Breakfast - Oatmeal

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >You are crazy, apparently.
  2. >No, really, there have just been words and songs all in your head since you made today's breakfast.
  3. >Oatmeal.
  4. >You like Brown Sugar Cinnamon.
  5. >When you bought it, the pony got it from looked at you questioningly.
  6. >Now you know why.
  7. >You've hummed along with every song in your head.
  8. >Shimmer seems a bit worried.
  9. >"Are you sure you're okay?"
  10. "I feel super-de-duper."
  11. >For some reason, she didn't believe you.
  12. >You've done more cartwheels today than you normally do in a year.
  13. >The oatmeal was there for only a few seconds.
  14. >Then you lifted the bowl and filled it upside down above you, causing all of it to fall perfectly into your mouth.
  15. >You chewed for only an instant then swallowed it all.
  16. >Shimmer is now beyond worried.
  17. >"Anon, please stop, I don't know what's going on..."
  18. >You throw the bowl up.
  19. >It lands perfectly in the sink.
  20. >Somehow.
  21. >"Anon, please..."
  22. >You look up to her.
  23. >... Up?
  24. >You're balancing on one hand.
  25. >And your chair in balancing on your toes.
  26. >And she's on that chair.
  27. >You don't know how that happened, but you feel pretty good about yourself for doing it.
  28. "But Shimmy, everything feels fantarific!"
  29. >You do some amazing gymnastics, like flipping up the chair and sitting next to Shimmer on it.
  30. >The chair is floating as though you were still holding it up.
  31. >Her face shows pure confusion.
  32. >No, she also looks sad.
  33. >No, worried.
  34. >Great amounts of confusion and worry, that's it.
  35. "Now why would I want this to end?
  36. I want to please you, my best friend!
  37. The world I am allowed to bend,
  38. All is great today!"
  39. >She's frozen.
  40. >You're singing.
  41. >You grab her and jump together from the chair.
  42. "I-"
  43. >You snap your fingers and a drum hits on the beat.
  44. "- just want you to see.
  45. This-"
  46. >Snap.
  47. "- is-"
  48. >Snap
  49. " - great to be!
  50. I'm just happy you like me.
  51. That's all I want to say!"
  52. >You press your lips against hers.
  54. >... Goodness greatness, you're on fire.
  55. >Not literally.
  56. >The two of you are frozen.
  57. >Also, not literally.
  58. >You expected her to start drinking from you by now.
  59. >Her tongue hasn't left her mouth.
  60. >... Maybe you should just help her along...
  61. >You reach in with your tongue, hoping to grab hers and bring it in, so she gets the memo.
  62. >Ha, memos... Sticky notes are where it's at.
  63. >Your tongues touch.
  64. >Shimmer lets out a high-pitched squeak.
  65. >... You've never heard her squeak before.
  66. >It was so cute...
  67. >Focus. It's still breakfast.
  68. >Your tongue struggles against hers to move it.
  69. >All you can hear are moans coming from Shimmer.
  70. >You can't even hear the random stuff in your head over her moans.
  71. >Her tongue seems to be moving now, but it feels more like it's dancing than moving into your mouth.
  72. >Your tongue dances as well.
  73. >...
  74. >Was your heart always beating this fast?
  75. >Her forelegs wrap around you as she pulls herself closer to you.
  76. >... Who turned up the heat in the room?
  77. >Your tongues dance together.
  78. >Not like you were dancing before, differently.
  79. >More...
  80. >...
  81. >More something.
  82. >Her tongue finally enters your mouth.
  83. >It's about time.
  84. >Then makes its way down your throat.
  85. >It's all tingly.
  86. >It feels nice.
  87. >... She just can't stop moaning.
  88. >You're certain the room is almost hot enough to start melting things.
  89. >Your stomach is breached.
  90. >She drinks from you.
  91. >...
  92. >After a minute or two, she pulls out and leans away from you.
  93. >She licks her lips.
  94. >"Anon..."
  95. "Yes?"
  96. >She pulls the two of you into a flip.
  97. >Or, two flips.
  98. >Three.
  99. >Four?
  100. >You lose count at some point.
  101. >You both land perfectly a few feet apart.
  102. >" I bet you can't do this!"
  103. >She flips many times, then brings a chair in and flips it over her.
  104. >While she's still flipping.
  105. >She has thrown down the partying gauntlet.
  106. >The gauntlet covered in balloons and streamers and frosting and-
  107. >The two of you party uncontrollably until the sugar crash hits.
  108. >Then you both fall asleep.
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