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  1. Wearing headphones and listening to music, could be like this , not sure to what song though.
  3. Just making this expression
  5. Any cute PoV like any of these with her.
  7. Dressed like Ahri, tails not necessary.
  9. Something with me and her, any of these are fine ref for stuff, but the SI in it is outdated, look at posted ref in my request.
  10. Other ideas being;
  11. Building gunpla(ask if you want any specific one), holding nippers/files and cleaning pieces with them.
  12. Me dressed as a butler of sorts, pouring her tea or coffee, or asking her to take her order, while she has a excited/happy and starry eyed look
  14. I'd like to see her dressed like Rinko Iori from Gundam Build Fighters I've already gotten a delivery of her dressed as Fumina, so I'm not requesting her dressed as her.
  16. Dressed/cosplaying like Cheshire Cat, maybe having a big/smug smile looking at a nervous me(SI ref in post)
  18. In a mecha musume/HDD set/Armour inspired by any of these There are also some suits not mentioned that would also be fine. If you're interested but want a sort of pose, scene or have a suit you'd be interested in going for, please ask.
  20. Requesting a version of this with her
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