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  1. Weight training T1:
  3. Kyoko Kirigiri feels how Narul gives her a slight flick on her nose. She notices that thats something that he likes to do for some strange reason. She will receive the light weights and feels how her arms had a little of difficulty to carry the weights. This was not going to be an easy training. {1}
  5. Kirigiri would nod and will sit on the bench. Then she will lift up a little her long dress revealing partialy her legs and she will wear the light weights on her ankles. Then she will stands op and move her legs a little to test the weights and try to make her body get used to the new weight that she will have to carry now. {2}
  7. Kyoko Kirigiri bows her head politely and walks away. She is walking with a little of difficulties because of the light weights that she is wearing and her wet clothes. Walk a little pretty sure will help her to to get used to wear the light weights more easily. {2,5
  9. Kyoko Kirigiri continĂșes walking around the village while she wears her light weights under the rain. She will arrive to the pier of the village. As usual was totally empty. There was no one around, Kirigiri would unsheath her katana and adopts her combat stance. She would start to execute different basics attacks with her sword. The steps she does makes a loud sound with the wood of the pier everytime she moves. The weights on her ankles makes her steps more heavy and noisy. She needs to learn how to be able to move with her light weights as if she were not wearing any weights on her ankles. {3,5}
  11. Kyoko Kirigiri after practice with her sword she sheathed it and decided to continue with other exercise to make her body feel more comfortable with her weights. She will begins to jog around the village for a while trying to create a running circuit for herself. She needs to do 3 laps around the village.  She will use the walls of the village as an indicator of the road she has to follow while she is jogging. [4,5]
  13. Kyoko Kirigiri bends to check her light weights on her ankles. She would start moving her legs a little trying to warm the muscles of her legs before the practice combat start. Then she would unsheath her katana and get in position ready to start. [5]
  15. Kyoko Kirigiri tries to parry and riposte the incoming attack but she was not skillful enough and the weights on her ankles make it more difficult.. She only would be able to redirect the attack of Sheeta. Kirigiri would take moves to a side to positionate herself more closer of the wall. She feels how the light weights makes her movements more slow. {6}
  17. Kyoko Kirigiri heard the words of Sheeta about that she was going to become more stronger and that she lives for Narul. Kirigiri made the promise to protect Sheeta. Even if this means protect her of herself. Kirigiri would not move Sheeta would discover that her punch does not have any effect on her. Kirigiri would rise her right leg with some difficlties because of the weight on her ankle and try to kick Sheeta's left rib. {7}
  19. Kyoko Kirigiri would feel how her leg hits something hard on Sheeta's rib. "Is that an armor?" *thought to herself* Kirigiri would move her body with difficulties because the fatigue and the light weights has begun to affect her a little. She would be able to partially dodge the attacks and Sheeta would notice that she was not affecting her. Kirigiri would adopt her combat stance and will start using her sword she needs to find a weakness in that armor. She will try to attack aiming an horizontal cut on Sheeta's left leg. {8}
  21. Kyoko Kirigiri could heard the sound the the metal of her sword clashing with the armor of Sheeta. "So the armor protect her legs and torso, I dont wanted to aim to that place...I will avoid use the blade side of the sword" *thought to herself. Kirigiri would do a spin with her body to mitigate the damage and dont recieve any damage, while she does this, she turns the blade of her sword to use the blunt side and will try to smack  the head of Sheeta with it holding a little her stength to dont cause any dangerous wound. {9}
  23. would get surprised in the moment that her attack was parried and she got counter attacked. Kirigiri would rise her sword and deflect the sword attack to a side making both swords clash each one creating some sparks in the process. After that Kirigiri would take a step back and keep her position. She feels that her legs hurts because of the weights on her ankles. {10}
  25. Kyoko Kirigiri decides to go to the mountain that has a big waterfall in the village. Once there Kirigiri got the idea of climb the mountain while she was wearing her light weights on her ankles. Kirigiri takes out the light weights of her pouch and puts it on her ankles once ready she begins o climb the mountain very carefully. This was a good way to train and complete her physical training task at the same time. {11}
  27. Kyoko Kirigiri continues climbing very slowly she pays closely attention to the rocks that looks loose to avoid them, she does not want by accident use one of these rocks to climb and fall down bacause of it. She can feel how her hands has started to shake already because of the fatigue but she only has reached the half of the mountain she cannot look back. {12}
  29. Kirigiri takes a deep breath trying to gather a little more of stamina to continue her climbing. She continues and accidentaly she feels how one of the rocks that she uses to impulse her weight and climb gets loose and she begins to fall. On the falling she is able to hold herself grabing one of the rocks this cause her to smack herself against the mountain wall and get some scratches in the process. {13}
  31. Kirigiri keeps climbing she feels how her body has started to sweat because of the constant training and the stress of put he life at risk doing this. The fatigue makes her light weights on her ankles feel more heavy and it makes her feel like the gravity were more strong because of her fatigue. The sweat on her hands make it more difficult to climb too because the rocks become more slippery. {14}
  33. After some hours Kirigiri finally were able to reach the top of the mountain. She is so tired that even breathe is something exhausting for her right now. She lies on the floor and begins to watch the clouds in the sky while she let that her body recovers of the training. She knows that rest is something important in every training. Without realizing it she would have fallen asleep within minutes. {15}
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