Strawberry Jam | Resurrection Bloom Changelog 1.01

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  1. Updates from initial upload to version 1.01:
  3. -Added a rudimentary checkpoint script so people can recover from game breaking collision bugs without losing all progress.
  5. -Fixed a line of code causing the pullup script to repeatedly latch when micro.
  7. -Adjusted pullup parameters on Callie so she's less likely to wedge herself in a wall on pullup.
  9. -Adjusted pullup script so characters will not get stuck grabbed onto a ledge.
  11. -Disabled turning off switches so that players cannot get stuck in one door puzzle.
  13. -Set an FPS cap and disabled Vsynch by default, which may fix physics lag issues on some hardware that were causing some jumps to be impossible.
  15. -Adjusted player width from 1 unit to 0.95 units so that players cannot get stuck if they fall in a gap exactly their width.
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