Hellboy Perks

Oct 21st, 2017
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  1. Human Perks
  3. Have Courage (100)- Monsters, demons, madmen and worse; all exist in this world, and yet you’re just one mortal being. It can be overwhelming, and even the toughest people can succumb to fear. But not you; while you’re not exactly fearless, your fear doesn’t get in the way of your bravery, letting you act in spite of your fear without being hampered by it.
  5. Good, Solid Word (200)- You’re pretty good at this whole “talking” thing. It’s not exactly a silver tongue, but you’re great at cutting to the heart of the issue and getting people to listen to you. You’re also great at convincing people of things they already know, but are unsure of due to their doubts and anxieties.
  7. Pure of Heart (400)- You might not think you’re pure, but it’s obvious to anyone who can see (or read minds) that you’ve got a heart of gold. You are absolutely unfettered when it comes to being yourself and your friendship brings out the very best in other people, because you inspire them to be the best they can be and to try even when it seems like they’re powerless. You can even snap them out of things like mind control or brainwashing with just a few choice words reminding them of who they are.
  9. What Makes A Man, A Man? (600)- It’s not his origins, or they way he came to life. It’s his choices; not how he starts things, but how he decides to end them. You know this truth; you are unbound by any prophecy, fate, or destiny that might be forced onto you. Not only are you immune to these things, but anyone else you decide to work with is, as well. They may have been born a demon and a destroyer, but with your help they can become a savior and a hero.
  11. Freak Perks
  13. I Am In Control (100)- Your powers don’t control you; you control them. They are a part of you, and you are their master. You possess exceptional control over your superhuman abilities, to the point where you might even be able to hide them completely- reigning in your superhuman strength to use doors without wrenching them off their hinges, or using just enough firepower to incapacitate someone instead of splattering or cooking them alive.
  15. He’s Just Acting Out (200)- Turns out, people will forgive a lot of things when they need you or want to keep you around. It helps when things are out of your control, or not actually your fault, but even when that isn’t the case you’re able to get away with a surprising amount of mischief and rule breaking before you have to face the music.
  17. All Us Freaks Have Is Each Other (400)- In the end, your friends and family are all you’ve got. So what does it matter that they’ve got horns, or look like a fish, or jump between dimensions? You can easily make friends with other “freaks” and strange people… and perhaps become something more? Even if you’re not a freak, or if they’re not exceptional, you’ll still find it easier to make friends with them. It just goes to show that the differences between us are only skin deep, even if that skin is red, scaled, or ectoplasmic.
  19. You Should Be Running (600)- Okay, maybe your control over your powers isn’t quite- oh? When you’re in a heightened emotional state, the strength of all your abilities increases drastically? You hit faster, blast harder, think and react quicker? AND without any actual loss of control that such a state might normally bring? Huh. Seems you might have the power to blow up buildings, if you had any power to begin with, if you just get angry enough. Try not to let all that power go to your head- if only because you can do it the other way around now.
  21. Demon Perks
  23. True Appearance (100 CP)- All demons are monstrous in some way, but some are considerably more so, and still others are able to hide their appearance somehow- either through magic, or through thoroughly rejecting their destiny. You can choose which one you are; if you choose to wear your demonic face with pride, you will be a terrifying example of demonhood, monstrous in appearance. If you choose to hide your true nature, you may still be terrifying, but the worst of your nature will be hidden- only to be seen by those with magically enhanced vision- leaving you infinitely more approachable by the common person in comparison.
  25. I’m Always Gonna Look This Good (200 CP)- Demons are extremely long lived, like most supernatural beings. Some of them also tend to be unusually compatible with humans- some would even say attractive- considering they’re an entirely different species. You can choose to be one of those demons, possessing a more palatable appearance than, say, a hellhound- or you can choose some other quality for your form to possess besides beauty or handsomeness, such as terror, awe, or even cuteness. If you wish, you will never appear to age past your chosen appearance.
  27. Hey You, On The Other Side (400 CP)- You know what can be even more terrifying than a monster, even more so than death or even the devil himself? The sheer force of will of one person who will do anything to achieve their goal. Essentially, the stronger your will the more your enemies are afraid of you and more specifically pissing you off. And your will is strong enough to scare whatever or whoever is on the other side of death into giving back the life of your friend when you ask, rather than risk you killing yourself to bring them back by force.
  29. Bringer of Doom (600 CP)- The Antichrist. The bringer of Ragnarok, the Apocalypse, and the End of Days. Perhaps you are kin to Anung Un Rama? It is your destiny to herald the end of the Earth, in any case. But your fate is not so set in stone; ultimately, it is your choice as to whether the world ends in fire and ruin. Though your destiny may seem unavoidable, though armies may be levied against you, it is and will always be your choice. In future worlds, you will soon discover the means to trigger apocalyptic events of the same caliber. Choosing to do so would mean the end of all life on Earth, at least as we know it… but perhaps that would be a mercy.
  31. Mythical Creature Perks
  33. Longevity (100)- Not quite immortality, but close enough for any reasonable person; you are extremely long lived. It’s quite possible that you’ve been around since the dawn of time. Though you still age, it will take an extremely long time for you to become feeble and even longer for you to actually die from your old age.
  35. Glamour (200)- Not all of the mythical creatures are content to hide away in the darkness, even if they are content to let the humans rule the surface. Rather than striking back against them, they would join them- living together in their cities, seen, but unseen. A glamour is a combination between a magical transformation and an illusion. It guises inhuman creatures, giving them a human size and shape, while still allowing them to use the various aspects of their anatomy. This often looks weird- a large mouthed creature would appear to unhinge its jaw like a snake if it tried to open its mouth all the way, for example- meaning the being that uses the glamour must remain careful, even as they walk around freely in broad daylight.
  37. Hidden Kingdom (400)- The Magical Races have all hidden themselves away, creating magical communities and secret enclaves all over the world, with the largest being in New York. This requires no small amount of magic; both for hiding and keeping these places hidden, secure, and safe. You are now capable of creating similar places- hidden from mundane means of detection, and all but impenetrable without the right key or phrase to get in.
  39. Magic Smithing (600)- The Golden Army, the Crown of Bethmora, Nuada’s Spear… such relics as these are beyond the ken of humans. But you can not only understand their construction and the magic behind them; you can create wonders of your own. Self-repairing golems, magical artifacts that control them no matter the size of the horde, spear tips that inch ever closer to the heart and cannot be removed by mortal means and much more are possible for you to create now. Though, getting all that gold might pose a problem…
  41. No Allegiance Perks
  43. Occultist (100 CP)- You have a great deal of knowledge about the occult; perhaps you learned from pouring over ancient texts, or maybe your mind was touched by something greater than yourself. In any case you are formidably knowledgeable about the supernatural goings on of this world, enough to identify or understand most books on the subject. You know how to protect yourself from certain types of beings through the use of charms and other trinkets.
  45. Dark Masters (200 CP)- Demons, devils, and darker beings still; you are skilled at finding those who would teach you what they have to know… perhaps, for a price? Evil beings are a little more trusting of you; enough for you to make your case and perhaps secure a place for yourself by their side.
  47. Horrible Will (400 CP)- You have the strive and will to survive a great deal of pain, even when the results of that don’t look pretty. You could be poisoned, shot, stabbed, clubbed, castrated, and they’d still need to drown you to finish you off. And even if they do kill you, your death is far from certain- once per Jump you can be revived from death, using some manner of dark ritual or other form of resurrection that you or your conspirators possess. For you, death need not be the end… rather, it can become a new beginning.
  49. Dark Magic (600 CP)- Through profane spells and dread rituals your power has increased to the pinnacle of what most occultists could only dream of, or fear in their darkest nightmares. In addition to your greatly increased ritual powers (which include such spells as to revive and summon demons, or even to cause two more to arise when one is slain) you can step into the shadows to travel many miles in an instant, invoke horrible nightmares in the sleeping and even literally suck the life out of someone. Your dark life force is even more responsive to calls from beyond the grave, and you can be resurrected once per Jump- and not only will being revived in this way restore you to life, but your dark powers will grow in strength afterwards; each trip beyond the veil bringing more and more power with you each time.
  51. BPRD Perks
  53. Bureaucratic Nightmare (100 CP)- Why can’t you just do what you’re told? Maybe it’s because that doesn’t matter as much when you’re actually in the field, especially for you. When you’re part of an organization, your superiors are willing to tolerate you acting up a lot more than they would normally- and even ignoring their rules entirely- and you find that you get tangled up in red tape and bureaucratic nonsense far less often. They might just be afraid of ticking you off, but whatever.
  55. It’s A Hoax! (200 CP)- Fact or fiction? One of the most important things about being a secret agent is going unnoticed- and especially unrecorded. Unfortuantely, some people kinda suck at that, especially if they’re big red demons. Luckily for you, unwanted videos and pictures of you always seem to turn out blurry and out of focus. Of course if you stop and pose for the camera and stick around to sign it afterwards all bets are off.
  57. Basic Procedures, Rules, and Direction (400 CP)- You’re one of the top agents in the BPRD, with all the skills necessary to make that happen. You’re a crack shot with damn near any firearm you can lift, know the strengths and weaknesses of any magical species the BPRD has encountered or proven to have existed (and some they haven’t), and in general you’re one of the toughest, most well-trained examples of your kind around.
  59. Gadgeteer (600 CP)- I mean, someone’s got to make all the cool gear and equipment that the BPRD uses, right? But not only are you a skilled engineer and inventor, capable of making things like Hellboy’s Samaritan revolver and the garbage truck they use in the field, but you’re also able to create technology that interacts with and perhaps- with time and study- even uses some of the mystical energies found in this world, such as the detectors they use for finding magical creatures and objects. In addition, designing specialty gear meant to be used by one person such as Abe Sapien’s breathing apparatus or- again- Hellboy’s pistol is much easier and quicker than it would normally be.
  61. Thule Society Perks
  63. Climb the Ranks (100 CP)- Loyalty, and dedication, can get you far in this world- not just in terms of life, but in power and status. You are adept at climbing the ranks of an organization, and seem to know almost exactly what you should do and who to butter up to quickly gain prestige and recognition in their ranks.
  65. Silent Assassin (200 CP)- And deadly, too; you’re a skilled combatant in hand to hand combat, and are particularly skilled with some type of weapon, be they handguns, blades, or something else. You’re also nearly silent when you want to be, and are capable of twisting and contorting your body to climb up and down walls if necessary. In the shadows is where you do your best work; be they in backrooms or ancient catacombs.
  67. Clockwork Artist (400 CP)- Kroenen is said to have created a clockwork bird capable of singing Mozart in his earlier days, though the assassin’s love of music is less well known the fear he inspired later in life. He is now more well known for his other clockwork inventions- namely his hand, and the clockwork mechanisms spread throughout his body that when wound up give the man his deadly strength, speed, and reflexes. You are capable of creating similar mechanical inventions, though you may lack the ability to self-modify to his extent without his love of pain and lack of blood.
  69. Blood Like Sand (600 CP)- Over long decades of life and exposure to dark magics your blood has gone dry- turned to dust. Your corpse-like body now has no pulse; no need for blood or organs save the brain. You cannot bleed out, instead leaking sand from your wounds, and have the endurance to survive massive trauma- multiple gunshot wounds, multiple punches to the head from superhuman beings, and even impalement without being hindered too much. You also heal quicker; not enough for it to be much use in a fight, but enough that such wounds won’t keep you down.
  71. If you have Clockwork Artist, you can choose to have modified yourself in a similar way to Kroenen, replacing your limbs with stronger mechanical counterparts and filling your body with gears and cogs that can be wound up to increase your superhuman body’s power for a short while, letting you cut down a group of men in seconds and go toe to toe with enemies who would normally overpower you.
  73. Magical Races Perks
  75. The Long Perspective (100 CP)- The magical races are all long lived, though they all still age. Some have been on or under the earth since the dawn of time itself, and can remember when they walked freely on the surface and lived side by side with man and beast. Yet their minds are not dulled by the passage of time. You are the same way; your memories will be just as fresh in your mind the day you made them as they will be in a hundred-thousand years, or however long you live, and the passage of time will not hinder your ability to feel emotion. Nor will it prevent you from moving past your pain and past.
  77. The World Is Poorer (200 CP)- Your ambition is noble; your cause is right. Whatever it may be, you will find others who will flock to your side to help you accomplish your goals; be they hero, villain, or just someone tired of hiding underground. Though your views may not be in the majority, you will be able to gain trusted allies if you but seek them out.
  79. Magical Royalty (400 CP)- Whether because of your noble birth, the weight of your presence, or something more mercurial, you command the courtesy and admiration of all the magical races. It’s plain for any of them to see that you are royalty, and while their loyalty may not be guaranteed their respect is- and they will be loath to anger you because of it. But if you do push a mythical creature enough, or if you come into conflict with them, they may wish to spill your blue blood. Note that while the magical races encompass a wide degree of mythical creatures, not all supernatural creatures are in their number; demons, freaks, magic users, angels, and abominations among those that aren’t. Though they may still recognize your nobility, it will not hold the same weight for them.
  81. Warrior Prince (600 CP)- It is not enough to merely be good. To realize your destiny, you must be the best. You’ve spent thousands of years honing your skills, so you can survive to hone them further for thousands more. Your skill is to the point where you could duel a group of your own kind at once with equal strength, speed, and ferocity; your reflexes are sharp enough to slice a drop of water in half. You’re one of the deadliest beings above or below the earth, as anyone who dares to stand in your way is sure to find out.
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