Battle Pyramid FAQ

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  1. The Battle Pyramid is the exploration facility. Rather than fighting seven battles per round, you ascend seven 32x32 rooms in the dark in which wild Pokemon, trainers and items can appear. You can't bring held items into the Pyramid, but you can pick them up and use them during battles. Every battle you win, including wild battles, increases your vision slightly. The layouts are randomized, including the location of the exit. You receive no free heals.
  3. Difficulty: 1st easiest of 7
  4. - You can use items in and out of battle, opposing trainers can't, and all trainers have only 1 Pokemon
  6. The Frontier Brain is Brandon. You fight him at the end of the third round (Silver) and 10th round (Gold). His Silver team is Regirock, Registeel and Regice (all 16 IVs). His Gold team is Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres (all 31 IVs). Both fights are nearly impossible to lose.
  8. IV notes: See the chart at the bottom of the general FAQ. Fighting a trainer on the seventh floor is equivalent to fighting the seventh battle at other facilities.
  10. RNG manipulation: You can manipulate the layout of the first floor, including the exit location. The RNG starts at 0 as usual, so you save and reset before each round, and then time the final input before starting to save. I've mapped out a cluster of 6 frames with exits close to the entrance, and I have notes on what the starting layout looks like to make sure I execute the correct movement. I've attempted to manip later floors, but my results have been inconsistent for unknown reasons.
  12. Order of Pokemon: Depends on round (each round has its own set of wild Pokemon, and these Pokemon change slightly between floors)
  14. General strategy: Brick Break is taught here to help with wild Pokemon, and you don't want to use Explosion when there are no free heals. Conserve your healing items, as you'll need many of them in the final four rounds. Always kill wild Pokemon you can OHKO, as you're never guaranteed to flee. Detailed notes on wild Pokemon can be found here:
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