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  2. ======================================================================
  3. Wards:
  4. Health bar above enemy wards
  5. ======================================================================
  6. Skill Descriptions (low priority):
  7. ======================================================================
  8. I realize translation isn't easy, I would be willing to help in that but having leveled up values show in skill descriptions would help a ton as well similar to how Dota 2 shows it.
  10. ex. Murdock (Q)
  11. --------------------------------------------------
  12. Hot Pursuit
  13. Active skill
  14. Mana Cost:100 CoolDown: 35
  15. Increased Movespeed for a short duration
  17. Duration : 3.5 Seconds
  18. Bonus Movespeed : (10%/13%/16%/19%)
  20. Scepter Bonus : (not translated but assuming it reads) Movespeed bonus is increased by 10% more
  22. --------------------------------------------------
  23. ======================================================================
  24. Random Buffs:
  25. ======================================================================
  26. Change spawn from 00:30 seconds after game starts to 1 minute after game starts
  27. Invisibility duration -10 seconds
  28. Additional Damage set to 25% from 50%
  29. Colored buff depending on what the buff is
  31. [The spawn change allows the jungler to claim it and doesn't make the side lanes snowball hard depending on which side got the stronger buff. Currently getting Additional Damage buff will 100% win you the lane and the buff is too strong later in the game
  32. ======================================================================
  33. Orb Prime:
  34. ======================================================================
  35. Orb Carrier stays revealed on the map
  36. Orb Carry time set to 1 minute
  37. Orb Prime activation lasts 1 minute after turn in
  38. Nearby Minions take 15% reduced damage
  39. Nearby Minions deal 15% increased damage
  40. +5 Health Regen if you haven't taken damage for 10 seconds
  41. +3 Mana Regen if you haven't taken damage for 10 seconds
  43. [Currently Prime isn't quite strong enough to end out games off of, closer in line to Paragon Orb buffs and allows you to pressure off turn in rather than fight to turn in then have to back to heal before pushing wasting time
  44. ======================================================================
  45. Mana:
  46. ======================================================================
  47. +1.5 Mana regen to all heroes
  48. Adjust Mana regen from items slightly lower to compensate for mages higher base mana regen
  50. [Currently only mana fixing for casters and it's far too punishing to use abilities for anything other than a team fight. Trying to kill someone and failing or right after a fight you are more than likely forced to back because of being out of mana
  51. [Could be fixed by adding mana regen to other items?
  52. [I do like having to manage mana regen/mana pools but currently too punishing for using abilities
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