MGE Side II Demon Realm Ink

Oct 31st, 2019
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  1. Demon Realm Ink is an ink containing magical power produced from raw demon realm ore and plants.
  2. This magic tool is used not only in Lescatie but also by every demon realm nation, it's also actively traded by the hands of monster peddlers, and in some cases can even be spotted within human nations, it can be said that this is one of the most familiar things to monsters.
  3. By mixing in Demon Realm Ink as a raw material, you can bestow various magical effects onto written documents.
  5. By properly dipping a pen in Demon Realm Ink and writing text on a document, you can bestow magical effects such as "making the letters last longer", "making the letters untamperable", or even "if it is a language the reader doesn't know, you can convey the meaning of the sentence directly into their head, making them understand" etc.
  6. In love letters sent to men by monsters, despite being only text, you can feel the atmosphere that attracts a man to a monster as if talking directly to the one that wrote it.
  7. By putting charm magic into the text, you can even perform tricks like stealing the heart of a penpal with each repeated correspondence, and it is used for a wide variety of other uses according to the time and circumstances.*
  9. Among the Demon Realm Inks, the Lescatie Deep Crimson Ink, made from raw "Druellite" mined in the current Lescatie, is particularly famous for having a powerful magic effect.
  10. Characters written using this are used in sentences with strong feelings put into them, and these sentences will have the power to more strongly erode the heart of the reader.
  11. It is sought by a wide range of monsters, and is a particularly popular and expensive item among the many Demon Realm Inks.*
  13. By using Lescatie's Demon Realm Ink, if a monster sends a man a love letter spelling out her thoughts, then the heart of the man that reads it will be reminded of the days spent with her painted in love and pleasure, and if a human woman reads text that introduces a monster race and suggests transforming into it, you can vividly engrave into her the pleasure and ecstasy that will fill her life after transforming into that monster, as if feeling the real thing.
  14. The effect is enormous, and when a formerly anti-monster state that harbored strong hostility towards monsters was sent a single letter hand written in this ink by Druella, they learned the joy of falling to the demon realm, and it seems they surrendered personally at Druella's military gate.
  15. However, the magical effect contained in this ink will not manifest in an insincere nonsense sentence, and you also cannot make someone believe in a lie.
  16. In order to exert a strong effect, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the information you want to convey and your own heart, as well as have strong feelings for the one who will read it, it seems it took Druella over three years to think up the contents of that letter, so nowadays it is said that it's just faster to go to them directly.
  17. Although it holds great power, it delivers your feelings to your partner, and is a magical tool that shows its true value over a long period of time, so it's quite the romantic item isn't it?
  19. Now then, since this Demon Realm Ink is sold quite normally as a souvenir in Lescatie, I also purchased some when I saw it... and I was just thinking about sending a status report to sensei soon... so let's just try and see how much of an effect this Demon Realm Ink has.
  21. *these two paragraphs were originally two very long sentences, split here for better readability
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