Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison chapter 14

Nov 20th, 2017
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  1. Be Anonymous
  2. >God damn this turn of events is affecting each individual brain cell that mustered to survive as you venture this forsaken, twisted place.
  3. >First your "friend", Pancho, gets destroyed. Then the killer left a note with her hoof signature. And then the terrorists appeared to fight the guards, all led by a colt that was no pony else but the colt that got kidnapped a while ago, Nightly Veil. And howdy-do, Musul Mare, the leader of the terrorists, was none other than Yarn Feather; the best friend Short has in this prison and her- I mean, his number one assistant.
  4. >Talk about a wild ride, huh?
  5. >There must be something dark or mysterious going on within this prison. You recall listening to Nightly saying something about a boss... Can’t be Sombra, considering he called whoever it is "master". Whoever this "boss" is, Nightly and Yarn have the answers you’re all looking for.
  6. >Right now, it's best to carry on and ask those questions before Short starts to-
  8. >Cry...
  9. >Nightly Veil and his compadres’ crying might have ceased, but of course Short was going to cry about HIS friend being the most searched criminal in all Saddle Arabia. Heh, you got his gender right this time! Well, for now.
  10. >"Y-Y-Ya-Yarn wh-wh...wh-why..." Short Fuse was hugging the confused and disoriented pegasus as she stared with curiosity at the sky. Shortly after, Short caught the terrible case of emotional hiccups; The poor unicorn warden continued sobbing while his tears soaked Yarn's fur. "Of all the ponies... *hip* why you...? I don't want to lock my best friend in a cell...!"
  11. >Isn't she already a prisoner?
  12. >"Dah, this is an interesting turn of events. Da warden must be passing through so many surprises today." The tiny voice of Water Fall says as he sits on your head.
  13. >Hmm, the little breeze guard here means Lima must have been awoken; probably with his tiny brother.
  14. "At least I'm glad everything is solved... kind of."
  15. You say while scratching your head a bit, being careful to not hurt the breezie guard perched on your noggin.
  16. >"Kind of? What do you mean?" Water Fall moves from your head to your nose and starts talking you eye to eye. "We got de colt that went missing and we’ve-ah also got ourselves the so-called 'Musul Mare'! Shouldn't every problem be gone now?" The tiny breeze guard giggles a bit. "Who knows, maybe I'll get an ascend to Page 10 after this! I helped, right?"
  17. >You close your arms and eyes while thinking.
  18. "Maybe this isn't the case."
  19. >"Why? You don't think I got a chance to ascend?" Water Fall tilts his head and looks a bit sad at you.
  20. "No, that's not what I was talking about. I was thinking this isn't over since Nightly Veil said something about a 'master' called Sombra and some sort of boss... And by the way, Yarn Feather looks around as if she was lost. I can tell she was being used somehow as Nightly was too."
  21. >Water Fall flies off your nose and starts thinking mid-air about the probabilities of what you said.
  22. >"This is a mystery... we should assemble every guard to discuss all this! Maybe this way, I can get my Page 10 range!"
  23. >You look at Water Fall with a deep and heavy stare until he nervously laughs.
  24. >"A-And see about that Sombra guy! Right! Heh..."
  25. >And the final words Musul Mare exclaimed... this can't be over that easily, huh?
  26. >Welp, time to move on and tell Shorty about the meeting.
  27. >Short Fuse bawled and bawled about the tragic turn of events, but the confused pegasus that was looking around suddenly stopped and stared at the emotionally broken warden.
  28. >"Short... now I remember! I am Musul Mare!"
  29. >This didn't help the situation as she confessed, aaaaaaand- Jeez, Short looks REALLY like a mare when she- GODDAMNIT! When HE starts producing enough tears to fill up an entire well.
  30. >Yarn Feather slowly removed the black clothing on her and tried to calm Short Fuse down.
  31. >"Shorty, you have to listen to me!" Yarn Feather shook the poor guy.
  32. >Short Fuse attempted to calm down little by little as Yarn Feather finally snapped out of her haze.
  33. >"Y-Ya-Yarn Feather..." Short Fuse tried to remain calm now, but his denial of the situation kept bringing him down. "Y-You have the right t-to remain s-silent..."
  34. >Yarn Feather stared at Short a bit serious for a moment.
  35. >"And everything I say can and will be used against me, right? So be it... my memories are fuzzy and I might not recover much, but I can tell I was being used! I was used all this time by those terrorists!"
  36. >She was?
  37. >"You... were?" Short Fuse asked, his last, adorable hiccuping sob coming to an end as his eyes were filled with hope, the hope of his friend being innocent -- despite her already being a prisoner, of course. "Please do tell me everything you know!"
  38. >The warden and prisoner smiled at each other, one having his hope rising up and the other having the courage to reveal what those dunces did to her.
  39. >"Oh right!" Short Fuse stands up and dusts his warden clothes off the sand. "I need to forgive you first, of course!" Short Fuse then started to find something in his saddlebags.
  40. >The ears of Yarn Feather slowly lowered after she heard what the warden said.
  41. >"O-Oh right... th-the hat..." Yarn Feather gulps as she shakes a bit. "I nearly... forgot about the hat."
  42. >A hat? What's up with Short and hats, and why is this scary for Yarn Feather?
  43. "Yo, Water Fall."
  44. >You call the name of the breezie guard that was sitting on your head again.
  45. >"Yes, Anonymous?"
  46. "Do you know by any chances why Yarn is worried all of the sudden? I thought she wanted to be forgiven, yet she’s worried about some hat. What's this hat all about?"
  47. >"Oh you'll see…”
  48. >And after searching for long enough, Short found the hat he was looking for.
  49. >"As much as I would like to forgive my personal and number one assistant for bullying me from the very first day of work, even though you said that you were controlled by the terrorists..." Short pulls from his saddlebag one giant ass hammer made out of paper mache and slowly wears it on his head. "You must be punished."
  50. >The poor pegasus pony eeped as she knew her destiny would be worst than the solitary room.
  51. "What the hell is that hammer? Looks like a poor excuse for a foal’s art project.”
  52. >"Dah! Das the hat of discipline! Do you live in a grotta or what?"
  53. “Grotta?”
  54. >Short prepares to "punish" Yarn Feather as Yarn can only look while the hammer slowly comes to her.
  55. >”A cave, you idiot! Now shush!”
  56. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq2A-AYw4bE
  57. >You swear you heard something as the hammer came down to punish Yarn Feather... or maybe it was your imagination.
  58. >"You're forgiven!" Short Fuse says with glee as he removes the giant hat hammer and helps Yarn get on her hooves.
  59. >"T-Thanks..." The pegasus mare was so dizzy, she couldn't stand on her four hooves by the hit.
  60. “I thought… I thought it was made out of paper mache…”
  61. >Water Fall smirks as he floats by on his back in a comfy position. “Yes, the outside is. But the inside, I don’t even know, vän.”
  62. >You gulp. Hope you never get forgiven in this prison… Ever.
  64. >Finally, all journalists and ponies that were left watching the spectacle, started leaving one by one until only the prisoners who nearby were left.
  65. >Every prisoner gave their own shout of happiness to the warden and his victory against the terrorists. Some others "clap" their hooves on the sand to cheer the guards- DAMMNIT! SOME SAND GOT IN YOUR EYES!
  66. “Quit stomping in the sand! You got in my eyes! Agh!’
  67. >Water Fall snickers as you rub the rest of the sand out of your eyelids.
  68. >Regardless of the eye irritation, you can't help but stare at the prisoners and feel... /something/ between them.
  69. >As if a particular prisoner was watching you.
  70. >"All prisoners, return to the prison! We must celebrate our biggest victory yet and possible the peace we've been waiting for all this time!" Short Fuse says. Felt like he was expressing his happiness by the good news than actually commanding the crowd. "Justice prevails!”
  71. >They nod to their warden and obey, turning and returning back into the big prison: the prison of Saddle Arabia.
  72. "Now, I wonder where I left Inho..."
  73. >"Inho? Who's dat?"
  74. >Oh, Water Fall stuck around. And now he’s back on your head...
  75. "A round friend that's good at soccer... He’s the ball." You slightly chuckle.
  76. >Damnit, you missed an opportunity to call the ball Mike.
  77. >"Okay? Well, if you say so." Water Fall starts flying away from your head. "I'm going to see if Light Cloud is okay, an hour ago she was acting... odd. Must be my imagination, but anyway! We'll talk later, Anonymous!"
  78. >And so the breezie guard leaves you, going somewhere else to search for the other exchange earth pony guard.
  79. >Right, now you're going to search for Inho and go tell Short about the stuff you know. Set up a meeting with the guards and all that stuff.
  80. >You bet your half ass that there’s a spy in the prison... Maybe even more.
  81. >As you put your hand on your forehead to block the Celestia’s blinding light, you search for Inho. You notice him rolling near some of the prisoners that were leaving.
  82. >Hopefully the ball appeared there by coincidence and is not possessed, don't want anything related to ghosts again.
  83. >Hey! Speaking of possessed, you really need to talk with Blue and Red Candle after seeing them in the sky! They had a really curious black ball between their hooves for some odd reason.
  84. "There you are, you bastard."
  85. >You put your hands around your waist while you stare down at the solitary soccer ball that staying still on the sand that was near the prisoners.
  86. “I don’t know how the fuck you got here buddy, but you better come here so we can go see the warden!”
  87. >You aren’t sure why you’re talking to a ball alone, nobody is looking so it’s useless you do this. Why do you do this again?
  88. >You kneel and grab Inho with your two hands while doing your best ventriloquism with your lips.
  90. >Oh you know why you do this now.
  91. >If you’re lucky, you’ll get another inanimate object and call it a related name of an Argentinian. That way you can re-create the last World Cup.
  92. >Although you’ll need a german object… Like a weiner!
  93. >Eh, you’ll think about that later.
  94. >As you pick Inho up, you notice a few hoofsteps on the sand that were really familiar.
  95. “Hmm… where have I seen these before?”
  96. >You scratch your chin inquisitively.
  97. “Where… where…?”
  98. >Then, you remembered where you’ve seen those hoofprints before.
  99. >You pull out from your pockets the letter from where Pancho was killed and sacrificed by the unknown Saddle Arabian gods.
  100. >As you take a look at the signature, it looked exactly the same as the one in the sand… both had the same appearance to lungs.
  101. >This must be a crucial part of the mystery going on in this fucking prison! You just need to follow the hoofprints that were fresh in the sand!
  102. >But, the bad luck strikes you when you see that the hoofprints were lost in the sand as the suspect walked with the audience of prisoners. Fuck! There goes your last fucking clue.
  103. >”Hey Anon, you look like you lost something!” A female voice came from behind you. “Is everything okay? It should be okay since we won!”
  104. >It was Bright Light, the nurse of the prison. Damn you haven’t seen her in a while.
  105. “Everything’s fine, BL.”
  106. >”BL?” The nurse unicorn tilts her head in curiosity.
  107. “A short way to spell your name since I don’t feel good calling you just nurse, after all, Nurse Redheart is here too, so it would be confusing.”
  108. >”Oh!” She giggles a bit with her hoof on her nuzzle. “You’re right! Anywho, what were you staring at in the sand for so long? Were you thinking of something? It has to do with the warden, doesn’t it?”
  109. >She gave a bit of a wink there, teasing you up. But it wasn’t the case.
  110. “Eh… it's complicated to explain, I want to know who was the prisoner that was watching the duel here… but it’s hard to deduce since the hoofprints go missing with the others.”
  111. >Bright Light approached above Inho to have a comfortable place to look at the hoofprints.
  112. “Oi! Careful with Inho!”
  113. >”Hmm?” Bright Light tilts her head while staring back at you. “Inho…?”
  114. “The soccer ball.” You roll your eyes. “He participated in the second duel with the guards and terrorists, he was literally the ball.”
  115. >You still regret not naming it Mike Wazowski.
  116. >”Oh! Don’t worry; I’m good with balls anyway!” She shrugged it off and continued staring at the hoofprints.
  117. “If you say so- wait, what?”
  118. >”Hush! Let me concentrate!”
  119. >Bright Light started examining the prints, sticking out her tongue as she did.
  120. >After some seconds, the hoofprints started to shine. Little by little, there was a trail revealing where the suspect went to.
  121. “Whoa, what a neat trick BL!”
  122. >You scratch her ears and she makes a cute squeak sound while her leg taps the sand slightly.
  123. >”You’re welcome~” Bright Light says, pleased to help you and getting a tiny reward.
  124. >Boy you missed petting ponies; they get so affectionate when you do it.
  125. >But as the trail of hoofprints gets revealed, it shows a prisoner that was still standing at the entrance.
  126. >You slowly stop petting Bright Light’s ears, making her hump in the sadness of you stopping petting her ears.
  127. >You stopped just because… you were a bit shocked by who the trail let to.
  128. >In the entrance of the prison there was Light Cloud, the exchange guard and at her side was Jenny, the giraffe that was your cell neighbor.
  129. >Was she…?
  130. “…The boss?”
  131. >Jenny stared back at you without moving her head. Her only response was giving you a single wink with a grin.
  132. >She continued talking with Light Cloud, only seconds before entering the prison as she talked with the earth pony guard.
  133. >All that seriousness of her went lost as she hit her head to the entrance of the prison, though.
  134. >”Omph! Stupid pony-sized entrances…”
  135. >You see as Light Cloud helps the giraffe in worry, as she may have hit her head too hard, but the giraffe inmate looked to be only dizzy by the sudden hit. Light Cloud escorts the giraffe inmate back to the prison after Light Cloud makes sure she’s fine.
  136. >Heh! You’d pay thousands of bits to see Jenny get hit in the face on repeat. Anyways, the proof of is in the pudding… Or prints.
  137. “The signature from the letter was from… Jenny?”
  138. >”Uh?” Bright Light says while holding Inho with her hooves. “What letter, Anon?”
  139. “Oh… sorry, I was thinking out loud for a moment there, heh…”
  140. >”Oh Anon!” Bright Light rolled her eyes while putting close to her cheek Inho. “You’re so silly sometimes!”
  141. “Right…”
  142. >You look back at Short Fuse who was talking with Yarn Feather. You could read the worry on his face.
  143. >You turn your look to the foals that were now with a very well recovered Lima, who was happily hugging her lost brother after a really dangerous game.
  144. >You finally turn to see the prison entrance.
  145. >You might don’t sleep tonight for all the shit that’s happened… but you will solve this mystery with your hands!
  146. >You mean… they’re ponies and a giraffe. What’s the worst evil thing they could plan? Neigh you to death?
  148. Be Jenny
  149. >Also known as The Boss of The Corporation that you've created not so long ago.
  150. >You are in your cell, deeply thinking. Various things happened in a mere of so little time, it's unbelievable.
  151. >How is possible that the spell on Yarn Feather faded so fast and easily? This must be work of an enemy of yours, but who? Anon? Impossible.
  152. >Even Doktor Karma’s project escaped from the mind control so easily within days... was it their friends, right? Would there be something so foolish as the power of friendship to solve a powerful mind spell elaborated by the arcane evil sorcerer from another dimension?
  153. >...Neh, you must be thinking silly stuff again.
  154. >”My boss, what are your orders now?” The earth pony guard from the prison, Light Cloud, kneels as she awaits for your command. “Just say it and I’ll fly.”
  155. “How many times do I have to repeat it? I am not just a boss.” You turn towards the single window of your cell and stare outside. “I /AM/ The Boss! Get it right or get out of my cell.”
  156. >”My apologies, The Boss.”
  157. >So, orders… she wants orders.
  158. >At this moment the best idea should be to wait and do nothing until tomorrow.
  159. >But… now that she wants orders.
  160. “Get me the spies from The Corporation in this cell, I need to talk to them as soon as possible.”
  161. >The brainwashed guard nods and doesn’t reply to your order, just quietly exits your cell. But then she suddenly turns around with a hesitant expression.
  162. >”Um, Boss…”
  163. >You groan and back towards her, only to hit your muzzle against a pipe in the ceiling.
  164. >”DOMPH! STUPID PONY SIZED- Ahem… Yes?”
  165. >Light Cloud cringes at the sudden incident, sheepishly smiling as she responds.
  166. >”Do you happen to know a spy that’s good with their hooves?”
  167. >You raise an eyebrow.
  168. >”Um, my neck kinda hurts…. Might just be the beds or something… But I still can work well if my neck hurts, right?”
  169. >Light Cloud chuckles nervously as her eyes shift around suspiciously. Wait, why isn’t she looking you in the eyes?
  170. ”Light Cloud.”
  171. >”Eep! Y-Yes?”
  172. ”Look me in the eyes, like I’ve told you to do many times.”
  173. >Once again, she hesitates. You swear you can hear a cracking sound as her neck struggles to make her head face you. She mutters something silently.
  174. >“...Ow…”
  175. >Much better.
  176. ”I’ll think about it, but for now, go get the other two spies. Make sure no one gets suspicious of our activities…”
  177. >”G-Got it.”
  178. >You hear another crack, as Light Cloud struggles, once again, to look forward.
  179. >”Without anypony to notice, right?”
  180. >What did she say? You hit your head against the pipe as you try to approach her.
  181. ”AGH! NOT AGAIN! Grr! And what have I… Agh… What have I told you about saying ‘everypony’ or ‘anypony’?”
  182. >”S-Sorry! Won’t happen again!”
  183. >Light Cloud bolts out of the room, leaving you with your bruised muzzle all alone.
  184. >Good. The lonelier you are, the better you will think about your next moves.
  185. “Hm. Even if Anon had the most remote idea of what I’m going to do, it’s far from late to stop this.” You chuckle slightly and stare as Celestia’s sun goes down. “Soon, that sun will correspond to the every single creature instead of one of many kinds.”
  186. >You munch a cookie while you watch as the guards enter the prison of Saddle Arabia. Little do they know the colossal plan that tomorrow will start.
  187. “We’re living in Equestria… Equestria… isn’t wonderful?”
  188. >Turning around to leave the cell, you duck under the pipe just in time before it hits you. You turn back and mock it.
  189. >”Haha! Take that you- OOPH!”
  190. >And you slam right into the yet another pipe from the cell entrance. Fantastic.
  191. >”If I take over, first thing I’ll implement… is to remove all pipes from ceilings. Eh, too expensive. We’ll pad the ceilings with soft fabric! Perfect.”
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