Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 15, Rise and sing

Jan 21st, 2018
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  1. >"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back to the same box."
  2. >...
  3. >..
  4. >.
  5. >You finally wake up from your deep slumber, yawning while stretching your tiny hooves as you lay on the grassy island.
  6. >You gently pat the grass with your right hoof,
  7. >Yup, you recognize the texture of it. You're mexican, it's in your blood to recognize grass.
  8. "Mnn... ahh, I hate when I sleep too much..."
  9. >You rub your eyes with your hooves, your tail slightly coming back to life as it swings around.
  10. "Hmm... that was one wild dream."
  11. >As you stand up you can't help but notice that the soft pillow your head was on. It smelled… Mmmm! So sweet...
  12. "Wait a minute."
  13. >This isn't a pillow.
  14. >Standing up, you look down at the spot of grass you were napping on and narrow your eyes towards the strangely scented pillow.
  15. >It wasn't a pillow, but a cake.
  16. >How sweet of Discord!
  17. >Heh, puns...
  18. "Classic Discord, classic..."
  19. >You remove icing from your cheeks, smiling as you lick your hooves clean.
  20. >Ah yes, if you remember correctly Discord brought you to some place far away from your clones, which made you very tired in the process.
  21. >You remember the conversation having to do with Sweetie Belle, but at this point... Meh, you're starting to not care at all what happens to her.
  22. >You've done so many thinking about the situation and whose fault is.
  23. >Fuck it. You lost her, so what? Move and carry on.
  24. >Who can't say that you will lose somepony else on your way to the throne?
  25. "Besides... she really was squeaky."
  26. >You grin while biting part of the cake.
  27. >Oh my god! The cake is so good! You won't eat this… You will DEVOUR it!
  28. >But something tells you that it won't be long to when you see Sweetie Belle again. This world belongs to Discord, so anything can happen.
  29. >Discord can control things as if he were a puppeteer. Then again… He could probably make that literally possible.
  30. >Wouldn't it be funny if there was someone else controlling the entire existence of this world right now? You bet there are gods among gods that control what other gods do.
  31. >Eh, too much talk about gods. Who cares! Cake time!
  32. >While you were thinking and eating, you lost track of time. Were you really that hungry? Is this a pony thing? You lick your teeth and continue eating.
  33. "Mnn... tastes like pie with toothpaste! I won't have to clean my teeth after eating this pillow!"
  34. >You take notice of the spot you were sleeping in, near one of the many trees of the floating island that you named 'El Dorado' with the greatest view of it, almost near a cliff. Huh, good thing you don't move too much in your sleep, or else you could of woke up down there! Probably...
  35. "Oh well, time to find what dad's up to!"
  36. >You say that while taking one last bite of the cake pillow that you just finished.
  37. >The sun was slowly rising, so it must be early morning then.
  38. >A new day! A new day of chaos and- oh, nevermind, the sun went down and it’s night time.
  39. >And it got up again!
  40. >...And down.
  41. >Up.
  42. >Down.
  43. >Up.
  44. >...Left?
  45. "...Okay, that's an unusual highlight. Gotta find Discord and then ask what's next."
  46. >And so you randomly go searching for your chaotic father.
  48. >Some time later, after the sun was really high up in the sky you found Discord, Luna and one of your clones enjoying in a picnic up in the opening of the island. By the look of the blue clothes on your clone, you can tell it was Alberto Alpha, who was eating with them.
  49. >You don't know what happened in your absence, but he is using a wheelchair. What kind of weird things do these fucks do when you were out?
  50. >Welp, time to say hello to them.
  51. >As you move in you notice how their picnic was so... normal. Too normal for your liking.
  52. >"Can somepony pass me the egg salad?" Asked Luna while munching some food... that really looked like one of your tacos.
  53. >Suddenly, some big foot like creature appeared from behind a bush.
  54. >"RAGGLE FRAGGLE" With his thumbs menacingly wiggling over the picnic, the sasquatch took Luna with her.
  55. >"EEEEK! SOMEPONY HELP ME!" Luna screamed in panic as the giant took her with him. No matter her pleads of help, Discord and your clone went back to eating as if nothing had happened.
  56. >Ah... that's more like it!
  57. >"Oh, Anon!" Discord threw the glass plate he was chomping on behind him, creating an explosion. You could hear the yelp of Luna for a moment.
  58. >"For a chaos lord in the making, you’re quite the heavy sleeper. Unless it was the nap of the century, then I’d reason with a 1000 year sleep cycle. Soooo, was it boring nap, or a dream to tell stories about?!”
  59. >Discord looked at you excitingly for your response.
  60. >You wag your tail and shrug.
  61. "Pretty good I'd say. That sleep was probably what I needed to think on some stuff about this world."
  62. >Discord rolled his eyes, grabbed another plate, and started eating it disappointingly. “Figures. At least the sasquatch didn’t disappoint.”
  63. >Your clone came close by with all and wheelchair and smiled upon seeing you awake.
  64. 'Since we are all one with you and we woke up first, we thought you would wake up any minute! So that way we didn't worry about you, not that we needed to anyway!'
  65. >Alberto Alpha says with sudden emotion.
  66. "Not even Epona was worried?"
  67. 'Oh! We found a way to distract her! You wouldn't believe where she is right now! I need to show you, it's awesome!'
  68. >Your clone points to the lighthouse of the island. 'She’s inside! We should go see her now!'
  69. "Eh... sure, but first... why are you on a wheelchair? Did you three fucks do some stunt and it went wrong?"
  70. 'Eh? Neh, I'm just fucking lazy.'
  71. >Damn, your clones are geniuses! Just like you.
  72. "Alright I'll go to the lighthouse, just let me ask something to our daddy."
  73. >You turn to see Discord, who has a very displeasing face.
  74. "Why the long face?"
  75. >"Really? Daddy? That sounds disgustingly childish! Give me something boisterous! A hefty name for an amazing father. Who, by the way..."
  76. >Discord winks and wrapped an arm around your neck.
  77. >”Is a spirit of chaos, THE Spirit of Chaos!”
  78. "Papa!"
  79. >You say while extending your hooves to him as if you wanted a hug.
  80. >Discord facepalms.
  81. >”It was worth a try, I suppose…”
  82. "Puto!"
  83. >You point him a hoof as if you were giving him the bird, but for your surprise a bird suddenly appeared on your hoof.
  84. (Fucker!)
  85. >Looks like your subtitles are back too! And chaos magic! Woo!
  86. >"Eh, I’m not one for vulgarity, but better than that harmonic hogwash you were spewing moments ago."
  87. >You snicker as you make the bird disappear.
  88. "So, Discord, what happened after I blacked out back there?"
  89. >Discord made a sofa appear out of thin air and changed his clothes to something fancy. While sipping on some coffee, although the cup was disappearing, he started to give you the run down of what happened.
  90. >"Well you pretty much slept around nine consecutive days. I was wondering if that was the average time humans sleep on Earth, but when your clones were back in one, I didn't care. And good thing they were back! Your little partner was crying all over the place, I had to make a fake you with balloons so she would get distracted! Which to my surprise, didn't work."
  91. >Uh... so Epona was the one worried about you... you should go see her now, the poor triforce pony.
  92. "Oh okay, well... I gotta see what she's up to now."
  93. >Discord stopped drinking from the cup and raised an eyebrow.
  94. >"Hmm... you don't seem very shocked that you slept for nine days... and that smile of yours is giving me the creeps. I mean, even Luna wondered why you were sleeping so much without waking up, but the most interesting thing she talked about is how she couldn't enter your dreams and see what you were dreaming about." Discord smiled as he scratched his beard. "Strange, the very good kind of strange I like to hear."
  95. >What's wrong with your smile? Yes, you probably haven't stopped with your smile... but you can't help it. Something inside you just makes you want to smile!
  96. >Also, Luna can enter dreams? Whoa!
  97. "Oh, so Luna can enter dreams? That's so neat! Don't you have trouble when she enters yours?"
  98. >You ask Discord as you scratch your left hind hoof with your right one.
  99. >"Hm? Oh no, don't think she uses that technique so often anymore, back when she was the princess of the night, it was her duty to reduce the amount of nightmare’s that plagued her subjects."
  100. >Discord stretched a bit as he stands from his sofa that moments later, makes disappear with his talon. "But alas, she doesn't use it anymore, from what I know."
  101. >That seems very tiring. Does that mean that she used to sleep on the day? So curious.
  102. >...Wonder if your clones have dreams too?
  103. "And mini Celestia? How's she doing?"
  104. >Suddenly the sun on the sky started to dart from left and right and all possible sides.
  105. >You both look up to the sky and then Discord gasps in surprise.
  106. >"Oh! Thanks for the reminder, Anon!" Discord says as he suddenly snaps his talons and disappears.
  107. >That leaves you with questions, but then again, it's Discord.
  108. >Well, so much for that. Time to go see Epona and how she-
  109. 'Yo, Alberto!'
  110. >The voice of Alberto Alpha calls you and interrupts your thoughts.
  111. "Yes, Alpha?" You say while looking at where the wheelchair was, but it was alone... where did he go?"
  112. 'Over here!'
  113. >Your clone called out from above.
  114. >As you look up a near tree from the floating island, you spot Alberto Alpha hanging from a tree.
  115. "Dude, how did you get up there?"
  116. 'I fell...'
  117. >...
  118. >Okay, you're going to ignore that and move on to the lighthouse.
  119. 'Hey! Don't leave me hanging, you asshat!'
  120. >Your clone yells as you walk towards the lighthouse, but you decide to ignore him while humming a random song.
  122. >You open the doors of your lighthouse and enter, the sweet essence of your tacos of birria fills your nose and makes your smile even wider. God you missed this place.
  123. >The place looked the same as you left it, dusty with a touch of mexicanism and the set of long stairs going to your room up in the lighthouse. It was comfortable to stare at each step of the staircase as it had a random color coated on each step.
  124. >But as you went to step and go upstairs, one very cheerful clone came from the staircase rolling down inside a barrel.
  125. 'A-A-A-Alberto!'
  126. >And so the barrel made it to the lowest level of the lighthouse, crashing with the main doors.
  127. >You look inside the nearly broken barrel, where you found two clones to your surprise: Alberto Alpha and Alberto Juan.
  128. >Wasn't Alberto Alpha just outside, hanging from a tree? Dude you can't catch a breath without a single one appearing out of nowhere like your father.
  129. "So you found your way down the tree, huh?"
  130. >You touch the barrel and make it disappear with your magic.
  131. 'Oh Alberto, y'know we got the same powers'
  132. >Alberto Alpha sticks his tongue out at you.
  133. 'And now we can show you the surprise that Alpha told you before!'
  134. >Alberto Juan jumps in excitement.
  135. >That smile of yours goes neutral as you tilt your head in curiosity.
  136. "Were you near Alpha when he told me about Epona? And whatever you guys did to make her less depressed about me being sleepy and all?"
  137. >Alberto Juan pipes up and steps forward.
  138. 'Oh, you should know we, as clones, can read each other’a thoughts!'
  139. >The other clone speaks to finish Juan’s statement.
  140. 'Yup! Believe me, we're bored of playing card games since we know what each of us will do during the game. But damn, I hate when Juan steals all the green cards!'
  141. 'Eh pendejo, I didn't steal all those green cards! You did!'
  142. >Juan starts poking at Alpha’s chest.
  143. >God, couldn't they play with Discord, or somepony else?
  144. "Okay you two, don't start a scene here. Just show me where Epona is so we can move on!"
  145. >Your right eye suddenly twitches as you bark your order, catching the clones by surprise.
  146. >They stare at you way too long for your liking.
  147. "What's wrong? Let's go up and see Epona!"
  148. >They stop wondering and shrug it off.
  149. 'Alright, let's go!'
  150. >Juan, with his cheeriness back, pulls a feather from his purple hat.
  151. >Both of your clones grab you by each of your sides and Alberto Juan starts tickling your nose with the feather.
  152. >Oh right you had the teleport snee-
  154. >You close and open your eyes, startled by the sneeze that teleported you to the room in the lighthouse.
  155. >There was the big ass red bed in your bedroom, which you think it was a Grand king size bed. The bed was big enough for your clones and Epona to enjoy some dreams.
  156. >It's funny how chaos sizes work in this dimension. If you didn't decide to teleport here, then you would have taken the stairs, and the door to this room is so damn tiny, you’d have to crawl to get in.
  157. >It's a detail you added and Discord approved.
  158. >There were many things in your room you could talk about, but right now the priority número 1 is Epona... who was near a big ass LED TV of 60" that was never there before. Wut?
  159. >There were also Fluttershy and Pinkamena watching whatever was on the LED TV alongside Epona.
  160. >"Brother!" Epona quickly jumps and perfoms a hug attack on you, knocking the two other clones out of your sides. "I missed, missed, missed you! Brother!"
  161. >Oh god it's so awkward that a character from a videogame calls you brother... You only reply with an awkward smile and a pat on her head.
  162. "Heheh... me too."
  163. >You really didn't have anything much to say, but the hug was cute.
  164. >It was all cute, until Pinkamena decided to join in.
  165. >"Hugs! Hugs are the best thing!" She jumped and joined in the hugs, although her impact was so sudden that you ended up on the floor with two ponies snuggle on top of you.
  166. >Alberto Alpha wiggled his eyebrows to Alberto Juan, knowing what to do next.
  167. 'Hug pile!'
  168. >Both clones say at the unison, making you yelp from below the pile.
  169. >Okay... this isn't a very kind welcome anymore, not the kind you expected!
  170. >Finally, the last pony, instead of hugging, pats Pinkamena’s mane and kind of joins in the pile with a single 'yay'.
  171. >Their personalities changing makes it so odd, considering that they can't remember their memories.
  172. "Okay! Hugs are fine but I can't breathe!"
  173. >But alas, your pleads of help weren't answered as they all were giggling.
  174. >You just give up and giggle too.
  175. >What the heck, this is the oddest of family reunions.
  176. >You feel your muzzle being touched by a hoof and notice Epona smiling gladly in front of you.
  177. "...Yes, sorry for oversleeping sis..."
  178. >You try to look somewhere else, avoiding eye contact.
  179. >Wait a minute...
  180. >Did you call Epona your sister?
  181. >Oh god!
  182. >You blush in embarrassment.
  184. >Eventually they let you go, letting you escape the hug pile. You take a gasp of air and wipe your forehead.
  185. >It was a good moment, but you were here for two things: To see how Epona was doing and how the clones finally distracted Epona
  186. >Or as you called her before, s-sister.
  187. >...
  188. >Even if that statement makes you cringe, it also gives you this warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.
  189. >Your three clones were all together in the room now, Alberto Alpha was the most excited to talk first.
  190. 'So! Do you remember the GameColt we have, right?'
  191. >As you recall, you made that out of the blue without knowing anything. The console has a mind of its own and some unlocks that are unknown.
  192. >Maybe they found a secret?
  193. "Yeah, I do remember the GameColt. So?"
  194. 'Well, I was playing with it the other day and unlocked something new!'
  195. >Alpha's ears started to stand as he was very excited, even his tail was swishing around. Alberto 1 starts to chase Alpha’s tail as it moves around in the air.
  196. 'Not like my LAZY brothers who decided to mess around with this dumb Billy & Mandy character that does nothing but steal Luna whenever she is in a picnic!'
  197. >He darted his eyes to the other two clones, which replied with some suspicious whistling.
  198. 'And don't make me remember how one of you two little insects deleted my progress in Brightest Dungeon! All my deus vaulting for nothing! Now I will never have Jerusalem!'
  199. >So that explains Luna and the big foot...
  200. 'We told you the one who deleted your progress was Celestia! She is a very good prankster... believe it or not!'
  201. > Alberto Juan nods to Alberto 1’s comment
  202. "Oh right, speaking of her... where is she?"
  203. >You turn your head, as if for any coincidence she was in your room.
  204. 'Oh, she turned into some evil filly who wants it to be day forever, since one day she didn't want to go to sleep, but that's not important right now!'
  205. >Negro, that's important, but go on.
  206. 'Now... behold!'
  207. >Alberto Alpha holds with pride a... guitar controller? Oh my god, does that mean what you think it means?
  208. >Each one of your clones, even yourself had your tail in full auto-active mode for the excitement.
  209. >All of you shout together.
  210. "Guitar hero!"
  211. "I can't believe I forgot about this jewel! God, this GameColt is the best!"
  212. >"Stop it... you will make me blush!"
  213. >Jesus tapdancing christ, you forgot the GameColt itself speaks too.
  214. 'But before we play it...don't you wanna know who is the best at guitar hero player here?'
  215. >Alberto Juan taps your shoulder, a smirk on his face.
  216. >Clearly he means that the most unlikely horsie to be the master IS the master.
  217. >You stare at Epona, Fluttershy and Pinkamena who were cheerful talking with each other.
  218. >Was it Epona? Was her bad luck in games out? Or was it Fluttershy... although a silent and shy pony wouldn't make it past half a song. It clearly is Pinkamena then, she is more active, therefore...
  219. "Is it Pinkamena?"
  220. >Your clones shake their heads at the same time.
  221. 'Okay, everypony! Let's play another song and let our hero star shine between all!'
  222. >Alpha turned on the GameColt and the game intro started in the LED TV.
  223. >And so Epona grabs the guitar controller... was it she?! Was it really she the one being good at guitar hero?
  224. >You gotta watch this!
  225. >"Alright bro-bro! Put me the song I'm good at!" Epona asked Alberto Alpha.
  226. >Bro-bro?
  227. "Hey, Juan"
  228. 'Hmm? What is it, ese?'
  229. "What's that bro-bro thing about?"
  230. 'Oh! You see... Epona calls you brother, he calls Alpha, one and me by just "Bro-Bro", even when we change clothes to confuse her... she still recognizes us, somehow.'
  231. >Hmm, she must be really clever. She is an adventure horse after all.
  232. >Would it be that she is good at guitar hero thanks to the 'hero' on the name? Or was it pure coincidence?
  233. >Meh, too much thinking. Let's see what she got!
  234. 'Alright Epona! All yours!'
  235. >Alpha quickly runs back to the bed and sits with the rest of the ponies watching Epona play.
  236. >You were sitting next to Alpha, right at the corner.
  237. >"Okay everypony! I hope you are ready as much as I am!"
  238. >Everypony watching Epona was cheering as if this was some audience from a rock concert.
  239. >What the heck, you'll join too.
  240. "Woo! Go sister, go!"
  241. >And so the song started.
  242. >
  243. >It started with a few notes that were going normally and easily to her.
  244. >This rhythm sounds familiar, tho...
  245. >The notes were coming quick and quick... and so the song started the lyrics.
  246. >Jesus Christ, and you recognize that voice…
  247. >”WAKE UP! PUT IN SOME LITTLE MAKE UP!” Epona was singing while playing the guitar... WHAT?!
  248. >You couldn't close your mouth as she continued to score every note as she attempted to sing the song.
  249. >“AND AROUND THE TABLE! I WATCH YOU! WHY DON’T YOU PUT A LITTLE MAKE UP! I WATCH YOU! AND GET AROUND THE TABLE! I WATCH YOU!” She was trying to sing along the lyrics of the song but… was failing so bad at it, but it sounded damn adorable.
  250. >She was still scoring each note perfectly that just by the view, it left you awestruck. Who would of think she was /this/ good with the guitar?
  251. >You join in the claps and cheers everypony was giving to her as Epona finished the song.
  252. >”Why you don’t thiiiiink… you trust… my friend and shop sauce… when angels decide to… PIEEEEE!” She was waving her mane all around while closing her eyes… not missing a single damn music note while drops of sweat were dropping around her mane. “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wake up! PUT IN SOME LITTLE MAKE UP! ASDAHJAJHDS I WATCH YOU! ANDHAJABAPA WE WATCH YOU! PUT YOURSELF AROUND THE TABLE!”
  253. >Okay, this was not only cool but cute.
  254. >Well, it’s hard to follow System of a down lyrics if you hear it for the first time, but not missing a music note was still devastating that you want to scream among the audience of fillies and colts.
  255. >Oh what the heck, you'll join too!
  256. >The song started to get a little bit less heavier and started to sound soft, Epona’s voice following each lyric as best as she can.
  257. >”…Why you don’t think we trust… In my… self and myself, I… cry… when angels deserve to pieeeee iiiiiin myyy, survey and aaaaaaaayyyy craaaayy, when angels deserve to pie…”
  258. >She was stopping for a moments as the musical notes were, until… the next part which was the probably fastest part happened.
  259. [Metal solo guitar noises]
  261. >”FURTHER! FURTHEER! FUTHER! FURTHEER! Further into my hooves! Why have you forgotten me, in my eyes forgotten me, in your heart forgeteen meeeeee aaaaaay truuuust iiiiin myself and aaaaaaay craaayyyyy when angels decide to pieeee iiiiiiiin myyyy self somethiiing, aaaaayyyy craayyyy, when angels decide to pie….”
  262. >She stops singing, heavy breathing and sweating bullets.
  263. >The GameColt loaded a score screen, with a tiny noise of victory that sounded from Final Fantasy, the score was in screen along a tiny colt made out of 8-bits.
  265. >”Hah… hah… I did it… and it was… fun! Ha... hah…!” Epona sounded exhausted, but at the same time as if she had the most fun in her entire life.
  266. >That. Was. Fucking. Incredible.
  267. >You really need to use that damn guitar hero too!
  268. >Everypony applauds Epona for finishing the song with the perfect score and she was between embarrassed and happy. Probably the happiest you'll ever seen her so far.
  269. >And everypony went silent when the GameColt loaded the next song.
  270. >"Okay! Next song, everypony! Here I go!"
  271. >Oh boy, you can't wait to see what's the next song!
  273. >No fucking way...
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