PCSX2 Pnach - Mini Junkyard Overview (TMB)

Jan 12th, 2013
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  1. gametitle=Twisted Metal - Black (SCUS_97101)
  3. comment=PCSX2 Pnach from "Mini Junkyard Overview (Twisted Metal: Black)" video (
  5. comment=Created by Aced14
  6. comment=Special thanks to DarkForce,,, and
  8. //Notice:
  9. //Please note that these hacks are for the NTSC U/C version of the game, and some are slightly different than their PCSX2 Hacks counterparts. PCSX2 doesn't require an Enable Code and has subpar support for E code types.
  11. //Instructions:
  12. //Download this file, rename it to "073696DA.pnach", then place it in your PCSX2 Cheats folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 #.#.#\Cheats" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\pcsx2-####-windows-x86\cheats"). Alternatively, create a file meeting the aforementioned specifications and place your desired hacks inside it. Individual hacks can be commented out by adding "//" (double slashes) at the start of each of their code lines. Lastly, before running your game in in PCSX2, ensure "System - Enable Cheats" is checked.
  14. //Unlock Mini Junkyard (v1.0)
  15. //Todos: Warhawk level select bugs, 3-4 Player mode testing, and Endurance support
  16. patch=1,EE,00425ED8,extended,00000000 //00000001 - Make Mini Junkyard selectable (i.e. not locked)
  17. patch=1,EE,004869F4,extended,00000001 //00000000 - Make Mini Junkyard appear in Challenge level select (part 1)
  18. patch=1,EE,004869F8,extended,00000001 //00000000 - Make Mini Junkyard appear in Challenge level select (part 2; also makes Warhawk appear in level select)
  19. patch=1,EE,00486AA4,extended,00000001 //00000000 - Make Mini Junkyard appear in 2 Player level select
  20. patch=1,EE,00486AFC,extended,00000001 //00000000 - Make Mini Junkyard appear in 3-4 Player level select (untested; based on same pattern as 2 Player hack)
  21. patch=1,EE,E0010013,extended,004FB29C //00000013 - Check if current level ID is Mini Junkyard's
  22. patch=1,EE,00426014,extended,00000013 //000000?? - If yes, change destined in-game level to Mini Junkyard
  24. //16:9 Widescreen (v1.0)
  25. //Todos: Radar text/dot overflow issues, wide font/sprite widths, stretched backgrounds/videos, proper enhanced machine gun counter position, and rear view/splitscreen support
  26. patch=1,EE,204DF5B0,extended,43C00000 //44000000 - Revised master menu screen width
  27. patch=1,EE,204DF5D0,extended,3FAAAAAB //3F800000 - Revised master menu screen height
  28. patch=1,EE,204DEF80,extended,43E40000 //44180000 - Revised master in-game screen width
  29. patch=1,EE,204DEFA0,extended,3F206D39 //3EF0A3D7 - Revised master in-game screen height
  30. patch=1,EE,204041B0,extended,C01E353F //BFF28F5C - Move radar to far left of screen
  31. patch=1,EE,204041C0,extended,4007AE14 //3FBFF6F5 - Move weapon selector to far right of screen
  33. //Skip Forced Intros (v1.0)
  34. //Todo: Prevent memory card loading from getting skipped when used on real PS2s
  35. patch=1,EE,2019BA68,extended,00000000 //2019BA68 - Skip corporate intros
  36. patch=1,EE,2019BA8C,extended,00000000 //8F83C15C - Skip car pan intro
  38. //P1 Go Through Walls (Select + D-pad Left)
  39. patch=1,EE,E0020001,extended,004FBD38 //00000001 - Check if select has been pressed while in-game
  40. patch=1,EE,E0010001,extended,004FBD10 //00000001 - Check if left on d-pad has been pressed while in-game
  41. patch=1,EE,00257FD0,extended,000000FF //00000000 - Change car state to be able to go through walls
  43. //Disable AI
  44. patch=1,EE,E0021206,extended,00101618 //0C041206 - Check if original value of first address to be modified has been initiated (prevents crash in PCSX2 full boot mode)
  45. patch=1,EE,20101618,extended,00000000 //0C041206 - Disable attack AI
  46. patch=1,EE,201016B0,extended,00000000 //0C049802 - Disable driving AI
  48. //Obtain ENV Pickup (L3)
  49. patch=1,EE,E0010001,extended,004FBD40 //00000001 - Check if L3 has been pressed while in-game
  50. patch=1,EE,00259E34,extended,00000001 //000000?? - Obtain one ENV (Environment) pickup
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