Any% Dragon Tooth +5

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  1. == Ressources ==
  2. Route intended for beginners, using quantity storage to get a really high soul level and a Dragon Tooth +5.
  3. The route should be able to get sub 35.
  4. Video of a full run :
  5. For the fastest Any% route check this pastebin :
  6. Item Swap :
  7. Wrong Warp :
  8. Moveswap :
  9. Quantity storage :
  11. == Notes ==
  12. Start hunter + master key
  13. Grab shield, sword and bow
  14. Kill Asylum with shortsword
  15. Warp to Firelink
  17. Head to undead burg
  18. Buy bottomless box, rapier and the rest in bombs (~10) from the undead merchant
  19. Grab the resins
  20. Kill Taurus
  22. Get the drake sword
  23. Activate the parish elevator
  24. Kill gargoyles with moveswap drake sword
  25. Ring the bell, bone back
  27. (Level up whatever you want here or just don't. Can get some vit or end, str or dex won't help the drake sword though)
  28. Kick lautrec, quitout, get the FAP ring
  29. Go down to blighttown
  30. Grab the dragon scale behind the bonfire
  31. Kill Quelaag with moveswap drake sword
  32. Ring the bell, bone back
  34. Put the dragon scale and quelaag soul in the bottomless box
  35. Talk to Frampt
  36. > using Quantity storage :
  37. Sell 99 dragon scale and 99 quelaag soul to Frampt
  38. (You can actually sell as much Quelaag souls as you want, just sell 99 using quantity stoage, leaving you with 99 other quelaag souls in the bottomless box. Then just sell 98 souls and repeat the glitch)
  40. Go to Parish
  41. Buy the weapon smithbox and crest of Artorias to Andre
  42. Rest at the parish bonfire and upgrade the drakesword to +5
  43. > Level up whatever you want here with the billions souls you got from quantity storage
  44. Kill Iron Golem with moveswap drake sword
  46. Rest at the AL bonfire
  47. Use Golem core on the elevator
  48. Go through AL
  49. Rest at the O&S bonfire, grab the Dragon Tooth, bone back
  50. Upgrade the Dragon Tooth to +5
  51. Kill O&S, get the lordvessel, bone back
  53. Warp to Firelink
  54. Place the lord vessel, warp to Parish
  55. Rest at the forest bonfire
  56. Kill Hydra, kill dusk, bone back
  58. Warp to AL, kill the pendant golem, bone back
  60. Go to the DLC
  61. Kill Guardian
  62. Rest at the sanctuary bonfire
  63. > Royal wood skip without fall control
  64. Kill Artorias
  66. Enter the battle of stoicism to aquire the purple coward's crystal, use the dark sign
  67. Warp to Firelink Shrine then Firelink Altar
  68. Rest at the Lord Vessel, warp to sanctuary
  70. > Item swap with the purple coward's crystal, use the dark sign asap
  71. Kill Gwyn
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