City Pone

Feb 10th, 2013
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  1. There was this guy who wanted to own a pony really really bad but he wasn't allowed to but one day he earned enough money to move out of the city and go into the country where he was able to get a pony but he didn't have enough money so he wished for a pony and the next morning there was a pony in his back yard but it wasn't a normal pony it was a colorful one with a horn on its head and it said it was there to grant his wish and he thought she meant that she would become his pet but instead she used her horn to turn him into a pony and from then on out he always had a pony with him all the time because really he was a pony even though he was a human on the inside but that was okay because he now looked really cute and went to brony conventions and stuff and got all the attention he could have ever wanted but he was still sad because he still kind of wanted a pony.
  3. The End
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