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  1. In the cold vacuum of space a ship was flying on a crash course landing for Earth it flew threw the sky and crash landed into a park. no one was around to see or hear but an Alien climbed out of the ship a big smelly sweaty fat bug who liked to be called Edgar. The bug looked around seeing he was in a big wooded park and said "Hmf.....So this is Earth? nothing but a dirt ball." Edgar got out of the ship with a million tiny cockroaches  swarming around him. Edgar rubbed his huge brown belly it was a very hot night and bugs like him sweated a lot, he felt very sweaty and smelly and he loved that being a gross fat bug was something Edgar took in pride. Edgar slapped his big round brown booty and said "Fuck I'm horny already. I wonder if any of the worthless being on this planet can s satisfy my urges."
  3. "...Fuck...missed out on another shot of getting some nice juicy woman nookie..." an average sized man growled, walking casually down through the fairly vegated grounds of the rural countryside. His short black hair was slick, his stocky, heavy body was covered underneath by a leathery black jacket. A huge, massive bulge was protruding out of the crotch area of his blue jeans. His name was Randy "Hammering" Smith, having gotten hammering as an added middle name for his infamous use of relying on hammering his victims with an actual hammer...and of course "hammering" out his lovely female prey with his massive, foot long slab of meat. As he walked he stopped as he saw smoke rising from the distance near a fallen crater, as he steadily closed the space he felt a loud Crunch! as he looked down, seeing several cockroaches getting crushed under his feet.
  5. Edgar could hear someone approaching him his antenna stood up as he sensed a human coming close Edgar despite being so fat and big was rather stealthy as he sneeked away hiding in some bushes waiting to see what ever human came his way. Edgar was prepared if this human tried anything he could easily kill it. he just had to lay low and see what kind of prey would appear. Edgar soon saw the human approach his ship was a male in his late 20s, he looked very fit and healthy. Edgar couldn't help but notice the large bulge in his jeans this excited Edgar as he clicked his tongue thinking about just how big this humans meat was. but was caught Edgar's attention was this humans scent he smelled like blood and hate Edgar could tell this human was dangerous and evil. but to Edgar he was still just a pest no more dangerous then any other weak human. but then....Edgar heard the crunch and his eyes widened as  he saw the human step on a cockroach then he did it again stepping on more of them. this made Edgar very angry........
  6. "Fucking pests...ya'll ain't worth nothing...why did god even make you guys?" the human growled venomously as he coldly stepped and crushed more of them under his feet with a sick sadistic grin on his face. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! he continued to harshly and more intentionally slam his large foot down, crushing them, watching them practically burst into goo under his colossal weight. "HA! You worthless bugs! I'm FAR superior to you! I'm bigger than you! You're at the BOTTOM of the food chain while I am on TOP!" he hollered out with a bellowing laugh, stomping several more of them as they tried to scurry away.
  8. Edgar growled under his breath watching this vile creature hurt his brothers and sisters. he stood up and slowly walked up to the human who was too busy torturing the poor bugs to notice as  Edgar got close. Jake only stopped when he noticed a large shadow loom over him that's when the human turned and his smug smile turned to one of shock as he was now looking right at Edgar 's fat belly since Edgar  was so huge Jake's head came up to Edgar 's fat belly and moobs. Jake then titled his head and up and his face turned to one of pure horror when he saw the big scary bug head attached to this fat sweaty brown body. Edgar ' face got close to Jake's face as Edgar  growled and then grabbed him by the shoulders and then threw him into a near by tree hurting  Jake badly as he slammed into it. Edgar walked up to Jake as Jake tried to crawl away only for Edgar  to grab him flip him over onto his back and for Edgar  to sit down on his chest making Jake groin in pain as this massive obese alien sat his huge sweaty fat ass down on his chest pinning him to the ground
  10. "GAH! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!" the killer shouted out, Randy gritted his teeth as he stared up at his assailant with shock in them. This...this thing had the audacity to attack HIM? The balls to actually take him on? Human or not he wasn't intimidated by this alien beast. With a growl he attempted to shove the monster off of him but to no avail, his face red as he in vain tried to shove him off but the immense weight was just too much for him to handle. His thick crotch slid up and dug deep into the alien's monstrous bare butt cheeks as it remained sitting on top of him. "I'M RANDY HAMMERING SMITH!! RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MURDERS OF OVER 30 PEOPLE, THE KILLER AND THE FUCK MACHINE OF THE WOMEN!" he shouted out with pure explosive hostility, his teeth bare, his thick eyebrows clutched down in ferocity.
  12. Edgar slapped Jake with his hand only lightly with his alien strength it really hurt like a boxing punch giving Jake a black eye. Edgar said "Shut up you little worm! I don't give a fuck how many weak meaningless humans you killed but what you just did to my brothers and sisters is something that can not be forgiven and you will be punished" He said in anger. Edgar was angry part of him wanted to kill this human right now but another part of him wanted this human. Edgar looked behind himself to see Jake's crotch and saw his huge bulge in his jeans that pushed up into his ass crack it made Edgar blush a bit seeing how huge this humans meat was it made him excited. Edgar looked at Jake and grinned saying "I know just how to punish you hehe" he said as he knew just what he wanted to do. Edgar got up and lifted up his ass and stood up presenting his huge round sweaty brown ass to Jake. Jake wondered what Edgar was doing before to his shock Edgar leaned down and shoved his ass into Jake's face Edgar was sitting on Jake's head squishing his head between his massive smelly brown ass cheeks
  14. "Fu..fuck..." the human growled out before having his further insults and swears muffled down and out by the thunderous fall of that massive ass as it practically consumed his head, His face was wedged between that enormous crack as he aggressively squirmed underneath his immense weight, his face grinding and pushing up against those thick, bulging anal hole lips. The smell was...horrendous, foul, tear swelling and rank of a stinky stench that made his hair stand up on end as he felt his face dig in deeper, his hands slapped and smacked against those fat cheeks, trying in vain to get him off.
  16. Edgar growled in pleasure like a beast in heat as he felt the humans small melon like head squish up between his huge round sweaty brown cheeks the smell was intense. since Edgar was a stinky fat sweaty bug who never bathed to Randy it was like having his face planted into a big pile of wet smelly garbage. both cheeks were so smooth and round yet Edgar's booty was so heavy, Randy worried if Edgar wanted he could crush his head like a watermelon. Edgar began to slowly twerk on Randy's face squishing his face over and over between his fat cheeks making his huge ass jiggle around, Edgar pushed Randy's head so far in that his nose pressed into Edgar's big fat doughnut shaped asshole Randy could hardly breath from how bad the smell was and Edgar wanted Randy to taste his asshole. "Come you worthless human eat my dirty asshole. eat it like your life depends on it! Edgar shouted
  18. "Let fucking bug..." the human growled only to feel that slick donut hole press over his face, coating him in that stinky, musky scent of the giant fat roach's ass as he slowly began to willingly lap and lick his tongue across his hole. Lightly at first he tasted that awful, powerful and cringing taste of it's sweat, smelly donut but as the licks continued he felt a growth of...excitement? Horniness? he wasn't sure as he began to dig in rather more willingly, licking and tonguing the hole with worship, his hands firmly squeezing and groping those thick brown globes as he made out with the hole like he would with a beautiful woman.
  20. Edgar moaned loudly clicking like a bug as he moaned. this human was good, he said he raped many woman so he was clearly very experienced even if he was the one being raped this time around. Edgar wasn't a beautiful woman Randy could defile, but a hole was a hole so Jake did was he did beast and ate out Edgar's huge sweaty gross doughnut shoved his whole mouth around Edgar's asshole and French kissing it licking all all over the slimy inside  and slurping the dirty asshole up making it bulge out. Edgar kept moaning loudly his breath turning steamy and his face blushing a dark red from the sheer pleasure his fat cock became fully erect under his fat belly and twitched like mad while his asshole was sucked on. Edgar let out long moans of passion as Randy slapped his big brown cheeks making his soft sweaty brown cheeks jiggle like jelly. and as Edgar had his asshole played with Edgar began to notice the growing boner forming in Randy's jeans.
  22. "Mmm...fuuuck...Even though you're an ugly, fatass alien...and a guy...your's hot as fuck..." the human groaned out almost happily as he suckled and pratically nursed at that huge asshole hungrily, his licks and suckles grew, even nibbling lightly and gently and teasingly at the puffy brown donut as if it were glazed in honey and sugar. While doing this he slowly used a free hand to pull his zipper down, letting his foot long mass of rock hard meat burst out into the cold night air, cutting wind as it bobbed up and down, poking and grinding between the alien's thighs.
  24. Edgar was enjoying himself greatly as the human made out with his fat doughnut like it was his lover Edgar was enjoying himself so much he didn't notice Randy bring his hand down to his jeans and unzip his jeans letting his massive 15 inch long and 4 inch wide fat gorilla cock flop out into the night air standing tall and proud in front of Edgar's fat belly and thighs  Edgar finally noticed when he smelled the cock and the precum leaking from it he looked down and his mouth of sharp teeth hung open from the size of this humans cock. it was huge even bigger then his tool. Edgar almost felt jealous but at the same he had to admit it looked so tasty. feeling like he should indulge since Randy is eating him out he should return the favour and give Randy an alien BJ
  26. "Oooh...Fuck yeah..." the human called out as he ground his face further into the alien's hole as he felt his strangely designed maw engulf his hard cock as it pulsed and slid into his hot mouth. He gritted his teeth as he aggressively thrusted his hips firmly while he gradually pushed his face in deeper, causing his smaller head to actually push in past the donut hole until with a wet pop he felt his head get slurped completely inside him. He felt the thing's anus wrap around his neck firmly as he pushed and thrusted his head in, using himself like a dildo as he ground his head against the tight walls.
  28. Edgar was slowly losing his mind from the sheer pleasure as his fat disgusting asshole swallowed Randy's head whole, his asshole acted like a second maw easting up Randy's whole head, Randy screamed inside Edgar's asshole making the inside of his asshole vibrate Edgar growled in pleasure as he began to twerk his ass making his asshole plunge up and down on Randy's head using his head like a big round dildo. Edgar said like a stupid brain dead beast in heat "Need....fat...human.....cock! he said as he plunged his head down on Randy's fat penis and began to rapidly suck with the cock going all the way into the back of Edgar's throat being coated in thick yellow goo. Edgar sucked rapidly his mouth sucking his cock so hard it was lucky none of his sharp teeth touched Randy's cock. Soon Edgar felt like he was ready to cum he didn't know how long he could hold back
  30. The alien roach would feel the sensation of his whole monstrous ass shake and tremble violently, as if hit by an earthquake as those sweaty butt cheeks shook and jiggled and wobbled heavily and vibrated over the human's head. If one were to listen closely enough it was the sounds of his orgasmic screams as he exploded hotly and loudly into the roach's mouth, pumping down an insane amount of his thick, gooey, white cum by practically gallons. His hips buckled and tensed up as seed would be seen pouring out of Edgar's maw as it splashed down his yellow throat like a broken dam. His head would fiercely yank back against the tightly closed anal lips, clearly trying to pull out.
  32. Edgar's mouth was blasted with a torrent of hot human cum filling his gross slimy mouth making it spray all over the place. as for Randy his face was covered in slime as Edgar came from his ass and also shot a load of yellowish cum across his body as he came from having his ass eaten. Randy yanked his head out and with a loud pop he was free landing back onto the ground his head covered in yellow slime and sweat and his neck hurt a lot. Edgar gulped down the tasty sugar like human cum and got up looking down at the slime covered human Edgar said "Hmmmmm....your pretty good for an evil bug killer. but your not getting off easy that was just four play" he said as he then puked some kind green acid all over Jake. Jake panicked thinking he was going to die but the acid was not strong enouth to hurt him at all but it was strong enouth to make all of his clothings burn away till he was as naked as the day he was born.
  34. "Ah...fuck...ah..." the human was actually rather relaxed...really relaxed in fact as he watched his clothes melt away, leaving his ripped muscular body on display, his slimy cock flaccid yet still huge and meaty as he laid there in a lustful daze. Obviously he was still succumbing from that lovely and truly forceful foreplay. His eyes were glazed over as he slowly and groggily rose up into a sitting position. He steadily fell onto his knees as he weakly seemed to crawl lowly towards the alien's heavy legs and fatty thighs, gently rubbing and massaging his skin with worshippable admiration.
  36. Edgar was exited to see the human was hungry for more as he crawled up to him butt naked in the grass grasping his thighs and  licking his hips with desire. Edgar said "Hungry for more I see? you total whore don't you humans have any shame? Randy didn't say anything as he crawled around Edgar going to his ass Edgar turned his head watching as Randy licked his huge sweaty ass cheeks like they where jelly. taken long licks like a dog. Edgar got a boner and smiled excited as he grabbed hold of Randy and pressed him into a tree hugging him pressing his fat belly and moobs into his face squishing the life out of him. Randy's face was pressed between Edgar's fat sweaty moobs as Edgar pressed his whole body weight into Randy crushing him to the point he could hardly breath
  38. "Oh yes...yes...I'm all...yours...." a weak yet pleasured groan echoed out as Randy allowed himself to willingly become crushed up against the large tree, his eyes slimed down as he was pressed harshly against those huge, fat moobs. He tenderly licked and kissed that dark brown skin, he even went as far as to kiss and even took one of those large swollen nipples into his mouth, suckling it. "Ahhh...I wanna fuck these tits so badly...badder than any woman..." he moaned out as he suckled and pulled at the roach's nipple some more.
  40. Edgar grinned "You humans are such dirty perverts. no shame at all I can't wait to wipe this planet out to show you all a lesson....but for now.....I'll grant you your wish." Edgar then got on his knees and Randy watched as Edgar slid down keeping his fat body pressed into his but soon his fat cock and Edgar's fat brown sweaty moobs were lined up, Edgar then grabbed hold of both his man tits and pressed them together making Randy moan and throw his head back as Edgar's warm sweat covered tits engulfed his cock sinking deep between his man tits. Edgar giggled as he began to rub them up and down tit fucking Randy with his big male bug tits. Randy couldn't stop moaning.
  42. "Ah fuck...I don't care what you do...just...ahhh..." the killer couldn't finish his sentence without a long, wailing moan interrupting him as he watched and felt those huge, bug melons of sweat and musk grind and slid up and down along either side of his now once again VERY erect cock. Precum was already leaking out of the swollen mushroom capped tip as he thrusted his hips wildly with want and need. "...Just least take me with you...I'll be your personal dildo...your food...your fucktoy...I'll love and worship your hot and sexy fat body...always...." he gurgled out as he bucked his strong muscular legs a bit more.
  44. Edgar was drooling at the thought of breaking this humans mind and making him into his personal sex slave he could fuck and abuse anytime he wanted. Edgar picked Randy up by the throat and shoved him into a tree chocking him. Edgar said "Very well. for your crimes human you will spend the rest of your days as my pet. I will fuck you when I want and abuse you when I want and even when I get sick of you....I'll kill you when I want! Randy seemed to happy as his face blushed and he drooled  from being chocked out his cock was twitching  in the cold wind. Edgar forced his face to Randy's and kissed him forcing him into a sloppy French kiss making there tongues dance.  Edgar said "Alright then slave let's takes our fun to a more private place." he said as he took Randy still holding the naked man by the throat back to his ship opening up the hatch and taken him inside his hot steamy bug filled slime covered ship
  46. "Fu...fuck....Ah god...Edgar..." he groaned out as he was dragged inside the ship before feeling himself tossed into the slime coated floor of the metal interior of the saucer. His eyes glued back onto the approaching alien roach as he slowly turned and with need he crawled towards him like a hungry animal. He ground up against his fat thick thigh before leaning his head up and sat down between his hulking thighs, smelling his musky, sweaty odor as he lapped and kissed his hanging cock and balls with worship. "I want...I want milk master..." he called out weakly as he licked and kissed the fat flaccid base gently.
  48. Edgar sat in his cock pit while Randy came up and licked his legs before he came up and began to lick up his big slime covered bug cock. Randy licked up the tip sucking up the dick cheese covering his cock tip and then began to lick Edgar's huge sweaty balls licking up all the sweat and grim from his nut sack he even began to suck on his balls slurping them up in his mouth. Edgar let his new pet taste his fat cock after all it would be the main thing he would be tasting for now on. Edgar then came right into Randy's mouth blowing a huge load into his throat and making his cheeks bulge out as his eyes rolled back from the intense sour taste.
  50. "Ah please...more...I want more..." he murmured out as he swallowed down load after load of that ultra sour, thick and funky tasting gunk before nuzzling his lap lovingly as if a loyal pet. At some point he'd wait patiently for the giant bug to bend over from his seat, just enough of a lean so that monstrous ass came into sight. Soon as it came into view the human sprung up and pounced on the roach's fat ass before plunging his foot long erection deep, impaling him on his cock as he wildly thrusted and bucked his hips with great and fierce strength.
  52. Edgar moaned happy to have his fat ass fucked at last the humans huge meaty cock felt so hot and thick in his giant huge asshole it was so big it stretched out his fat asshole Edgar lifted up his legs behind his head while Randy gripped both his thick legs and slammed his fat cock in and out of Edgar's fat ass. making both his huge cheeks jiggle. Edgar moaned and growled from having his ass fucked so hard. Edgar said "Harder bitch fuck me. rape my ass like you would rape those woman show me what your weak species can do! Edgar said wrapping his legs around Randy's hips pulling him in and forcing him deeper into his ass
  54. The human growled menacingly like a predator as he slammed and pumped harder and harder into his alien master's thick donut hole, his erect shaft stretching and ramming up and down against the slick, moist and hot fleshy walls of his rectum. "Mmmrgh!!! I'm gonna fill you up so much master!" he hollered out with a vicious grin as his legs flexed as he slammed and bulldozed further and harder into the alien's ass. His hanging balls slapping against his fat ass cheeks which made a wet slapping sound as he picked up the pace, the sensation of his next orgasm looming over as he grasped the roach's thighs and pressed in the furthest he could reach as he exploded inside of him, his cock erupting as his seed sploshed out and filled up his filthy interior.
  56. Edgar moaned and panted like a bitch in heat as his fat ass was pumped full of hot human seed. filling up his rectum and belly with cum. Edgar came shooting his load all over his belly. both the bug and human panted from how intense the sex was before Edgar pulled him into a hug pressing his skinny body into his big sweaty fat belly and moobs before kissing him all over. Edgar said "Good pet. Oh fuck you fuck my doughnut so good! Edgar watched as Randy licked his face all over like a hyper active dog. he was so in love with his Master he didn't care at all about human woman anymore or killing he just wanted to fuck and please his sexy fat master. Edgar put his legs down and said "Oh your very good but I wonder can you handle my cock bitch? Edgar said as he picked up Randy and put him on his lap facing him. Edgar's cock then got hard again pressing up between Randy's soft human buns. it was time for Randy to be the bottom.
  58. "Ooooh!!! Ahhh god!!!!" Randy's voice hit a rather high pitch as he felt his master's now once again rock hard monster press and grind against his thick, muscular globes as he laid resting against his belly and fat moobs. The man's face was left with a lost expression of lust and unquenchable desires for his fat, thick bug master as he willingly pushed down, allowing the alien's cock to actually poke and slowly slide in. He released a loud screeching moan as he felt the monster cock force it's way into his rectum and further inside him, stretching his insides tightly. He felt his prostate fully poked and stimulated by the massive slab of bug meat as his cock swung back up into the air, once more hard as stone.
  60. Edgar grinned as he felt his fat cock push up between Randy's firm cheeks and deep up his little hole stretching it out tightly. Edgar could tell this was the bitches first time being fucked up the ass. Randy hated gay people and even killed a few. but now here he was getting his ass fucked by a massive fat slab of alien meat. and Randy loved it as he held onto Edgar's shoulders moaning as he felt his Masters big cock tip scratch his prostate making Randy's own massive human cock become fully erect and twitch like crazy Randy tried to take his hand down to jerk off his cock but Edgar slapped his hand away and said "No slut....your not cumming that way I'm gonna make you cum like the little whore you are by fucking your ass. you hate gays humans huh? well let's see how you like it when I fuck you so hard you'll be begging for my cock! he said as he began to plunge his cock in and out of Randy's ass over and over Randy held onto his masters shoulders moaning like a bitch as he was fucked up his ass. Randy's face was blushing red and his eyes went into the back of his head and his tongue hanged out by the side of his mouth he was lost in pleasure. he was such a fucking faggot and Edgar knew and Randy knew it
  62. The human whined pathetically as he watched his hand which was venturing down to grasp his pulsating cock was smacked away firmly by his master's larger paw. He grunted and moaned in absolute heat like a horny dog as he held onto those fat, sweaty shoulders for dear life as he bounced more and more frequently and hastily up and down on that monstrous erection. Precum was steadily leaking down his slit as he gazed into Edgar's lusty orbs, his whole body ground and slid up and down whilst laying firmly against his massive brown skinned belly, his cock poking around at his soft sweat skin flaps as he felt his battered prostate twitch and move with the thrusts."Ahh...Oh god...I'm cumming master!!!" he hollered out, his tongue hanging off to the side as he exploded, coating the entire stretch of the alien's gut with his cum as it spunked out everywhere.
  64. Edgar said "Well I'm not done yet. keep moving your hips bitch! he shouted grabbing Randy's hips and began to rapidly fuck him shoving his huge cock deep into Randy's ass and fucking him making sure it stayed nice and deep up his tight little ass. Randy's cock flopped around leaking cum as he just let his master fuck his ass Randy moaned loudly as Edgar fucked him. Edgar grunted as he said "Fuck I'm gonna cum take it bitch take my gross bug seed up your weak human ass! he shouted as he plunged it in deep erupting shooting blasts of thick yellowish cum right up Randy's ass his belly bloated up a little from having so much cum pushed up his ass. both screamed from cumming so hard before finally Edgar stopped Randy fell on his master resting his head between Edgar's fat moobs Edgar held onto Randy hugging him into his fat belly keeping his cock inside of Randy's leaking ass
  66. For awhile after at least a solid hour or so of the young man laying bundled up against his new master's huge gut he slowly felt the giant alien move as he rose up and planted his boy toy down on the floor, making him stand up straight, tall and stiffly like a statue. With his muscular 5'6 chiseled frame on view the human looked up as Edger rose up and stood, towering over him with his human pet standing between his legs and right underneath his monstrous mounds which shadowed over him. "Wh..what are you doing master?" the human called out curiously as he watched the alien make a strange squat like position, his black hair rubbing against his slick, sweaty skin.
  68. Edgar giggled as he rubbed his ass against Randy's head Randy at first thought Edgar wanted him to eat his ass out again so Randy began to lick Edgar's huge sweaty brown ass cheeks all over making them shine. and then got his face between both cheeks and began to suck on Edgar's fat asshole running his tongue around inside Edgar's asshole. Edgar smiled as he began to push deeper. soon his asshole began to swallow Randy's face making Randy moan. but it went further as Edgar grunted as his asshole lips went all around Edgar's head before it finally swallowed Randy's whole head. Randy moaned from inside his asshole as he felt his his ass cheeks. Edgar moaned and growled as he pushed down deeper soon going past his neck then it began to spread around his shoulders as Randy was having a hard time moving his arms and Edgar's asshole swallowed up Randys shoulders. Edgar's face was bright red and his breath was steamy and his yellow eyes ran into the back of his head as he swallowed up half of Randy's body with his asshole.
  70. "So goood...master...please more..give me much more..." groaned the young man as he watched his whole body was swallowed up by the roach's ass as he was squeezed up into his tight, slippery and yellowish rectum. He sighed as he felt hot, sweaty and coated in his yellowish goo as he leaned and pressed his face willingly against his master bug's walls, leaving trails of loving kisses and licks and even nudging and bumping his face repeatedly against the rather noticeable swollen lump nearby which was the very large prostate gland of the alien's. Stimulating him to the best he could he could only stand there helplessly and weakly as he was squeezed and sucked in more deeper before without warning he felt the bowels ease tension and he slid back out, plopping back down onto his bare back on the cold floor. As he kicked his feet up he watched in mesmerized awe as that massive brown ass came back down, this time his feet and legs pushing in and getting sucked and pulled into the alien's huge donut shaped hole.
  72. Edgar was becoming more beast like as the intense pleasure of stuffing a being nearly as big as him up his ass stretched out asshole made him moan loudly like a bitch and even howl from how intense the pleasure was. soon Randy's legs began to go all the way up Edgar's fat asshole till Edgar and Randy moaned when Edgar's asshole reached his hips and Randy felt his dick and balls be swallowed up too now pressing tightly against the inner walls of Edgar's asshole precum leaked all over as Randy even began to shift his hips fucking Edgar's inner asshole while being stuffed up him. Edgar said "Too.....much....gonna CUM! he said blasting a shot of cum across the ship. But Edgar didn't stop he kept pushing going deeper pushing the young man deep into his asshole past his belly and near his pecs. Edgar's belly bulged out from having so much stuffed into him. and Edgar being so sex crazed kept pushing Randy deeper into his asshole.
  74. As he was slurped back inside the alien's immense asshole the human bit his lip as he felt his rock hard cock rub and slide up and down firmly and harshly under pressure against his slimy yellow walls of his rectum. Over the course of time as the slurps grew and he found about all of himself sucked in safe for his feet Randy gave a sharp grunt before having his cock explode, blasting the walls with his thick seed. He couldn't move his hands hardly or even his own head as he remained forced into that tight embrace of the alien's tract system as he was continually squeezed as if milking him as what was left of his sperm spewed out all over the walls, he could feel the spunk oozing down below his waist, along his feet and out of the roach's anus and onto the floor.
  76. Edgar was grunting and moaning loudly as his face was bright red and his mouth was open drooling like a dog as his brain turned to mush. he was having such an intense series of orgasms that he didn't even notice that he had swallowed Randy's hole body into his asshole! Edgar finally too notice and was shocked to see his belly now giant and round making Edgar's body buckle from the sheer weight forcing Edgar to lean into his chair from the weight. he had a whole human inside his rectum and in his stomach. granted this wasn't new to Edgar he had eaten plenty of humans and aliens but he never ate a anything from his ass first. Edgar jiggled his belly feeling Randy move around his belly. Edgar didn't want him staying up there not sure how having a human up his ass would affect him in the long run. so Edgar then squatted and then began to grunt and shout in pain and pleasure as he began to push Randy out of his asshole pushing him out with all his might working his asshole muscles to the limit. at last Randy plopped out his asshole sliding onto the floor in a puddle of cum and anus juices.   Edgar panted and sweated heavily as Randy had a look on his face like he just went to Heaven. Edgar said "Even for me that was fucking weird....."
  78. For a period that stretched over 12 months the human would find himself succumbing more and more to the alien's lust and growing ever more addicted and in love with his alien master's body. His ass especially was the main magnet attraction as he slowly began to steadily lose his mind, his sanity long since gone, his mind devoid of any other intelligence aside from the hungry, primitive lust and desire to worship and fuck his master. Within a year, not too long after the departure back into space Randy wondered where the ship was taking them or in this case his master's intentions, were they heading to another planet? Was he taking him back home to his kind?...Were they huge and fat assed like him? He hoped so but would solely worship him as his god. He found himself crawling one early morning into Edgar's bed, eyeing his monstrous ass cheeks as he rubbed them with care as he slept. Having awoken not too long ago he hungered for a nice juicy fat donut..and the roach's would do just nicely. Slowly he dug his face instinctively into that immense ass crack before licking and probing the fat dark brown donut anus, sucking and kissing it hungrily.
  80. Edgar awoke to the feeling of his ass being eaten out he knew how it was his loyal loving pet. Edgar didn't need to get out of bed as he rested feeling Randy's mouth clamp around his fat asshole lips like a lover kissing another as Randy shoved his face deep between his cheeks. Edgar moaned loudly as Randy sucked his asshole licking it all over. from all the constant sex overtime Edgar and Randy's assholes became stretched out and very lose as both had fucked so much to the point there assholes were no longer tight at all forcing the two to get more extreme as soon Randy was done eating only to take his right arm turn his hand into a fist and shove it all the way down into Edgar's asshole Edgar rose his head up and howled like a heated monkey from having a whole arm shoved up his anus. Randy giggled like a naughty boy as he rapidly fisted Edgar's fat asshole  making him cum on his bed. Edgar sat up in bed and looked at Randy and said "Bad pet. now I need to teach you a lesson! almost on command Randy giggled as he got on his back and lifted his legs up presenting his stretched out abused asshole only for Edgar to shove his fist into Randy's asshole making Randy moan as his huge cock climaxed shooting cum across his own body. Edgar knew he should be spending his time flying the ship back to his home planet but he had become such a pervert that all he wanted to do was fuck Randy as he let the ship drift through space as both the bug and human fisted each other's assholes.
  82. Edgar and Randy would spend the next couple of years fucking none stop like bunnies. al day everyday all the two would do is fuck and cum all over the place making the hot ship smell of sex and sweat both Edgar and Randy were in heaven as they felt they could spend the rest of there lifes like this just the two of them fucking through space. what more could the two ask for?
  84. END
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