import os import json import time import calendar

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  1. splashbar = 'Idiot robot calendar, calculations based on variables attached to an integer key, arbitrary user tasks, and some data ATTACHED to that combo...\n'
  2. helpbar = '-add(task or learn) -rem (task or learn) -list(task or learn) -find(task or learn) -complete(task or learn) -suggest(task or learn) -listdata -cleardata -help -helpverbose -exit \n'
  3. bighelpbar = '-addtask or -addlearn will add the selected text as the textual part of json for a new item in our data bank, a prompt will ask for further data \n'
  4. bighelpbar += '-remtask or -remlearn will remove a textual item from your yet to do list, choosing MATCHING(m) (type: m) will search for entries CONTAINING that data, other than that you can choose index as in listfunctions will show you, or an entire category \n'
  5. bighelpbar += '-completetask or -completelearn will remove textual, index, or category items from your current pool of things to do, and place them in a data bank for processing suggestions\n'
  6. bighelpbar += "-suggesttask or -suggestlearn will attempt to work off a pool of data we've saved to make an intelligent suggestion, if no data is saved, the output will be totally random\n"
  7. bighelpbar += "-listdata simply lists the data we've collected in a basic json format from the file, or displays an error \n"
  8. bighelpbar += "-findtask or -finlearn will attempt to find and display data based on textual matches, you will be prompted \n"
  9. bighelpbar += "Anything else should be pretty easy to figure out, if not, contact the creator: sparke #4273 on discord\n"
  11. more  more this link
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