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  1. Colibri: I'm sorry I was talking to imvú to cancel and then talk to you
  2. ltadakimasu: 'Why did you want to cancel it in the first place?
  3. Colibri: do not worry I will not use the image
  4. ltadakimasu: Why message me if you know you don't want to use it?
  5. ltadakimasu: Did you choose one you don't like as much? You can choose a different picture that has the same price if you wish to change it.
  6. Colibri: I wanted to buy it but something happened
  7. ltadakimasu: And what happened?
  8. ltadakimasu: As the seller I need to know why you are cancelling all of a sudden.
  9. Colibri: wait my English is not good
  10. Colibri: :S
  11. ltadakimasu: I need to know what happened.
  12. Colibri: Well I'm very sorry I like your art very much but at this moment it was not possible for other reasons
  13. ltadakimasu: That reason would be?
  14. ltadakimasu: It was obviously possible, otherwise you wouldn
  15. ltadakimasu: wouldn't have bought them.*
  16. ltadakimasu: The credits I mean.
  17. Colibri: Of course I bought them because I wanted art , but try to talk to imvu to not get to this
  18. Colibri: u.u
  19. ltadakimasu: They were also much cheaper due to a sale happening.
  20. ltadakimasu: You can't tell me that 8$ or such for 15k were too much all of a sudden.
  21. Colibri: It was an offer but it's still money
  22. ltadakimasu: You were willing to spend it. And you spent it already.
  23. Colibri: 9$
  24. ltadakimasu: It's like buying a burger from McDonalds.
  25. ltadakimasu: You can't just tell them you don't want the burger anymore because 9$ was too much all of a sudden.
  26. Colibri: I was canceling the order
  27. ltadakimasu: You usually can not cancel orders with artists after buying.
  28. ltadakimasu: That's why I just told you the example with the burger.
  29. ltadakimasu: All sales are final.
  30. Colibri: I will show you what is true
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