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  1. SweetZydrate: ellooo
  2. iCraveYourPainx3: DESTI
  3. iCraveYourPainx3: CHECK DISC
  4. Aaditva: ok
  5. Eridus: hi yoony
  6. Aaditva: Hai Erii
  7. iCraveYourPainx3: -.-
  8. Aaditva: > calm down
  9. iCraveYourPainx3: Ash's boyfriend?
  10. Eridus: boyfriend?
  11. Aaditva: noo
  12. Aaditva: no
  13. iCraveYourPainx3: Wait
  14. iCraveYourPainx3: Oh ok
  15. Aaditva: XD
  16. SweetZydrate: i mean.... i def said hi... like dang rejected LOL
  17. Eridus: hello person lmao
  18. Eridus: who's ash
  19. SweetZydrate: yaaaay! is not a reject anymore lol
  20. Eridus: why is this person thinking im ash's boyfriend?
  21. Eridus: my ash or different ash
  22. Aaditva: He got confused because ash was in here before, and i told him ash had a bf
  23. Eridus: but why is he thinking i'm ash's boyfriend?
  24. Aaditva: im not sure
  25. Aaditva: he forgets things fast
  26. Eridus: why would you think i'm ash's boyfriend
  27. Aaditva: shh eri!!
  28. Aaditva: its okay
  29. Eridus: no, i wanna know why
  30. Aaditva: he forgot!!
  31. Aaditva: calm down Eri
  32. Eridus: I am calm. Relax. I just want to know why he immediately went "-.-" when you said hi and then assumed i was with ash
  33. Aaditva: hes just protective over me
  34. iCraveYourPainx3: Idk man I'm dumb leave me alone
  35. Aaditva: dont worry..
  36. Aaditva: derek, calm down
  37. Aaditva: please
  38. Aaditva: >~<
  39. Eridus: "leave me alone"
  40. Aaditva: pleasee dont start..
  41. Eridus: you immediately went "-.-" just because I said hello and then assumed i'm ash's boyfriend lmao
  42. Aaditva: omfg..
  43. Aaditva: im leaving
  44. SweetZydrate: ......should i leave? >.<
  45. Eridus: I'm not fighting or arguing, I'm just asking why
  46. Aaditva: no
  47. Aaditva: you can stay
  48. Aaditva: im leaving
  49. iCraveYourPainx3: What do you want a sorry
  50. Aaditva: derek, eri
  51. iCraveYourPainx3: I'm sorry
  52. Aaditva: please
  53. Aaditva: >~<
  54. Aaditva: dont start
  55. Eridus: No, I don't expect a sorry. I'm asking why not for an apology.
  56. Eridus: i've said that already
  57. iCraveYourPainx3: I didn't know
  58. Aaditva: >~<
  59. iCraveYourPainx3: And I say stupid things
  60. iCraveYourPainx3: No need to leave
  61. iCraveYourPainx3: I'm going to
  62. Aaditva: please dont start
  63. Aaditva: oh my fucking god.
  64. SweetZydrate: ......i feel awk..
  65. Eridus: lmao
  66. Aaditva: im tired of this shit.
  67. Aaditva: ill be back in a little while.
  68. SweetZydrate: okayss tyt
  69. Eridus: I only came to say Hi. i wasn't starting shit lmao.
  70. SweetZydrate: it didnt seem you were..
  71. SweetZydrate: thats why im confused..
  72. SweetZydrate: >.<
  73. Eridus: all he just needed to tell me is why he automatically assumed I was ash's boyfriend.
  74. SweetZydrate: i mean...i dunno who ash is but maybe she likes you or somethin?..
  75. Eridus: Ash is my best friend
  76. SweetZydrate: ohhh...
  77. SweetZydrate: wb aadi <3
  78. Aaditva: thanks.
  79. Eridus: if your friend is so insecure that he overreacts over someone saying hello to you, I can just not come into here anymore if you'd like, yoony.
  80. Aaditva: eri
  81. Eridus: you know where to find me
  82. Aaditva: please
  83. Aaditva: wait
  84. Eridus: ?
  85. Aaditva: you can come here
  86. Aaditva: okay?
  87. SweetZydrate: i think it was just a misunderstanding tbh...?
  88. Aaditva: yes
  89. Aaditva: it was...
  90. Aaditva: hes just protectove
  91. Aaditva: protective*
  92. Aaditva: and not in the
  93. Aaditva: in the mood atm
  94. SweetZydrate: okayss...
  95. Aaditva: im taking part of it as my fault
  96. Eridus: I shouldn't have to stop coming here, I am a mod afterall. but kinda pissed me off that he automatically assumed i was ash's boyfriend and i get "-.-" just from saying hi to you.
  97. Aaditva: noo
  98. Aaditva: please eri
  99. Aaditva: hes protective, okay?
  100. Aaditva: please..its okay
  101. Eridus: If he's that insecure that people can't even say hi to you, he needs to man up.
  102. Aaditva: he
  103. Aaditva: dont say that..
  104. Aaditva: hes going through a hard time right now..
  105. Aaditva: hes probably pissed at me
  106. Aaditva: hes playing his fucking game and ignoring me
  107. Aaditva: not ignoring
  108. Aaditva: ell
  109. Aaditva: well*
  110. Aaditva: idfk.
  111. Aaditva: hes jiust pissed at me probably
  112. SweetZydrate: ...what reason is there to be upset with you?
  113. Aaditva: because im friends with two other guys
  114. Eridus: so he's not protective, he's controlling.
  115. Aaditva: ..
  116. SweetZydrate: i'm friends with many guys... edy doesnt care because he trusts me...
  117. SweetZydrate: he sees them try to hit on me all the time..
  118. Eridus: that's not protectiveness, that's insecurity.
  119. Aaditva: he trusts me too
  120. Aaditva: eri
  121. Aaditva: hes just going through things..
  122. Aaditva: i-
  123. Aaditva: i can talk to him about it
  124. Eridus: so am I, but you don't see me getting mad about my sub having other guy friends because I know she's mine, not theirs.
  125. Eridus: LOL
  126. Aaditva: ..
  127. SweetZydrate: well...that's true too.
  128. Eridus: to assume everyone is a threat is childish.
  129. Aaditva: ..
  130. Aaditva: ill talk to him about it
  131. Eridus: I'm not here to stay, your friend can join back. I simply came to say hi. I ain't trying to steal what he's desperately trying to hold onto.
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