplace with a heatstone in it that keeps the room comfortably warm. A bookshelf lays in the corner of the room, covered in technical manuals and research notes. A second skylight is implanted in the roof, filling the room with natural light and allowing another ladder-access to the balcony. Along one side of the room is a crawlspace built into an elevated nook, acting as a personal storage space. Most of the alchemists of Razorback can be found here whenever otherwise unoccupied, or sharing knowledge on the strange creatures they've come across.
  111. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  112. >PRED-ELK OUTPOST: seeing how the Guardponies and Mercenaries had their own garrisons to help protect Razorback, Sparking Fleur felt it was only right for her to do the same after everything the humans have done for her and her kin. First asking Father Old Horn, then Tipper, and finally Twisty (after giving surprise tendril cuddles to), she planted a single seed, directing the growth of a large treehouse in the north-western corner of the Fortress, west of the Pony Barracks. With an average diameter of 40M, the treehouse's hollow interior can accommodate 10 Pred-Elk's with social beddings, storage, food lockers, a bathing area, and three large central heatstones, courtesy of both Tipper and Mist Dancer. The tree is a form of ironwood with a massively branching canopy, 80M in diameter, that gives off a cool, relaxing shade. To the surprise of many, it's leaves and bark have been modified to be fire retardant.
  115. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  116. >THE FOUNTAIN: a 40' in diameter, 3' tall fountain, deep enough for all but the largest of non-earth ponies to swim in, with a wide edge for moon tanning or relaxing on, built entirely atop the sigil. A smaller cone fountain in the center was created to constantly spray water, as well as provide a spot for birds to wash themselves off. The fountain is composed of the metallic yellow blades from the Grand Stormwurm, being specially selected as it withstands excessive temperature fluctuations with ease, and had virtually no use otherwise. Kept near hot in winter by numerous sets of heatstones layered into the steel flooring, and comfortably cool in summer by Empire cooling stones located around the edge. Bren, along with aid from the unicorn twins, created a self-cleaning enchantment that removes debris at a quick rate, ensuring that even ponies whom shed quite a bit in summer wouldn't cloud the water, and also ensuring the water is safe to drink at all times.
  119. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  120. >THE COMMAND CENTER: formerly a sandbag walled and tarp covered mini-fort, built and occupied by Swe over the course of a miserable day, now a fully functional, half-underground hardened and armored steel building, 30M wide and 80M long. Separated into two rooms, the first now features several bookshelves for reference materials, three map tables, one for Equestria, one for Tallus, and one for smaller city maps, two lockers, a comfortable pony sized cot, a large woodstove, rarely in use, and is Well lit with lantern gems. Vanil lives in the map room as it allows him to put his scouting abilities to good use, adding notes and providing information about the surroundings nightly.
  122. *****
  123. -THE BACK ROOM of the Command Center is used for planning, featuring eight plush couches, four human and four pony, facing each other with four matching tables at pony height. Each corner of the second room houses an Armory style squad locker, containing common replacement ammunition, explosives, medical supplies, the few prepackaged human foods available, and all other miscellaneous items normally expended during Operations. Access is denied to those that aren't Operators or Companions, though exceptions can be made. Naliyna and Hodch often spend time here to watch the Master Radio, whenever not busy otherwise.
  125. >Epson WorkForce WF-3520: a wireless multi-functional printer pre-synced with the tacpad to print any stored pictures, but can also be accessed by laptops or cellular phones through either a serial wifi port or a compatible cable. Can duplex-print, scan, as well as copy. Powered by a micro power crystal, it comes with a self-replenishing box of stock AND high-gloss paper, while the ink.. simply never seems to run out.
  127. >MASTER RADIO: a full radio interface suite meant for radio command and control, designed for long range transmissions from the Fortress to field and city operations for relaying information or requesting backup, is kept in the back room close to the entrance. A video monitor for the tacpad was added, allowing him to share near-instant visual feed and audio communication to the master control system, and was recently synced to the Kiowa-X's command and control systems for the same purpose. The Master Radio is sometimes monitored by Naliyna as she has the most experience and knowledge of human technology, though DJ Lonestar and Emerald managed to 'convince' her to leave it to them with several gifts, and have stated that they'd teach her how to properly manage it as well.
  129. -Transmitter Locations: Anfang & the Vale, Canterlot, the Crystal Empire, the Hive, Las Pegasus, Manehattan, the Moors, and Stalliongrad.
  132. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  133. >THE LIBRARY: a two-story building located on the south edge of the coutryard. 30M tall, 100M wide, 180M long. The bottom floor is composed of a wide open space with tall bookshelves lining the walls, wide bay windows every 20'. Short bookshelves, namely for pony related books, dot the interior, as do hardened wooden columns. Numerous plush couches and several chairs are set up in a circle at the center of the library as a meeting place. Well lit to avoid eye strain and headaches. There's a section of to the left and rear side of the library's first story that's been taken up as a nursery and sleeping room for Malyne, replete with hanging bars across the walls and ceiling, books specifically for foals, and several collections of stuffed toys. The smaller top floor of the library contains a fully stocked alchemy lab suite for usage, and an experiment/containment room for unknown flora or research experiments. Currently, Spiral has transferred his entire collection of books here, as well as the ones coming from the raid on Canterlot Palace's hidden repository. Cadence, on a visit, fortified the structure immensely with two songs, the first infusing the library itself with resilience. The second song was centered on rest, relaxation, and learning, allowing the ponies and Operators to learn a great deal in a shorter amount of time, though not without some constraints. Access is denied to those that aren't Companions or Operators.
  135. -RESEARCH: all Operators and allies have full access to the Library for information and research purposes (if applicable) using a [1d6+6] <Research roll which is attributed to the Library's massive collection of books, scrolls, and tomes.
  137. -When one wishes to learn a language, they may spend 2.5 hours of time in the Library by rolling 3x [1d6+6], where the total results are multiplied by 30
  138. -At 200 points, an Operator becomes fluent in basic conversation.
  139. -At 400 points, an Operator is considered fluent with most terminology, including sub-meanings.
  140. -At 600 points, an Operator will have entirely mastered both of a language's written and spoken terms, phrases, and meanings.
  141. -A maximum of 1 (ONE) language may be learned between Operations.
  143. *MAJOR LANGUAGES: minotaur, Ewerupian, Germaneighse, pegasi, gryphon, batpony, earth pony, Saddle Arabian, and unicorn.
  144. *Crystal pony is separated into Kingdom and Imperial dialects, each requiring an additional 200 points to learn once mastery of the modern language has been achieved.
  145. *All languages except for Crystal pony have either Archaic or Ancient dialects associated, or both requiring an additional 300 points to learn each once mastery of the modern language has been achieved.
  147. *****
  148. -Upper Alchemy Suite: currently depleted.
  150. *****
  151. -Private Sitting Room: taking over the former chemistry suite, Hodch has removed all of the equipmarent, which was then sold back to the Empire. However, nopony knows where the funds are or what Hodch did with them. Now contains approximately 20 beanbag chairs scattered around, mostly from Discord messing with humans, several low tables, a unicorn sized cushion to sleep on, while the east wall is covered in crates of miscellaneous goods scavenged and salvaged from the Enclave. Oddly, the room doesn't smell of stale cigar smoke as one would expect, leading a few to believe one of the stallions has found something to remove or negate the scents entirely.
  152. -Dancing Eyes can be found here if not in the Library or at the fountain.
  153. -Denra may sometimes use the sitting room for official business rather than barrack dens.
  156. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  157. >SPIRAL'S LAB: a small 10'x10' room with a door in the southernmost section of the library that leads to a spiral staircase going downwards. The staircase goes 40' below ground level into a 50M wide, 80M long, and 10M high main room, which was completed in record (for a pony) time. Next to the Lab's entrance is a table on either side, a small bar, cooling chest, and freezing chests atop each for food and drink storage, which various humans keep stocked just in case someone, or somepony, needs a private place to relax or hang out from time to time. Generally considered poorly lit by most humans without the aid of spark lamps, glowstone lanterns, or normal lanterns, the lighting is considered average to ponies and will turn a comfortable red when the sitting area is in use. The temperature in Spiral's lab is kept around 60 degrees with roughly 30% humidity, likely as a preservative measure to keep the bookshelf contents safe.
  159. On the southeast wall, Spiral set up a series of 6 mechanical and electronic research tables. Both are covered in original, copied, and new human styled tools, materials, wiring, scavenged or hoof-built components, damaged equipment and devices from Razorback, and a plethora of tiny to small power crystals in various shapes and configurations.
  161. On the southwest wall, six short tables are mostly taken up by a full sized alchemy suite, featuring multiple redundant devices of varying eras and many ingredient vials, along with a large number of unlabeled exotic materials.
  163. Taking up the center of the east and west walls, Spiral has set up his entire collection of bookshelves brought in from the Canterlot Underground, each filled with a plethora of archaic volumes in many languages and on various topics, though most are dedicated to unicorn spell crafting, casting, history, and experimental theories. There are some books on Crystal runes, mysticism, Druidry, and Necromarecy to peruse through, however. Several warded chests and diamond-protected shelves scattered throughout the shelves contain numerous rare, exotic, and unique books, as well as a number of esoteric items that Spiral hasn't allowed anyone, or anypony, access to.
  165. Spiral's well worn, brown, large, cotton lounge chair faces the entrance, 20M from the door near the center of the lab. Two small tables covered in undecipherable ponial notepads and books covering each are present on either side. Several humans maintain the opinion that the chair gives off vague scents of fruity alcohols, although most ponies can't confirm this.
  167. On the north end are a pair of 10M long, highly plush, pony styled couches facing each other with a long, short rectangle table between the two. Often used as a private sitting area, the area can be enclosed with a one-way barrier.
  169. Roughly a year after the Fortress was completed, Spiral added two 22M wide, 15M deep, 10M tall rooms behind the sitting area. The left (western) one is a decent sized bedroom with a large Canterlot styled bed against the back wall, two end tables flanking it, and a wall rack for clothing left of the entrance. The right (eastern) one is a sitting room with a half-oval sofa, table, and several small chests filled with items, specifically for human and pony couples to research in peace and quiet, or to have a comfortable place to experiment with Spiral's assistance. Certain humans have mentioned that Spiral allowed mixed-species couples to 'experiment' in the sitting room with their various abilities.
  171. While access was normally denied to those that aren't Companions or Operators, Dancing Eyes and Mercy have reported being able to bypass Spiral's basic security measures with great ease, leaving them questioning what to do with his collection of esoteric relics and volumes. Although they haven't been able to access the secured contents, neither really wants to try, albeit for different reasons.
  173. *FUNCTIONS:
  174. -Faraday Cage: at some point Spiral rebuilt the walls of his entire lab, including the translocation matrice and trove rooms, with a series of currently unknown metals and materials. Neither electronic nor most magical, or even psionic, communication may take place. This does not mean Eldritch, Extra-Planar, Otherworldly, Planar, or Spectral communications can occur, only that they cannot do so normally.
  176. *IN STORAGE:
  177. -Giant Float Core: an ancient float core recovered from Skybridge, a pegasi city dating back to several hundred years before the Lunar-Solar War. Roughly 40% of the sphere is damaged due to explosive Avreek, though Krinza, Hodch, and Amerose have compiled a list of notes and materials that, once acquired and properly researched, can be used to restore it to full capacity.
  179. -Grand Stormwurm Core: placed in the northwest corner of teh Lab.
  181. *****
  182. -THE STILL: built by Bren and the unicorn twins shortly after completing Razorback Fortress from spare materials, formerly taking up the northwest corner of the crew cabin. After it's construction, Naliyna began providing Empire berries and full water trapping gems to Bren, and although she didn't quite explain what she was using the water gems for upon returning them, the still was producing more than enough alcohol to satisfy their expectations. When Spiral disappeared, Bren chose to place the still in his lab seeing as it was the safest location for it's operation, and is a simple location for her to teleport to whenever she decides to check on it. At current Bren claims there is roughly 900 gallons of alcohols in storage, not including what she stocks in the Mess Hall. As a result, she has slowed down brewing until something can be done with the massive backlog.
  184. *****
  185. TRANSLOCATION MATRICE: only accessible by speaking 'ten minds, one body' in the Pagoda. Installed on the southwest end of Spiral's lab, 5M north of the alchemy section is a 5M wide, 5M tall, and 5M deep 'room' containing a medium sized translocation stone, capable of transporting up to 5 individuals, whether human or pony, along with a quarter ton of equipment easily. The door can be opened or closed with the same keyword while within the room or lab, and features numerous, relatively advanced human engineering tricks.
  187. *****
  188. THE TROVE: accessible only by speaking or transmitting 'ten minds, one body' while in Spiral's lab, directly across from the hidden translocation matrice room. A 30M wide, 30M deep, and 10M tall room dedicated to storing either high value, difficult to study, dangerous, or experimental items.
  190. In the center of the room are four 5M long, 5M wide, short kanpri tables, less than a foot away from each other. Atop each table and extending to the ceiling are solid cubes of wave-like, rippling energies, the purpose of each unknown.
  192. The south end of the Trove is taken up by a large number of diamond display and stand cases, mostly weapon with a few armor pieces or sets. All of the weapons and armor contained within are unusually exotic, and either unique or too dangerous to be used. Spaced among the stands are four unicorn height tunnel doors, 4' tall, with small diagrams showing that they go from the Trove to the Library, an unnamed location, the central southern Fortress wall, and one blank, though the unnamed and blank one are covered by small, sealed mythril chests.
  194. The southeast end of the Trove is taken up by a large, retractable diamond-sheet covered L-shaped table covered in human-styled firearms. It is unknown as to what the weapons are except most are highly advanced, recovered from elsewhere, likely experimental, or simply projects that Spiral at one point or another decided to pursue. Several of the weapons have been dismantled, dissassembled, in a state of being repaired or destroyed. A few are not only baffling in appearance, but seem to serve no logical purpose or may very well be prototypes for eventuall issue and production to Razorback.
  196. The east wall is covered by a series of floor-to-wall diamondine lockers, all of the contents unknown. There are three tunnels between the lockers, one leading to the Arena, one to the Pegasi Tower owned by Twisted Wing & Clemency, the other left blank.
  198. The north wall features a number of large polearm and polehoof cases, each of which either diamond or diamondine, containing mostly historical equine relics. Below the cases are a host of 4' tall pony styled doors, leading to all locations on the north side of the Fortress, except for the recently placed Pony Barracks. One of the doors is covered in black, most likely meant for a later building that Spiral intended for Bren to construct.
  201. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  202. >THE PAGODA: created by Spiral, this is a 40M in circumference pagoda with 8 main wooden beams, ensorcelled into a solid, sealed blackened state, the center taken up by a translocation stone that allows material transfers to and from virtually any location on Tallus. The stone is capable of sending a group of 8 or less, along with baggage, near-instantaneously to one of the many teleport stones featured in most cities. A large number of destinations can be accessed if a pony has visited a specific location before and inputs the correct coordinate runes. 8 large lantern gems on the pagoda itself light up when a rune is activated, an Operator/Ally steps onto the portal stone itself, packages arrive, or when visitors are requesting entrance. Several enterprising Operators have moved in a number of very comfortable couches around the stone for a meeting place and hangout. Bren has sufficiently hardened the pagoda due to recent events, fully encapsulating it in a miniature version of the demi-sentient's shield as a precaution, as well as improving it's defenses by using one of Krinza's techniques to meld steel to wood, reinforcing the crossbeams and main beams significantly.
  204. -Naliyna's Stall: the southwest section of the Pagoda has been taken over by Naliyna after placing a modified Empire tent stall over the largest, and most comfortable couch of course, available, with a long, low table in front. The tent itself is made from a heavily treated and camouflage painted canvas, standing at 8' tall, 12' long, and 10' wide, with a wide, closable awning, just in case weather conditions are poor.
  206. *****
  207. -TRANSLOCATION MATRICE: the precise mechanism for use of the translocation system is managed and controlled by a Vortex Remnant, ferociously loyal to Princess Luna, that allows an aerial view feature: upon tapping a sequence of runes for a specific city, it will display a current view of the city before travel takes place. Simply stating the name of a city, then a proper District, can also be used to perform the same function as utilizing the runes. Access is denied to those that aren't known allies, while an unknown must be granted permission by an Operator or Companion to gain entrance, or will be immediately shunted back to the same translocation stone accessed.
  209. *****
  211. Anfang & Gryphon Vale:       OPEN!
  212. Canterlot:                   OPEN!
  213. Cloudsdale:                  OPEN!
  214. Crystal Empire City-State:   OPEN!
  215. Detrot:                      OPEN!
  216. Dragonspine Mountains:       OPEN!
  217. Gozka Village:               OPEN!
  218. Ferron Clan Base:            OPEN!
  219. Imeron:                      OPEN!
  220. Las Pegasus:                 CLOSED!
  221. Las Pegasus Undercity:       CLOSED!
  222. Luna's Village:              UNKNOWN
  223. Manehattan:                  OPEN!
  224. Prance:                      UNKNOWN
  225. Sea's Bounty Clan Base:      OPEN!
  226. Stalliongrad:                CLOSED!
  227. The Hive:                    OPEN!
  228. The Moors:                   OPEN!
  230. *****
  233. -Olvia Tributary Mansion: a sequences of runes located somewhere in northeastern Saddle Arabia. A one-story, 20M tall, extensively secured and hardened sandstone mansion, built similarly to early era Egyptian noble houses, featuring a heatstone-lined pool on the roof with a wide overlooking view of the Olvia Tributary outlet. Home to Countess Folunasi, a flexible retinue of loyal mercenaries, including Katyal Alvugarde, a small maniple of veteran Mareguards, and a dedicated diplomatic and medical entourage. May only be accessed by Jeff.
  235. -The Star Court Mansion: a sequence of runes somewhere in the Crystal Empire. After buying out the entire inventory of the Rogue's Auction Hall in Las Pegasus, the Star Court, as a whole, is now considered the sole owner of the black market, including the mostly legal information trade, a portion of the far less legally ambiguous mercenary market, and the (extremely illegal in some cases) relic and artifact trade. Unlike the Rogues Circle, the Star Court does not hold live auctions, and their prices are considerably higher due both to their location and commanding a premium on their services. As such, there is an extraordinarily low chance of acquiring a damaged, fake, or questionable good or item, and whatever may be sold to them will typically fetch a higher price. Capable of being personally accessed by Clemency at any time, however, all others of Razorback may only send requests or goods to sell.
  238. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  239. >THE MESS HALL: now a 120M long, 40M wide building, Bren's team greatly expanding the mess hall into a single room by removing the wall to the clinic. The main double doors still face the workshop, while the interior features two full service split-oval cooking stations in the center of the room, two large heatstones on the rearmost counter of each instead of a fireplace or stove, and all proper utensils for cooking, provided during a 'visit'. Was formerly stocked with foods from most of the Operator's worlds, though is now maintained by constant resupplies from the Empire and the Moors. A number of cooling and freezing cabinets for fresh food, along with crates and shelves for the few remaining canned foods and MRE's line the back wall. The Ice Core has created a cold zone behind the rearmost oval counter from which to observe the comings and goings of the interesting beings on base. There is seating for 10 Operators and ponies around each table on proper chairs, with twelve tables that seat approximately 120 at peak times. A pair of large human and pony styled couches occupy each corner, with a blue one added in the far right from the entrance, are usually occupied by Allys and Caliya at night. The mess hall is kept very well lit and comfortably warm, excep during the summer. Access is denied to those that aren't known allies.
  241. -RATION BAR CARE PACKAGES: making use of their new friends in the Moors and Empire, this is a set of four distinctly non-military styled ration bars wrapped in brown paper, delivered fresh to nearly every pony on base each night. Made right after dusk by Allys and Pella along with several humans helping out, the ingredients are pleasingly simple, easy to make, and, while not made to last longer than a couple days, quite filling. There is a tropical bar made from chopped coconut, mango, orange, and pineapple held together by edible gel imported from Saddle Arabia, a cheese bar of a sweet, lightly aged and roasted variety imported from Prance, a bar made of wild berries picked from the growing plots outside the Mess Hall or from around the Fortress, and a simple to make mixture of heavy cream and whole oats. Naturally, every one of these are decadently sweet, salty, and hoarded due to the care put into making them.
  243. *****
  244. -THE MINIBAR: commissioned by Hollow, custom built by Bren. Takes up roughly 20% of the north side of the mess hall's wall, completely stocked with drinks from all across Tallus. There's enough room for a couple of ponies to serve 12 at a time, though for obvious reasons, namely being ponied by Allys or Pella, passing out drunk here is usually a very, VERY, bad decision.
  245. -Allys' Bar Rules:
  246. "Number one, do not grab my flank. Ogle all you want, but the second you touch me I will break your face."
  247. "Number two, do not fall asleep at my bar. You will either be stored in the freezer, without clothes if you are a human, 'loaned out' to anypony here that needs an extra pillow, or forcibly hoofled if you are a pony."
  248. "Number three, you are not allowed to order something non-alcoholic and complain about the mocking you will receive."
  249. "Number four, weapons are allowed, pets are not.. unless you are the pet and have been allowed."
  251. *****
  252. -The Vending Machine: a full line vending machine, a standard staple of most modern worlds, this particular one is rather strange due to it's odd appearance, the fact that Anon seems to greatly despise it, and Caliya's constant muttering that it is sorely cursed. Placed 20M to the right of the minibar in it's own isolated spot, it features a standard LED screen with numerous options for what can be purchased, a host of slots for accepting various coins, bills, chips, checks, and even credit cards from many worlds, and a strikingly odd lack of a glass display window. Instead, the facing is a simple steel plate that reads "EXPERIMENTAL TRANSDIMENSIONAL VENDING MACHINE, MODEL 1.3" in large Common Equestrian text, with a date of "25,999" below on a hoofmade copper plate. Approximately half of the lower section is a dedicated compartment for dispensing smaller purchased goods, the left side featuring a 5' long, 3' wide stainless steel serving table which may also be used to dispense larger items, while the right side is a 2' by 2' tray for serving drinks of up to 5 gallons.
  253. *Despite the vending machine's sturdiness, utter resistance to being cheated, and it's lack of ability to accept false or invalid currencies, it will require significant repairs ONLY after every tenth purchase of utilitarian or random items.
  256. #1: ammunition. A standard single shell or cartridge is 10 Bits apiece, a speed loader or small magazine of standard ammunition is 50 Bits, a large magazine is 100 Bits, and specialty ammunition is either 50 Bits apeice or 300 Bits per magazine.
  258. #2: explosives. Standard grenades are 200 Bits apiece, standard explosives such as C4 or detonation charges are 500 Bits apiece, artillery shells are 2,500 Bits apiece, and specialty explosives are 5,000 Bits apiece.
  260. #3: alchemy items. All alchemy items cost a flat 5,000 Bits apiece, and seem to come from the stocks of Grandmaster Alchemists from around Tallus, though none have reported missing any of their stock.
  262. #4: food & drinks. Depending on the item in question, it's complexity, and it's relative rarity, drinks cost from 1 to 2,000 Bits apiece, while food ranges from 1 to 1,500 Bits each.
  264. #5: utilitarian items. Although a little strange, items such as chemlights, waterproof matches, multitools, tarps, welders, ice scrapers, pliers, and even paint brushes may be bought, however, the price fluctuates greatly from 'utterly dirt cheap' to 'what fucking idiot is selling a tent peg for a thousand Bits!?' levels, even though all items purchased are in excellent condition. While not a manageable source of utility items, it does seem that the vending machine is capable of accessing most universes, particularly to it's detriment. When purchasing any utility item, roll [1d1000] for the resulting cost.
  266. #6: random items. Accessing the vending machine's sixth function will bring up a list of six possible options to purchase: a [1d20] Cheap option for 100 Bits, a [1d20] Basic option for 500 Bits, a [1d20] Standard option for 1,000 Bits, a [1d100] Complex option for 10,000 Bits, a [1d100] Egregious for option 50,000 Bits, and a [1d100] Opulent option for 100,000 Bits. Upon providing the necessary payment, each setting will dispense a random item, or assortment of items, depending on the day/night cycle and the technological level of the user's home world.
  268. *****
  269. -OUTDOOR EATERY: commissioned by Tipper. The southern side of the Mess Hall's exterior is lined with a long row of 20 end-to-end 5M long square wooden planters, meant for ponies to either have a snack or to help soothe pre- and post-combat nerves. The host of edibles have all been provided by Broken Hoof and Naliyna, including 21 species of grass, numerous varieties of carrots, radishes, turnips, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelons, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and more. With Broken Hoof's aid, a single planter has been started with the strange, elementally-imbued teardrop fruit found in the Deep Everfree, though she does not think they will grow well in such a controlled environment. A large number of edible and decorative flowers have also been placed around the planters, as well as Broken Hoof having seeded the entire Fortress courtyard with lush sweetgrass and edible flowers from the surrounding Everfree. Out of curiousity, Mist Dancer has seeded a small planter on the east end of the Mess Hall with five each of the strange, eyeball-like seeds that came from Claren's garden in Las Pegasus.
  271. *****
  272. -THE ORCHARD: commissioned and planted by Naliyna. 100M north of the Mess Hall lies a newly planted orchard, four rows of 50 trees in all. Numerous varieties of apples, cherries, peaches, mulberries, pears, apricots, plums, quince, acorns, hazelnut, kola, walnut, and pecans, were provided by Naliyna's family, most of them being Empire varieties, though a few are hardy Stalliongrad natives donated by Broken Hoof. While most of the seedlings were well started by earth pony Guard members on their off time, Pella suspects that there won't be much to take this year. Belltower, mildly annoyed at the Everfree's climate being non-conducive to growing mango trees, has tasked Bren with building a partially underground greenhouse, one that can be lit up and heated to proper, year round Moors-like temperatures.
  275. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  276. -THE CLINIC: a brand new, 40M by 80M ironwood & iron reinforced clinic located northwest of the pagoda, similarly camouflaged, discreetly and internally armored by Bren's team. Contains twelve queen sized medical beds with low ironwood walls separating each, a comfortable pony and human styled chair on each side, along with a small closet for personal belongings. Close to the front door and facing Tipper's desk is a wall length floor and upper wall cabinet, all made of hardened Empire crystal, set up specifically for easy to see and take supplies. A nominal alchemical and chemistry lab are set up next to the desk for anypony's use. Occupied by Doctor Tipper & Nova Flicker, Mercy often spends time here with Tipper when fatigued, and Roust whenever she feels like studying biology. Well stocked and extremely well lit. Access is denied to those that aren't Companions, Operators, or known allies, though special cases can be allowed.
  278. *****
  280. -Clinic Supplies: both surgical suites and the cabinets of the main room contain multitudes of splints, bandages, rolls, joint wraps, and wound dressings of many sizes; antibiotics, antivirals, painkillers, and tranquilizers are kept in color coded bottles, while liquid styptics, cleaning agents, and the like are carefully labelled. Surgical tools range from basic human styled forceps to custom made jade scalpels and beyond. Grants an additional [1d6+15] <Clinic Supplies roll when in use.
  282. -Surgical Suites: the east section of the clinic is composed of two 20M long, 20M wide, and 5M tall sterile operation rooms, both of which are internally armored and sealed, also capable of being shielded by the demi-sentient at request. A queen sized, cushioned operating bed allows for complex surgical procedures to be performed using the clinic's stock of supplies. Grants an additional [1d6+20] <Surgical Suite roll while in use.
  284. -Trauma Kits: both of the surgical suites contain a hard, white plastic case containing 5 bottles of Dampener, 5 Regeneration, and 10 Restoration consumable drinks. Stored in each is a custom made suture kit, created by Lann and Krinza, containing a number of fine curved needles and several rolls of absorbable silk thread spools for closing surface wounds. Grants a [1d6+10] <Trauma Kit roll when used.
  287. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  288. -THE WORKSHOP: 80M of the building directly facing the mess hall is used as a workshop, with two large main doors facing the mess hall allowing entry and exit for the vehicles stationed here, externally hardened and armored. Contains most all hand-operated tools that would be found in a mechanic's shop, all having appeared after a 'visit'.
  289. There's more than enough space for Kraut's Wild Ride, Lont's Outrider, and the Sportsman along with their requisite fuel cans, toolboxes, and replacement parts. Features a solid, full length wall-table against the Armory wall, the underside used for metal and material storage, while the walls are lined with numerous racks for hanging tools on. There are also four work benches: the first specifically set up for fine tools and soldering/welding, the second for the magitek furnace and it's requisite components, a third spread out with tools and parts, the fourth occupied by Spiral's mini-couch, with technical manuals, books, boxes of cider & cigars, and his notes on human technology stored underneath and all around it. Lann and Krinza have taken up the northern section of the workshop, while Aiutante and Helping Hoof have the southern section. Extremely well lit, though not soundproofed. Access to the Workshop is denied to those that aren't known allies.
  291. -Lann's sewing desk, crates of materials, and a fitting booth have replaced the northeast table.
  293. -Krinza's anvil, furnace, and tools are on the northwest table, while stocks of most bars and ingots for forging are located underneath.
  295. -Auitante's anvil and tools are placed in the center of the northwestern table with her own personal furnace.
  297. *****
  298. >THE HANGAR: a camouflaged, steel tunneled ramp leading up to a steel-melded ironwood hangar, solely dedicated for Hollow's Kiowa atop the workshop, recently added by Bren. 15M tall, 30M wide, and 50M long, it features two quarter-oval shell doors facing the mess hall, each door capable of being opened from the inside with a draw-pulley block, though for obvious reasons has no automation present. After moving the Kiowa into place, Bren's crew created a lift-berth, controlled by the demi-sentient for obvious weight reasons, for the light helicopter, allowing it to be repaired, refueled, and rearmed when necessary. While this addition to the workshop should technically look out of place, Bren sought Jeff's aid in order to learn how camouflaging procedures would allow it to blend in along with the environ, creating a multilayered forest pattern which was then used for the new buildings, and finally applied to the older ones in the Fortress. On the wall opposite the staircase is a small, full fledged workshop with the requisite tools needed to remove panels or initiate repairs, all provided by Anon (with nearly all wondering how, exactly, he managed to 'acquire' an industrial blowtorch, welder, several grinders, and an entire rack of aircraft tools), while the back wall is taken up by a large armory for the Kiowa's additional equipment and munitions, it's weight reduced immensely by the addition of a small float-core. Unfortunately, the hangar's distance does not allow access to the magitek furnace, unless the core itself is brought up into the hangar. Soundproofed and brightly lit. Access to the hangar is denied to those that are not Operators or Companions under Tipper's orders.
  301. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  302. -THE ARMORY: a recently expanded, 200M long and 50M wide, externally hardened and internally armored building, 120M of which are used as the primary Armory, facing the west Fortress wall. Six sets of 10 lockers, six squad leader lockers, hanging ranks for each squad, a large lockbox for each squad's extra ammunition, weaponry, and supplies, along with several tables and racks dotting the interior. There's more enough storage for all the Operators' gear and weaponry they normally don't take with them, however, all ammunition and explosives have been moved to the Command Center as a precautionary measure. Each locker is warded to a specific individual, meaning only they can, willingly, open their own locker, and all Operators also have access to a large locker for communal items. Access is denied to those that aren't Companions or Operators, though special cases can be allowed by the same.
  304. *****
  305. -RC-1129's Locker: a newly repainted white and red locker, decorated with the insignia of the Galactic Republic, marked with "RC-1129" in gold lettering. When Thunder Raven needs to replace his munitions, he will find only the precise number of power packs, cells, magazines, and/or explosives he requires to fully resupply.
  307. *****
  308. -THE TROPHY LODGE: a chunk of the the western section of the Armory interior against the Workshop, created by Lont. Used as a trophy lodge and a gathering place for Hunting, ten comfortable human chairs and two couches were moved in, surrounding a table covered in maps, notebooks, and other miscellanea. Trophies of rare game can be found collected here.
  310. TROPHIES:
  311. -Alpha Pred-Elk: Horns
  312. -Jar of Lava-Leeches
  313. -Minor Tungsten Basilisk: Fang
  314. -Major Tungsten Basilisk: Small Titanium Rattle
  315. -Bloody Water Elemental Shards
  316. -Primordial Ancient: Wing Fragment
  317. -Crystalline Golem: Diamond Shard
  318. -Tungsten Basilisk Lord: Head Scale
  320. -BRONZE PLAQUE: A solid 6"x15" rectangular bronze plaque with a soft curve that mirrored the diameter of the podium it was pried from by Ivan. Earth pony writing on it's surface has been translated, which states the following: "Creation successful, intelligence nominal, high hostility due to experimentation."
  323. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  324. >THE ARENA: a 150M in diameter, steel foundation, wall, and dome arena southeast of the seven main buildings. At the north and south sides, a pair of steel and crystalline rooms were added, allowing spectators to view fights in relative safely. Very well lit with . It has a traditional 2' tall jousting fence for those ponies that utilize lances in the center of the arena, starting and ending 20M from both the entrance and exit.
  326. *****
  327. TRAINING ARENA NOTES: all Operators/ponies entering have 10 Arena only HP. Each attack over a roll of 3 only deals 1 Arena HP damage. Blocking and Evading work differently in a Training Arena match: if you roll a 3 or higher, you negate 1 damage. All Critical skills can be utilized but may only cause 1 damage for each roll over 3. Blocks, counters, and ripostes in the Arena work the same with melee damage as outside the Arena. If there are 2 'hits' and the opponent has 3 'hits', then the first Operator or pony takes 1 Arena HP damage due to blocking in melee. Once an Operator/pony has reached 0 Arena HP, they are considered too fatigued to continue. Attacking a 'downed' Operator/pony ONCE is considered breaking a major rule. Continuing to do so is grounds for being under LOCKDOWN!
  329. TRAINING ARENA RULES: NO ARMOR. NO STUNS. NO ENCHANTMENTS. NO SHARED OR UNIQUE SKILLS. NO ARTIFACTS. NO HEALING. NO  BONUSES TO -ANY- skills! SKILLS ALLOWED: ARCHERY, CASTING, CRYSTAL RUNES, MELEE, MOVEMENT, PSIONICISM, TELEPORT, RANGED. Arena actions are as follows: normal use of Primary offensive action and Primary defensive action. However, if an Operator/Companion is capable of doing so, they may perform 2 DIFFERENT types of offensive attacks (excluding Battle/Combat Rifles & Heavy Weapons), ie: Ranged + Melee, but are unable to perform any Movement rolls during that turn. To counter this, 2 uses of Movement rolls are allowed by a defending party.
  331. *****
  332. TRADITIONAL ARENA RULES: full HP, armor, and most abilities are allowed. Disallowed: healing, Explosives, or Ranged attacks. All modifiers and additional rolls are allowed otherwise.
  334. >FREE-FOR-ALL ARENA RULES:: full HP, armor, and all abilities are allowed. All combat takes place as per normal, but if a DM isn't available, keep track of everything yourselves.
  336. *SPECIAL RULE: when PROPERLY challenged, an Operator that wins against a Companion, or other Elite ranked NPC's, may earn varying XP based on their rank. Currently undefeated: Denra, Hodch, Naliyna, Roust, Twisted Wing.
  338. *****
  339. -Rift Carrier Construct, Damaged: a 1' in diameter orange sphere covered in numerous nubby spiked appendages. Having no weaponry and only a light armor coating, Carrier-class Constructs are the most difficult to locate of the Rift creations. They are dimensional-translocation portal placers, stabilizers, and removers, sent in advance of the combat chassis models to allow rapid Rift incursions on Tallus. Normally sent in pairs, this one was discovered solo by Torven, whom expresses little desire for confrontation of any sort, and left alone. Giving a map of it's location to Jeff, he and Belltower arrived to investigate. Easily incapacitating the already damaged Carrier in it's hiding location, a long dead Everfree native tree, it was taken back to the Fortress for analysis by Spiral. Concluding that there was nothing for him to learn from it, the Marquis disabled it with a series of lightning enchanted chains, preventing it from activating it's transponder beacon and requesting extraction. After some tinkering during the month long overhaul, Hodch and Lorekeeper Amerose were, barely, able to reactivate it's transponder beacon temporarily. After puzzling out it's potential uses, it was placed in the Arena's north booth inside a lightning warded container, allowing either Hodch, Denra, or other casters to summon random numbers and models of Constructs once activated for anypony, or anyone, seeking a true challenge.
  341. >CONSTRUCT CHALLENGE: if one or more ELITE Companions or NPC's are available, they may allow an Operator or Companion to attempt to defeat numerous waves of Mechano-Plane Constructs, with Hodch, Denra, or others standing by in the (LIKELY) event of a powerful model arriving. XP will be rewarded depending on the number of enemies and their specific models defeated.
  344. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  345. -THE FIRING RANGE: a dual-purpose firing range built by Jeff during an early evening, placed in the southeast corner of the Fortress, moved by the demi-sentient itself to remain in the same corner. Seven tables face the south, each line cleared all the way to the southern wall, featuring five lanes dedicated to combat rifles and light/heavy machine guns, with target dummies placed at 100, 200, 300, and 500 meters. The last two stations on the right are dedicated to Battle Rifles with additional targets placed at 600 and 700 meters. A secondary range to the right of the main directly faces the Eastern wall 100 meters away, dedicated to small arms and shotguns, with targets placed at 25, 50, and 100 meters.
  348. -Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
  349. -Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  350. -Always keep your gun unloaded until you are at the firing line and the range is declared "HOT." Firearms must be safe when entering or exiting the range.
  351. -Immediately stop shooting when anyone calls a cease-fire.
  352. -Shooters must check with others to ensure there is no one down range. Do not fire if someone is.
  353. -All shooters are responsible for their rounds staying within the confines of this range. Do not shoot outside of the red stakes.
  354. -Only shoot from the firing line at the target in line with your position. Shooting at items placed on the ground or at targets not posted at the appropriate height on the target frame enables rounds to escape the range
  355. -Don't shoot each other. The Clinic is quite a walk from here.
  356. >Taking potshots at the wall Guards is ill-advised.
  357. -Breaking any rule will result in a beating from the buttstocks of your fellow Operators.
  360. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  361. >CREW BUILDING: a 100M long, 60M wide melded ironwood building, a little on the short side for humans and fairly simple, that houses Bren's crew of workers. Located on the east side of the clearing outside the Fortress walls, it contains 15 individual 3-walled bunks spread across the interior, two half-moon tables in the center for meetings and diagrams, and the greater majority of a kitchen on the south side. A small covered porch and doorway facing the western wall of the Fortress is flanked by a pair of low slung couches, usually occupied by the unicorn twins whenever Bren isn't directing work.
  363. -Material Storage: a 60M by 60M building used for storing fine wood planks and beams. Behind the building itself are a number of covered above-ground storage racks for the remainder of wood recovered from stripping the trees from the clearing. Contains several wood-shaping/melding pendants, allowing a [1d6] <Shaping roll if untrained in their usage, and a minor psychokinesis coin, allowing a [1d6+6] <Minor Psychokinesis ability for quickly moving material from place to place.
  366. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  367. >BREN'S HOME: a simple, 30M wide by 40M long home, made from sealed 1'x2' posts. A wide, rustic front porch with a large overhang, a single large couch and human styled door facing the Everfree to the east, heavily warded and shielded to prevent creatures from damaging the structure. Inside are three separate rooms: a small den for the entrance, containing two small, high backed couches with a short table in front of each, the floor covered in woven rugs and dotted with miscellaneous wood sculptures shaped by Bren, and a large traditional granite fireplace on the south side next to the kitchen entrance. The kitchen itself contains two heatstone counters for cooking, a wood fired oven and fireplace for when she wants something hoofmade, a pair of glass freezing and cooling cabinets similar to a human styled refrigerator, though obviously smaller, and a circular heartwood table with two half-circle couches, one for ponies, one for humans. The bedroom, larger than the kitchen, is taken up by a single king sized bed, a pair of short dressers, a large dresser, two chests, and a (currently) empty trot-in closet.
  370. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  371. >ZOO'S CAVERN: a small cavern where a massive tree had been removed north of the the Armory roughly 10M, drilled through a flat boulder with his barrel, the cavern itself approximately 10' below the surface. Camouflaged with a barrel lid and snow in winter, although some in the Fortress suspect that SOMEthing has been protecting the cavern from being interrupted. Somewhat roomy and safe, with a comfortable temperature year round, even without a heatstone. Zoo has planted numerous potato seeds here, and they. are. ready.
  374. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  375. >THE SHACK: a small shack built close to the northern edge of the clearing outside of the Fortress walls, roughly 20'x16'. No one knows what's in it, except a hole somewhere in the ground underneath the wooden flooring. Only the Operators can reliably remember where it is at all times. Currently awaiting deconstruction.
  378. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  379. >THE CHAMBER: secretly commissioned by Tipper, then built by Naliyna, Mist Dancer, Twisted Wing, Mercy, Hodch, Belltower, and Dancing Eyes over the course of three months. A round, 20M in diameter compressed stone structure sunken below the ground 15M deep, 40M south of the library. The lone trapdoor entrance spirals downwards, leading to a 4' tall oval entrance with a domed chamber, and contained inside are eight tall, backed cushions, each near-perfectly spaced apart, facing a single small black marble altar, one that was retrieved from the Solar Enforcer Armory in Canterlot. While none of the ponies involved have let on that this structure exists, no Operator (yet) knows as Tipper has ordered the demi-sentient to protect it's location. Two of the eight ponies typically disappear at night for an hour or two at a time, making the others most curious.
  382. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  383. >THE ENCAMPMENT: a semi-permanent tent encampment taking up the southwest section inside the Walls, used by the Day, Royal, Honor, Night & Lunar Guards, the Arcane Blades & Tartarus Air Corps, and the lone Tower Guard Captain Broken Hoof remaining while in the Fortress as part of an information sharing agreement between Stalliongrad's anti-loyalist Tower Guard and the rest of Equestria, though Broken Hoof's demeanor isn't what one would call friendly.
  385. -BASE GUARDIANS: stationed at the southwest section of the walls is a number of semi-permanent tents on raised wooden platforms, the most notable being a large, two room black canvas tent with the Tower Guard's insignia: a three-fanged silver embossed shield with a flaring green eye in the center. Shortly after an agreement brokered by Spiral following the destruction of the Solar Tyrant, a number of former Guard members under a strict non-representative policy, as well as Shanis's mercenaries, have decided to make keep in the Fortress as a means to spread information back and forth regarding Councilierge and associated activities, also remaining to prevent any factions from seeking to eliminate the humans they now consider a part of Tallus.
  387. *****
  388. -Broken Hoof, the sole Tower Guard, is currently the unaligned forces' de facto leader during this uneasy situation, as she is the highest ranking pony still in active service at the rank of Provost Master-Captain, technically a Field Marshall, which in human terms is a non-faction aligned commander representing a purely defensive force. Despite her evasiveness for giving orders or creating patrols, she has taken on the majority of those roles herself as a form of self-punishment, remaining ever vigilant for potential hostilities, both from the Everfree's creatures, denizens, and those abroad.
  390. -Since the Lunar faction Guards are all veterans at the rank of Nightclaw and higher, the most active and senior being Nightfang Aster and Nightclaw Steel Blitz, the Night Guard has been organized into training cadres, allowing them to work up their own operational structures and routines to supplement the Lunar Guards on rotation, and the mercenaries when otherwise not occupied, giving them greater flexibility in non-command roles and stations.
  392. -The former Day and Honor Guards have been supplemented by two retired Veteran Commanders from the Honor Guard, Marble Leaf and Kitang, and have refrained from taking any position of leadership, instead choosing to simply combat roving creatures from the surrounding Everfree Forest during the day, often using the joke that humans are all actually batponies in disguise. The former Royal Guard members, however, make frequent visits to Mist Dancer for unofficial standing orders and suggestions, as they do not trust Canterlot's leaders to make any proper decisions regarding Razorback's, or their allies', welfares and (often) good standings.
  394. -Under Captain Shanis and Commander Zigri's suggestions, ten mercenaries of the Arcane Blades, specialized anti-psion and anti-unicorn ambushers, and ten Tartarus Air Corps warriors, more generalized with their combat skills, have chosen to take a spot at the Fortress in order to represent both Tartarus Island and Las Pegasus, the second being a full ally to Razorback for over half a year now. With a lack of faction rules, the mercenaries have been given their own authority to operate under both Zigri's ironhooved rule using Razorback's unofficial codes of conduct. Strangely, the mercenaries have chosen to seek their advice and standing orders from Tipper, a wise, legendary doctor in her own right, and an exemplary mother in their eyes. Considered to be the Arcane Blades' proudest ideal, their opinions on Mercy, whom they now see as a sister in hoof (and spirit) have changed greatly over the course of their time at Razorback Fortress, with Shanis heatedly proclaiming that the Spirit Walker was wrongfully and hostilely punished for her youthful naivete and lack of knowledge while working for Linara. Zigri, during a formal visit to Lucky, has also stated that being disgraced and rendered across Tallus as an outcast by the Judges of Las Pegasus for her former association with Linara was little more than fearmongering, and has demanded they unseal their evidence for analysis at the least, or grant her official restitution for their overly harsh sentencing at best.
  396. -Though Princess Cadence has decided that former Imperial Wardens have the right join the Fortress's protectors via personal requests of nonaligned humans, the Empire's fully allied status towards Razorback is tenuous as best. There are, however, rumors that numerous holdouts amongst the younger Wardens see her dissociation as a purely political move intended to blunt their authority, though others persist of a divide amongst that same faction leaning in favor of the older veterans.
  398. -Queen Chrysalis of the Hive has bluntly stated that Roust is not under her orders as she has chosen to leave of her own accord, and that the Hive's forces can immediately mobilize to aid Razorback at a request from the Elite Vanguard herself.
  400. -Under her own direction, with advice from Old Horn, Sparking Fleur proposed stationing some of her kin inside Razorback Fortress, an idea that was agreed to by Tipper and Twisted Wing. As Twisted has stated, the Guard and mercenaries, while capable, are simply too ill-equipped and lack the knowledge to deal with the more dangerous creatures coming from the Everfree Forest.
  402. *****
  404. Arcane Blades:           10, Zigri (or Sweet) commanding.
  405. Tartarus Air Corps:      10, Zigri (or Sweet) commanding.
  407. THE GUARDS:
  408. Day Guard:               20, Commander Kitang.
  409. Royal Guard:             20, no command staff present, defers to Mist Dancer.
  410. Honor Guard:             20, Commander Marble Leaf.
  411. Night Guard:             20, Nightclaw Blitz.
  412. Lunar Guard:             20, Nightfang Aster.
  414. Pred-Elk Battle Druids:  10, Antleriest Sparking Fleur.
  419. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  423.                                 OTHER LOCATIONS:
  427. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  428. THE MOUNTAIN: east of the Fortress is a tiny mountain, no more than 100' high, and roughly 3/4 of a mile in length. Several small lakes dot it with a waterfall on the far side, while a hot spring is located on the top. Serra and Vanil discovered a large stone boulder blocking an entrance on the east side; several days later Twisted aided Clemency in opening it for retrieval of rare black platinum lodes, but were greeted by a nest of magma drakelings. The two closed it shortly after recovering some of the lodes, the General personally advising everyone at Razorback to "NEVER!" enter again due to the aggressive and lethal drake swarms encountered within.
  431. ***************************************************************************************************************************
  432. >THE GRAVEYARD: approximately 2 miles north of the Fortress lie 92 earthen graves, simple wooden crosses marking each one's location. This is the main camp site where numerous Watch Guard members, along with Captain Broken Hoof and another Tower Guard Captain deserted, turning on their former comrades in an attempt to counter the Councilierge's advance and agenda against Razorback. The graves were dug over the course of an entire night by Dante, and the bodies of those deserters that died were interred, now their proper (and heavily guarded) resting place. Broken Hoof visits nightly to tend the graves.
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