Xenos Hunters Session 47

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  3.         antoine The Xenos-Daemon approaches with heavy steps, its face a permanent visage of hate. The bronze-red armour shifts over its molten skin as it advances towards you, the bright glare turning the nearby dying cultists into further agony. At its feet red armoured warriors lead by exarch wielding a pike move alongside white and blue warriors with plumed helms and xenos rifles. Behind them are a pair...
  4.         antoine ...of sedately moving constructs led by a lesser pysker witch. However the main threat other than the daemon is the larger construct, taller and slender than a dreadnaught, armed with a massive sword and a shoulder mounted cannon it takes loping strides towards you.
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  6.         Navarre ++I hate to suggest this but it's possible that we may have a common enemy.++ To be perfectly honest, after having a titan explode on him, Navarre would rather not have to face down not only an Avatar, but a wraithlord as well, so soon.
  7.         Balmung ++Well this is interesting++
  8.         Atlas   silently stands at attention flashing hateful glares at all of the Eldar in proximity.
  9.         antoine The Eldar Daemon raises a bloody hand to point at Sinbad and Oeris. Hot fumes escape its mouth as it intones, "Agaith"
  10.         Balmung ++The wolves and I shall engage their heavy infantry++
  11.         Anselm  bares his teeth. "We meet again, eldar witch!"
  12.         antoine The daemon raises its sword up in the air before slamming it down on the ground, a spear of fire reaches out towards Sinbad and Oeris.
  13.         Navarre ++Damn Eldar. It's never easy.++
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  19.         Sinbad  barely dodges, feeling the ungodly heat of the flames make his camo-cloak and tabard smoulder
  20.         antoine The Eldar Warhost is 30m from Sinbad and Anselm and 130m from the rest of the imperial forces.
  21.         antoine Oeris throws himself clear
  22.         antoine The Avengers jump, leap and spin between Anselm and friendly forces while peppering him with shuriken fire.
  23.         antoine The red armoured eldar advance more steadily, throwing flame at Sinbad
  24.         antoine The smaller contructs spit miniature warp rifts from their thick weapons but the shots go astray.
  25.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Eldar, Sinbad, Anselm, Balmung, Avatar, Wolf, Oeris, Space Marine allies, Atlas, Navarre”
  26.         antoine The larger construct fires a bright beam that cuts across the battlefield to slam into Atlas.
  27.         Sinbad  pulls forth his second bolter after replacing his relic sword, and lets loose a flurry of bolts
  28.         Sinbad  's fatigue and race to fire has his bolts fly uselessly
  29.         Anselm  raises his relic blade over his head and leaps into the Avengers, cartwheeling with the sword lifted over his head as he spins.
  30.         Balmung turns to his fellow Space Wolves and shouts in fersian over his external vox and points his axe at the wraith guard
  31.         Balmung stomps foward leading them
  32.         Anselm  rips through the Avengers, lopping off limbs and severing torsos from legs in a gory storm of destruction.
  33.         antoine The Avatar turns to Anselm as he ends 10 Eldar warrior's lives. The daemon-xenos charges forwards, swinging his sword one-handed at the little marine.
  34.         antoine Oeris turns and runs from the engagement, sprinting from any available exit, his armour powering him towards a nearby tunnel
  35.         Sinbad  "Coward!"
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  37.         antoine Decimus shouts at the top of his voice, "TRAITOR!" and sprints after him.
  38.         Navarre ++BAH! More good news!++
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  41.         antoine The Ultramarine veterans and scouts pick off two Fire Dragons with accurate fire.
  42.         Atlas   reigns sanctified death upon the largest construct with his Auto-Cannons.
  43.         antoine The construct deftly turns to avoid a majority of the shots but two still strike home.
  44.         antoine They leave grooves in the otherwise perfectly even 'face' of the construct
  45.         Navarre would try to approach Sinbad and Anselm's positions. They have need of in field surgery. He'll also switch the selector on his bolter to Kraken rounds and snap a shot off at the avatar.
  46.         antoine The shot bounces off, the Avatar paying it no mind. As the Eldar begin to attack again a few stumble and lean over for a moment, clutching their helms momentarily before shaking their heads free. You feel it as well, some dark pressure pushing at the edge of your mind.
  47.         antoine Oriel a farseer and a guardian squad appear at the tunnel mouth that Oeris is headed towards, the Human Psyker and the Eldar-Witch both clutching their heads in sudden pain. As they slowly recover Oriel looks over the battlefield, from a distance he seems to have a look of distance on his face. The Eldar next to him begins to shout and raises her arms before suddenly jerking backwards in pain.
  48.         Navarre ++GAAAAH! What fresh hell is this?++
  49.         Sinbad  's relic weapon reverberates and vibrates almost as if alive, it's wards glowing and etching across its handle
  50.         Atlas   ignores the pain focusing his entire being on the fight.
  51.         antoine The Farseer suddenly flashes like an exploding illuminator, she stumbles to her knees.
  52.         antoine Oriel clicks his fingers and the hurt guardians around him place their rifles to their helms with trembling hands before pulling their triggers, sending bloody splattering across the ground and tunnel wall. He extends his rod with a flourish and stands over the hurt farseer.
  53.         antoine The stake slams down but an invisible field shimmers and the rod bounces off to strike the ground instead.
  54.         Sinbad  looks at the red-armored Eldar, seeing their similar shooting situation
  55.         antoine The Dire Avenger exarch draws a sword that is deflected by Anselms combat shield while the wraithguard and fire dragons miss their targets.
  56.         antoine The larger construct advances, continuing to send lance after lance into Atlas.
  57.         antoine The bright beams strip armour off the dreadnaught but it refuses to yield.
  58.         Sinbad  draws his sword, lowers into a sprint position, then makes a jet-boosted beeline for Oeris in a midair kick
  59.         Sinbad  "الكهنوتية الركلة، نمط الرمل!"
  60.         Atlas   "I WILL NOT FALL HERE! NOT YET!"
  61.         Sinbad  flies past as Oeris dodges, skidding into a wall and preparing for another assault
  62.         antoine Oeris easily spins away from the clumsy attack
  63.         Sinbad  "You shall not flee so easily!"
  64.         Anselm  shouts to his gauntlet, "My aim be VENGEANCE!" before howling and swinging his enormous blade at the Avatar, desperately flailing at it.
  65.         Anselm  parries a response from the Avatar before spinning around and shooting a Vengeance bolt at the Dire Avenger.
  66.         antoine The Exarch dodges the clumsy split attack while the Avatar fumes with hatred, the heat bearing down on Anselm.
  67.         antoine Oeris runs at Oriel, firing a bolt pistol as he pushes forward but it jams while Decimus closes the distance on the Alpha Legionaaire.
  68.         antoine The Ultramarine initiates remove the smaller construct's Eldar leader with accurate shots that bypass its witch defenses.
  69.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Eldar, Sinbad, Anselm, Balmung, Avatar, Wolf, Oeris, humans, Space Marine allies, Atlas, Navarre”
  70.         Atlas   lets out a terrifying roar as he continues to fire his auto-cannon at the largest construct.
  71.         antoine The faster lupine move forward of Balmung, harrassing the Eldar Dire Avenger.
  72.         antoine His hair are singed by the nearby Daemon-Xenos.
  73.         antoine hairs*
  74.         antoine Oriel stabs down on the Eldar Farseer who thrusts up her hands in protect wards to prevent her execution, the shimmer of psychic light brightly sparking with each strike.
  75.         antoine protective*
  76.         Sinbad  "DAMN YOU I WANTED TO EAT HER BRAIN!"
  77.         Navarre would fire at the exarch. Missing terribly.
  78.         antoine The Exarch begins to skewer the growling wolf as the smaller constructs engage the ultramarines.
  79.         antoine The warp rifts opened up by the smaller constructs suck the 10 ultramarines into their rifts, ending them with a sudden finality.
  80.         antoine The red armoured eldar turn half of Gonmar's squad to molten slag as they rush forward. The larger construct fires a bright beam at Atlas who dodges it contemptuously.
  81.         Atlas   musters all of his might and forces his unwiedly body to slide out of harms way.
  82.         Sinbad  passes by Decimus, whispering a word of hate to him, then flies off to the Avatar in a spinning midair dervish
  83.         Anselm  considers his options and, realizing he is a singed mess, pulls back from the Avatar and heads towards Navarre.
  84.         Sinbad  unleashes the holiest dance of his people in midair, as fast as he can, in a desperate attempt to harm the Eldar god-demon
  85.         antoine Sinbad crashes into the massive daemon-xenos, crashing away into the ground nearby as the Avatar roars in hate, the steam and fumes rising from it suddenly rising in flow and temperature.
  86.         antoine "Suin Daellae, Mael dannan!"
  87.         Sinbad  "...I...I...Praise the God Emperor and damn you!"
  88.         antoine The Avatar of the Eldar god turns and charges Sinbad.
  89.         Balmung and the other wolves charge into the like of xenos
  90.         antoine The lupine on all fours tears at the plumed blue and white Exarch's wrist, tearing through the exquisite armour to maul the alien.
  91.         antoine Oeris draws a power sword and cuts into the distracted human psyker Oriel, tearing his arm to ribbons and felling him to the floor where he begins to bleed out.
  92.         antoine Decimus charges after the traitor but the deft strikes are turned aside by the Alpha Legionaaire.
  93.         Atlas   begins marching twords his rival on the field while continuing to empty his auto-cannon.
  94.         antoine Kant strides forward, his voice muffled *hurmrhp armprh hurm hurm hurm* as he torches the remaining fire dragons, leaving only the Exarch remaining.
  95.         antoine the only human still standing, Kant cares not for the living daemon-god standing nearby and continues to torch the remains of the Eldar.
  96.         Anselm  drops to his knees before the Apothecary. ++I shame myself every moment I stand back, Brother. Just hurry, I beg of you.++
  97.         Navarre ++You really should learn to duck!++ And Navarre gets to work on Anselm with his scary medical instruments!
  98.         antoine The Dire Avengar Exarch plucks the remaining good eye from the wolf, leaving it growling and bleeding but still standing.
  99.         antoine The large construct charges the Dreadnaught while firing its slender shoulder-mounted cannon.
  100.         antoine Smaller constructs miss their targets while the Fire Dragon Exarch attempts to slap a explosive charge onto Balmung who expertly batters away the attack with his axe.
  101.         Balmung laughs at the xenos ""Too much of a coward to face me in combat, you have to use your little bombs?"
  102.         Sinbad  draws his crozius, and looks up at the mighty hell-creature spoken of in Haqqian legend
  103.         Sinbad  "لعائلتي وأصدقائي، والله، وأعطي تجلب لك موتك."
  104.         Sinbad  strikes with all the fury of his being
  105.         Anselm  drops his relic blade and, drawing the Imperial Blood-Heirs Sword, fires his jump pack and launches himself at the Avatar of Khaine, screaming High Gothic prayers.
  106.         Balmung swings his axe into the exarch and chops him in half
  107.         antoine The Wolf collapses to the floor
  108.         Balmung snarls in rage and howls at the exarch
  109.         antoine Oeris and Decimus continue their battle, the former being slowly beaten down.
  110.         Atlas   "I WILL BREAK YOU!" The Engine of War shouts as he swings his mighty blade at the construct.
  111.         antoine Kant covers the smaller constructs with flame before Gonmar's remaining squad lead atop the pair, slamming axes down into wraithbone with double-handed strikes to split the evil xenos asunder. Soon the slaughter is done and both lie dead upon the field.
  112.         antoine The mighty swings of the dreadnaught are parried for a time until the slender construct is undone by a reversal downward counter stroke that imbeds itself in the body of the walker. The dreadnaught forces it to its knees before a burst of autocannon shells detonate its head and send the Eldar soul inhabiting it to the chaos gods.
  113.         Atlas   "YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!"
  114.         Navarre draws his powersword and charges the Dire Avenger! ++DIE XENOS!++
  115.         antoine The Exarch parries the charge while the Avatar reaches up and turns its blade downwards. The sudden thrust into the earth sends out a wave of flame to engulf the cavern.
  116.         Sinbad  "What is wrong with you?! Why won't you die and go back to the hell from whence you came?!"
  117.         antoine As the fighting rages on and Balmung's serfs are laid low a light appears from a tunnel, the echo of barking Doops reach your ears as Patriclus leads a desperate charge alongside Storm Crusaders, Knights and Dark Sons. "For the Emperor destroy these misbegotten fiends."
  118.         antoine The Dire Avenger charges with a sword help high at Anselm who brushes off the attack.
  119.         Anselm  draws his personal sword, perilously holding the Blood-Heirs Sword off-balance.
  120.         Navarre ++About damn time!++
  121.         Anselm  bellows a war cry as he cuts into the Avatar repeatedly, before stabbing into the Exarch behind him with his offhand.
  122.         antoine As Anselm rushes in the Avatar swings the blade overhead, the Knight ducks before thrusting Sinbad's sword deep into the daemon's leg, spilling molten metal onto the ground before he spins around. Completing the spin the Knight lops off the head of the Dire Avenger Exarch trying to sneak in an underhanded attack. Pushing off with his jump pack as the Avatar falls to one knee the knight is...
  123.         antoine ...grasped in mid-air by the bloody hand. Chopping downwards the Knight breaks free and spear himself towards the Avatar, twin blades held out before him like the lances of old. The Daemon-xenos' face is a contortion of rage as the tips of the blades slide into its eye and mouth, the Sword of the Blood Heir's runes lighting up as a pulse of power runs through the blade and explodes the head...
  124.         antoine ...of the avatar. The Headless daemon-corpse sinks to its knees before falling to the side, its armour crumpling and sucking into a molten pit forming around its body.
  125.         antoine Anselm's armour is marked by a massive bloody handprint marking the armour, the red does not seems to be etched into the armour itself.
  126.         Sinbad  body slams the slowly degrading body, rolling around in the molten metal
  127.         antoine Oeris and Decimus' battle continues, the once brothers clashing blades back and forth until Decimus claims the upperhand and swing his powersword in a high arc, decapitating the traitor in a single blow.
  128.         Anselm  drops to his knees as the last of his shaven hair falls from his head as singed, foul-smelling ash.
  129.         Navarre ++Fantastic. The Eldar have been defeated, the traitor is dead, and... we still have the possibility of fighting Iron Warriors.++
  130.         Anselm  ++It's over. After all these months, it's over.++
  131.         Sinbad  runs over to Oriel
  132.         Balmung stomps over and picks up the fallen fire dragon's fire pike
  133.         Balmung tosses it to Gonmar ++Tell Redmane all the fun he missed.++
  134.         antoine Decimus sinks to his knees shouting, "I AM REDEEMED FATHER! PRIMARCH AND PROGENITOR, FERRUS MANUS I HAVE FULFILLED MY OATH TO YOU!"
  135.         Sinbad  ++Patriclus, to me! Sons of Haq, to me!++
  136.         Sinbad  looks back to Decimus, Oriel in his arms
  137.         Navarre ++Decimus is an Iron Hand?++
  138.         Sinbad  bows to Decimus, realizing his honor has been restored
  139.         Anselm  lifts himself up, watching the others, before approaching Joffery.
  140.         Atlas   ++Well I'll be a son of the emporer. Did we just survive that?++
  141.         Anselm  unlocks the Blood-Heirs sword's scabbard from his belt and sheathes the weapon, holding it by its covered blade.
  142.         Navarre ++We did!++
  143.         Anselm  ++Honored Elder, I believe we just did,++ Anselm says, sighing.
  144.         Balmung stomps over to Kant's body and picks it up
  145.         Anselm  "Brothers," the Champion barks to the Knights. "Honor Brother Decimus of the Black Shield -- nay, Iron Hands. He has ended an heresy of indeterminable magnitude, and demonstrated himself greater than all of us!"
  146.         Navarre ++Does anyone need medical treatment?++
  147.         antoine the limp body of Kant droops from Balmung's arms.
  148.         Balmung "You might be able to do something for him if he still has any life in him
  149.         Navarre nods. And sees if he can't do anything. The cannoness was in worse shape. ++I'll need to remove the helmet!++ he'll do so and proceed to save Kant's life.
  150.         Balmung looks at the wolf and removes his helm
  151.         antoine To the side the storm crusaders, Patriclus and Sinbad crouch over Oriel, in a few moments you hear the Inquisitor gasping for breath
  152.         -->|    Staffen ( has joined #XenosHunters
  153.         Sinbad  rises, one of his arms limp
  154.         |<--    Anselm has left (Ping timeout)
  155.         =-=     Staffen is now known as Anselm
  156.         antoine Patriclus stands and walks over to Balmung, slow strides bringing him to the Space Wolf's side
  157.         Sinbad  continues with Patriclus, acting as an honor guard in the unhallowed space
  158.         antoine The Commissar kneels beside Wolfy and Kant, placing a hand on each serf's forehead.
  159.         Navarre ++Unfortunately, I cannot do anything for Kant.++
  160.         antoine In a moment Kant begins gasping for air and Wolfy gets up suddenly, sniffing for a moment before licking Balmung's armoured hand.
  161.         Atlas   surveys the scene of the former battle, feeling out of place in the stir of emotions.
  162.         Navarre is unimpressed and nonplussed at Patriclus doing his thing.
  163.         Anselm  motions for the Knights to follow him to the Farseer.
  164.         antoine Decimus drags the Eldar witch across the floor to the group, her hands weakly grasping at the ground.
  165.         Anselm  "Brother Decimus!" Anselm calls. "Can we see to that alien?"
  166.         antoine Oriel slowly sits up, cradling his hurt arm.
  167.         Sinbad  whirls around, surprised to his core at the words that came from Anselm
  168.         Balmung look surprised and thanks the commissar
  169.         Sinbad  says nothing, but stares with wide eyes
  170.         antoine Decimus releases the Witch, sending her skidding across to Anselm's feet.
  171.         Anselm  grabs the Farseer by the scruff of her dressings, and brings her to eye-level with him. "What is your name, Witch?"
  172.         antoine "Lieara" spits out the Farseer, "She speaks the truth so far" adds Oriel.
  173.         Anselm  nods slowly. "Then you know who I am, and what you have done to wrong me."
  174.         Anselm  drops the Farseer, and draws the Blood-Heirs sword once more.
  175.         Anselm  "In nomine Imperator, et solnium..." The Champion lifts the sword over his head, and then drops it down on the Farseer's neck.
  176.         Sinbad  "ual ish-pivam am-toam-thu"
  177.         Sinbad  points at the Eldar witch
  178.         Balmung stomps over to check on the surviving space wolves with Kant propped on his wolf's back
  179.         Anselm  takes off the eldar's head with the strike, watching it roll across the floor. "Falkner is avenged at last."
  180.         Anselm  steps over to Sinbad.
  181.         Sinbad  finishes handing a small wet bag to Faisal and looks to Anselm
  182.         Anselm  "Brother-Chaplain." The Champion resheathes the blade, and holds it out. "I believe this is yours."
  183.         Sinbad  goes to a knee and receives it
  184.         Sinbad  "It was borne well by you, Brother-Champion."
  185.         antoine Oriel looks unhappy but makes no remarks about the Eldar farseer, "We have another problem. The presence that struck debilitated the psykers here... A Tyranid Queen is close."
  186.         Sinbad  takes it up with reverence then looks to Oriel in yet another surprise
  187.         Navarre ++More good news.++
  188.         Anselm  looks back over at the Inquisitor. "Is this another of your deceptions, Inquisitor?"
  189.         Sinbad  "...Why does the Emperor hate this planet?"
  190.         Balmung "What?!"
  191.         Sinbad  "Is is something we did?
  192.         antoine "It is taking all my strength to protect my mind. This is no deception, the presence just appear upon the planet. No shadow of the warp heralding its approach."
  193.         Sinbad  mutters under his breath about more time in prayer for whatever sinful thing he had done to warrant more odd enemies
  194.         antoine appeared*
  195.         Navarre ++Do we have time to prepare?++
  196.         Anselm  "Is it just a Norn Queen, then? Where is its brood?"
  197.         antoine "Yes, that is all. It is strange, it is almost... directed, as if calling the Tyranids here instead of being amongst them and commanding them from a hive ship.
  198.         antoine "
  199.         Anselm  looks to his fellow Knights, then to the others.
  200.         Atlas   "Hrmmm.... In my current state I am not in shape to take on a beast of this kind.++
  201.         Anselm  "We must act quickly, then, even as we are now. Each moment that we stand idle, the Queen means to bring the tyranid menace forth through space."
  202.         Anselm  "Could this be the xenos' trickery?"
  203.         Sinbad  "...They could have merely recovered from their lost momentum at their last tendril into the Crusade."
  204.         Sinbad  "They number as many of the sand grains, and bear with each of them not even the emotion of hate. It would make sense they would come again to try their luck."
  205.         Anselm  "But the tyranids are not typically able to teleport, last I know."
  206.         Sinbad  shrugs
  207.         Sinbad  "I am no xenologist....but we know of one."
  208.         antoine "The best I can tell is it is above us. The mind is too strong for me to fight in my state."
  209.         Sinbad  "Let us go to see Inquisitor Tellion."
  210.         Navarre ++So we have to fight tyranids.++ He almost sighs. ++Alright. How long do we have?++
  211.         Sinbad  excuses himself from his brothers to go look over the Inquisitor and speak to the Wolves and his own brothers
  212.         Anselm  ++Well? Let's get under way.++
  213.         Navarre ++Alright then. How do you propose we get there? Is T'lon going to come crashing in with a thunderhawk asking if we need a lift?++
  214.         antoine Oriel sends the approximate estimation of the Tyranid presence to your helm display and dataslates.
  215.         Anselm  ++There are stairwells all around leading up. We can take those and approach through the superstructure. I've already been through it, so I know much of the way++
  216.         Navarre ++Then lead on!++
  217.         antoine Decimus, sheaths his sword and joins you along with the Dark Son's combat squad.
  218.         Sinbad  gives another bow the Decimus
  219.         Anselm  goes to pick up his relic blade again, before pointing it towards one of the tunnels. "Onward!" he cries, realizing the resemblance between him and his beloved master.
  220.         Balmung puts his helm back on
  221.         Sinbad  "Hail. I trust your honor is whole again, Brother Decimus, Son of Honored Manus."
  222.         antoine "It is Brother Sinbad."
  223.         Navarre will follow Anselm to the next... whatever.
  224.         Balmung stomps onward
  225.         |<--    Atlas has left (Quit: )
  226.         antoine The Kill Team and supporting allies swiftly move through the complex, the dead bodies of cultists litter the floor but the sound of distant battle rages on. The dusty floor echos your solid boot's heavy foot falls as you finally reach the level Oriel indicated. Dead Iron Warriors lean against the walls and the psychic pressure from the alien mounts.
  227.         Navarre ++I'm disappointed that there was no Warsmith. I wanted the last thing he saw to be my Icon of the Iron Cage!++
  228.         Anselm  ++There was. But it may be he is dead now. We should search him out when this is done.++
  229.         Anselm  examines one of the dead Traitor Marines.
  230.         Navarre ++Do you see something?++
  231.         Anselm  frowns. ++Can you tell me how this traitor died?++
  232.         Navarre ++Of course!++ He looks over the body. ++Alone and screaming.++
  233.         |<--    Sinbad has left (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 10.0.2/20120215223356])
  234.         antoine You approach a set of heavy doors, half opened, the stench of death and xenos filth wafts through.
  235.         Anselm  scowls, being subjected to the full brunt of the stench. ++Atrocious.++
  236.         Navarre ++But in all seriousness, brain hemorrhage.
  237.         Navarre ++
  238.         Anselm  approaches the doors.
  239.         Balmung stomps forward
  240.         antoine Inside there is a scene of death, it is a command center of some kind. Dead Iron Warriors litter the ground around a 2m squad and 1m high crate. You recognise the slight female and male figures of Tellion's acolytes, the leader and the bookish one.
  241.         antoine Both lie dead next to the crate, sprawled across the crate is another figure, half formed as if flesh has gone to liquid and reformed solid the person has both female and male features.
  242.         Anselm  puts a gauntlet to his brow. ++Oh Throne, no, that foolish woman...++
  243.         Balmung ++I told you it was the Inquisition!++
  244.         Anselm  ++You're right. The eldar didn't teleport it in. It wasn't teleported in at all...++
  245.         Anselm  ++It was nullified and in a crate!++
  246.         antoine You feel the psychic presence from the crate lash out at you.
  247.         Balmung ++First they wipe out all of Armageddon for defending their planet now they think keeping a Tyranid queen as a pet is ok?!++
  248.         Navarre ++It's still alive!++
  249.         antoine Inside the crate, underneath the body is a horrible amalgamation of machine and biomass, heaving and wriggling.
  250.         Anselm  shakes his head. ++Holy Throne on Earth, this thing cannot even be called horrific.++
  251.         Balmung ++Destroy it++
  252.         Anselm  takes a melta bomb from his belt. ++Load up explosives, Brothers.++
  253.         Navarre will pass his to Anselm. ++We need to have a long talk with Tellion.++
  254.         Balmung ++I think it's safe to say we should have this mountain hit with as many lance strikes as we can possibly get when we leave here.++
  255.         Anselm  ++That won't work.++
  256.         Anselm  ++In Calixis, they have a world called Belacane. Each year it is struck by an enormous meteor shower, yet its mountains are unscathed. The local Techpriesthood builds its cities beneath those mountains.++
  257.         Anselm  ++Drop all you can on it, it won't destroy what hides beneath..++
  258.         Balmung grunts ++The sons of Magnus bombarded the Fang from orbit for a month straight when they invaded, it only angered the fortresses void shields.++
  259.         antoine The creature begins to shudder once more, preparing itself.
  260.         Anselm  gestures to the container. ++Pile explosives onto this thing. Everything we have. Melta bombs, krak grenades, fragementation grenades. Brother Navarre, you have Vengeance rounds, yes?++
  261.         Balmung removes Kant's fuel tank from his flamer
  262.         Anselm  slaps his head. ++Wait, what am I saying? We were all issued the Vortex Grenades.++
  263.         Anselm  ++Someone toss theirs in. I used mine to stop Oeris's ritual earlier.++
  264.         Balmung reaches into one of the pouches on his belt and fishes one out
  265.         Anselm  nods. ++Do it, Brother.++
  266.         Navarre ++Really? We're going to use a vortex grenade... on that?++
  267.         Anselm  ++No chance of it surviving.++
  268.         Anselm  ++I don't want to know what that thing is capable of. Do you not see the mess that has been made of this room?++
  269.         antoine The creature somehow realises what you are planning you suspect and lashes out once more.
  270.         Anselm  steps back.
  271.         Balmung steps back and tosses the grenade into the crate
  272.         Anselm  returns to the doorway, worried the reality-hole will maintain itself.
  273.         Balmung hurries back to the doorway
  274.         Navarre would leave as well, shaking his head. ++Murder it. Kill it. Whatever.++
  275.         Anselm  ++We need to find Tellion, then.++
  276.         Anselm  ++She must be made to answer for this.++
  277.         Balmung ++Aye I say we kill the bitch++
  278.         antoine The vortex field expands from a singular point in space to engulf the crate, sucking the fiendish result of mad science before slowly drifting to engulf more bodies until it is satiated and the rift dissipates.
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