Cinemassacre Sim City Comment Choking

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  1. "You say that you can't tell what stuff like parks actually do but the game DOES have logic behind all of these things. It's nowhere near as complex and SimCity 2000 and beyond though.
  3. For instance, the parks, I'm pretty sure increase a resident's desire to live in that location because any time I had an area where people wouldn't move in as soon as I placed some parks people would start moving in.
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  6. Also, you can get away with building NO roads as long as you have railroads and while it will bitch that the people want roads I don't think there are actually any negative effects but plenty of positive ones such as no traffic.
  7. <|-- [CHOKES HERE]
  9. There are some great videos on YouTube, and FAQs that explain how everything works. You think it would take the magic out.. but if you research and try to memorize how the game works (don't write it down.. just trying to remember it) and THEN play afterwards and see if you do better you'll have a lot of fun, trust me."
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