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  1. [COLOR=#FF0000][B][SIZE=5]We are open!
  3. [/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][B][SIZE=5][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]We      have decided to open publicly for the foreseeable future, We feel with      the epic results we are showing to our private members and with the      state the current SEO      scene is in with updates etc its a great time for us to open   publicly    rather than make people wait, that being said we have taken   on a lot  of   new staff in preperation for this.
  5. We are providing a service that will go above and beyond to get you the    rankings you desire, we will work with you on a personal basis fitting    our SEO to   exactly  what your site needs, with the introduction now of our indepth   onsite  analysis and instructions text that will be sent to all new   clients we  aim to get off to a flying start by dealing with every   aspect of SEO!
  6. [/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR=#ff0000]
  7. Policy Change[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  9. [B]As mentioned earlier in the thread we will now be updating our recommended time and refund policy to 6 months, in light of recent google updates and after speaking with several of our members its become apparent that 3 months is just not enough time to see significant [U]safe[/U] movement in todays SEO arena.
  11. We have ranked and continue to rank sites weekly for our members, rather than have someone join us get to the 3 month mark and leave just before things really pick up like we have seen time and time again we have decided on this change, other services similar to ours applied this 6 month change after the penguin update, with the results we are still obtaining we decided to wait it out until now.
  13. I don't want people to be disapointed and I want to continue to provide the best results and value for our members so this I feel is the smartest move to ensure satisfaction and that peoples expectations are met!
  16. [/B][/CENTER]
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