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  1. inky599: if it weren't for kh
  2. oinky599: I wouldn't be going tomorrow
  3. TSDennisGz: posiiiiitive
  4. TSDennisGz: try
  5. TSDennisGz: thanks
  6. oinky599: what?
  7. TSDennisGz: dont be negative
  8. oinky599: I'm sorry
  9. oinky599: none of MY friends are going
  10. oinky599: I'm going with some girl I don't know and fuhe..possibly
  11. TSDennisGz: and theres nothingi can do abotu that
  12. oinky599: and if no fuhe...then one other girl
  13. TSDennisGz: so please dont hold it against me
  14. oinky599: I'm not holding against you
  15. TSDennisGz: well try to have a good time
  16. TSDennisGz: so i can too
  17. TSDennisGz: and so you can too
  18. TSDennisGz: etc
  19. oinky599: well it won't be fun with someone who acts like I'm dumb and some girl I don't care to meet
  20. TSDennisGz: maybe you should care to meet her, shes fun and cool with people
  21. TSDennisGz: open mind/etc...never hurts
  22. oinky599: don't vie me an open mind lecture
  23. oinky599: it's annoying
  24. oinky599: give**
  25. TSDennisGz: im just saying, youd have more fun if you did
  26. TSDennisGz: and so would i
  27. oinky599: have fun without me
  28. oinky599: I don't fuckin care
  29. oinky599: I'll just go hang out with myself
  30. TSDennisGz: i want you there too
  31. TSDennisGz: and i want you to have fun
  32. oinky599: you don't act like you want me there
  33. TSDennisGz: ive been trying to tell you all week that i do
  34. TSDennisGz: so im saying it one more time...i want you there and i want to have fun and i want you  to have fun
  36. - 15:17 -
  37. oinky599: well I probably won't with the people we're going like I said, I've just got to pay attention to the music
  38. TSDennisGz: please try to have fun.  thats all im asking.  if you try, itll happen because we'll all be making it happen
  39. oinky599: I'm not doing what you ask
  40. TSDennisGz: in short, you wont have fun being a negative nancy
  41. oinky599: and I'm fucking getting as close as I can for kh
  42. oinky599: I don't care what you and her do
  43. TSDennisGz: we'll be doing the same
  44. TSDennisGz: so dont be the one ignoring the people we're with
  45. TSDennisGz: if you hate it when people do that to you
  46. oinky599: they do it
  47. oinky599: so I'll do it too
  48. TSDennisGz: try to be involved and have fun while still doing what yo uwant
  49. TSDennisGz: thats immature
  50. TSDennisGz: i dont do it
  51. TSDennisGz: so dont do it to me please
  52. oinky599: I don't get what I want
  53. oinky599: and I'm not doing it to you
  54. oinky599: I fucking know you and her will be talking about all sorts of shit I don't know about
  56. - 15:22 -
  57. TSDennisGz: not really.  we'll be talking about bands that are playing most likely
  58. TSDennisGz: or chicago related things to do
  59. TSDennisGz: both of which you know about
  60. oinky599: whatever
  61. TSDennisGz: not whatever.
  62. TSDennisGz: you cannot throw these tantrums at me over and over.
  63. TSDennisGz: you decided to go, so try to have a good time with us and you'll have exactly that
  64. oinky599: no I won't
  65. oinky599: I know
  66. TSDennisGz: i dont want to have to think "is she mad, shes not really talking" the whole day.  if that were the case, as i said in the bottom line the other day, id rather you had not gone
  67. oinky599: no
  68. TSDennisGz: but hopefully you'll try to have fun and then it'll be enjoyable to be with you and friends
  69. oinky599: I was the fucking one who wanted to go
  70. TSDennisGz: good for you.  me too
  71. oinky599: so you can't fucking tell me I can't go
  72. oinky599: you didn't want to
  73. oinky599: you did't want to spend the money if you remember correctly
  74. TSDennisGz: i couldnt go money wise before, but i found out i could.
  75. TSDennisGz: we've gone over this before
  76. TSDennisGz: but ill refresh your memory if necessary
  77. TSDennisGz: now, i really hate to be such an asshole, but this has come up 4 times in the last 3 days.  no more!  my bottom line...and as the person coordinating this trip at this point, i say come with and have fun
  78. TSDennisGz: or you should never have gotten a ticket
  79. oinky599: well I did
  80. oinky599: so too bad
  81. TSDennisGz: then you're having too bad
  82. oinky599: I'll do what I please
  83. TSDennisGz: being a bitch isnt solving anything here
  84. TSDennisGz: realize that
  85. TSDennisGz: im trying to say "have fun" and you're refusing
  86. TSDennisGz: i dont knwo why you'd do that to yourself
  87. TSDennisGz: doesnt it make sense to try and have fun?
  88. oinky599: yeah have fun with people I don't know
  89. TSDennisGz: or is it all about being right to you and that being more important than enjoying things
  90. TSDennisGz: TRY.  it isnt that hard.
  91. oinky599: maybe I should say the same to you\
  93. - 15:27 -
  94. TSDennisGz: try to what? have fun with your friends?  I do try
  95. TSDennisGz: when im invited
  96. TSDennisGz: now we're talking about tomorrow.  do not chang ethe subject
  97. oinky599: I didn't
  98. oinky599: you did
  99. TSDennisGz: because this is the last time I want to talk about this.
  100. oinky599: I meant try fucking tomorrow
  101. oinky599: well jesus you can't now
  102. TSDennisGz: i said you should try to have in tomorrow
  103. TSDennisGz: what should i try tomorrow?
  104. oinky599: doing what I want
  105. oinky599: but now
  106. oinky599: and now you can't
  107. TSDennisGz: to make sure everyone has fun...or ditch my friends...and if fuhe doesnt come, ditch someone that drove us and leave her on her own?
  108. oinky599: like I said
  109. TSDennisGz: cause that is shitty.
  110. oinky599: you can't now
  111. TSDennisGz: nobody thats seen both sides of this from both points of view thinks ive done anythign wrong...they all think ive kept my options open for you and tried to make everyone have a good time.  I'm not being unreasonable
  112. TSDennisGz: and dont say "well then im just a bitch" because thats a cop out
  113. TSDennisGz: and a way you just ignore what we're talking about or change the subject of the talk
  114. oinky599: you don't want to let ME have a good time
  115. oinky599: just your friends
  116. oinky599: and everyone I've talked to said I wasn't being unreaso9nable asking you to be with me for 30 mins
  117. oinky599: so friends go both ways
  118. oinky599: yours agree with you
  119. oinky599: and mine agree with me
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