Namhias (FEMTO 3.0)

Jun 15th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Namhias
  3. Race: Dragon
  4. -Dragon Flight: With or without wings, you are able to fly and hover while carrying heavy loads. Dragons can remain airborne indefinitely.
  5. -Chromatic Scales (Instant Automatic, 3 times per combat) At character creation choose an element type (Ice). When you use this ability, any attacks or skills against you that turn that share that element do no damage and cause no negative effects. This also allows you to attempt feats most other races can’t, such as bathing in liquid nitrogen.
  6. -Dragon Breath (Recharge 2): Your dragon breath is far more developed than other dragons, able to cover a wide range and inflict damage. At character creation choose an Elementalist effect for your breath (Ice). You can target up to 10 enemies with this attack, but the recharge increases by 1 for each enemy beyond 1 that you target. You can also use your breath to magically send messages, as long as you establish a link with your message recipient beforehand. Links can be established by burning a parchment the recipient has drawn their cutie mark (or other personal symbol, for non-ponies) on.
  8. Talents:
  9. -Imbue Breath (Recharge 2 after Effect ends): You gain a +1 to Dragon Breath. You can choose to imbue your claws with your breath weapon's power as an Automatic action, granting them your Elementalist effect as well as a +1 bonus to attacks made with them until Dragon Breath recharges. [Trained Talent]
  10. -You have a knack for painting- you gain a +1(+2?) bonus to any rolls involving a painting, or the act of painting.
  12. Hits/Wounds: 8/7
  14. Class/Multiclass: Warmaster
  15. -Heart of Iron (Passive, Once per Combat): If you are reduced to 1 Wound or less, you are immediately restored to Full Hits and 3 Wounds. [Multiclass Skill]
  16. -Slam (Recharge 1): Crush an enemy with your body, dealing damage. Crits on a 9+. [Free Skill]
  17. -Cavalier (Locked, Passive): The exotic warrior. The fabled fighter. The knight and their trusty steed. There are many tales of the lone master, or a duo with their companion at their heels, having the strength of armies. You are one of those. When learning this skill you must choose whether you are a lone knight, or have a loyal minion. Regardless of your choice, pick three Doctrines (
  18. ->Lone Knight (Passive): You gain 2 Max Hits and 1 Max Wound, and have a bonus action every turn for basic attacks only. Your chosen doctrines apply to you.
  19. ->>Animal Husbandry, Dragon Talons (Passive): A dragon’s claws are frightful indeed, able to cut through metal with ease. You deal full damage and wounds while unarmed, and you always count as having a weapon for using weapon skills. A dragon’s claws are also a sign of strength. When you attack another dragon with your claws, you two are locked into combat and are only able to target each other. You can only make normal, unmodified attack rolls as you duel for dominance and superiority. The duel lasts until one falls helpless, the winner gaining a DC-1 to all their actions against the loser for the rest of the session. These duels can only happen once per dragon per session.
  20. ->>Animal Husbandry, Tough (Passive): You gain 1 extra Hit and 1 Extra Wound, for a base total of 6/6. You can also lift, carry, pull, and push heavier loads than other races.
  21. ->>Animal Husbandry, Open Slot
  23. Inventory:
  24. -Item
  25. -Item
  26. -Item
  27. -Item
  28. -Etc.
  30. Appearance:
  31. -Namhias is a large, quadrupedal, silver-scaled dragon with gold-yellow eyes and a confident smirk. He carries no weapon, instead relying upon his powerful icy breath and large, sharp claws to fight. Along with a pair of horns, Namhias also has fins- one on either side of his head, and one long fin running from his head all the way down his back, and along his tail.
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