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A Letter to Anonymous from Anonymous

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Aug 20th, 2011
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  1. A letter to Anonymous.
  3. Anonymous,
  5. I've supported you for awhile, the things you've done have helped a lot of people. I'd like to say #OpFullerton is a prime example of why I supported you. However, lately something has been wrong. There's no specific person that I can see who deserves the blame, instead it seems to be anonymous as a whole. Anonymous fights for freedom, you don't like people controlling you, that is admirable. But while you fight to remain free from government tyranny, you've shoved your views, into the faces of others. Because of your recent acts you've gone from liberators to terrorist dictators. I'm posting this as a guest because I feel that by simply disagreeing with you, I run a risk of attack. The attacks on innocent people have been something you've fought against in the past and again with #OpFullerton. You'll never gain popular support in the way that you're going, attacking corporations and releasing customer information makes them blame YOU, not the corporations. Whoever has told you that this was the logical approach has misled you.
  7. During #OpBART Anonymous was able to peacefully protest, however, while some were peacefully protesting, there were others violently "protesting" online, hacking into BART and destroying their property, and releasing customer information. BART is public transportation for those without transportation, this is the last resort for most people. Bart customers may not have a choice but to use BART, so you hurt them further by releasing their personal information like you're a bunch of lowlife scum. This is why you are thought of as cyber terrorists, this is why the people don't follow you. YOU ARE THE MINORITY.
  12. Please stop the releasing of innocent customer's information.
  13. Please stop supporting those who publicly do so.
  14. Please stop "violent protests" online.
  15. Do not stoop to the level of your adversaries.
  19. Love,
  21. Anonymous
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