Sep 10th, 2016
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  1. Some people have been hitting up my DMs asking me what I'm submitting for AGDQ. Though I don't mind the occasional mail concerning what my speedrun plans are for future GDQ events, I feel you all have a right to know that due to some of the things that happened/were said/done at SGDQ 2016, I have been barred from submitting games to both AGDQ and SGDQ 2017 (submissions on my part will be allowed again in 2018).
  2. Though this was a decision made by GDQ staff, I don't blame anybody at GDQ for my performance or for the decision at hand and neither should anyone else (anyone looking to brandish their pitchforks and torches should not do so). I'm not going to comment further on the subject. I fully respect the decision. Though I cannot submit games to the events, I can still attend the event/do commentary/and all that jazz. Though I cannot play, I haven't written off attending future GDQ events, so maybe I'll go to another in the future. Just felt like those who were concerned have a right to know. Sorry about the unfortunate situation. Thanks for understanding! ^^
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