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  1. Ishta, Mind Cleansed Psyker
  3. Living Nightmare: 300xp
  4. WP +5 (accounted for in profile): 100x
  6. Psychic Powers
  7. Warp Howl, pg 171
  8. Inspiring Aura, pg170
  10. WS: 28
  11. BS: 22
  12. S:  32
  13. T:  40
  14. Ag: 28
  15. Int:    39
  16. Per:    48
  17. WP: 47
  18. Fel:    17
  19. Wounds: 12
  20. Fate Points:    4
  21. Insanity Points:    6
  22. Corruption Points:  3
  23. Thrones:    0
  25. Name:   Ishta
  26. Homeworld:  Mind Cleansed
  27. Career: Imperial Psyker
  28. Rank:   Sanctionite
  29. Sanctioning Side Effects: Witch Prickling (Ishta is covered in thousands of tiny scars and has a thorough dislike of needles)
  30. Gender: Female
  31. Build:  Gangling
  32. Skin Color: Bluish
  33. Hair Color: Ginger, Bald
  34. Eye Color:  Black
  35. Age:    40
  36. Mutations
  37.     Big Eyes: Ishta's eyes are virtually lidless and watery, combined with the black coloration, the woman has all of the expression of a hungry voidshark.
  38. Shards of Memory:   The Night of the Daemon (a vast terrible shape, a cruel thing with horns standing at the heart of a storm, laughing and calling a name, if only she could make it out- is it her true name? Only the Daemon knows.)
  39. Divination: Truth is subjective.
  40. Starting XP:    400, used
  41. Starting Package:   Living Nightmare
  43. Traits: Engram Implantation, Failsafe Control (Inquisitor has Dominate psychic ability against Ishta when the proper command is given), Imperial Conditioning (+10 Wp to resist Fear and attempts to control or possess your mind), Through a Mirror Darkly (has repressed memories), Sanctioned Psyker, Unreadable Mind (immune to the psychic power Mind Scan and other similar psychic effects)
  45. Basic Skills: Deceive (Fel) (Engram), Intimidate (S) (Engram), Common Lore (Tech) (Int) (Engram), Survival (Int) (Engram)
  47. Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Psyniscience (Per), Invocation (WP), Literacy (Int), Trade (Soothsayer) (Fel)
  49. Talents: Jaded (never gain Insanity points from mundane horrors such as blood, death, or violence), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapons Training (Las), Resistance (Psychic Powers)
  51. Gear: wych staff (1d10I, Balanced, Primitive, two-handed, counts as Psy-focus +10 bonus on Invocation tests, 3kg), knife (psykana mercy blade, 3m, 1d5R, Primitive double non-Prim AV, .5kg), Cadian BDU, quilted vest, tattered robe (Poor), pack of Lho-sticks, sanctioning brand, mono axe (1d10+1I, Pen 2, Unbalanced -10 Parry, 4kg), deck of cards, compact las pistol (30m, Single, 1d10+2E, 15 shots, Realiable only jams 10% [d10 result of 10] of the time a jam is rolled, Compact -20 to find weapon on person, .75kg) and 1 charge pack, bone dice (memento), torn tarot card (memento)
  53. Special Qualities: You have a Psy Rating of 1.
  55. Family: Your mother's name is Galatia. She walks the path of the Tech-Priest. Your father's name is Castus. He walks the path of the Arbitrator. Your sister's name is Kadis. She walks the path of the Tech-Priest. Your twin sister's name was Zee. She walked the path of the Imperial Psyker. She is deceased.
  57. Background: Ishta does not recall anything about her former life, though her family seems more than understanding.  However, she feels that she knows them even if there are no memories, but this feeling does not apply to her deceased twin and is a source of much concern to the mind cleansed woman.  Despite this minor disease, she has taken to her supposedly renewed status as Acolyte with much enthusiasm, her natural energy and strength of will pushing her though the normally lengthy recovery time after undergoing a mind cleanse.  Freed of emotional baggage, Ishta feels as though her future is limitless, though she knows well enough that such a point of view is frowned upon by her peers.  Yet Ishta still suffers nightmares, fragments of her past not wholly erased, shadows glinting wickedly off of her remade soul; Ishta's dead sister is one of those bedeviled shades.
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