Nov 18th, 2017
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  2. PASSWORD ღ kang euigeon
  3. USERNAME ღ @yahjoon
  5. NAME ღ Chae Yan Del
  6. NICKNAME(S) ღ
  7. – yandie
  8. – del
  9. – chaeyan
  10. – yan
  12. BIRTHDATE ღ February 14, 1998
  14. HEIGHT ღ 162 cm / 5'4
  15. WEIGHT ღ 50 kg
  17. ETHNICITY ღ korean
  18. NATIONALITY ღ korean
  21. – korean
  22. — sign language (omg is this okay??)
  24. BIRTHPLACE ღ seoul, south korea
  25. HOMETOWN ღ busan, south korea
  31. FACE CLAIM ღ @ahnjelina on ig
  32. BACKUP FACE CLAIM ღ @yuegx on ig
  35. BACKGROUND : yandel was born in the busy and loud city seoul, south korea, though her family moved to buasan, south korea, because they wanted a much more peaceful way of living. though yandel was born by various of visits to the beaches in busan, visits to mountains, and temples even, she still happened to grow up as a very loud and talkative young girl. her parents weren't sure how the girl came out as so, growing up as an only child till the age of fifteen, and mainly being on her own since both parents were busy with their jobs. many of her friends and adults around her blame the fact that she was born in seoul, and even lived there for the first six years of her life, using examples of busy and bustling streets. even though yandel was a handful at times, she was still a very big peoples person, everyone loved her and there wasn't many people that disliked her, but obviously there were a few because not everyone will be liked by every single specimen on this earth. yandel was, and still is, very energetic (heh get it, iM fEeLiNg So EnErGeTiC!!!), and could go from person to person, making her slightly popular and known by her classmates and neighbors. though, because she never really put her mind on one thing in a specific time, when yandel was finally given the chance to use her abilities, she herself was very scared of what she was. sooner or later, the teenager closed off almost everyone, not being the same energetic girl she was during all of her young life. this time of her life gave her a lot of time to think about herself and her ability. she was thankful of her abilities, thankful that she was able to help her adopted little brother in such a crisis, because she was the one babysitting him while her parents were busy working and had idiotically left him alone in the kitchen while they were baking. btu she was still very afraid of what she could accidentally do, or afraid of someone finding out. she hadn't spoken about this to anyone, not even her parents, and because she did not want to cause them stress, she ran away from her own home to Home For The Particular because that's what she was, different from everyone else. yandel didn't want to be called a monster, or a witch, even though her abilities aren't something evil or to be afraid of, so she decided to leave everyone she knows and loves just to answer her questions towards her healing abilities. sooner or later, at the age of seventeen, yandel was off on her own. (ooh srry this was hella long)
  39. " this number goes here to get the sum of 4x+15=0.... but oh my gosh, did i tell you about that one time how i was talking to my neighbors pitbull and then this other really cute, but small, puppy came out?? it was great maaan."
  40. yandel was someone who could be given a topic, honestly doesn't matter what, and could talk about it for hours. the girl doesn't shut up, going from one topic to another to another, she could be talking about something very smart having to do about school but then instantly jump to something ridiculous, like the dog she had seen peeing on her front yard yesterday the next second. many could get frustrated with her at times, because she just CAN'T shut her mouth up. no matter what time, it could be five am and the girl could have been dead tired, but she will still talk about something ridiculously stupid to you, if she happens to see you're awake as well. though she's very passionately talkative, this is also a strong point of her personality, because when someone is looking for advice or a supporting shoulder to cry on, they could and will instantly go to the wide mouthed teen. yandel does have a big mouth, making people think she's somewhat and idiot because she can talk about her favorite sauce passionately, but the girl is almost like a smart mother or older sister that has gone through a lot and has gain knowledge from such. so, because she does know much about emotions and how someone might take things, people go to her to gain knowledge themselves because the teen can go on and on about whatever topic you're giving her, but give you very strong examples, advice, and points.
  42. "no no no, what are you doing son, we don't speak that way towards our elders. go sit in your room, you might as well clean while you're there actually, and think about how to treat others. woah, kids this generation."
  43. because she was gifted with a younger brother at the age of fifteen, and though she was still very playful and outgoing and loud, yandel was given a taste of how mothers or parents are like and go through. she was given the chance and opportunity to babysit her younger adopted brother, quickly becoming the mother or older sister everyone needs, she instantly knew how younger people or oblivious people should be taken care of, and it instantly stuck onto her. after having to take care of her brother right after she was let out of school, having to take him to his individual school in the morning and even pick him up after school, she started treating her friends caringly and motherly because how she took care of her brother became a habit. now, with anyone honestly, she'll baby them and call them cute or adorable or such words you'd call a baby or someone you're fond over, pinch their cheeks, clean over everyone, give pep talks while coddling someone, and even go as far as pestering someone to clean their rooms or act much more mature. she's like a mother, or a very old sister that hung out with her mother too much.
  44. MATURE
  45. "what? stop looking at me and giving me a weird face, i'm trying to keep a straight face, we've got newbies coming in today, i wanna give a good loo- yAH I TOLD YOU TO STOP OH MY GOSH."
  46. this almost has to do with being motherly, and though she still talks a lot and is fairly loud like others in her age, yandel matured because of her younger adopted brother. her adopted brother happened to have gone through an accident a week or two after being with her family, which resulted in the young boy losing his hearing. yandel had became even more mature than what she already was, and honestly it wasn't much, because a sudden urge to want to take care of her brother overcame her, making her the mature but not uptight young adult she is right now. when many first look at yandel, you can instantly tell that she is mature, though sometimes when she opens her mouth it is a completely different story, because she does have an adult like face and happens to mother people. but people do happen to get slightly confused, because the girl is mature, she'll tell you what and what not to do and she'll know how to act around others because of so, but she does have a very almost meme personality and a loud speaking voice as she speaks speaks and speaks.
  47. LOUD
  48. "oh my goSH LOOK IT'S A CUTE LITTLE POMERANIAN PUP!!! LOOK, BUB, IT'S A DOGGO, WAVE AT IT TH- i'm loud? you're telling me i'm loud?"
  49. you might as well wear ear plugs when around her, she's very noisy and she herself doesn't know it. when she's told that she's being annoying and loud, she takes it as a offensive comment and starts persistently mothering someone and telling them how rude they acted towards her. though, she is genuinely very loud and everyone knows so. yandel does everything loudly, from eating to even stepping on her tippy toes. it's not that she is clumsy, the girl just doesn't have an understanding of how loud she does things, she's actually very good at handling things but it's just how careful she is with taking action. she could be holding a vase very very tightly, and yandel will still crash into walls while she moves left and right, but never breaking anything. when she talks, she talks with twice the higher level a regular person would, slightly annoying the person that is right in front of her because of so. though this can also be a strong point of her, she can easily catch anyone's attention, purposefully or not. wanna catch someone but they're a long distance away? just go to yandel an she'll sound as if she is caring a microphone before her lips, easily catching the persons attention. or maybe she's trying to catch her crushes attention or someone very visually pleasing? her loud gestures and reaction will quickly and easily have his or hers eyes towards her.
  50. SWEET
  51. "oh gosh gosh, you're so cute, why are you so cute??? i'm so soft for you, wait- awh, don't push me away!!"
  52. yandel is someone who will constantly give someone attention, or various of people attention, calling them complimentary names like cute, adorable, bub, smol bean and such. she likes doing so because she genuinely wants someone to feel special or have their heart flutter at least a little, she loves babying people like there is no tomorrow. many know her as someone who is sweet because, no matter how dirty you do her, okay not too dirty because there are levels,se will treat you equal like everyone else. well, obviously she will have her favorites, everyone does, but she won't treat anyone lowly because everyone makes mistakes. yandel is known for being honest and genuine, and even though she doesn't get angry with those that obviously treated her horribly, the other party doesn't dare make a mistake like that again because they were given a chance. though, everyone gets angry from time to time, and when yandel's personal space or personal points were broken or poked at, she tries her best to let the person know they bothered her and how, and she does it sweetly and nicely which isn't purposefully.
  55. - babying others
  56. - helping others out
  57. - sweets like cake or candy
  58. - those that let her talk and talk without being rude about it
  59. - eating out
  60. - doggos and pups
  61. - coddling and touching people
  63. DISLIKES :
  64. - being teased or poked at rudely
  65. - her voluntary help being rejected
  66. - told that she is too loud or too annoying
  67. - when she's talked back at
  68. - when her ability is joked at, or told that it is too common or weak
  69. - bitter coffee
  70. - seafood
  72. HABITS :
  73. - pinching peoples cheeks
  74. - cooing at everyone
  75. - being very loud, unintentionally
  76. - lots and lots of movements along with ridiculous talking topics
  78. HOBBIES :
  79. - watching reality television shows
  80. - cleaning after herself and others
  81. - helping others with their abilities as long as she can do so
  82. - being everyones supportive friend
  85. HOW YOU TWO MET : yandel had taken several buses to get to where she wanted, and believed she should be at, to go. though she decided to go herself, no one forced her against her will or anything, yandel was crying almost her whole way there. her cheeks were stained, her eyes were puffy, and her nose kept on running. she was glad that she would met other individuals exactly like her, with abilities and such, but she was highly sad that she had left her hometown and her family behind because she wasn't comfortable. she didn't want to bring anyone any trouble, she wants to keep everything about herself and her ability under control, but she couldn't help on thinking repeatedly that she was extremely different and was a deep trouble on others. she didn't see herself as a monster or a witch or anything evil, but she did see her ability as the reason why she was brought such pressure. so, li being the kind and helping person he is, thought that yandel needed some help. he dropped everything that he was doing, and went straight to the obviously down girl. though she didn't give him the whole story, he for sure made her feel better about herself and she was really thankful towards him for so.
  87. WHEN DID YOU TWO MEET : li was out, cleaning the dusty porch the exact moment yandel had arrived. he was the first person that she had met and even had a conversation with, instantly understanding his personality and whole being.
  90. - in the beginning, they start off as acquaintances, knowing each other as the two mature young adults who tend to mother people around and such. they sooner or later become friends, as they start talking more about what another and their hometowns and such, not just how pestering the others could be.
  91. - in the middle, they're more closer, and the other start poking at them and teasing them for always being around each other unintentionally, and being close and touchy no matter when or no matter who happens to be around. they both understand that they have gotten closure, and don't even try to drop the teasing coos of the others, they just take it in. they do act like a couple though, but neither of them happen to say anything.
  92. - in the end, (they can be an open couple or like not a closed couple but not flaunting it around) they are a couple that everyone happens to know just by looking at them. it is easy to tell they happen to have romantic feelings towards one another because the sparkles in their eyes and the way they act towards each other.
  95. HIS
  96. though he acts like a mother with everyone, li is very childish and cutely around / towards yandel, always pouting cutely and whining when he wants her attention on him and him only. he could be telling someone to act mature and like their age, but the moment he sees yandel, he'll act like a cute mess, making others give him the stank eye.
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