Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi - 01

Nov 21st, 2014
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  1. Note : THIS IS NOT MY WORK. I'm merely proofreading and rephrasing some of the bits, all credits go to SILVERTONGUE00. I'm not really top notch with the english language myself but this will have to do for now, anyway please enjoy
  3. Original : KDdWPvqF
  5. ********************************************************
  6. 【Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi】
  8. 『Chapter 1 / 410 - Start Over of The Spear Hero』
  9. === Loop 1 - Tutorial Arc ===
  10. ********************************************************
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. TLNOTE:
  14. ――――chan : The first girl who confessed to Motoyasu.
  15. ――――san : Motoyasu's sheltered high-class girl friend
  16. ―――― : Motoyasu's normal but close girl friend
  18. 四聖 : Four Sage Heroes, Four Saint Heroes, etc. I use "Four Divine Heroes" because it will be important later on.
  19. (四) Four
  20. (聖) holy, divine, or something similar. Used in Saint (聖人), holy war / crusade (聖戦)
  22. 亜人 : Ajin | (亜) means sub- or variation, (人) means human, I prefer to use "Demi-Human".
  24. 獣人 : (獣) beast, (人) human. I prefer to use "Beast-man". Whats the difference between this and the Demi-Human?
  25. Just my imagination, but I think a Demi-Human has 90% human and 10% monster while Beast man has 70% human and 30% monster.
  27. 魔物 : Mamono | (魔) evil / (魔) magical. (魔法) Mahou = magic / sorcery
  28. (物) thing.
  29. It could mean 'something evil' or 'something magical', I prefer use "monster". Other translator use "demon"
  31. 強化 : Kyouka | Strengthening. I use "reinforcement", like Shirou's magic in fate series.
  33. 応竜 : I'm not using "dragon" because we have (竜) Dragon, (飛竜) Wyvern, (竜帝) Dragon Emperor, and (応竜) Ouryuu / Yinglong.
  34. All of them are dragon, but they are very different and this related DEEPLY with story itself. Feel free if someone has a better idea.
  36. 麒麟 : Kirin / Qilin
  37. 鳳凰 : Houou / Phoenix
  38. 霊亀 : Reiki / Spirit Turtle
  40. I use "Ouryuu", "Kirin, "Houou", and "Reiki" because I like it better than "Yinglong, Qilin, Phoenix, and Spirit Turtle".
  41. Naofumi will mention Seiryuu, Genbu, Byakko, and Suzaku later. I will use original naming to make it consistent and less confusing.
  43. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. Start over of the spear hero
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. "Who do you like better, ――――san or me!?" (girl)
  50. "Ah... Erm... Wa... Wait, I got a call" (Motoyasu)
  52. I ran from ――――chan when she pressed me with that question.
  54. "Wait, Motoyasu-san!" (girl)
  56. I like all of you equally, I can't just choose one of you... And abandon the rest.
  57. At that night, suddenly ――――chan ask me about the thing I really want to avoid.
  58. I... My childhood friend ――――, will hate me if I answer that question and I can't bear that.
  59. It's not like ―――― wants to bully ――――chan.
  61. Everyone just selfishly judge ―――― and bully ――――chan, sometimes even girls have rough relationship's, don't they?
  63. I want everyone to have fun together. I really hate bullying.
  64. That's why I'm always the first one to step up whenever I see bullying.
  65. But why is this thing happening?
  75. My childhood friend ―――― or sheltered princess ――――san, who should I choose?
  77. My dearest friend ――――
  78. Sheltered princess ――――san
  80. I want my friend, ―――― to be with me.
  81. There's many kinds of girls I dated and some of them have a complex view about love.
  82. But now, why are all the girls around me being troublesome?
  83. But I can't just keep worrying.
  85. I always enjoy net game since my high-school years.
  86. The one who introduced me to net game... I know her better than anyone.
  88. About her bad habit, hobby, and her passive-aggressive personality.
  89. She likes to come to my room abruptly to do some cleaning... Sometimes I lost some my stuff after she cleans up.
  90. Still, when ―――― comes she finds them and says that I should be more careful and not waste it.
  91. On the contrary, I often meet the princess ――――san outside.
  93. What should I say... She didn't push her ideals onto me like she's been learning from something.
  94. That fateful day, I meet some cute girl. After I dated her, I went home after promising to meet her again.
  96. I hear some noise from outside my apartment.
  98. "Why are you in Motoyasu-kun's room!" (friend)
  99. "That's my line!" (sheltered princess)
  101. There are sounds of stuff breaking in my room.
  102. I hurriedly run to my room.
  103. I see the two girls grab each other's hair and slapping each other relentlessly.
  105. "You have a lot of money! A lot of man would go for you! Why should it be Motoyasu!? Give up on him!" (friend)
  106. "Motoyasu-san is the only one for me! Motoyasu-san is my prince! You can't give happiness to Motoyasu-san!!" (sheltered princess)
  107. "Don't just decide his own happiness!" (friend)
  108. "Stop it both of you!!" (Motoyasu)
  110. They completely stop when hear my yell.
  112. "Motoyasu-san!?" (sheltered princess)
  113. "Motoyasu!" (friend)
  115. They calmed down a little after realizing that I'm watching them fight.
  117. "Please tell her right now! I'm the one who dating you!" (sheltered princess)
  118. "In your dreams! Motoyasu is dating me!" (friend)
  120. Damn! Why are they always quarreling!
  121. It's a good thing I never took them to date with another girl!
  122. Why can't girls just get along!
  124. "I'll say it again. I'm not in relationship with anyone right now and I never thought about that at all." (Motoyasu)
  125. "No way...." (sheltered princess)
  127. ――――san lost her footing after hearing those words.
  128. Enraged, ――――'s eyes become empty and raise kitchen knife in her hand. Note : Oh dear...
  130. "What are you doing? Stop that!" (Motoyasu)
  131. "Everything is your fault! I will always devote myself for you! So――――――" (friend)
  133. Then ―――― starts running towards ――――san with the knife in her hand.
  134. When I try to snatch the knife away from ―――― to stop her become murderer, it was that time...
  135. I felt something piercing deep inside my stomach.
  137. "Eh...?" (Motoyasu)
  139. Turn around and I see ――――san stab my stomach with a knife. Note : 2 Yanderes.. Good luck dealing with that..
  140. I felt sharp pain and an unbelievable amount of red fluid flows out from my body.
  142. "A.. Aha... Seems like you just cant back off from a date with another girl. I know. Rather than let you be taken by another woman, I'll kill you to make you mine. We'll be together in heaven. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (sheltered princess)
  144. ――――san pull knife from my body.
  146. "――――, he..lp... me...." (Motoyasu)
  148. The wound feels hot, my body is starting to weaken.
  149. Unconsciously, I asked ―――― for help.
  150. ―――― runs to my side with blank expression.
  151. She stabs my chest.
  153. "――――" (Motoyasu)
  155. I tried to scream but I had no voice.
  156. My body trembling, blood oozed faster than when its from my stomach.
  157. Heat slowly leaves my body, my body slowly feels cold. But why is my flowing blood warm?
  159. "I'm the one who will go to heaven with Motoyasu! Just go to hell!" (friend)
  160. "You're the one who will go to hell alone!" (sheltered princess)
  161. "Are you blind? I'm the one who killed Motoyasu, you know?" (friend)
  162. "He's still alive!! Motoyasu-san, please wait for a while. Now I'll ease your pain." (sheltered princess)
  164. Then ――――san stabs my throat.
  166. "I won't let you do that!! This is the bond between me and Motoyasu!" (friend)
  167. "Do you really think you can win against me!?" (sheltered princess)
  169. They kept stabbing me like it was a competition for my affection.
  170. My hand try to grasp something non-exist, my teary eyes went blurry every second.
  172. Am I... Dead?
  173. Why... Why did this happen.
  174. My only wish is for everyone to have fun together!
  175. Every girls is equal, that's what I believe.
  177. The ―――― I know... Will never do something like that. ――――san too, she is a very kind girl.
  178. They never once believed my love.
  179. I said I didn't want to be committed to only one girl.
  180. Those two knew I have a lot of woman friends.
  181. My other girl friend believed in me and I believe in them in return.
  182. That's why I believed that we can live together like that as well.
  184. I failed, I failed, I failed, I failed, I failed.
  185. I failed....
  187. If, if I'm given a second chance, I will make them trust me.
  188. Girls are like an angel, it's my fault because I couldnt make them believe in me.
  190. Is that.... My life before I go to Emerald Online world?
  197. A long long time has passed since then.
  199. My name is Motoyasu Kitamura.
  200. I sworn to protect philorials and Firo-tan, I am the Spear Hero who will save the world.
  201. But――
  203. "Guhaaaaaaa!?" (Motoyasu)
  205. My HP bar is 0 and there's a hole in my chest.
  206. When I try to face the enemy, my eyes gets cloudy.... It's getting harder to maintain my consciousness.
  207. I see.... So this is my second death, it never going to be easier.
  208. Think about it again, why is there only pigs on my mind?
  210. I come to this world after two pigs stabbed me.
  211. That time... Yes, I have two girls I like and I can't choose one of them.
  212. I hate commitment, if I choose one, the rest will bear hatred to the one I choose. When I saved them from loneliness, they want to monopolize me... Look at those two, they feel rejected then they want to monopolize me even in death.
  214. Who is the one that killed me?
  215. Nothing comes to my mind.
  216. I don't want to remember those pigs again.
  218. Let's look at Firo-tan.
  220. She is a magnificent angel.
  221. When first I come to this world, I know I came to a world familiar to me and convince myself to remake my harem from scratch without repeating same mistake.
  222. Now everyone will be together without making them feel rejected and have a blast! That's what I thought.
  224. Nothing changed. My game knowledge and experience with girls are useless in this world, everything was just for naught. The time I was really reborn is when I met Firo-tan!!
  225. That damned bitch betrayed dear father, my oblivious self even antagonized him! Before long he raised Firo-tan... That was our fated encounter.
  227. A lot of things happened after that. My biggest failure is when I destroyed the Spirit Turtle's seal and bring calamity to the world.
  228. I never knew that I was already betrayed, I used every bit of ounce of my strength just to find them.
  229. It was then I realize that I was just a pierrot doing pointless things. Still, Firo-tan encouraged me just by a simple word!!
  231. 『Cheer up!』 (Firo)
  233. That time will be engraved in my memories forever.
  234. I fight to save the world, everything for Firo-tan and philorial's sake.
  235. At the end of the battle.... No matter what happen to myself, if everything goes well it would be my greatest honor!
  237. What the hell am I saying..? Yes, I mixed in some lies.
  238. I want to see her smile again. Together with the philorials.
  241. "Ooo……" (Melromarc's Summoner)
  243. I see delighted expressions in front of the people on a robe before me.
  245. "What?" (Ren)
  246. "Eh?" (Itsuki)
  248. Who's voice is that? I guess that's Ren's voice.
  249. Is this a dream? This is the same as when I was first summoned to this world.
  250. Below me, there was a magic circle graven in the floor. I'm familiar with this situation, this is summoning ritual.
  252. "Where is this place?" (Ren)
  254. Ren asked the wizard.
  255. So this is that day's memory....
  256. How nostalgic, this is the day where everything began.
  258. "Oooh~, dear brave heroes! Please lend us your power to save this world!" (Melromarc's Summoner)
  260. " " "WHAT?" " " (Ren, Itsuki, and Naofumi)
  262. Dear father, Ren, and Itsuki said simultaneously.
  263. Oh man, I forgot to say it with them.
  264. This is strange in various ways.
  266. I check my status just in case.
  268. ....for now, nothings different. Eh? It's higher than before.
  269. Wait, what's this spear?
  272. Dragon Clock's Extension 0/300 LR
  273. Ability Unlocked : Equipment Bonus, ability 『Time Reversal』
  274. Special Effect : World Divergence
  277. What is this spear?
  278. The weapon book should have some explanation about this spear.
  279. Most of my spear is already maxed. Of course, there's still some spear that is still locked.... But those are just useless spears.
  281. Seriously, what is this?
  282. My level is higher than what I remember. What happened?
  283. And what can this stupid 『Time Reversal』 thing do?
  284. Dear father always thought us not to rely too much on our game knowledge.... Ermm? Thought? I cant remember.
  286. Ehem... I remember Firo-tan cheering me up that time, but other than that everything is hazy.
  287. But I remember one thing for sure.
  289. MY LOVE FOR FIRO-TAN AND PHILORIALS IS OVERFLOWING WITHOUT END. Note : Went back in time but still pretty much the same idiot we know.
  291. Maybe this is just a dream, or maybe this is my second chance to go back to the past but I don't really care. Either way is fine for me. There's only one thing to do, save the world!
  293. "Hm?" (Motoyasu)
  295. Ren and Itsuki looks at me.
  296. After that.....
  298. "Aren't you people guilty over summoning us without our consent?" (Ren)
  299. "For instance, we won't just fight for world peace and then return to our old world empty handed, right?" (Itsuki)
  301. It's the same thing they said before.
  302. Dear father makes a tired expression.
  304. "We-well first thing first, I'd like you all to have an audience with the king. We can discuss your reward then." (Melromarc's Summoner)
  306. Their representative wizard open the door and lead us.
  308. "...Guess it can't be helped." (Ren)
  309. "Right." (Itsuki)
  310. "Now, let's go." (Motoyasu)
  312. I stretch my hand to dear father.
  314. "O... okay." (Naofumi)
  316. His face is a lot brighter and a little childish compared to dear father I know.
  317. He gave off a pure vibe.
  318. What if I say 'Please give me your dear daughter!' right now?
  319. ....hey wait. If I really did come back to the past, doesn't that mean that he still hasn't raise Firo-tan!?
  320. We already in thrones while I immersed in my deep thought.
  321. Ah, Trash is here.
  323. "Hou, are these gentleman the Ancient Heroes?" (Trash / King / Aultcray)
  325. He kept staring at us rudely.
  326. This grandpa made a lot of countless trouble.
  327. You bastard tormented dear father at all cost...! Note : Motoyasu now feels what the readers felt the first time reading this!
  329. "I am the king of this country, Aultcray. The thirty-second ruler of Melromarc. Brave ones, please raise your heads." (Trash)
  331. Ah yes, he has normal name like us too. I completely forgot about that.
  332. What's was in my mind that time? Pretty sure it was like 'Trip to another world, YAHOOO~' or something like that, trying to master the system, everything was in high tension.
  333. He starts to explain about Wave.
  334. Wave's true color is.... Eh? I can't remember.
  335. Funny, there should be something more important and I'm sure of that.
  336. Is this because I went back to the past? Maybe. Perhaps. Now I'm certain.... BUT WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER MY DATE WITH FIRO-TAN!?
  338. "Certainly, we have no obligation to help you. In the end it'll just be fruitless labor for us. And once peace comes, you guys will just say 'good bye' as if nothing ever happened. So to prevent such a sad outcome from occurring, I'd like to hear some form of insurance from you. Surely you have something to present us, right?" (Naofumi)
  339. "Fumu..." (Trash)
  341. I didn't really hear what dear father said.
  342. I was too focused on an important thought.
  343. Now isn't time for trivial thing like that, I have more important thing to remember.
  344. Most of my memories about Firo-tan disappeared!
  345. What should I do to remember it?
  346. Wait.? Think about this again, why should I remember the past if I can make new memories right now!?
  347. I'm genius.
  349. "Hey..." (Naofumi)
  351. Dear father pokes me with his elbow.
  353. "Eh? What?" (Motoyasu)
  354. "Your turn, self introduction" (Naofumi)
  355. "Oh right, my name is Motoyasu Kitamura, I'm twenty....." (Motoyasu)
  357. How old am I?
  358. My body right now is 21 right?
  360. "20 years old?" (Trash)
  361. "Nope, 21 years old" (Motoyasu)
  362. "Your occupation?" (Trash)
  363. "The Love Hunter, sir." (Motoyasu)
  364. "What?" (Trash)
  366. I fight to win Firo-tan's heart. There's no need for trivial titles like hero or anything alike.
  368. "Which means unemployed, I assume" (Itsuki)
  370. Itsuki sneers at me.
  371. I dont care, say what you want.
  372. I live for love, everyday with Firo-tan is my daily life, therefore my occupation is Firo-tan's Love Hunter.
  374. "Hm. Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki, huh?" (Trash)
  376. "Wha!?" (Trash)
  378. How dare you feign ignorance to dear father's name! Which reminds me this Trash is THAT pig's father!
  379. I'll give you a suitable punishment.
  381. "Dear father!?" (Naofumi)
  383. Dear father makes a surprised voice.
  384. Oh crap! If I say things like that right now he will think of me as suspicious man.
  385. First impression is very important. He won't let me marry Firo-tan if I got labeled as a shady man.
  387. "Ah, my bad. The father of the girl that I love looks a lot like you. I see him in you." (Motoyasu)
  388. "He, heee.... Do I look that old?" (Naofumi)
  389. "No, not at all. You looks as young as he is." (Motoyasu)
  390. "How old that girl!?" (Naofumi)
  391. "She is...." (Motoyasu)
  393. How old is she?
  394. It's very ambiguous, her actual age....
  396. "She isn't born yet." (Motoyasu)
  397. "....Man, you're incredible." (Naofumi)
  398. "You really think so? Dear father." (Motoyasu)
  399. "Is that how you call me? Can you please stop that?" (Naofumi)
  400. "Our Hero, please moderate your whispering." (Melromarc's Minister)
  402. A feeble minister warn us.
  403. Yeah right, this Trash feigned forgetfulness to harass dear father.
  405. "Let's speak again dear father――" (Motoyasu)
  406. "Ehem, Kitamura-kun. I really hope you could stop it with that 'dear father'." (Naofumi)
  407. "I understand. Naofumi-kun should know that he feigned ignorance by not mentioning your name before and I hate that." (Motoyasu)
  408. " "Feigned?" " (Ren & Itsuki)
  409. "You hear me right, that Trash over there thinks that the Shield hero is――――" (Motoyasu)
  410. "Waaaaaah! I'm very sorry, that is all my fault. By all means Spear Hero, calm your anger." (Trash)
  412. Hmm... Trash shows his regret.
  413. He understands importance of Divine Heroes for this world after all.
  415. "You call a King as Trash, know your place right here." (Ren)
  417. Ren raised his guard and asked me rudely.
  418. Huh? Did I say something offensive?
  419. Trash is his other name, you know?
  420. ....ah, he wasn't called that around this time. I completely forgotten.
  422. "I am The Love Hunter!" (Motoyasu)
  423. "......." (Ren)
  425. I feel that Ren's eyes became colder towards me. Did I say something wrong?
  427. "Umh... There's an unnecessary talk right now. Everyone please confirm your own status. As a matter of fact, I would like you all to visually check for yourselves." (Trash)
  428. "He?" (Naofumi)
  430. What are you saying right now, I already check my status long time ago.
  431. Nothing changed man. It's completely New Game+!!
  432. It means I have a lot of free time. First Wave's monster just a fly, saying its a small fry is even giving it too much of an honor.
  434. "Ermm, how do I go about seeing this?" (Itsuki)
  435. "The hell, man. You guys didn't even notice that much after coming to this world?" (Ren)
  437. Ren speak like this is a public knowledge and start explaining.
  438. Good, now is the right time for me to show my worth to dear father!
  440. "Can――" (Ren)
  441. "Can you see small icon in the corner in your vision? Focus your mind on it and you'll see." (Motoyasu)
  442. "Eh?" (Ren)
  444. Ren, you should have seen your face when I took your line. It's veeery idiotic.
  446. "Level 1 huh... this doesn't look very reassuring." (Naofumi)
  447. "Seriously, this is really incomprehensible." (Itsuki)
  448. "Tools like these don't exist in the Heroes' world? This Status magic can be used by everyone in this world, helping to improve ourselves." (Melromarc's Minister)
  449. "Is that so?" (Naofumi)
  451. So even dear father has time like this.
  452. The dear father I know has evil expressions, extremely rude behaviour, easily angered for every small mistake, and likes to see other people's misfortune.
  454. "So then, what should we do now? Our current situation seem rather troubling." (Naofumi)
  455. "Fumu. From now on, you Heroes will need to venture forth so that you may hone and strengthen both yourselves as well as your legendary weapons." (Trash)
  456. "Strengthen? Does that mean that our starting equipment isn't strong enough?" (Naofumi)
  457. "Yes, the legendary weapon of each summoned Hero has their own special method of enchantment. By doing so they can become very powerful." (Melromarc's Minister)
  459. Dear father become silent and starts thinking of something.
  461. "You kept saying legendary weapon, but all I got is a shield. Is this okay if I use sword?" (Naofumi)
  463. I see, he still don't know.
  465. "It's impossible. Legendary weapon wielders.... Can't use another weapon besides their own." (Motoyasu)
  466. "Argh!? Are you really sure?" (Naofumi)
  467. "Yes, therefore.... Naofumi-kun should rely on your comrade." (Motoyasu)
  468. "Does that mean that we will go to together as a party?" (Naofumi)
  469. "That's impossible as well." (Motoyasu)
  470. "Eh?" (Naofumi)
  471. "Legendary weapons will reject each another and interfere with the growth. But we can share the material for unlocking the weapon." (Motoyasu)
  472. "Please stop th――――" (Melromarc's Minister)
  473. "Hm?" (Motoyasu)
  475. When I interrupted his word, minister became silent.
  477. "You're very detailed, Motoyasu-san." (Itsuki)
  479. Itsuki's eyes tells me that he think I'm suspicious.
  481. "Of course I am, I came from the future!" (Motoyasu)
  482. ".....okay" (Itsuki)
  484. He believed me right away.
  485. Everything is going well.
  487. "Well, can I have your permission to speak?" (Melromarc's Minister)
  489. From the way he speaks, did he eavesdrop on us?
  490. Seems like those 3 didn't completely believe in me.
  492. "As he said. Heroes won't grow if they hunt together." (Melromarc's Minister)
  494. Dear father is checking something. I'm sure hes looking at the help section.
  496. "It's true.... Where I can get comrade?" (Naofumi)
  497. "Please allow me the honor of preparing your comrades. At any rate, the sun is already beginning to set. Our Heroes, please take your time and rest for the day. You may depart for your journey tomorrow. During that time I shall make arrangements and scout for talented individuals who can accompany you on your destiny." (Trash)
  499. Ugh... I already know your schemes. It'd be bad if I just keep silent.
  501. "Thank you very much." (Itsuki)
  502. "Thanks." (Ren)
  503. "Shield Hero's――――" (Motoyasu)
  504. "I know! I can hear you! He will get comrade!" (Trash)
  506. Trash's biggest wish right now is I shut my mouth.
  507. Oh dear, will this be okay?
  514. In this luxurious guest room, I'm the only one who didn't check our weapon or try to figure something.
  515. The first time I came to this world, everything felt like dream and fantasy. But this world will give you hell more than you can imagine.
  516. Especially you, dear father.
  518. "Hey, doesn't this all seem pretty game-like?" (Naofumi)
  519. "Agreed, everything is game-like. But something feels different――――" (Ren)
  520. "This world is console game's world" (Itsuki)
  521. "All of you got it wrong. This is VRMMO" (Ren)
  522. "VRMMO? As in Virtual Reality MMO? Isn't that just a science fiction?" (Naofumi)
  523. "Haaaah!? Tell me you're just joking" (Ren)
  524. "Calm down, calm down." (Motoyasu)
  526. I interrupt their argument.
  527. It's necessary for them to realize this isn't a game from beginning.
  529. "Ren and Itsuki, and Naofumi-kun too. Please keep this in your mind." (Motoyasu)
  530. "Wha, what?" (Naofumi)
  531. "Everyone here came from a different world. Same Japan, but different. It's okay to just remember that." (Motoyasu)
  532. "Is... Is that true?" (Naofumi)
  533. "Yes, for example Itsuki's world....." (Motoyasu)
  535. Huh? I know Itsuki's world is different from me and dear father's.
  536. Itsuki didn't mention it because he thinks that everyone in this room came from same japan and knew it.
  538. "My world.... You said?" (Itsuki)
  539. "I forgot." (Motoyasu)
  540. "How should I say it, how did you know strange things before us?" (Itsuki)
  541. "Didn't you hear what I said? I came from future." (Motoyasu)
  542. "O~kay, okay" (Ren)
  544. Ren completely ignored me.
  546. "With all that said and your self-proclaimed title as a time traveler, it's true that you do have useful information. Let's integrate our information" (Naofumi)
  548. They ignored me and just immerse in their discussion.
  549. Am I.... Not trusted? I felt a little empty.
  550. They didn't believe in my future knowledge.
  551. You accept that fact that you were summoned to a different world and yet you don't believe in a time traveler? Note : He has a solid point for an idiot.
  552. But I must tell dear father at all cost.
  554. "I will tell everything to Naofumi-kun's til morning." (Motoyasu)
  555. "Tha, thank you so much.... Kitamura-kun is... Very kind." (Naofumi)
  556. "Your kind words is my pleasure, please just call me 'Motoyasu' then I will call you 'dear father' from now on." (Motoyasu)
  557. "I beg you, please stop that!" (Naofumi)
  559. His rejection is amazing.
  560. Oh my, I failed.
  562. "Legendary weapon will only lend their power to the one who trust other. If you use Ren, Itsuki's, and my reinforcement method the you will undoubtedly be strong. Right now they think that the shield is a class for losers. Fear not, it's very strong. All weapons have same basic spec." (Motoyasu)
  564. That's right, that time everyone didn't trust each other and burdened dear father, right now we can prevent that.
  566. "Ren and Itsuki please hear me out as well, my information will be different from what you know. However, you can do it if you believe in me." (Motoyasu)
  567. "Haaa. Okay then." (Itsuki)
  568. "Hmpf." (Ren)
  570. They didn't believe me at all.
  571. It's obvious that they didn't believe in me.... What should I do to make them believe in me?
  573. "Just in case, I will try to listen to what you have to say." (Naofumi)
  575. As one would expect from dear father. He has motivation to become stronger
  576. Then I start my explanation.
  578. "Dear heroes, your dinner is ready." (Castle Servant)
  580. He brings food to the room.
  582. "We will continue after the meal." (Motoyasu)
  583. "Thanks." (Naofumi)
  585. I explain reinforcement method until late night.
  592. Dear father getting sleepy in the middle my explanation.
  593. My crammed lecture just makes it worse, he didn't get anything and I only made him tired.
  594. After making sure Ren and Itsuki sleep, I saw dear father's sleeping face. I went out for stroll at night.
  595. I'm familiar with castle's interior.
  596. Then I see the outside of the castle, there's a big difference.
  598. I can't see Reiki's mountain.
  599. This peaceful moment was a long forgotten dream.
  600. Maybe this is... Maybe I really did go back to the past.
  602. If I start again from here... I have higher chance to marry Firo-tan!
  603. Suddenly I felt philorial's fragrance from garden!
  604. I approach that fragrance and I found a philorial shed over there.
  606. "Gua"
  607. "Gua"
  609. This is midnight, they must be sleep soundly.
  610. God, this scent. I can't stop myself.
  611. I haven't smell philorial's scent all day.
  612. I start getting philorial relapse.
  614. "Hello everyone~" (Motoyasu)
  615. "Gua!?"
  617. Philorials in shed surprised at my late night greeting.
  618. They raise their guard and see me cautiously.
  620. "I.. I'm not here to harm you philorial-sama." (Motoyasu)
  621. "Gua?"
  623. Their voice isn't 'Kue' like the philorial I have... I missed Firo-tan's.
  624. But, they are still philorial! Philorial are equal safe haven.
  626. "Here here, this is my present for you." (Motoyasu)
  628. I stole some dry meat from warehouse and gave it to philorial-sama.
  629. They were very happy with my present and start eating enthusiastically.
  631. "Will you let me sleep in your fluffy body tonight?" (Motoyasu) Note : That... Did not sound right at all...
  633. Philorial-sama is intelligent being and can understand human speech. With that they give some space for me to sleep together.
  635. " " "Gua!" " "
  636. "Thank you for your benevolence." (Motoyasu)
  638. I feel philorial-sama's feather in my hand. I filled my lung with their scent. Before long, I already fell asleep.
  645. "Isn't Kitamura-kun a little stinky this morning?" (Naofumi)
  647. Next morning, I woke up and meet up with everyone.
  649. "Stink is a rude word, philorial-sama's scent is of noble fragrance." (Motoyasu)
  650. "Philorial?" (Naofumi)
  651. "Philorial-sama means literally, philorial-sama." (Motoyasu)
  652. "That's not explain anything." (Naofumi)
  653. "It's bird monster that pulls cart, wagon, or anything that can be pulled." (Melromarc's Minister)
  655. Minister give explanation when guide us.
  657. "Ah... That ostrich-like bird in the garden?"
  659. Dear father quickly understand and nod his head.
  660. We wait for a while before entering the throne room.
  662. "Our Heroes' is in presence!" (Soldier)
  664. A lot of men and pigs wait for us in throne.
  665. Precisely, 12 men and pigs wait for us.
  666. They bow to Trash.
  667. Lowering my head to Trash is a grave insult. But Ren, Itsuki, and dear father all bowed their head. I have no choice I'll just follow the flow.
  669. "Yesterday we already discussed this matter. Now go my people. Choose the hero you want." (Trash)
  671. Last time only girls went to my party.
  672. Now I didn't even care at all, I'm more worried about dear father.
  673. It's been set so he will be alone.
  675. “Now then, future champions. Please set forth with the Hero to whom you shall swear your allegiance to.” (Trash)
  677. Ren, Itsuki, and dear father are shocked at this development.
  678. Of course they would be. They choose the one they want not us.
  679. Everyone finished deciding their chosen hero.
  681. Ren, 4.
  682. Itsuki 3.
  683. Me, 3.
  684. Dear father. 2.
  686. "My place has 1 less person...." (Naofumi)
  688. He show his dissatisfaction.
  689. You didn't even get any before. This is a huge leap if you ask me.
  691. "Ren, transfer 1 of your comrade to me" (Naofumi)
  693. His comrade hid behind Ren to avoid being selected by dear father.
  694. The pigs gathered in my place is very troublesome. Dammit, there's only disgusting pigs in my place.
  696. "Buhibuhi~!"
  697. "Buhibuhibuhibuhibuhibuhi~!"
  699. I didn't understand what you guys are saying at all.
  700. Hoekk....
  701. 2 pigs in dear father's place look troubled.
  703. "Naofumi-kun, if it's good for you, can you bring away those 3?" (Motoyasu)
  704. "Seriously!? But then you will be alone...." (Naofumi)
  706. As one would expect from Firo-tan's father, he is very reserved.
  707. I never thought that the day you worried about me came...
  709. "Dear heroes, please don't exchange your comrade without their consent." (Melromarc's Minister)
  710. "Argh...." (Motoyasu)
  712. Cut me some slack and spare me the pain of travelling with a bunch of pigs, I beg you.
  714. "Please accept this money, this is your funds for incoming Wave." (Melromarc's Minister) Note : mp_startmoney 600
  716. He distributed money pouch to the heroes.
  717. I can hear clinking sounds of coins from there.
  718. They give me about 600 silver coins before.
  720. I'm really curious with that Red Pig in dear father's side. Maybe its just my imagination but I have a really bad feeling from that filth.
  722. "Every heroes given 600 silver coin. Use this wisely and go on your journey!" (Trash)
  723. " " " "YES!" " " "
  725. Stop that oinking! I can't hear anything! Dammit!
  732. After I received my fund, I tried to go to dear father's place but pigs are on my way.
  734. "Bububububububububuhi"
  735. "Bububububububububububububuhi"
  737. Seriously, say something I can understand.
  738. My top priority for now is to help him understand better about....
  740. "Bubububububububuhi"
  741. "Outta my way! Piss off!" (Motoyasu)
  743. They still obstruct me even after I tell them to piss off.
  744. What a persistent pigs.
  745. Melromarc's pigs really needs obedience training.
  747. "Bububububububu!"
  748. "Excuse me, Spear Hero? I think you should treat your comrades better." (Castle Soldier)
  750. Castle soldier try to warn how I treat pig.
  752. "Like I care. Now all of you go away from here, dismissed." (Motoyasu)
  753. "Bububu bubububu!?"
  754. "Stop that oinking, it's freaking annoying!" (Motoyasu)
  755. "Just calm down, Spear Hero!" (Castle Soldier)
  756. "Leave me alone! I must go to dear father's pla――――" (Motoyasu)
  758. He already gone in that short time.
  759. After that the King's messenger give me message ordering me to cherish my comrade.
  761. "Hmph, the dog bares fang when the owner is away. Hes just a representative king but he acts haughty." (Motoyasu)
  762. "Wha... Bastard, how come you know that far!?" (Castle Soldier)
  763. "Just get out from my way! Piss off!" (Motoyasu)
  765. My search for him continued while ignore the pigs.
  766. In the end, that obstructive soldier and self-proclaimed-comrade-pigs followed me all the day. My search ended badly.
  767. I don't know what he will do that day or where he is.
  768. There's nothing I can do this late. I'll continue tomorrow.
  770. Wait, I can do that! I'll buy a philorial.
  772. Now that I got some money, let's go to monster dealer's shop.
  773. That soldier and pigs lost me when I ran into the back alley.
  774. It never crossed their mind that a hero would know every corner of this castletown's back alley.
  776. "Welcome to our shop. Yes" (Slave Dealer / Monster Dealer)
  778. Familiar fac―― .... what? I'm familiar with his face?
  779. He wear tuxedo suit and bright smile.
  780. His back shop sell various slave and dear father's good friend.
  782. "It's first time seeing you here. Do you need something from our shop?" (Slave Dealer)
  783. "Firo-tan" (Motoyasu)
  784. "Hah? E.. er... ehm.... Do you mean philorial? Ye, yes" (Slave Dealer)
  785. "Firo-tan" (Motoyasu)
  787. He said that he got Firo-tan from here.
  788. Since I got here first, I can be Firo-tan's owner, I'm genius.
  790. "There's no such item in... Our shop. Yes" (Slave Dealer)
  791. "Ehem." (Motoyasu)
  793. That's it, Firo-tan is here.
  795. "Find me aria-subspecies philorial egg and sell it to me." (Motoyasu)
  796. "Okay, okay." (Shop assistant)
  797. "100 silver coin, Sir" (Slave Dealer)
  799. It cost about... 100 silver coins, should I buy it?
  800. Most Firo-tan and dear father's memory are gone.
  801. That time when he bought her from here, my memories very hazy.
  803. "I see, it's a deal then." (Motoyasu)
  805. Then he showed me about 30 eggs philorial eggs.
  806. .... Which one is Firo-tan!?
  808. "Which one will give pink shades color when hatched?" (Motoyasu)
  810. At first, Firo-tan had pink shades.
  812. "No one will knows before it hatches. Yes..." (Slave Dealer)
  814. Monster dealer gave me troubled face.
  815. I will leave it to my fate.
  816. Draw with all my body!
  818. "THIS ONE!" (Motoyasu)
  820. I let my intuition take over myself.
  822. "Thank you so much for your patronage. Do you know about the monster crest registration and incubator?" (Slave Dealer)
  823. "Registration needs my blood. Could you sell me one of your incubator?" (Motoyasu)
  824. "Yes" (Slave Dealer)
  825. "Please bring it here." (Motoyasu)
  827. I think spent 130 silver coin for Firo-tan.
  828. When this child hatches.... I will never sell you. I will only buy philorial-sama.
  829. There's no need to grind and gather material for unlocking weapon. I can focus gathering money to gain Firo-tan's ownership.
  836. Dear father can't do heavy grinding at this point, he must be at savannah. I can meet him there!
  837. Or not.
  839. "Bububububububu!"
  840. "Buhi~ Buhi~!"
  842. Pigs found me and makes a fuss, this is annoying.
  843. They dragged me to a bar, the barmaster ask me about my treatment to my comrade.
  845. "Comrade? Men and philorials is more than enough." (Motoyasu)
  846. "Man... You make those girls attend your needs." (Barmaster)
  847. "Attends? These filthy pigs?" (Motoyasu)
  848. "Pi... Pigs!?" (Barmaster)
  850. Why does everyone here react to my words.
  852. "Oi asshole! That's not how you treat woman!" (Adventurer)
  853. "Stop talking nonsense, a pig is a filthy pig. They are different being from men." (Motoyasu)
  854. "Thi... This bastard. He is handsome but gay!?" (Adventuer)
  855. "Stop with your baseless accusation!! It'll make bad rumor! The only one I can love is philorial!" (Motoyasu)
  856. " " "He... He is sick bastard~!" " " (entire bar) Note : Cant blame them..
  857. "Bubu~!"
  858. "What did you say!? Spear Hero!? This guy?" (Barmaster)
  859. "You heard it right. The one who will save the world." (Motoyasu)
  860. "No way! This sick bastard!?" (Adventurer)
  861. "I don't need your trust. I will save the world for dear father and philorial's sake only, not for you." (Motoyasu)
  862. "This man, is he serious with his word!?" (Adventurer)
  863. "Dont worry, just try to stay alive while I save the world." (Motoyasu)
  864. "Don't fuck with us!" (Adventurer)
  866. They turn their sight to me and try to start to pick a fight.
  867. Slaughtering those adventurers will be easy but it'll make me lose sight of my objective.
  868. Ah, it's not that I don't want to kill those people you know.
  870. "Bububububu~!" (Fujoshi Tailor)
  872. For some reason, glasses pig start sketching me and it's eyes start glimmering.
  873. I feel I have seen her before... But wheeeereee~
  874. The ruckus kept continuing until midnight. But it stayed only on verbal fight, I stay until the night hoping dear father would visit this bar.
  876. I keep staring at bar entrance from sunset but I still can't find him.
  877. That Red Pig, that lowlife... Dear father is in danger if hes together with that thing.
  878. After that I visited various inn in the castletown, I can't find any info anywhere.
  880. Shit... Too many hindrance make my search more difficult.
  881. My last bet is to visit the last bar I once again.
  883. "Bu~!" (Mein / Malty / Bitch / Witch / The Red Pig)
  885. Here it comes! The Red Pig! Now I'm sure she is Red Pig!
  886. She approach me and give me chain mail politely.
  888. "Bububububububu" (Red Pig)
  890. I think she said....
  892. 『Oh my, I can't believe I met Motoyasu-sama here. Do you have any business here?』
  894. Or something like that.
  896. "Bubububububu" (Red Pig)
  897. 『I hope you can spare your time to accompany me for a while.』
  899. We were talking happily... I guess?
  900. Trying to gain my sympathy, she dragged me around for a while.... Then give me chain mail when arrive at my inn after I promised to meet her again.
  902. "How about we have some talk." (Motoyasu)
  903. "Bububububububu" (Red Pig)
  905. She let out bizzare and incomprehensible sound. I will just swing my response.
  906. Before long, Red Pig give me chain mail.
  908. "That's stolen stuff, right? Return it. Pig" (Motoyasu)
  909. "Bububu!? Bububububububu!?" (Red Pig)
  910. "I have enough evidence, I'll never let Naofumi-kun be framed again!" (Motoyasu)
  911. "Bui! Bububu!!!" (Red Pig)
  913. She really lost her shit. I don't know what she said but I'm sure she really angry, I think I have seen this kind face before.
  914. In Firo-tan's background scene.
  916. "Everything should be ok, let's sleep for today" (Motoyasu)
  918. Refusing the stolen chain mail and warning her to return it. Nobody know what would happen after I do that.
  919. That day ended with smelling Firo-tan's (planned) egg before going to sleep.
  926. I head to the castle in dawn.
  927. ....I have a really bad feeling.
  929. "Please stop right there Spear Hero-sama!" (Castle Soldier)
  930. "Get out of my way!" (Motoyasu)
  932. Bullseye, the pigs I ditched must be going to Ren and Itsuki's group.
  933. According to my memory, they will catch dear father and blame false charges against him in this situation.
  934. I walk to the throne while kicking every soldier in my way that try to prevent me from entering the throne room.
  935. When they realized that this kind of obstruction is useless against me, they just stood still in the corner of the hallway.
  936. There I saw Itsuki wear the chain mail, Red Pig is in his arm..... Another pig that's going with dear father is here too.
  938. "We... Welcome Spear Hero-dono, you're very early. Do you need something from us?" (Trash)
  940. Trash trying to hide his shock with a friendly tone.... That wont work on me!
  942. "You...!" (Motoyasu)
  944. This pig.... If she can't use me then she will use Itsuki?
  946. "I know, Motoyasu-san. You called Mein-san as a 'pig'. Is that how a human should act?" (Itsuki)
  947. "Hell if I know. I can only see that thing as a pig. It only lets out 'bu~bu~' oinking sound. So it must be a pig." (Motoyasu)
  948. "Your behavior is a disgrace to Heroes!" (Itsuki)
  949. "Hell if I care. Using stolen stuff like it's a natural thing in the world and push the blame to other people? It's pointless to talk to that kind of people."
  950. "Stolen stuff? What are you talking about?" (Itsuki)
  951. "Playing dumb, huh? That chain mail is a stolen stuff!" (Motoyasu)
  952. "This is a present from Mein-san." (Itsuki)
  953. "That IS stolen stuff, listen to me dammit." (Motoyasu)
  954. "Don't make baseless accusation. Show your evidence to me!" (Itsuki)
  955. "Ok then. You see, all weapons and armor in this world have a magical inscripti――――" (Motoyasu)
  957. My word got cut mid-sentence because dear father is being dragged into here.
  958. What a disgrace! Using that chain mail in front of him!
  960. "Mein!" (Naofumi)
  962. Trash, Itsuki, and Ren glare at dear father.
  964. “W-what’s with that treatment?” (Naofumi)
  966. Now I realize, this is a very difficult situation.
  967. .....This time, I won't make the same mistake.
  969. “You really don’t remember?” (Itsuki)
  971. Itsuki uses the same words I use before.
  972. In galge's term, maybe this is an unavoidable common route for him.
  974. “Remember what? Wait a sec... that chain mail!” (Naofumi)
  976. Dumbfounded, dear father point at Itsuki.
  978. "Mein! So you're just a callgirl who's been paid to rob me!" (Naofumi)
  979. "How dare you! Naofumi-san, I didn't think that you're a scum beyond my imagination!" (Itsuki)
  980. "Scum? What are you talking about?" (Naofumi)
  981. "Wait――――" (Motoyasu)
  982. [TLNOTE: 枕荒らし. Sleep with someone and take the other's item after that. Similar to a woman whos aiming for divorce money or something similar.]
  984. If I didn't stop it here, nobody will.
  985. I will prove dear father's innocence right here.
  987. "Your majesty, I'm――――" (Naofumi)
  988. "Speak, Shield Hero's crime." (Trash)
  990. Kuh... Trash is completely ignoring his plead.
  991. All castle soldier prevent me to help dear father and surround me.
  993. "Crime? What are you talk about?" (Naofumi)
  994. "Bububu... Bubu... Bububububububu." (Red Pig)
  995. "Hah?" (Naofumi)
  996. "Bubububububububububu!" (Red Pig)
  998. She can deceive anyone, that is her favorite MO.
  999. Filthy pig!!
  1001. "Bubububububububububu!" (Red Pig)
  1002. "Eh?" (Itsuki)
  1003. “What are you saying? After dinner last night I went straight to bed.” (Naofumi)
  1004. “Stop spewing lies! Then that explains why Mein-san cried like this!" (Itsuki)
  1005. "How did you protect Mein? And tell me where you got that chainmail." (Ren)
  1006. "You..." (Naofumi)
  1007. "Of course, last night I meet Mein-san in bar when drinking with my comrades. After chatting for a while, she gave this chain mail as a gift." (Itsuki)
  1009. They have no intention to let me talk from beginning.
  1010. You have your method, and I have my own method.
  1012. “Right! Your majesty! My bedroom was raided and everything inside was stolen except for this shield! Please arrest the culprit.” (Naofumi)
  1013. "Silence, you scum!" (Trash)
  1015. That fucking trash... So he already decided the conclusion even before everything started.
  1016. ....should I murder him?
  1017. I can't, dear father's position too close to Trash.
  1018. Hes just summoned to this world and does not have any defense power yet. A small mistake can kill him.
  1020. “You brutally committed rape against my dear countryman, villain? If you weren’t a hero, I would've executed you on the spot!” (Trash)
  1021. “This is a huge misunderstanding! I didn't commit any crimes!” (Naofumi)
  1023. In that moment.... His face filled with wrath.
  1025. “Scum! You must have thrown away your clothes and money to create an alibi for your crimes!” (Ren)
  1026. “Ha! There's no way a rapist's word can be true.” (Itsuki)
  1027. "Don't fuck with me!! Everyone here conspired to frame me right!? You gave me money just to take it back later, then gave it to another hero you like!!" (Naofumi)
  1028. “Even after coming to another world, I can't avoid to meet trash like you.” (Ren)
  1030. Ren judged dear father with that coldhearted word.
  1031. Soldiers still swarming around me to prevent me help him.
  1033. "STOP.GETTING.IN.MY.WAY!!! Now piss off!! 「Brionac」!" (Motoyasu)
  1035. Energy overflow from my spear, a stream of light surrounds it. I face the soldiers and activate my skill.
  1036. Of course, I suppressed my power to not kill anybody.
  1038. " "Guhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" " (Castle Soldier)
  1040. Seeing the soldiers blown easily, everyone in the throne room become speechless and stop moving.
  1041. I will never let this chance slip, I raise my spear to Trash, then Red Pig and Itsuki.
  1043. "" (Naofumi)
  1044. "I believe in you. You haven't done anything wrong. This is a conspiracy." (Motoyasu)
  1046. Dear father still shocked at this development didn't react to me. I glare to Trash.
  1048. "You always make trouble when you got temporary authority unsupervised. The one who try to harm Shield Hero is Spear Hero's enemy!" (Motoyasu)
  1050. I point my spear to the soldier who restrain him.
  1052. "Release the Shield Hero. I will eliminate everyone who stand in my way, no matter who you are!" (Motoyasu)
  1054. I glare to Itsuki and Ren.
  1056. "In the end, you never changed. The way you are right now, you cannot defeat me." (Motoyasu)
  1058. I extend my hand to dear father.
  1060. "I came from the future to repay your kindness. Dear father." (Motoyasu)
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