Trixie Story

Jan 8th, 2017
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  7. Trixie Story
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  11. >It's not easy being the most beautiful, talented and perfect girl in this school.
  12. >To be admired by the rest.
  13. >I perfected my skills in everything I've ever been interested.
  14. >Playing the guitar? No problem at all.
  15. >Knowing how to put up a show on the stage?
  16. >Illussionism?
  17. >But those are just simple hobbies.
  18. >All the work I put on my clothing, my good taste in fashion, my make-up and figure.
  19. >Not even that slut Rarity can compare to me.
  20. >Calls herself a fashionista? Please, I wouldn't put those rags on a stray dog.
  21. >Myself, however, chooses the best clothes, the silkiest fabrics and the most stylish colors.
  22. >I may not do them myself, but I'm not a lowly proletariat like her, I have money to spare.
  23. >Also you may notice I'm also very educated.
  24. >Girls all fight to be my friends and beg me to teach them how to dress better.
  25. >Boys always pester me to go out with them, even some girls.
  26. >Disgusting.
  27. >Still, I would never date those kids.
  28. >They are so immature, always talking about sports or video games.
  29. >None of them at my level of culture or refinement.
  30. >And the girls? Well, the only one that is closer to me is that British girl.
  31. >Other than that, the other ones are not worth of my presence.
  32. >Now, I'm not a soulless girl, I do fall in love.
  33. >But not with kids. I only care for mature men.
  34. >At least, University graduates.
  35. >Sure, they may think I'm just a 16-year-old girl, but once they know me better, they see how mature I am.
  36. >Even though I'm 15.
  37. >Nevertheless, they immediately get struck by my personality.
  38. >Hmm? Hold on a second, someone's calling me.
  39. "Hello?"
  40. >"..."
  41. "Oh, hi~! What's up?"
  42. >"..."
  43. "Today? I don't know, it seems so sudden..."
  44. >"..."
  45. "H-How much did you say?"
  46. >"..."
  47. "Ok then, that seems fair. See you tonight."
  48. >As I was saying, only mature men are worth of Trixie's love.
  49. >Now if you excuse me, I need to get ready, I have a date tonight~.
  51. >Everyday was the same for my daily routine.
  52. >I have to wake up every day as early as 4:30 am.
  53. >Take a 25 min shower, trying to clean every single spot on my skin.
  54. >After that, I take special care of my face, looking for the smallest imperfection in it to remove it.
  55. >Then I take care of my nails, hands and everything that wouldn't be covered by clothes.
  56. >This made me take a special liking to black pantyhoses and tights.
  57. >There's no way I'm going to stop wearing skirts, but taking care of my legs every day is such a pain.
  58. >Once I'm done with it, I choose the most appropriate outfit for the day.
  59. >It's hard trying to stay fresh, combine my clothing and still stay as stylish as I am.
  60. >This time, I'm going to wear my black riding boots, dark blue jeans and a black roll neck blouse.
  61. "I'll just wear something comfortable as my underwear today, not planning to show it today."
  62. >Once I'm done choosing and dressing up, I prepare myself an orange juice and eat a banana.
  63. >Anything else and I may gain a couple pounds, so I won't take the risk.
  64. >I brush my teeth until they are impeccable and I comb my hair.
  65. >As much as it needs to take, I make sure that my long, beautiful hair stays perfect.
  66. >I don't want to brag, but I've taken care of it all my life so I'm an expert in taking care of it.
  67. >Finally, I put on my make-up.
  68. >A light base on my face, a cream to take care of the bags under my eyes, a dark shadow on my eyes, I curl my eyelashes and apply the pencil eyeliner just a little bit.
  69. "Ouch, even after all this time it still hurts."
  70. >I'm finally ready.
  71. >However, I always take ten minutes to make sure that everything is perfect in front of a mirror.
  72. >When I'm sure I'm done for the day, I grab my bag, my backpack and I leave for school, to be the first girl to arrive.
  73. >Being perfect takes a lot of effort.
  75. >"I'll say it once again, Trixie, you can't come to school wearing so much make-up."
  76. >I can't believe Celestia called me to her office during the break, what is she thinking?
  77. "So much make-up? I'm not wearing that much!"
  78. >"That's not your decision to take, Trixie. This is a school, you're here to study, not to flirt with other students."
  79. "Flirt? With the boys? Oh please! I have no interest in those brats."
  80. >"My word is final, next time you come here like this, you'll be suspended."
  81. >Then Celestia took a small mirror out of her purse.
  82. >"Now, remove your make-up."
  83. "...You can't be serious."
  84. >"Dead serious, take it off."
  85. "What are the other students going to say? I can't let them see me like that!"
  86. >"You're exaggerating, Trixie, no one is going to notice you."
  87. "I refuse!"
  88. >"You're testing my patience. I don't care if you're one of the best students in this school, I will suspend you."
  89. "... Fine!"
  90. >I can't believe she is forcing me to do this.
  91. >"Here, you can use these wipes."
  92. "Are you serious, principal? These wipes hurt your skin. There's no way I can use them."
  93. >I can see in her face how hard she's trying to hide her anger.
  94. "I mean, ok, thanks for the wipes..."
  96. >She finally let me go once I took it off.
  97. >But this is ridiculous.
  98. >They are all staring at me.
  99. >It is pretty noticeable, isn't it? They are probably thinking how weird I look.
  100. >I mean, I know my skin is pretty much perfect. But my face really shines when I put on some eye shadow.
  101. >Damn you, Celestia, your skin is horrible, you don't even know how to take care of yourself.
  102. >"Hey Trixie, are you alright?"
  103. "I knew, it, I look horrible, don't I, Sparkle?!"
  104. >"I... I meant that you looked a little annoyed."
  105. "No need to sugar coat it, no go away and stop judging me. Good day."
  106. >"Jeez, I was just being polite."
  107. >Like I need your politeness.
  108. "I said good day, Sparkle."
  110. >Finally, classes are over.
  111. >I was able to overcome today's situation with my force of will.
  112. >Even after the eyes of every kid in school were on me, it didn't stop me from understanding the lecture.
  113. >Stupid Celestia, I hate her, she made me miss lunch.
  114. >I have a very strict diet, I cannot lose moments like this.
  115. >Well, it doesn't matter, what's important now is that I have to continue my routine.
  116. >I have to jog for 45 mins around the park before my meal is ready.
  117. >I asked my mother to make me some chicken with vegetables.
  118. >Together with a glass of milk and a couple of eggs at night, it's all I eat on the day.
  119. >Protein is important. It accentuates girl's more important attributes.
  120. >And before I go to sleep, I lift my dumb-bells and do some push ups.
  121. >They help my breasts stay in their best shape.
  122. RING~
  123. >What's that? Oh, my cell phone.
  124. "Hello~"
  125. >"..."
  126. "Again?"
  127. >"..."
  128. "Well, I do love to eat there."
  129. >"..."
  130. "I told you to tell me this beforehand!"
  131. >"..."
  132. "Well, yeah, I do want those boots."
  133. >"..."
  134. "... Tonight at 7 o'clock?"
  135. >"..."
  136. "What?! I mean, I will have to tell my parents I'm going to sleep at a friend's place..."
  137. >"..."
  138. "Yes, of course, the skirt you like."
  139. >"..."
  140. "Bye bye, papa~."
  141. >Ugh! I hate when he calls me on the same day.
  142. >Well, I'm the beautiful Trixie after all.
  143. >He can't live without me.
  144. >No boy could do it.
  145. >Though, he is a little bit older for my age.
  146. >Hehe, that just shows how mature Trixie is!
  147. >I mean, I don't like him that much.
  148. >But the presents he gives to me are expensive.
  149. >Also he gifts money to me when I do something that makes him happy and-
  150. At that moment, Trixie stopped in her tracks, almost realizing something was horribly wrong.
  151. But she quickly forgot that thought.
  152. >Whatever, the money is worth all of this.
  153. >You need money to be the most beautiful girl at school, Trixie and show that you're the best.
  154. >I just need to hold on for a while.
  156. >After jogging and eating, I once again took a shower.
  157. >It felt great, the sweat and the stress of the day dissolving with the warm water.
  158. >Then, I told my parents that I was going to spend the night with a friend.
  159. >"Who is it, honey?"
  160. "Well... It's Octavia."
  161. >"The girl that plays the cello? She's lovely!"
  162. >I don't like lying to my parents, but I did what was necessary.
  163. >It took me a while to decide what kind of lingerie I wanted to wear.
  164. "Guess you cannot go wrong with the black color."
  165. >I put on a set of black panties with a corset.
  166. >It doesn't make my waist slimmer.
  167. >However, he likes how I look while wearing one.
  168. >I grab a backpack where I put the clothes I was going to wear throughout the day.
  169. >And the stilettos with the platforms he loves so much.
  170. >I have them hidden from my parents, they say they are too "streetwalker" for me to wear.
  171. >Though Trixie likes to wear them with him. He is pretty tall.
  172. >Lastly, I grab my purse.
  173. >"Are you not forgetting someone?" My mother said while putting Mr. Snuggles on my hands.
  174. >He is my teddy bear.
  175. "Oh! You know, I would love to take him with me but, he doesn't like strangers, remember?"
  176. >I grab my bear and hug it before putting it on my bed.
  177. "Don't wait for me, Snuggles. I'll be out for a while."
  178. >However, before walking out of the door, I felt a cramp in my throat.
  179. "It's ok, Trixie. You've done this before. It's worthy."
  180. >I breathe for a little bit and walk out the door, where my father was waiting for me.
  181. >"You know I can take you there, right?"
  182. "Don't worry about me! I just need to be at the bus station. I'll be fine."
  183. >My father smiled at me.
  184. >But made my heart ache.
  185. >After he left me on the station I waited a couple of minutes before walking away from it.
  186. >To my real destination.
  187. >With that man.
  189. >I decide to wait an hour in a park while he arrives.
  190. >It gives me some time to prepare myself.
  191. >Obviously I'm used to this. I've done this before.
  192. >I just need some time to plan everything out.
  193. >Thanfully, the day still has some light, so seeing a girl of my age alone doesn't look weird.
  194. >But soon the night will beat the day.
  195. >I should use this time to put on my make-up.
  196. >Where is that mirror? Here it is.
  197. >A girl cannot start a day without having her faithful mirror with her.
  198. >Or her night in this case.
  200. >After taking my time putting it up just like he likes, I decide to check at the time.
  201. >20 minutes until he arrives.
  202. >The sun is slowly hiding in the horizon, so it's the perfect time to change my clothes.
  203. >I walk into the public restroom of the park and shut myself in the cleanest stall.
  204. >It's difficult to move in such a small space, but I'm able to manage it.
  205. >I take off my sweatpants, jacket, my sports shoes, and shirt and start putting up the sexiest dress.
  206. >First of all, the black pantyhose.
  207. >It both hides your legs, but at the same time shows their definition.
  208. "Ugh, it's so hard to put them on in here!"
  209. >The next thing on the list is to put on the small black dress he bought for me.
  210. >Like the pantyhose, the dress defines my body perfectly.
  211. >It was so expensive, I didn't believe he would actually buy it for me.
  212. >Though it wasn't free, he said he always wanted to see me wear it.
  213. >Now the jewelry he got for me.
  214. >Some beautiful golden earrings that match with a bracelet that spells "Daddy's little girl."
  215. >Finally, the heels.
  216. >As I come out of the stall, I take a good look in the mirror of the restroom.
  217. "Trixie is perfect~."
  218. >I fix my hair a little bit and finally come out.
  219. >It's getting darker by the second.
  220. >I check my cell phone and it's almost time.
  221. >He is never late.
  222. >As I stand out on the street, I can see people looking in my general direction.
  223. >No wonder admiring me.
  224. >And then, I see a very big car parking next to me.
  226. >The copilot door opened, revealing a very elegant interior, with some expensive looking leather seats.
  227. >He was on the driver's seat. An older and big looking man with a well-maintained mustache.
  228. >He was over forty years old and was wearing an expensive suit.
  229. >Had a golden watch on his wrist and a big ring on his finger.
  230. >When he saw me, he smiled.
  231. >That crept me a little bit but I was able to put on a straight face.
  232. >"Babyface, how are you?"
  233. "H-hi, papa. I'm doing alright."
  234. >"Come on, get inside and tell me how school went."
  235. >I did hesitate, but I shrugged it off.
  236. >I got into his car and closed the door.
  237. >It felt like I was completely sealed off from the world.
  238. >Inside this vehicle, it felt like I was safe and trapped at the same time.
  239. >He immediately put his hand on my thigh, rubbing it slowly with his fingertips.
  240. >"Oh, Babyface, how I love this texture."
  241. >He heavily breathed while saying these words.
  242. "Is that so? I'm glad you missed me..."
  243. >"There is no way I'm not going to miss my precious kitten."
  244. >He said while he slipped his fingers down my dress.
  245. "H-hey! Already?!"
  246. >"Shh, I know." He said while pulling out his wallet. "I don't expect you to be so lenient for free."
  247. >He took two bills of a hundred dollars and playfully put them on his crotch.
  248. >"Come on, Babydoll, it is your allowance."
  249. >I looked at him and then at the money over his pants.
  250. >"You don't want it?" He said with a smile on his face.
  251. "Yes... Thanks, papa."
  252. >As I try to grab them, he held my hand.
  253. >Even if he did it softly, I could still notice he had a powerful grip.
  254. >"No, Babydoll, not with your hand."
  255. >He caressed my lips with one of his fingers.
  256. >I felt a revolting sensation in my stomach.
  257. "O-of course, what was I thinking?"
  258. >I slowly lower myself towards his pants when I feel his big hands softly pushing my head towards his crotch.
  259. >"Oh, Babyface, I can't wait for the real deal."
  260. >That scared me.
  262. >He pushed me down into his pants where I could feel his member getting hard with my cheek.
  263. >When he finally let me go, I bit the two bills and returned to my original posture.
  264. >It's all worth it, two hundred dollars?
  265. >"By the way, Babydoll, there has been some change of plans."
  266. "Change of plans?"
  267. >"Yeah, we're going to my apartment today, we will have it to ourselves
  268. for three whole days."
  269. "What? But you told me-"
  270. >"Hush, no need to think about it. I'll order some stuff from that restaurant, alright?"
  271. "...Ok."
  273. >He lived far away.
  274. >A lot more than I expected.
  275. >I wasn't sure where he was taking me, but he asked me to tell him about my day.
  276. >On red lights, he wasn't able to keep his hands to himself.
  277. >"You like my legs, don't you?"
  278. >"How can I not like them when they're so petite and appetizing?" He said while slapping one of them "Best of all, they are all mine."
  279. "Yours?"
  280. >"Of course, Babydoll, you're mine."
  281. >That made me feel so uncomfortable.
  282. >He may think I'm his but I am no one's property!
  283. >R-right?
  285. >We finally arrive at his apartment, at a very tall building.
  286. >It even had its own valet parking.
  287. "I didn't know apartments had their own."
  288. >"They have when you have the resources, now come."
  289. >After he gave the keys to the young boy, we walked towards the elevator.
  290. >When the doors closed, he grabbed me by my wrists and while putting me against the mirror, he forced a kiss on me.
  291. >I was helpless, even if I tried to escape, his grip would break my wrists.
  292. >Even while wearing my heels, I was standing on the tip of my toes, he was way too big for me.
  293. >His tongue danced inside my mouth and throat, caressing my insides.
  294. >When he finally broke the kiss, he grabbed my butt with his two hands and squeezed it while pulling me towards him once more.
  295. >"I'm sure you missed my big guy, didn't you?"
  296. >I could feel his member pressing against my abdomen through his pants.
  297. >He let me go before the doors opened.
  298. >I was left breathless.
  300. >He grabbed my hand, leading me to his apartment.
  301. >I was still shocked by the kiss, it was brutal.
  302. "C-can we take a break? I'm not feeling very good."
  303. >"Let me guess, are your cute legs still trembling?"
  304. >When I looked him in the eyes, it felt like he could read me like an open book.
  305. "I... I..."
  306. >He then picked me up and carried me in his arms with no effort.
  307. >"Your papa will carry you then. No need to be shy, Babyface."
  308. >How strong was he?
  309. >"Besides, you still don't have a reason to not walk yet."
  310. >He said while softly rubbing my butt with.
  311. >"I can assure you that walking will be a lot tougher once I'm done with you."
  313. >Once we entered in his apartment, I could see how rich he actually was.
  314. >We have met on love hotels before, but this is a whole different level.
  315. >He dropped me on the floor and said: "Hold on, kitten, I'm going for some refreshments."
  316. >I nodded and sat on the expensive looking coach.
  317. >Instinctevely, I closed my knees together while I checked the room.
  318. >There was an enormous TV in the center of it, a small bar next to a hallway and in the background some gigantic windows that looked at the entire city.
  319. >It was a beautiful sight. I couldn't resist but to stand up and look at the Twilight of the day and the city lights turning on one by one.
  320. "Wow, this is so pretty."
  321. >"It is, isn't it?" He said while he stood behind me.
  322. >Suddenly, the fear I almost forgot came at full force with his presence.
  323. >"Here, I made you this." He said while offering me something to drink.
  324. "What is it?"
  325. >"Just drink it, Babyface, you're mature enough to drink alcohol, aren't you?"
  326. "O-Of course!"
  327. >I drank it and thankfully it tasted sweet.
  328. "This is pretty tasty! Thanks, papa~"
  329. >He slowly caressed my back until he reached my bottom.
  330. >"You're welcome, Babyface."
  331. >He was making me blush, so I drank a bit more to calm myself.
  332. "S-so, are we going to eat now?"
  333. >"Don't worry about it, I'm not hungry for food right now."
  334. >His words were flustering me, a lot.
  336. "I have a better, idea!"
  337. >I say while quickly running back to the coach.
  338. "What if you play some music? You know Trixie loves jazz a lot, right?"
  339. >He looked at me and smiled.
  340. >"Yeah, of course, it would help with the mood."
  341. >He walked towards one of those old music players, I think it's called a record player.
  342. >After he messed with it for a bit, some smooth and calm saxophone began to play.
  343. >Now that's more like it.
  344. >I only like this kind of music.
  345. >My generation has no taste at all.
  346. >He grabbed his drink and sat beside me.
  347. >"So tell me, Babyface, how school today?"
  348. "It wasn't great, papa. The bitch of Celestia made me take off my make-up because she felt I was trying to flirt with the boys."
  349. >"Were you trying to?"
  350. "Of course not! They're a bunch of immature children, they don't interest me at all."
  351. >"Understandable. How could they when you have someone like me?"
  352. >He said while caressing my neck.
  353. >I tried to shake the sensation off by drinking another sip from my glass.
  354. "A-Anyways, today has been a difficult day for me."
  355. >"Well, maybe it's time for you to relax." He said while he grabbed my chin and tried to kiss me once again.
  356. >I reacted immediately and without noticing it I pushed him away.
  357. "C-can you serve me more of this drink, please?"
  358. >He stared at me and laughed.
  359. >"Oh, my sweet lamb, I love how after letting me in, you're still acting so innocent and nervous." He said while putting his finger on my pelvis.
  360. >That made me a little dizzy.
  361. >"Alright, let me serve you one more glass."
  362. "Yes, t-thank you."
  363. >That was close.
  364. >At least, I bought some time.
  365. >I'm not feeling so well, my face feels very hot and my mind a little dizzy.
  366. >"Here, drink this."
  367. "Thanks. I like that it is cool. I am feeling a little feverish."
  368. >"Well, better drink it quickly, don't you think?"
  369. "Yeah..."
  371. >I feel weird.
  372. "I'm feeling kind of sleepy..."
  373. >"It's alright, let me take you to a place where you can rest."
  375. >Huh? It feels weird.
  376. >Someone is carrying me around.
  377. >Where are we going?
  378. "P-papa?"
  379. >"Shh, it's ok, my little lamb, we're going to lay you down."
  380. "On the bed?"
  381. >"Of course! We are going to be together all night."
  382. >No, did he.
  383. >I try to resist but he holds me tighter.
  384. >"Easy, my little lamb! You're going to fall down!"
  385. "You, you drugged me!"
  386. >"What? No, of course not, Babyface, I wouldn't do that without your permission."
  387. "T-then why am I like this..."
  388. >"I didn't expect you to get drunk this easily."
  389. >That made my heart skip a beat.
  390. >But, I'm supposed to be mature, aren't I?
  391. "So you didn't spike my drink?"
  392. >"Of course not! Besides, It's a lot more fun when you cooperate with me."
  393. >He then puts me on the bed to rest for a little bit.
  394. >"Be right back."
  395. >After a couple of minutes, he brings a small hamburger for me to eat.
  396. >"Eat this. You haven't eaten a lot today. With this, you'll be better in no time.
  397. "Are you sure?"
  398. >"Trust me."
  400. >I've forgotten how good these taste.
  401. >Oh it's such a great taste, I can't get over this.
  402. >After eating it, I slowly regain some of my senses.
  403. "I feel a lot better."
  404. >"That's great to hear. It's better when both parties are on the same page, don't you think?" He said while once again rubbing my legs.
  405. "I-Is it okay for me to wear the heels on the bed? I should take them off."
  406. >"No, I love when you wear them."
  407. >He got on me, forcing me to lay down on the bed.
  408. >"I've been waiting so long for this moment, my sweet lamb."
  409. "Y-yeah but-"
  410. >"No buts." He scolded "Now, call me how I told you to call me."
  411. "O-ok, papa..."
  412. >"Who are you?"
  413. "I... I'm your little girl a-and I love my papa so much..."
  414. >Little girl.
  415. >"Oh, someone earned a bigger allowance today."
  416. >He proceeded to kiss me once again.
  417. >Like in the elevator, he was a savage animal, doing whatever he wanted with my body.
  418. >Endure it, Trixie, he was nice to you a little bit ago.
  419. >He may be nice to you while having sex.
  420. >This time, hopefully.
  422. >I remember the first time he made me sleep with him.
  423. >I was so nervous about it, but he sat me at his side.
  424. "I-I may have acted all confident at first but I'm actually a v-virgin."
  425. >At the time, he smiled and answered with "I knew it, don't worry about it."
  426. >That surprised me, but I didn't say anything after that.
  427. >I didn't want him to discover more things about me.
  428. >He didn't do anything first.
  429. >Saying something about "me wanting to discover it by myself."
  430. >The first thing he did was take out his manhood in front of me.
  431. >"It's ok, Kitten. Why don't you try holding it."
  432. >I was extremely embarrassed about it, hesitating about touching it.
  433. >But he just laughed about it, saying how cute I looked.
  434. >I liked that.
  435. >The praise is something I always enjoy.
  436. >Once I grabbed it with one of my hands, he told me to feel it.
  437. >I never touched something like that before.
  438. >It was a little surprising, to be honest.
  439. >But before I could move it away, he held my hand with his own.
  440. >And began moving it slowly.
  441. "W-what are you doing?"
  442. >"Shh, Trixie, I am teaching you how to do it."
  443. >He moved my hand up and down, up and down.
  444. >I was frozen in my seat, not knowing what to do but follow his lead.
  445. >Little by little, the intensity grew until it was at a constant speed.
  446. >After a couple of minutes, his body began to tense and the grip on his hand got stronger.
  447. >He began to moan with his rough voice.
  448. >Meanwhile, I was breathing heavily.
  449. >It wasn't tiresome, but my heart was beating faster than ever.
  450. >Eventually he groaned and the semen flew out of the head.
  451. >I tried to move away, but his grip was too strong for me.
  452. >After a couple of seconds, he relaxed and said.
  453. >"And that's how you start pleasuring me. Surprised?"
  454. >I could only nod.
  455. >When he released my hand, it was covered with, that.
  456. >It was disgusting, I wanted to clean it up.
  457. >"Lick it."
  458. "What? No! I refuse-"
  459. >But before I could finish saying it, he pulled a one hundred dollar bill.
  460. >"Lick it and show it in your mouth."
  462. >The money hypnotized me.
  463. >I have never imagined the possibility of having so much money by doing something so easy.
  464. >I let the temptation get the best of me and I did as he command.
  465. >Salty and repugnant.
  466. >But he gave me the money just for doing that.
  467. >"Good girl! Now come, let me show you how to pleasure yourself correctly."
  468. >With almost no effort, he picked me up and dropped me on the bed.
  469. >And he began to open my legs.
  470. "W-wait, I'm not ready!"
  471. >I said while trying to close them.
  472. >He just smiled and put another bill in my hand.
  473. >"You were saying?"
  475. >I don't know how long it was, but he got under my skirt for a long time.
  476. >His tongue and fingers were playing me like an instrument.
  477. >I was so confused, I never felt like that before.
  478. >My eyes and head were rolling, looking for who knows what in that room.
  479. >But mostly just looking at his head moving around my crotch.
  480. >I couldn't control my voice either.
  481. >I let out several moans and squeals.
  483. >Thrice.
  484. >I came thrice with him.
  485. >Everytime I did, my whole body tensed up and I pulled his hair while gritting my teeth and closing my eyes.
  486. >But he continued.
  487. >It was actually scary how he could control my body to do whatever he wanted.
  488. >With or without force.
  489. >"Ok, I think it's time for me to have fun again." He said while turning me around on my tummy.
  490. "What? How are we supposed to have, s-sex like this? Don't we need to be looking at each other?"
  491. >"Trust me, Trixie, this is the best way to do it. Have you ever seen two dogs mating?"
  492. "No please, that sounds humiliating. I don't want to do it like that."
  493. >But once again, he took out a bill and showed it to me.
  494. >"Come on, it will be fun."
  495. >Not only did he have the power to control my body, but my mind too.
  496. "Ok..."
  498. >"Come on, Babyface, turn around."
  499. >His words broke me out from my trance.
  500. >I was once again in his apartment, recovered from whatever he made me drink.
  501. >And he was asking me to have doggy style sex.
  502. >The same position we always mate with.
  504. >"Stick your butt up, Babyface."
  505. "Like this?"
  506. >As I lay down on my face, I try to bite the blankets.
  507. >It helps to stop my voice.
  508. >Once again with his two hands, he plays around with my thighs, crotch and cheeks.
  509. >I hate how big they are, they almost don't feel human.
  510. >"Now let's take this off."
  511. >He slowly pulls down on my pantyhose to reveal my black underwear.
  512. >"Oh, I love that you know what your papa likes."
  513. >He pulled it up with his finger towards me.
  514. >"How does it feel?"
  515. >I hate when he plays with my body like that.
  516. >After that, he pulled them down too.
  517. >He caressed my bare skin before slapping it with his right hand.
  518. >"It is such a quality steak."
  519. >Once again, he slaps me with his big hand.
  520. >I can't help but release a small squeal from my mouth.
  521. >I hate this.
  522. >"Let's start shall we?"
  523. >Once again, he starts with the foreplay.
  524. >There is no doubt that he knows what he is doing.
  525. >Every muscle, every fiber he touches inside me reacts the way he wants them to.
  526. >I hide my face in the bed.
  527. >This is shameful.
  528. >I cannot stand this.
  529. >Because the thing I love the most is how good it feels.
  530. >By all means, I should be disgusted by this situation.
  531. >But I can't, this is a bliss for me.
  532. >And I hate it.
  533. >This is dirty and disgusting.
  534. >This is shameful and humiliating.
  535. >I'm letting him do whatever he wants with me.
  536. >Every single thing about him makes me surrender to him.
  537. >Pleasure, fear and greed.
  538. >He can control me with whatever he wants.
  539. >One snap of his fingers and I show him my sex.
  540. "Ah, papa~!"
  541. >What?
  542. >No, that wasn't supposed to come out.
  543. >"I see you're ready, Trixie."
  544. "I... I..."
  545. >He suddenly stopped with the foreplay and grabbed my hips.
  546. >"Now, say it, Trixie."
  547. "..."
  548. >"Such a shy and cute girl. It's ok, I always find a way to open you."
  549. >Like if I was a dog, he whistled and showed me a showed me another hundred bill dollar.
  550. >He is right.
  551. "... Fuck me, Papa..."
  552. >I hate that he is always right.
  554. >There are two parts whenever we are together.
  555. >In the first one, he makes me see stars.
  556. >He makes me feel so good with how skilled he is with his fingers and tongue.
  557. >The second part is when he wants to feel good.
  558. >This is the one I always dread.
  559. >It is almost like he makes me feel so good so that he makes me fall in a sense of security.
  560. >Before humping it out of me.
  561. >The grip he has on my hips is beyond powerful.
  562. >I always get very dark bruises after a session with him.
  563. >That is when he doesn't want to play with my hair.
  564. >"It gives me a better grip." He always says.
  565. >But it hurts me so bad.
  566. >It’s one of the most painful things I’ve ever felt.
  567. >He pulls it so hard, it feels like he will rip my whole head.
  568. >It leaves me breathless.
  569. >As I said, he also loves to spank me.
  570. >But with his strength released, he hits me with enough force to leave some terrible bruises.
  571. >They hurt for weeks and it almost looks like they could bleed at any moment.
  572. >I don’t know why I expected him to be a lot nicer to me this time.
  573. >The difference between this time and the other ones, however, is that he has all the time in the world to do whatever he wants with my body.
  574. >Because I agreed to spend all night with him.
  575. >And it looks like he is more savage than ever.
  576. “Stop, this hurts so bad! I don’t want it anymore, PLEASE, LET ME GO!”
  577. >”Shut up, bitch. Is that how you should speak to your father?!” He said while spanking me as hard as he could.
  578. “AAAH! I’M SORRY!”
  579. >”Who’s daddy’s little whore?! Answer me!”
  580. “I… I… it hurts…”
  581. >”I said answer me!”
  582. >He suddenly released his terrible grip on my hair and grabbed my neck.
  583. >With inhuman strength, he began to choke me.
  584. >"I am your fucking father! I own you!"
  585. >As he said that, the muscles of his entire body tensed.
  586. "I can't... breathe..."
  587. >And the strongest, most vulgar orgasm ran throughout my body.
  588. >He slowly let the grip go while I was still shocked over what I was feeling.
  589. >I only remember were my hips spasming without control.
  591. >The guy finally let my neck go and he moved away from my convulsing body.
  592. >After a couple of seconds, like if my body realized it was still alive, I was struck by a sudden coughing attack.
  593. >I quickly grabbed my neck with my own two hands, as if to be sure it was still there.
  594. >I was choking, both from his monstrous grip but also from how bad I began to cry.
  595. >My eyes were completely drenched and my mascara was running my face.
  596. >My entire body hurt, both from his physical abuse, but also from that malevolent orgasm.
  597. >I was trying to understand where was I, what was I doing, what just happened and why it happened.
  598. >"Oh, Babydoll, that was fantastic. You outdid yourself back there." He said.
  599. >His voice terrifies me.
  600. >He almost killed me with his own brute force.
  601. >I had no idea a person could be this strong.
  602. >Or that I was this weak.
  603. >Almost like an infant.
  604. >He listening to it threw me into another coughing attack.
  605. >"Breathe, calm down. I know it was pretty intense, especially for a small girl like you."
  606. >Small?
  607. >Girl?
  608. >"Shh, it's alright, come here. Papa will make everything right again." He said as he grabbed my head and hugged me.
  609. >I couldn't do anything but let him hug me.
  610. >I am terrified.
  611. >He could break me at any moment.
  612. >If I said no to any of his requests, he could kill me.
  613. >I was trembling in fear, but he thought I was just excited.
  614. "I want to g-go home..."
  615. >"No no, you can sleep here. We have all the night to spend together. Just you and me."
  616. >How can I say no?
  617. >This, monster.
  618. >He was right, he owns me.
  619. >My mind, soul and body are his to do whatever he wants.
  620. >"Don't be like that, Babydoll. I'll buy you some nice things tomorrow. Whatever you want, alright?"
  621. >I nodded just because I didn't want to make him angry.
  622. >"Yes what?"
  623. >I have to do what he says or else...
  624. "Y-yes, papa..."
  625. >"That's my beautiful girl." He said while brutally kissing me once again in the mouth.
  627. >It's 3 in the morning.
  628. >He has been sleeping for at least 2 hours.
  629. >Maybe.
  630. >He used me two more times to his heart's content.
  631. >At some point when I could feel him ripping my hair off with his monstrous strength, he decided my wrists were a better grip on me.
  632. >They hurt so bad.
  633. >He even choked me once again.
  634. >And with it, another intense orgasm that almost made me see God himself.
  635. >But I don't want to feel something like that ever again.
  636. >I felt like a machine doing whatever he wanted.
  637. >Like if my body and mind had buttons all over them and he had the instructions for it.
  638. >When did he strip me of my will power?
  639. >When did I become a puppet of his lust?
  640. >Why did I let myself become this?
  641. >As I think of all of this, I noticed that my tears don't come out anymore.
  642. >Inside of his arms, him holding me like a small doll, I haven't tried to move a muscle in fear of what he would do if I woke him up.
  643. >Shortly after he fell asleep, I couldn't stop myself from crying.
  644. >I cried and cried, everything hurt.
  645. >I don't know what was more painful, the physical bruises, my fear or my shattered pride.
  646. For a while, I thought I had control of the whole situation.
  647. >I came to think that I was more mature than I actually was.
  648. >Invincible even.
  649. >But I'm not a woman.
  650. >I realized it rather well in his depraved possession.
  651. >As weak and innocent as a toddler, he manipulated me.
  652. >He made me part of himself.
  653. >Marked my body and soul with his essence.
  654. >I had an invisible collar he aways knew how to pull.
  655. >And I always barked.
  656. >Why is this happening?
  657. >His naked arms and legs trap my frail body.
  658. >Like a small mouse in the embrace of a snake.
  659. >I just want to go home.
  660. >I have enough money already.
  661. >But, it's not just about the money is it?
  662. >The collar goes beyond that.
  663. >As his pet I will always do what he wants.
  664. >Because he owns me.
  665. >I don't know what to do.
  666. >Like a small deer, I'm frozen in front of the moving car not knowing how to run away.
  668. >Like the doll he was, he didn't let me take off my clothes.
  669. >He wanted to feel me inside his favorite outfit.
  670. >His enormous hand was permanently in between my thighs.
  671. >His leg was on top of mine, completely immobilizing me.
  672. >And his head was on top of mine, perfectly holding me as to never let me go.
  673. >Worst of all, his dirty member was against my butt.
  674. >Under the warmth of the covers and our bodies, the semen touching my skin was still viscous.
  675. >I wanted to throw up.
  676. >Even if he used a condom, I could almost feel his sperm slowly crawling on my skin, like little demons looking for an entrance to claim the only thing he hasn't claimed yet.
  677. >In this position, in this situation, I finally realized that he didn't look for me because I was more mature than other girls.
  678. >It was because I was weaker.
  679. >Because I was girly looking.
  680. >Because deep inside, he saw something I didn't even know existed.
  681. >Naiveness.
  682. >What else did he see in me that I'm not aware of?
  683. >... Is that why he asked me to call him papa?
  684. >...Is there still something inside me that I ignore?
  685. "I... what am I?"
  686. >After a couple of minutes after this realization, the beast finally released his grip and moved to a more comfortable position.
  687. >I was planning to stand up, grab my stuff from his car and run back home.
  688. >But I'm so far away from it, I don't know where it is.
  689. >Feeling like a castaway, I decide to stand up.
  690. >With my pantyhose and underwear still on my knees, I quietly walk into the bathroom and grab a piece of toilet paper, to clean the filth on my back.
  691. >I try as hard as I can to ignore the mirror and its judgemental glare.
  692. >I don't want to see what's on the other side of it.
  693. >Finally, when I'm sure I cleaned it all up, I pull my undergarments up and exit the bathroom.
  694. >I don't want to be with my owner at this moment, so I walk towards the living room to appreciate the beautiful night city.
  695. >Through the gigantic windows.
  696. >So big that a person could cross them without problems.
  698. >I get close to them and I touch the glass with my hand.
  699. >It's such a nice and cool sensation.
  700. >I wanted to lay against it for a while. But I didn't want to stain it with my body.
  701. >Instead, I stared at the flickering lights on the horizon.
  702. >What would happen if I walk all the way up there? To the place where the far away buildings connect with the sky?
  703. >What's over there?
  704. >At this time of the night, are people out there?
  705. >What could they be doing?
  706. >Working maybe?
  707. >Partying?
  708. >Drinking?
  709. >Or are they lonely souls?
  710. >What compels a person to stay up so late?
  711. >I suppose it is fear of tomorrow.
  712. >Maybe wanting to enjoy these safe hours where nothing will happen to us.
  713. >He cannot touch me right now.
  714. >Cannot control me.
  715. >Own me.
  716. >The night is my friend.
  717. >It protects me.
  718. >It takes cares of me.
  719. >If I sleep and miss it, then it cannot embrace me in its peace.
  720. "It's a shame I cannot see the stars, they are so beautiful."
  721. >But I can see the grounded stars.
  722. >In big cities like this one, the night sky rest on our soil.
  723. >a million stars that belong to the moon, fall down so that we humans can enjoy them.
  724. >I want to be with them.
  725. >I want to stay away from the pain.
  726. >I want to walk through the streets of this city and lose myself in the night.
  727. >If I walk out of that door and into the city, will they greet me?
  728. >In this cold night, will they accept me?
  729. >I hope they do.
  730. >I want to dance with them every night.
  731. >And when daytime comes, disappear with them into the sky.
  732. >Only coming back with them once Twilight dies and have them as my own companions.
  733. >They won't hurt me.
  734. >They won't use me.
  735. >I don't have to apologize to them for failing them.
  736. >I don't have to feel guilty for betraying their trust.
  737. >If I was a star, I could befriend the moon.
  738. >If I was a star, life wouldn't matter to me.
  739. >I only had to be as bright as them.
  740. "Let's open this window.
  741. >What a cool wind.
  742. >I love its embrace.
  743. >It feels like it could take me with those beautiful stars on the horizon.
  745. >Wow, I didn't know how high this apartment was.
  746. >The street looks so far away from this view.
  747. >Will it hurt?
  748. >I don't want my face being the first thing to hit the ground. It took a lot of time and effort for it to be perfect.
  749. >Does it matter now?
  750. >If I become a star, I won't have to worry about anything like this again.
  751. >My figure, my skin, my hair.
  752. >It wouldn't matter at all anymore.
  753. >I wonder, will people hear me dancing in the night?
  754. >When someone is taking a night walk, trying to think about their life, will they encounter me?
  755. >If we cross paths, will he be scared of me?
  756. >Will he listen to my laughter?
  757. >Maybe he will be intrigued and dance with me?
  758. >Even if he doesn't see or understand my presence.
  759. >He could let himself go and enjoy the night with me.
  760. >We wouldn't need to know each other's name.
  761. >We wouldn't even need to be made of the same matter.
  762. >But as long as his heart needs some peace from his daily life and sins.
  763. >I could be of help for him or her.
  764. >Yes, I can finally be useful.
  765. >I won't be a burden to you anymore, mother, father.
  766. >Father...
  767. "I... I'm sorry. I betrayed you."
  768. >The person that cared for me so much, that protected me and made me his princess because he loved me so much.
  769. >And I replaced him with greed and pleasure.
  770. >He doesn't need a worthless daughter like me.
  771. >A fuck toy that's only good for that monster.
  772. >I turn around and I pick a chair up, putting it against the window.
  773. >I try to step on it, but the heels make it pretty hard.
  774. >No matter, I won't take them off.
  775. >They are my penitence.
  776. >I finally get to stand on it.
  777. >I breathe the pure and fresh air of the night.
  778. >And as I grab the window frame, I hear the main entrance of the apartment opening.
  779. >"I swear, I'm going to sue them for what they did. Airlines these days are- What?"
  780. >A mature woman and a teenager girl walk through the door, staring right at me.
  781. >Wait, I recognize that girl, I've seen her before in my school.
  782. "T-Tiara?"
  784. >Unconfortable doesn't even start explaining this situation.
  785. >Confusing and humiliating could start giving this encounter some kind of direction.
  786. >"Who the hell are you?!" The mature woman screamed.
  787. >But as the gears in her head turned slowly turned around, some of the blanks began to fill in her mind.
  788. >"What are you doing?" She asked again.
  789. >I was desperate, not knowing what to do or act.
  790. >My only escape from this hell and I couldn't even leave in peace.
  791. >"Wait a minute. Mom, this is a girl from my school." Tiara said.
  792. >The mother slowly walked towards me, her hands trying to appease me.
  793. >"Ok, I need you to get down from that chair, right now."
  794. >As she got closer, I could see that her eyes quickly moved across my body, checking out the bruises on my arms and neck.
  795. >I could see her confused face trying to understand this bizarre, fantastic act.
  796. >"I need you to get off that chair. Now."
  797. >I couldn't think straight.
  798. >I have two options.
  799. >Jump of the window and be completely free.
  800. >Or be eaten by the unknown of what if I got off that chair.
  801. "No, stay away..."
  802. >"Don't do it. What's your name?"
  803. "... It doesn't matter."
  804. >"Honey, answer the question. What's your name? You're Tiara's schoolmate, right?"
  805. >I resigned to any kind of respect I may had and just nodded.
  806. >"Ok. That's a start. What's your name?"
  807. "...Trixie."
  808. >"Very well, Trixie. Please come down from there."
  809. "... No, no, please stay away..."
  810. >"Ok, I will stay here. Just don't do something stupid."
  811. >Nothing was making sense.
  812. >I could jump and not worry about anything else ever again.
  813. >But having contact with another human being is making me rethink this decision.
  814. "I... I don't... I'm sorry..."
  815. >Then, from the other side of the room, a big silhouette appeared.
  816. >A massive demon with a slow stride walked towards us.
  817. >"Babyface, what's going on-"
  818. >His sight made my legs tremble violently.
  819. >And the heels made me trip from the chair.
  821. >Maybe the stars hate me.
  822. >Maybe this world wants me to suffer even more.
  823. >Maybe I should atone for my sins.
  824. >Whatever the reason, my heels made me drop on the opposite side of the window.
  825. >Another bruise on my body but it's not a big deal anymore.
  826. >But he was there in front of me.
  827. >My owner.
  828. >He came him to punish me because I tried to escape.
  829. >Is he going to break my body?
  830. >Make me feel things against my will?
  831. "No, please, I'm sorry Papa! I didn't try to run away! Don't hurt me!"
  832. >I curled and hid my face on my knees and arms.
  833. "No, I'm a good girl, Papa, don't hurt me again, please, I'll do whatever you want, but please, not again!"
  834. >The two female turned around to see the big man behind them.
  835. >In the middle of the confusion, he returned to his room and after closing himself inside for five minutes, he came out fully clothed, car keys on his hand and walked out of the main room, without saying a word.
  836. >After a while, when I noticed he was gone, I recovered my composure.
  837. >At least, some of it.
  838. >I noticed that the only persons in that room were the mature woman and me.
  839. >She was smoking a cigarette.
  840. >She didn't say anything until I stood up completely.
  841. >"I figured it out after the initial shock. It wasn't hard to understand. Are you alright?" She said.
  842. >I was only able to hold my arm and look at my feet.
  843. >"You know, I want to slap you for doing something so stupid, but I see you received one heck of a punish."
  844. >She immediately turned on another cigarette.
  845. >"It's going to be a pain in the ass fixing all of this. How old are you?"
  846. "...fifteen."
  847. >"Fifteen?!" She said with a surprised look on her face, before cursing on silence.
  848. >She grabbed her purse and took out a fat wad of bills and gave it to me.
  849. >"Take it and never speak of this again. If you do, I will destroy your life, now get out. Call yourself a taxi."
  850. "B-but, my things are in his car..."
  851. >"... He is not coming back, sweetie. Fine, I'll call a cab for you, wait for it downstairs.
  853. >I grab the money and hold it in my hand.
  854. >While I slowly walk out of the door, wearing the clothes of a whore, I look to my side and notice a mirror for the first time since I was there.
  855. >My neck was black from his choking.
  856. >My lipstick was a complete mess and my lower lip was bleeding from him biting it at one point.
  857. >My long hair was an eyesore.
  858. >My mascara was all over my cheeks from all the times I cried.
  859. >I immediately looked away.
  860. >As I walked out of the door I could hear her say.
  861. >"I'm sorry this happened to you. Don't worry about it, this won't become public and you won't be seeing us again. I can't risk you ruin this family."
  862. >I didn't even stop to answer her.
  863. >I wasn't in the mood to take the elevator, so I walked down the stair.
  864. >My feet and legs hurt. The first ones from the heels, the second ones from his brutal beatings.
  865. >But I guess, it helped me feel like I was still alive.
  866. >For better or worse.
  867. >I was on the 25th floor, so it was a long walk down.
  868. >The only sound in the entire building was that of my slow and beaten steps.
  869. >What a day.
  870. >Was it suppose to end like this?
  871. >I look at my hand to see the money.
  872. >I put my other hand in between my breasts and take out the bills I "earned" from him.
  873. >Papa put them in there, just to make it sexier.
  874. >I guess, at this point, it doesn't matter to admit it.
  875. >I am a prostitute.
  876. >A dirty, vulgar prostitute.
  877. >I exchanged my virginity and my innocence from money, bruises and pleasure I wasn't meant to know yet.
  878. >All because I felt I was better than everybody else.
  879. >Because I thought I could take it.
  880. "I guess, someone of my age wouldn't have been so bad."
  881. >I laugh at the ironic joke.
  882. >I fucked myself up.
  883. >Even if I decide to look for a boyfriend, what will I do?
  884. >How can I ever be in a normal relationship after all that happened?
  885. >Do I even want to be touched by a man ever again?
  886. >Will he want to touch me once he knows what I've done.
  887. >No, he wouldn't.
  889. >Finally, I'm able to walk down all the stairs.
  890. >The reception is empty, only a white light glows in this big room.
  891. >When I walk out of it, the cool breeze hits my punished face.
  892. >It relaxes me.
  893. >After a couple of minutes of feeling like a skank waiting for a client on the street, a cab finally appears.
  894. >"Are you Trixie?"
  895. >I nod.
  896. >"Get in, love. Where do you want me to drop you by."
  897. >I do as I command and tell him where my house is.
  898. >After a couple of minutes of not talking, he finally says.
  899. >"You look rather young to be dressing like that so late at night."
  900. >I don't answer.
  901. >"Now I won't judge you. As a night driver, I've seen everything. I bet you're one of those sugar babes I always read about."
  902. "..."
  903. >"Let me offer you an advice, love. The people in this city, they are animals, they will use you like a napkin and throw you away for someone younger. It ain't never pretty, love. " He looks at me through the rear mirror "I can see you have experienced it too. You see, the people in those big dark buildings, they only care about themselves."
  904. "..."
  905. >"A cute girl like you from a nice neighborhood like you should never come back here ever again. You're not made out of the same wood we the people from downtown are, you know? You should stay far away from this jungle."
  907. >After an hour of driving, he finally leaves me at my home.
  908. >"There you go, love."
  909. >I handle him a one hundred dollar bill.
  910. "Take it."
  911. >He looks at me and says.
  912. >"Alright, but only if you promise me I will never see you with a bill this big so late at night, alright love?"
  913. >He grabbed it and drove away, looking at me from his rear mirror.
  915. >Finally, I'm safe.
  916. >I slowly walk towards the door.
  917. >My feet and legs about to collapse.
  918. >The bruises on my neck, hips, butt and head starting to hurt really bad.
  919. >My crotch in pain.
  920. >I stop once more to notice my outfit once again.
  921. >I didn't come out of my house wearing this.
  922. >I was wearing some sweat pants, tennis shoes and a shirt.
  923. >I'm supposed to be with Octavia.
  924. >Oh no, they are going to get so angry at me.
  925. >They will punish me for months.
  926. >But worse of all, they will be disappointed in me.
  927. >The girl that was sleeping with Mr. Snuggles just yesterday was actually a prostitute.
  928. >And she got what she deserved.
  929. >This money I have in my hand, it will be for you.
  930. >I hope it pays for the damage I've done to both of you.
  931. >For betraying your trust and stabbing your back.
  932. >Huh? The lights are on.
  933. "Oh no, my cell phone."
  934. >I never called them back to tell them I was fine.
  935. >Are they still up?
  936. >They probably called Octavia's family about me and that's when they realized what I did.
  937. >I'm sorry.
  938. >I slowly walk towards the door.
  939. >I can hear their voices.
  940. >It's 5 am, they shouldn't be up this late.
  941. >It is not good for their health.
  942. >Maybe, I shouldn't bother, they are better without a daughter like me.
  943. >But, I don't like seeing them cry like this.
  944. >After thinking about it for a while, I decide to finally knock on the door.
  945. >The house suddenly becomes quiet.
  946. >For a couple of seconds, nothing happens.
  947. >I knock the door again.
  948. >I could listen to a person running to the door from the inside and quickly open the door.
  949. >My father, my real father.
  950. >"Trixie! Oh... oh dear lord..."
  951. >I hug him, not knowing what else to do.
  952. >I long realized that I had power over him, just as much as Papa had over me. And just like he hurt me, I finally understood how much I hurt my father too.
  953. "I'm sorry, daddy. Your dear daughter is no more."
  955. The End
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