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Statement From Commander X

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Oct 22nd, 2018
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  1. Statement From Commander X
  3. Monday - October 22, 2018 6:00 PM CT
  5. Greetings --
  7. Recently I suffered a great loss in my personal life. I went through a period of deep grief, followed by what might well have been a mild nervous breakdown. After suffering with the resulting severe depression for two months, I adopted a street rescue puppy here in Mexico named Xander. Consequently, I am doing much better. It's really hard to remain self-destructive with a little miracle like him staring you in the eyes.
  9. Over the past decade, I have journalized my odyssey within the Global Collective called Anonymous. For those who are familiar with my story, and/or have read my books - you know it has been extremely harrowing. I am exhausted in a way that simple sleep can not cure. And I have lost so much that a little puppy is literally all I have left. I have decided my choice is binary. Either I take a break, or I quit forever. I have decided on the former, and so I announce an 8 month vacation - beginning today.
  11. I am postponing the scheduled drop of my third book, "Exiled For The Mask: The Story Of Anonymous Golden Eagle" - for one year. The new tentative date for release is November 5, 2019. It makes no sense to try and rush the writing process, and frankly I am too beat down to do a good job of it right now. I want to make certain I do this amazing story justice. And I need time to heal.
  13. I will spend my time building up my new life here in Mexico, training my new puppy - and finishing my third book properly. I am not "going dark". I will still be on social media, although far less. I am still at the other end of whatever messaging service you're used to finding me. I will still be checking my E-Mail daily. But I will not be doing any work in activism at all. I must lay that part down, and focus just on myself and my Xander.
  15. Many of my fans, supporters and friends have known in more or less detail the ordeal I have recently suffered. Many of you have reached out with encouragement and occasional financial support. I have not really thanked you for this properly. You all have my undying gratitude. For those of you who follow and support me online, have no fear. This is not the end of X. Far from it, it is more likely just the beginning.
  17. I'll see you all in 8 months. Until then I suggest you take a long look at those around you that you love and care about, and remember that they can be gone forever in the blink of an eye. Also remember, we can not save the world if we can not even save ourselves. I love all of you, even the haters. You are all a part of my story, and I treasure every one of you.
  20. YOURS -- X
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