PurpTrix - Falling Into the Sunset

Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. >In the city of Los Pegasus.
  2. >Just got off the plane and now at Los Pegasus Airport or LPA as people would call it.
  3. >You've been sent here by the boss of a company you work for to do a presentation.
  4. >The presentation is to persuade people to buy your products.
  5. >The company is a clothing line.
  6. >Suits, Ties, Pants, and anything else you can think of, but not just any clothes.
  7. >These clothes are classy and are for the sophisticated type.
  8. >They are also very expensive.
  9. >The person who sent you here is the CEO of that company.
  10. >The one and only Fancy Pants.
  11. >This is the first time you doing something like this, so you're quite nervous.
  12. >You don't wanna fuck anything up and get scolded, or worst for your mistakes.
  13. >Anyways, that's enough of that. It's time to get out of here and to your hotel.
  14. >You go and grab your luggage from baggage claim and start walking towards the exit.
  15. >There's only one problem that you have and that is you have no money for a taxi to the hotel.
  16. >Fancy Pants can pay for your plane ride and the hotel, but can't pay for a measly taxi ride to the hotel?
  17. >Kind of stupid if you think about it.
  18. >Now you have to find a way to get to the hotel.
  19. >You're only staying here until tomorrow so it's probably not that big a deal, but you don't know shit about this city.
  20. >This is the first time coming here.
  21. >That doesn't help your nervousness.
  22. >Now's not the time to worry about that.
  23. >Time to look for a way to get there so you can rest up for tomorrow.
  24. >You find the exit and begin to walk outside.
  25. >It's hard to move around since everyone just got off their flight.
  26. >After fighting through crowds of people, you finally make it outside.
  27. >Now's the challenging part and that is how you're gonna get to that damn hotel.
  28. >You leave the airport and begin walking to random streets and avenues.
  30. >Asking strangers for directions isn't helping because they're just ignoring everything you ask then.
  31. >This isn't working out like you thought it would.
  32. >Oh that's right. You can call Fancy Pants and ask.
  33. >Wait. You don't want him to think that him choosing you for the presentation was a waste of time.
  34. >You put your phone in your pocket, throwing that idea down the drain.
  35. >Back to square one.
  36. >Just as your about to give up, you see a woman walking down the street.
  37. >The way she walks has you dead in your tracks.
  38. >The way her hips are swaying back and forth as she walks.
  39. >Her red and yellow hair is glistening in the sun's radiance.
  40. >The black shirt she's wearing shows that she got big, great breasts that you can't stop staring at.
  41. >It also shows off her great body, since the shirt only covers her chest, revealing her slim, fit stomach.
  42. >She's wearing tight black, short jeans.
  43. >You can tell she has a great ass as well.
  44. >Maybe you should ask her for directions to this hotel.
  45. >It may lead to a dead end, but it doesn't hurt to try.
  46. >Here goes nothing.
  47. "Um. Excuse me miss?" You try to get her attention.
  48. >The woman looks up at you and pulls headphones out her ears.
  49. >"Yes? Can I help you with something?" She looks at you with her gorgeous cyan eyes while twirling her headphones around.
  50. >You gulp as you're lost for words, looking at her beauty.
  51. >You gather yourself together and alpha the fuck up.
  52. "Hopefully you can. I don't know this city to well and I was wondering if you can give me directions to a hotel. I don't have any money for a taxi or anything."
  53. >She notices that you're a bit nervous and looking lost.
  54. >That causes her to let out the cutest giggle you ever heard.
  55. >"There's no reason to be nervous around me. I don't bite. And yes. I can help you with that. Which hotel would you like?"
  56. >You try to remember which hotel you have to go to.
  57. "I have to go to Sunset Valley Hotel."
  58. >She lets out another one of her adorable giggles.
  60. >"I don't know if this is a coincidence, but I happen to be staying at the same hotel." She flips her hair a little, keeping that beautiful smile.
  61. "Oh that's great! Would you mind taking me there?"
  62. >"Sure! On one condition though." She runs her fingers through her hair.
  63. >A condition?
  64. >Now you're a bit scared.
  65. >What if she wants something you don't have or can't do?
  66. >You decide to bite, hoping for the best.
  67. "Uh. S-sure." You stutter your words. W-what's the condition?"
  68. >She grins at you a certain way.
  69. >A type of grin you seen before, but you can't quite put your finger on it.
  70. >"Come with me." She passes you as she rubs her hand on your arm.
  71. >You listen to her command and follow right behind her.
  72. >Her hips are back to swaying the way they were before, but this view is much better, because you can see her nice ass.
  73. >The jeans she's wearing show it off very well.
  74. >You were right about her having a nice ass.
  75. >She looks back and smiles at you.
  76. >Her smile is as bright as the sun.
  77. >You're wondering what she's gonna have you do and where she's taking you.
  78. >Are you really gonna do this just to get to the hotel?
  79. >Looks like you don't really have a choice.
  80. >You must have fallen for her beauty to do something like this.
  81. >That, or you just want to get to your hotel to relax, but you wouldn't be doing this if it was someone else.
  82. >Next thing you know, you see the woman stop by a sick looking car.
  83. >It's a red Ford Mustang GT350 with yellow stripes coming from the back to the front.
  84. >There's also a red and yellow sun decal on her back windshield and the license plate says "SunShim".
  85. >She unlocks the driver side, opens it, and looks back at you.
  86. >"Get in." She points to the passenger side and gets in.
  87. >Now you're hesitating about her command.
  88. >Half of you is telling you not to, but the other half is telling you go for it.
  89. >You give in, letting out a sigh and get in the car.
  90. >She puts the key in and starts up the car.
  91. >The only thing heard is the sound of the engine.
  93. >You decide to break the silence.
  94. "This is a nice car you have, Miss."
  95. >She starts looking at her top mirror, fixing her hair.
  96. >"Why thank you." She smiles, happy for the compliment. "I had this car for years. This is my baby."
  97. "Well it's in great shape. You've done a great job taking care of it."
  98. >She giggles.
  99. >Damn, that fucking giggle.
  100. >"You're so kind. So. May I ask you for your name?"
  101. "Oh, yes. My name is Anon Y. Mous. How about you?"
  102. >"I'm Sunset Shimmer. A pleasure to meet you." She put the car in drive and begins to drive out of the parking space.
  103. >That explains the license plate.
  104. "So. May I ask what the condition is?" You nervously ask.
  105. >She lets out that same grin she did before.
  106. >"Well. Let's just say I want you to help me with something, and I'm sure you're the right guy for the job." She keeps her eyes on the road, watching her surroundings.
  107. "But why me?"
  108. >"Well think about it, Anon. You need me for a favor and that is to drive you to the hotel I happen to be staying at, so I thought you can help me out. Sounds fair, doesn't it?"
  109. >She's got a point...
  110. "Y-yeah I guess you're right.." you chuckle a bit.
  111. >Sunset looks at you when she stops at a red light.
  112. >"You okay? You seem a bit nervous." She puts a hand on yours. "Don't worry. I promise you that you are in good hands."
  113. >You don't know how to respond to that because you can't really trust her when she says that, but you don't wanna be rude by saying that to her.
  114. >After all, you just met her.
  115. >You'll just have to ride it out and see where it takes you.
  116. >Pretty sure you can defend yourself if anything bad happens.
  118. >The rest of the drive is a bit quiet, too quiet.
  119. >Sunset is concentrating on the road and you don't what to say.
  120. >Did you just get yourself into a terrible situation?
  121. >You won't know until you get to the hotel, or if you get there.
  122. >You scratch your head a little.
  123. >Maybe you're overthinking this to much.
  124. >Sunset breaks the silence by asking you a question.
  125. .
  126. >"Well it's a little quiet here. Let's get to know each other. What do you do for a living, Anon?"
  127. >You stop scratching and respond to her.
  128. "Oh, um. I work for a company called Fancy Industries an-"
  129. >You're cut off as Sunset slams on the brakes an you fly forward in your seat a little.
  130. >"Fancy Industries!?" She exclaims, while her face is close to yours. "You work for Fancy Pants' company!?"
  131. >Sunset's random outburst causes you to lean away from her face a little.
  132. "Uh.. Yes. I was actually sent here by him to do a presentation, but I don't know this city to well."
  133. >"And that's why you asked me for directions to the hotel." She gives you a certain look. "I unde-"
  134. >Sunset is cut off by several car horns behind the both of you.
  135. >Both of you look behind you and Sunset notices that she is holding traffic.
  136. >"Oh my, silly me." She laughs a little and floors it.
  137. >You fly back into your seat as the car gains incredible speed in the matter of seconds.
  138. "Don't you think you should slow down a bit!?" You yell, trying to be louder than the car.
  139. >"Yeah! I suppose you're right!"
  140. >She slows the car down a bit and cruises down the road.
  141. "So." You manage to get yourself together. "What do you do for a living, Sunset?"
  142. >"Well. I play guitar in a band called the Rainbooms."
  143. "Oh, I heard of that band. It's one of the greatest bands out right now."
  144. >Sunset looks a little down while focusing on the road.
  145. "Did I say something wrong?"
  146. >"Oh. No. It's just hearing about the band's success, makes it harder for me to leave." She grips the wheel tightly. "I just want to start my own solo career."
  147. "Oh, I'm sorry. I understand how that feels."
  148. >She quickly flashes a smile.
  149. >"No need to worry. I'm fine."
  150. >She sure can get on her feet very fast.
  151. "So may I ask where you're taking us?"
  152. >The car stops and Sunset puts the car in park.
  153. >You look around and notice that you're in an alleyway.
  154. >"This should be good. No one will be able to find us."
  155. >What does she mean by that?
  157. >You frantically look around, trying to grasp on what's happening.
  158. "W-what are we doing here?" You manage to get the words out your mouth.
  159. >The only thing you see is the car.
  160. >Nothing is in this barely lit alleyway.
  161. >"What's wrong, Anon? Don't tell me you're going back on your word about our deal."
  162. >Before you can turn around and respond, you feel yourself falling back into your chair.
  163. "Whoa!" You try to grab on to something, but you fall on your back.
  164. >You try to sit up, but something prevents you.
  165. >When you come through, you manage to sit up, but to an unbelievable sight.
  166. >Sunset is sitting on you, biting her lip while staring you down.
  167. "What are you doing?" You look up at her beautiful eyes.
  168. >She leans in closer until your faces are almost touching.
  169. >"Making sure you keep up your end of the deal."
  171. "But what do I ha-" You're interrupted by something really unexpected.
  172. >Sunset moves her face into yours and locks her lips with yours.
  173. >She wastes no time as her tongue pierces your mouth, moving it around in your mouth.
  174. >Her tongue is sliding around with yours very fast.
  175. >You barely do anything because you don't know how to react.
  176. >She's laying on top of you as she pushes her tongue down your throat.
  177. >You can feel her wonderful breasts on your chest as she continues you dominate your mouth with her tongue.
  178. >This feels so weird, yet so right.
  179. >She breaks the kiss and a bit of her saliva is on her lips.
  180. >She licks it off, and sits up on your lap.
  181. >"Well, how was that, Anon?" She giggles, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
  182. >You just lay there, breathing, not knowing what just happened, but it was amazing.
  183. >The words can't come out, so you give her a nod of approval.
  184. >"Good." She smiles at you. "Because we're just getting started."
  185. >She leans down for another kiss, but this one is more aggressive.
  186. >Her tongue is pushing your tongue all over the place.
  187. >As she continues the assault in your mouth, she takes your hands and places them on her nice round rump.
  188. >As soon as your hands make contact, you break from your trance and begin to return the favor.
  189. >You begin moving your tongue around, making it dance with hers.
  190. >The battle in your mouths is fierce, becoming more pleasurable for the two of you.
  191. >Both of you take turns shoving your tongues down each other's throat while you grip her ass with both hands.
  192. >The kiss is broken and you look into Sunset's eyes.
  194. >Now she's in a trance, but not the same one you were in.
  195. >All that is in her eyes is lust and it looks like nothing will stop her until she's satisfied.
  197. >"Finally you're getting into the spirit of things." She sits up and takes off her shirt, revealing her amazing breasts, locked away behind a red bra. "That's enough of that though. Now the real fun can begin."
  198. >Without wasting any time, she takes off her skin tight jeans.
  199. >Just like you thought, her panties are red as well, but you notice something different.
  200. >The crotch area is a bit darker than the panties, like it's damp.
  201. >Is she wet already, just from the kissing?
  202. >You can tell this is gonna be wild ride.
  203. >You lean up, trying to get a better view of the beauty sitting on you.
  204. >Everything is just like you imagined when you first saw her.
  205. >Her great tits, her great body, and her ass feels amazing.
  206. >She must have saw you admiring her body, because she tilts your head to meet her eyes.
  207. >"Like what you see?" She leans in closer. "Take it off. All of it."
  208. "Yes, ma'am."
  209. >You take off your shirt with no problem, but as you go for you pants, Sunset stops you in your tracks.
  210. >"Matter of fact, let me do this." She gets off of you and begins to undo your pants.
  211. >The belt becomes loose and she pulls your pants down to your ankles.
  212. >Her face widens as she notices your hardened member in your boxers.
  213. >It must have amazed her because her eyes are fixed on it as she begins to rub your penis through the fabric of your boxers.
  214. >"So this is what you been hiding all this time." She rubs it a little more, then yanks your boxers down to join your pants at your ankles.
  215. >Your erect penis pops out in front of her face and she lets out a seductive smile.
  216. >Without giving it a second thought, she grabs your cock and begins to pull at it.
  217. >A slight groan comes out your mouth the moment she grabs it.
  218. >Her hand slowly moves up and down your length, as she licks her lips.
  219. >You know what she wants, and you want to rush her to it, but before you can, she dives her mouth onto your cock.
  220. >You throw your head back a little as her mouth connects with the head of your member.
  222. >She keeps her hand on it as she lowers her head down the shaft gently.
  223. >As she bobs her head up and down, her tongue is lapping around the tip.
  224. "S-sunset..."
  225. >Sunset looks up at you with her lustful, cyan eyes, smiling as she picks up the pace.
  226. >A moan escapes your mouth as Sunset works her magic.
  227. >Slowly, she goes deeper down on your cock, until she gags on it, leaving you breathless.
  228. >Hearing her gag made your erection grow more in her mouth.
  229. >The way she's moving her head, hand, and tongue is driving you insane.
  230. >It feels like you're about to burst at any minute if she keeps this up.
  231. >She shoves it deep down her throat one more time and lets it out her mouth, causing a loud pop.
  232. "Why you stop?" You look down at her.
  233. >She kisses the tip of your penis and strokes it for a while.
  235. >"Because. It's your turn now." She starts crawling up to you.
  236. "M-my turn? Do you me-" you pause as Sunset puts her bare pussy to your face.
  237. >When did she take her panties off?
  238. >You stare at what's in front of you.
  239. >A nice pair of pink lips, soaked to the extreme.
  240. >It lets off a musky scent due to the wetness.
  241. >It's dripping so much lovejuice, that some of it falls on your neck.
  242. >"Yes. This is what I mean, Anon." She spreads her lower lips a little. "Now eat my pussy, Anon. It's dripping for you."
  243. >She isn't kidding about that.
  244. >Before you can react, she shoves her womanhood in your face and pushes your head into it.
  245. >Your face and her vagina have now met each other, so now there's nothing left to do but enjoy what's been given to you.
  246. >You move your head back for a little breathing room and a better view.
  247. >The way her fingers are spreading it is a wonderful sight.
  248. >You waste no time, as you stick your tongue out, and begin licking her wet labia.
  249. >As you work on licking, you use your thumb to rub her moist clit.
  250. >She lets out a moan of ecstasy as you press hard on her love button.
  251. >You speed up the rubs as you suckle on her pussy lips.
  253. >You're about to slide your tongue into her vagina, but something falls on your face.
  254. >This causes you to stop and look up.
  255. >Her bra is now on your face and Sunset is holding her bare breasts.
  256. >"Don't.. Stop... Please..." She plays with her nipples, clearly begging you to continue with what you was doing.
  257. >No need to tell you twice.
  258. >You remove the bra from your face and go back to what you started.
  259. >Slowly, you slide your tongue into her pussy, getting a scream of pleasure from red/yellow haired woman.
  260. >You start up the rubbing again as your tongue moves around in her love tunnel.
  261. >Her moans become louder as you keep up the pace.
  262. >She's pinching her nipples and fondling her breasts.
  263. >"Ahh..." Sunset softly lets out a sound from her mouth.
  264. >Is she about to...
  265. >You press on her clit and Sunset screams out.
  266. >"AHH! ANON!"
  267. >Sunset's fluids quickly fills your mouth.
  268. >You swallow all the liquid.
  269. >It taste really sweet and delicious.
  270. >You look up at Sunset.
  271. >She is panting heavy, trying to get her breath back.
  272. >It looks like she's trying to say something.
  273. >"That... was amazing..." She manages to get the words out her mouth.
  274. >Her pussy is still wet, but not as much since most of it went into your mouth.
  275. >Sunset turns her head over her shoulder and looks at your erection.
  276. >"Good... Still hard..." She looks down at you. "Get ready, because you're in for something special."
  277. >She collects herself moves herself down to your member.
  278. >Next thing you know, she holds it straight up and hovers her vagina over it.
  279. >She starts to straddle on your cock, letting it slide between her lower lips.
  280. >Your cock feels amazing as it gets wet from Sunset's juices.
  281. >She slowly lowers herself onto you, her pussy swallowing your cock.
  282. >A moan of ecstasy escapes her mouth as she throws her head back as your member enters her.
  283. >Lowering it down more, she finally gets it all inside her.
  284. >The walls of her vagina clamps down on your penis, like it's in a vice grip.
  286. >"The real fun starts now." She starts grinding on you slowly.
  287. >What you're feeling is so amazing, like nothing you ever felt before.
  288. >As she keeps up the grinding, she lowers her body down to yours, letting her breasts touch your bare chest.
  290. >After a few moments of grinding, she begins to bounce her hips onto you slowly, causing her walls to rub against your cock.
  291. >Both of your moans are echoing throughout the car and alleyway.
  292. >She speeds up her movements, causing you to go crazy.
  293. >You lift your head up and grab one of her breasts.
  294. >This shocks her as she looks down at you.
  295. >You lunge your face towards the breast you're holding, and shove it in your mouth.
  296. >Sunset screams out a pleasurable yelp as you begin to suck on her nipple, grinding your teeth on it.
  297. >You also begin to thrust your hips into hers, making your cock go in and out her vagina quickly and roughly while suckling on her nipples.
  298. >"Ahh! Anon... Keep going... Don't you dare stop..."
  299. >As your thrusts get more rough, you grab her free nipple with your other hand and start pinching it.
  300. >You feel like you're about to burst again.
  301. >You take Sunset's breast out of your mouth.
  302. "S-sunset.. I'm about to..."
  303. >She looks down at you and gives you a lustful smile.
  304. >She gets off you, and kneels down in front of your cock.
  305. >You look at her, wondering why she keeps doing that when you're about to blow your load.
  306. >"Let's finish this up." She holds her breasts together. "Stick it between these babies, Anon."
  307. >You listen to her command and slides your member between her wonderful tits.
  308. >She begins to move her breasts up and down, making you feel her breasts around your cock.
  309. >Her mouth covers the tip and she starts sucking on it softly, maintaining the speed of the tit fucking.
  310. >You can't hold it any longer as you can feel it.
  311. >"It's getting hot and larger.." She speeds up. "Give it to me, big boy."
  312. >Finally, she's letting you blow your load.
  313. >Get ready, Sunset.
  314. "Fuck.. Sunset..!"
  316. >A moan escapes your mouth as your penis shoots out it's milk.
  317. >"Ahh!" Sunset yells out, but you can't tell why, although you probably already know.
  318. >You fall on your back, trying to catch your breath, looking up to the roof of the car.
  319. >"You knew you can help me out..." She says between breaths.
  320. >You look at her and notice her face is covered with your load.
  321. "So.. This is the condition you were talking about? Having sex with you?"
  322. >"Mostly." She starts cleaning her chest. "I never had it in my car, so I took this opportunity when you asked me for directions."
  323. "So. Sex in your car is what you wanted..." You laugh a little bit, trying to get up.
  324. >Sunset places you back down on your back.
  325. >"Don't worry, Anon. I'll clean you up and pick your clothes on." She begins cleaning you up. "It's the least I can do."
  326. "But what about the hotel? I really hav-" You feel a little sting on your leg.
  327. >It doesn't hurt, but you're starting to feel drowsy.
  328. >You start slurring your words before falling asleep.
  329. >Before you fall into a deep sleep, you hear Sunset giggling and saying something.
  330. >"Good night, baby."
  331. >...
  333. >Something is shining right in your eyes.
  334. >You groan, trying to block it with your arm, but you realize something.
  335. >You sit up very quickly, looking around your surroundings to see what you are.
  336. >A TV, a window, curtains.
  337. >Looks like a room. An ordinary room.
  338. You look around and find yourself on a bed.
  339. >Are you..?
  340. >You see some towels next to you that has "Sunset Valley" engraved on it.
  341. >So you are at the hotel.
  342. >When did you get here?
  343. >Last thing you remember is that you was in the car, recovering from what happened, then everything went blank.
  344. >Was everything just a dream? It couldn't be.
  345. >Everything felt so real.
  346. >You reach in your pocket for your phone and unlock it.
  347. >As soon as you unlock it, you notice that you got a new message.
  348. >New Message(s) from: Sunset Shimmer.
  350. >Sunset? So it wasn't a dream, but how did she get your number and how did her number get on your phone?
  351. >You open up the message to read.
  352. >["Hey, Anon. Thanks for yesterday. I had fun. As I promised, I took you to the hotel. Sorry it had to happen like this though. I put you to sleep with a tranquilizer dart to pull a few surprises. One of them is this text and my number. I took your phone while you were sleeping. As for the others, well. two is in your back pockets, and the last is also on your phone. By the time you wake up, I'll already be gone. One more thing. I stole a kiss from you when you was sleeping. I just had to. Hope you see you again though. Take care and do well on your presentation. <3"]
  353. >Oh shit, the presentation!
  354. >What time is it?
  355. >You look around for a clock.
  356. >9:30!?
  357. >Shit, you're late!
  358. >You leap out of the bed and run towards the shower.
  359. >Only 30 minutes until the presentation.
  360. >Gotta hurry, gotta hurry.
  361. >Finally finished with your shower, so you run out, put on your suit, and put your other clothes in the suitcase.
  362. >You check the time one more time.
  363. >Shit, now it's 9:45!
  364. >Only 15 minutes left, so grab your things, run out the room and lock the door.
  365. >You don't have time to take the elevator, so you go straight for the stairs, running faster than you thought you can.
  366. >Finally you reach the front desk and check out.
  367. >The hotel employees bid you farewell as you exit.
  368. >Now it's time to find the building where the presentation is being held.
  369. >Fancy Pants said it was a tall building close to the hotel and you can see it from there..
  370. >You look around for that building, trying to find it.
  371. >After looking for a while, you find a tall building with the letters "F.P." on it.
  372. >How the fuck you missed that?
  373. >Fuck it, no time to think about that. You run towards the building.
  374. >Finally, you have made it.
  375. >You walk in, make your way to the front desk and tell the guy in charge about your meeting.
  377. >He tells you that the room you're looking for is on the 5th floor.
  378. >He points to the elevator and you head towards it, telling him thanks for his help.
  379. >The elevator is already open, so you step inside and head up to the designated floor.
  380. >The clock inside shows you that you got two minutes until showtime.
  381. >The doors open and you make your way to the room.
  382. >As you enter, you see lots of people already there.
  383. >Let's get started and prove to the boss he made the right choice by picking you.
  385. >After a hour and a half of talking about your clothing line, you're finally done.
  386. >Everyone in the room stands up and gives you a round of applause.
  387. >A sigh of relief escapes your mouth now that you know everything is over with and that you can go home now.
  388. >You gather everything together and stuff them in your suitcase in a neatly fashion.
  389. >As everything leaves the room, they tell you about how great your clothes are and thank you for showing it to them.
  390. >You feel proud of yourself.
  391. >Fancy Pants is gonna be proud as well.
  392. >You're now alone in the room, looking around.
  393. >Sunset enters your mind when you let your mind wander.
  394. >Wait...
  395. >The surprises that Sunset left you!
  396. >You haven't even search for them yet.
  397. >If you remember correctly, two is in your back pockets of your pants and one is on your phone.
  398. >First one you search for is the one in the back pockets, so you take out your pants from your suitcase and begin looking.
  399. >You dig deep into the left pocket and feel something.
  400. >Feels like paper.
  401. >You slowly take it out and notice that it's money.
  403. >Your eyes widen as you begin counting.
  404. >20, 40, 60...
  405. >$100!?
  406. >Why would she give you this money?
  407. >Something is stuck on a $20 bill, so you pull it off and begin to read what's written on it.
  408. >["Now you have money to get to the airport. - Sunset."] It also has a kiss mark on it.
  409. >But this is more than enough to get to the airport.
  410. >Why would she give you this much?
  411. >You put the cash in your suit pocket and begin to look in the right back pocket of your pants.
  412. >Once you slide your hand it, you immediately feel something.
  413. >It feels like some sort of fabric.
  414. >Slowly, you pull it out and hold it in front of your face.
  415. >You can't believe what you're seeing right now.
  416. >Sunset's panties are right in front of you.
  417. >There's a note on the crouch area.
  418. >You pull it off and read this one as well.
  419. >["You deserve these. Enjoy them. - Shimmer."] This one has a kiss mark on it as well.
  420. >This is so shocking for you.
  421. >Now it's time for the last surprise.
  422. >You quickly take out your phone and start cycling through it.
  423. >Everywhere you thought a surprise would be, isn't there.
  424. >That is, until you search your photos.
  425. >You see that you have one new photo.
  426. >You open it and you get the same expression you got when you found her panties.
  427. >It's a picture of Sunset wearing a big smile, covered in your cum.
  428. >Everything that happened yesterday, you have something to remember it by.
  429. >Her panties and this picture.
  430. >You take looks, back and forth at both things.
  431. >Yesterday was amazing now that you look back on it.
  432. >The boys back at home won't be able to believe this.
  434. -End-
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